Have you considered starting your own business?

HR Interview
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Nithin said:   8 years ago
No sir. I don't have a plan to start a business because I just want to improve my skills and work experience. Later I will think about that. Because a good business man must be a good employee then only he can run the organization successfully.

Ankita gupta said:   8 years ago
No Sir, I do not have any planning to start my own business. I just want to make my career in reputable organization. I will consider this organization as my own organization. I will work here with full dedication. My focus is on improving my performance and advance career in growth of the company.

Surya said:   7 years ago
Right now I am not thinking about own business, because when you want to start a business you must have sufficient business experience, market knowledge, and money. When I achieve this requirement I will think about it.

Gian Mavrick Madrangca said:   5 years ago
NO, I don't have plans to start my own business. I am more focus to build my career with your company which I believe this company could give me a stable job and have fun while I am working.

Ujjawal Raj said:   4 years ago
For starting a business I need to have much more knowledge and experience And capital too. And I'm a fresher now so now I'm not thinking about that.

Kapil sharma said:   7 years ago
Yes, sir, I want to start my business. But not now because as a fresher I have only theoretical knowledge. According to me, a successful business man should have practical, theoretical and market knowledge. So after getting some experience and market knowledge, definitely I will try to start my own business.

Zweena said:   3 years ago
At this moment, l don't think because l don't have enough experience but in future, it might to be.

Johny said:   4 years ago
Honestly No, I don't have any plans to start my own business. I am more focus on building my career with your company and I believe this company would give me a suitable job.

Thank you.

Ankita said:   7 years ago
No. I haven't. But don't you think this is also a kind of business venture. I am willing to sell my skills through service and will be paid.

Manoj said:   6 years ago
Nope because first of all, I'm not interested in that, I don't have enough knowledge to go for it and I don't have enough money to invest.

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