Could you have done better in your last job?

HR Interview
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Abdulfaruq Choudhari said:   9 months ago
As concerned to the last job I have done better, I didn't feel guilty. Yeah for sure, due to the financial and career growth I have to switch the company.

Shiv said:   1 year ago
Yes, I have been assigned new projects and I have completed that project under the time lines.

Shiv said:   1 year ago

I have done better in the previous organization as I was the only one person with my graduation, all of my colleagues are Post-graduation except me.

And as per that point of view, I have done a lot of things there without and I have increased my work efficiency with my colleagues.

NITIN DADARWAL said:   1 year ago
I gave my best in my previous job. And definitely, yes I do have done better if more work is provided to me.

Anita said:   2 years ago
Sir, I think I already gave my best in the previous company.

So there is no need now to have done better in the last job. Thank you.

Sasidhar said:   3 years ago
Of course, but majority of situations I think justified to assign roles, but I won't comment on the management that if recognise.

Maniyar said:   3 years ago
Looking back at my accomplishments in the past and the ample amount of skill sets I have acquired, I believe that I gave my best performance to my last job.

Matumona said:   4 years ago
Yes, had done better because I took some engineering decision that made the company within the project to feel proud.

Manoj said:   4 years ago
I always do better as per expectation and job required.

Manish kumar said:   4 years ago
Yes, I did better in my last job. When I joined the company after one month I got promoted. Because I did my all assignment complete in the given time.

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