Can you work under pressure?

HR Interview
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BITTU YADAV said:   2 days ago
Yes sir, I can because working under pressure says doing things on time makes a man perfect. Pressure is one of the parts to be successful. Secondly, I would see that can I manage work alone or I need my senior help.

MD NASEERUDDIN said:   4 weeks ago
First, need to confirm what is type of pressure it?

Second, the ability whether I can manage alone or need help from a senior.

Then my answer is valuable.

Dinesh sidh said:   1 month ago
Yes, I can work under pressure, because it gives us the ability to do work.

Balaji said:   2 months ago
Pressure is one part of this life to overcome success you achieve anything.

Niranjan said:   2 months ago
Yes, ofcourse, I can work under pressure because I belive that pressure is the key for success.

Niranjan Behera said:   2 months ago
Yes, I think pressure is also called as the key of success.

Xavier said:   3 months ago
When I'm in pressure, I used play with my brother, so my pressure fly like a kite.

Index said:   3 months ago
While working under pressure, reframe the situation as an opportunity to prove yourself.

Kuber Thakur said:   3 months ago
Yes, because pressure gives you more opportunities to showcase your skills or your best version.

Pankaj said:   3 months ago
Yes, I can work under pressure. Because it will give me the ability to push myself to develop my skills and explore my knowledge. I am also a very calm person so it is easy for me to handle these types of circumstances and I already have some experience of this during my studies.

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