With Media Publishing and Telecasting Trivia, Censorship is the Need of the Hour

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Anuradha said:   1 decade ago
As we know media plays an important role in the well fare of the country. But it is not the case always. Sometimes it is seen that media is covering some baseless issues rather than going to the actual and valuable news. For example, instead of covering the current news of the city, some media covers the marriage ceremony of celebrity.

In India, one point should be noted that the media always keeps the sad news in the front line and all the inspiration to the back or in some portion of the middle pages. I don't know if it is due to the public interest or it is due to the trend going on. Sometime, it is more than surprise that some media reporting some unusual news as breaking news which is no important and should be in the fun category.

I do understand that media is having some important role to improvise the society and the life style of the people, but it would be better if media has to be revised.

Best wishes for better life.

Uttara said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone. This is Uttara.

Well, the job of media is portraying the true picture of the society it depicts the day to day happenings in our country. If in media murder rape cheating communal violence is being shown that is because it is happening in some parts of our country and putting media under censorship is like violating freedom of speech and expression for these media houses. If we feel the need to censor any material that means we are getting away from the practical world and living in a utopian society which is not right. So we should not censor the contents on media unless it is harming our national security rather we must try to change the true picture of our society. Thank you.

Shane said:   9 years ago
As we talk about whether should journalism out of the reach of premise of censorship or not. First we may have to consider some facts that in a democratic country like India we can not black out media because media tells us what the happening around us.

And if we put censorship on journalism then it will be the violation of right of expression. But on some sensitive issues like communal riots, national security, sexually content, we have to limit freedom of journalism by putting censorship.

Thus we came on the conclusion that we have to limit the freedom of journalism by only putting censorship on some issues like sensitive and national security.


Ananya said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

I'm Ananya, as per my point of view censorship is very important in media. First of all media is introduced only to convey or deliver good news and also some entertained things like dance, serial, music, etc. But what about our current situation in this media? It is totally like drainage, which is caused by unwanted bad things. So automatically we will effect by disease. We should clean this by using censorship. Now a days this kind of bad things leads to many crime. The movie created now is mainly based on wrong activities this influence the people to do the same.

So my request is there should be a censorship.

Dhaval said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, Dhaval here my point of view is that media can be a doubled edged sword if not handled properly. In my point if view censorship is needed on such programmes where vulgar stuff is shown which corrupts the minds of young people. On the other hand Important programmes should not be censored. The second point which I would like to mention over here is that telecaste showing cheap publicity stunts should be censored eg The one of model poonam pandey.

Krishno said:   1 decade ago
Well my dear friends It is a burning question that the increasing power of media in India is leading towards the need of censorship or not. I believe they need not be censored. Media has a great importance in a huge democracy like India. Media is the only reason why 2g scams, cwg scams, and all different kind of scams are coming out.

Media is the only reason why now each and every Indian knows about the switzbank money story. Powerful peoples like Sanjay Dutt, Subrata Roy are in jail because of media only. It is true some time for TRP media shows us some un imp things or some time the show a very normal thing in a different way, but before their contribution these are minor. To run our govt in the right path media's contribution is most, so for no reason we should tie up the feet of media.

Deepti said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, censorship is the need of the hour as the media is busy in telecasting and publishing useless matter. Some points to support my view are:.

1. Important issues are given less importance and trivial issues like celebrities marriage, celebrities lifestyle etc are being telecasted. Newspaper is also filled with rubbish, like minister having an affair, actress giving birth to a baby. These news are on front page and the news of national importance is hidden on inside pages.

2. Todays media is getting corrupt and is thus deviating from its original objective of telecasting and publishing truth, in place its showing the news in the favour of a person or organisation, which is bribing them.

3. Its publishing and telecasting the news with its own "add ons " to it, in order to make it more attractive.

Vartika said:   8 years ago
Censorship nowadays has gained a lot of criticism, be it in the case of passing the movie Udta Punjab with 82 cuts or leaking the clip of the same online which is the resultant to piracy.

Yes, Media should be careful how actually it is projecting its views in front of the public as majority of the population of India constitutes kids. Every time I log in to my facebook account I get to see the words like caught in this, wardrobe malfunction, etc. This should be stopped as it creates a bad impression of what media is trying to exaggerate.

Censorship should be applied where there is really a relevant cause and when the information is too sensitive to be passed on not when we deserve to know the information and it gets chopped off.

Suvigya lal said:   1 decade ago
Even with technology at its peak in the modern era worldwide it is not possible to censor selectively a part of the program being telecasted and leave the other. What needs to be done is to have a common voting between the younger generation and their parents about the possible goods and also ill-effects of foreign channels. On one hand, channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, Star Sports, etc. Provide us with the knowledge and entertainment not ever imparted by an Indian channel while on the other hand there are counter-parts like Fashion TV (still can be knowledgeable for fashion freaks) which are quite bad for kids in their developing age. I think the major topic for discussion should be the right age limit for viewing adult content as otherwise children ride onto such stuff at a much earlier age. So, a common forum should be set up between youngsters and elders on what to watch and at what age. Also, some relaxations should be given to the children. As otherwise, you know what happens (Anxiety Kills The CAT). This thing should always be kept in view. Rest aside, children should be let free to exercise and criticized in a very mild way so as not to let them feel that they are being pulled down or something like that. What I wish to convey here is that stop the children in the best manner possible and do not pressurize them at any stage as that can lead to more damage only.

I am done. Thanks a lot.

Vidya said:   1 decade ago
Media plays a very important role as it makes us aware of the things going on in the world around us in a much easier way.inspite of pruving boon for us it also has some bad affects on youth.as it shows various program that diverts children mind from studies.

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