Why can't India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors?

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N.Pavan Kalyan said: (May 31, 2019)  
India is a developing country and we are in the process of transformation.

To set up a manufacturing industry it takes a lot out from an individual. You need factors of production of land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. You need raw materials near to your industry, you need a market near to you and moreover, you need government help. But whereas in it and BPO sectors the process is simple and less time taking compared to manufacturing industries.

The main thing is that we are habituated to follow some one's path rather than taking risks and starting something new. But things are changing and we are starting slowly to invest in manufacturing industries as well. We have the largest youth population in the world, with good support and guidance we can achieve everything.

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Nisha said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Hello friends this is Nisha,

And I think India is the developing country not developed, and our government System is not working in a good way for the manufacturing sector and our education system is also one of the most important reasons behind our manufacturing growth because we have a lot of IT and BPO sectors but all students of IT wanna work with MNC's they not want to start up their own business. We all know that we have skills and we are a hard worker but our country's condition is not suitable for start up a manufacturing business. And someone wants to start up a business he has to bring a advanced technology and a strong economic infrastructure, but in India, it is so difficult to get all things easier. But we are developing and one day we will become a world class player in the manufacturing sector.

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Anomii said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
Manufacturing industry demands lots of risk factors, heavy capital and skilled manpower but in our country we always avoid to take risk.

Our students are made to focus on the technology that has been already developed in other countries rather than promoting research and development.

We know that we are unable to apply our theoretical knowledge in industries but still we are not providing practical knowledge.

And there is no doubt that IT sector will grow day by day because we can see that everything around us is converting inti digital.

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Tarundeep Singh said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
There is no denying the fact that India is the hub of outsourcing companies. The tremendous growth opportunities, cheap labour and friendly Government policies have made easy for foreign companies to:

India is a developing country & the manufacturing industry has seen a similar boost in the recent years with the likes of famous industrial giants like TATA, Ambani Brothers and much more who have proved their mettle in the manufacturing industry.

Moreover, the scenario is changing nowadays. For example, Chennai is the base to around 30% of India's automobile industry and 40% of its auto components industry. A large number of automotive companies including Hyundai, Renault, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Daimler AG, Caterpillar Inc. Komatsu Limited, Ford, BMW and Mitsubishi have manufacturing plants in Chennai.
Wages and machines that are used to manufacture goods will depreciate, but human assets have their value. Thus it is the best time for India to invest in manufacturing industry due to many advantages:

* Economic conditions are improving.
* Brain drain has reduced.
* Many improvisations and innovations in technology.

Further, Most of the developed countries have derived their major share of GDP from secondary (manufacturing) & tertiary (service) sectors. Thus it becomes very vital for a country like India to give a boost to its industrial sector to recover from the sagging economic depression.

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Shivam said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
The main hurdles which India faces to emerge as a giant in manufacturing hubs are :

1. Lack of skilled manpower in-spite of being the 2nd most populated country in the world. There is an urgent need to update the work process as well as working environment, in order to survive in this era of globalization. This does not imply to remove the existing employees, but rather it suggests to upgrade their skills by imparting them with proper training.

2. India has abundant raw materials, but it does not have the appropriate industries to process them and make them ready to use. It is because of same reason that we need to export a lot of items from China. What could be the reason behind it ? Well, its simple and evident -"lack of government initiative". If government could take an active role in this, then surely India can be a manufacturing giant. Every year, a part of budget, approx. (12-15%) is spent in manufacturing sectors but still there is no sign of any positive outcomes. This is just due to the lethargic attitude of the politicians. Unless and until, there is a check on such people, India can't emerge as the hub of manufacturing market.

3. Lack of research and development works. The youth should be enlightened of the glory that R&D can bring to India. India is a pool of talents, but due to lack of R&D, these people get lost in the herd of men.

4. The existing labor laws are somewhere creating hurdles and obstacles. It needs to be revised and upgraded.

5. Lack of advanced education system. Still lots of colleges in India don't impart good education system. Students are driven to easy and short cuts methods. Engineers are being produced every year on large scale, but still we don't hear of any good research works which our youth did in past 10-20 years. It appears that they have opted to work in IT sectors, where scope of R&D is less, or even if it is there, its just what the company would want you to do. Due to lack of interest in youth, the dream of being a manufacturing hub is still in dilemma.

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Kedar K Samel said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
Lack of localization project initiated by Indian we get wave off on import duties where less the taxes imposed in localization are huge gov. Should also give tax waiver on companies who manufacture Indian products solely and should also give subsidy on Indian product to promote it to world class level.

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Abhishek said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Hi, all.

The issue raised is a very important one. Let me describe the reasons in the following points.

1. The prime reason is the lack of infrastructure. INDIA still lags in basic infrastructure like robust ports; roads and rails. Further; they are poorly managed. For example, the cross-subsidization in railways has always enhanced freight costs. In all, there is infrastructure cost that a firm has to pay.

2. The second most important problem is the bureaucratic hurdle. There are too many laws governing manufacturing in India like apprentice act labour laws etc. These are time-consuming and have also become a source of corruption. All processes need to be streamlined if manufacturing is to take off.

3. Lack of properly trained and skilled employees is another issue. Most of the colleges in India are teaching outdated technologies. Out of 3000 engineering colleges, only 100 could afford to provide significant facilities.

4. Countries, where manufacturing has taken off, are the ones where govt strongly inventivizes entrepreneurship. Such a theme is lacking.

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Ayub said: (Sep 9, 2016)  
Hello friends, I am Ayub from Bansberia.

When I have choosen the IT sector then was unaware of the fact that the top companies of the world like Microsoft, HCL, ORACLE etc are behind to the Indian IT companies like TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS etc in India. So, I felt great about it but we all know that growth takes place slowly. Thus the amount of manufauturing that is going on right now in India will definitely gonna make India a prime player in the world of manufacturing in upcoming 4-5 years.

Thank you.

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Shubham Gupta said: (Jul 19, 2016)  
According to my view, India has the capacity and strength to become a manufacturing hub.

The things those are biggest obstacles in its way are the lack of healthy competition between manufacturers, heavy tax, corruption etc.

If I consider about private sectors if any person tries to start a company with his hard earned money then there are many people to discourage him by not passing the order, so called agents are also there they establishes a sense of discontentment in his soul and he takes its revenge by using low-quality raw material resulting in low quality of materials. This is the case of small scall industrialists. If we see in big companies scenario is almost same there. In order to save cost of manufacturing they use duplicate (not their genuine) parts and hence quality is also degraded here.

The reason for this is due to lack of transparency unlike in IT industries everything is in its order. We just can't compare the things of ITs with factories.

The Manufact. Comp. Should use more and more R&D firms.

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Harika Guntupalli said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
If we hire disabled people who can work with their abilities then employee teams will be strong for the successful manufacturers.

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Feelics Kipson said: (Feb 17, 2016)  
My point of view about India is Every youth in our country having the enthusiasm to be entrepreneur rather than working for someone but the major issue is that they are scared of starting up any business even without trying it.

We can over come this only if our government encourages youth to start up a business with innovation or every institute should encourage students to come up with innovative business project.

Innovation will sure help India to be the best country in the World. "ENCOURAGEMENT" is the key requirement for each individual to take risk.

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Shashank said: (Aug 10, 2015)  
The mind and energy one should spend in job, is lost in getting a job. Along with mark of harsh realities of Indian recruitment process on their minds people become incompetent and inactive in organizations. Every one wants to save himself and want promotion on others' hard work, many private organizations are just exploiting their workforce and their employees keep their mouth shut as we have many unskilled, skilled people for substituting them, Indian businessmen don't want to grow by technology.

They want to grow by exploitation, exploited work force means less purchasing power which means lesser production and massive job cuts which goes on till economy comes to total HALT, then REVOLUTION occurs, since freedom and happiness have to be replenished by wars and blood, to wash away the FILTH and introduce new fit individuals and ideas for creating a new and better SYSTEM.

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Devang Patel said: (Nov 6, 2014)  
Dear friends,

China has Forex and Gold reserve of 3,800 Billion Dollars. United states of america has a forex and gold reserve valued at 148 Billion Dollars only. China is in a Dollar trap. At this time, United states needs to consume less and produce more whereas china needs to consume more and produce less. So, if India is trying to take china's position, then we need to re-think about what we are doing.

United States is searching for another country from whom it can purchase goods from to sustain its consumption. We are trying to take the position of china in manufacturing. What if while serving united states we end up in a similar situation in which china is in right now? Why don't we try to serve China instead of United States?

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Shreya410 said: (Sep 27, 2014)  
India must emerge as the best destination for manufacturing in the world.

India's manpower is attracted towards the handsome payments made in foreign countries due ti which India's shilled manpower is going out of the country and helping BPO develop rather than country's own manufacturing sector.

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Jattitude said: (Sep 8, 2014)  
BPO and IT industry are need much small space or area of operation so these industries are always in the metropolitan cities where skilled manpower as well other basic facilities are easily available while manufacturing companies are always at a distant from these cities so they always face difficulty in their operation.

Manufacturing companies are also face problem of local factor as tax system of different state. Sometimes they didn't get clearance from state government or center government On issue as environment but service sector have not such kind of issues.

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Kaustubh Shinde said: (May 5, 2014)  
Main factor in China's success is its investment in health and education that provided fuel to its explosive growth. India has under-invested in these key areas and hence its economic growth is poorly supported by quality human capital.

Manufacturing stands on keystone of proper coordination between workforce and the technological development.

Technology wise we always outsource the sharp brains, so we are surely lagging in that sector.

Talking about the workforce, if the workforce is unsatisfied or under satisfied, even then the productivity or efficiency decreases.

So according to my view, Government should start by investing into welfare of workforce and also from our side as citizens, we need to look at the problem of overpopulation, illiteracy and malnourished, which indirectly affect the manufacturing sector of India which is actually one of the backbones of our country.

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Terri Lewis said: (Mar 21, 2014)  
I have been living in India for 1 1/2 yrs, and have asked this question from early on. Having lived in several countries I am curious why India is not stronger in the private sector/industry. I think all the reasons have been listed above.

You certainly have the human population to do so, but outside companies are hampered heavily to bring industry here. This leaves out technology sharing and many other things. These companies who do try to make a go of it here find lots if corruption which hampers future growth immensely.

Lack of infrastructure hampers everyone one too; even simple thing like mail/post keeps industry from growing. Basics: infrastructure, pollution (garbage every where, rivers and lakes filthy) , accountably from government and all, corruption, lack of proper training and the will to change, not opening up the sector to free trade and outside world (always linked to Indian company which name comes first. Why. Tata/Sky, Maruti/Suzuki, come on.) I am not convinced that India wants to change; starts with each of us.

The world wants a better India. Does India?

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Shulin said: (Mar 1, 2014)  
There are several factors because of which India has not been able to develop into a manufacturing superpower. The major ones are:

1. India, barring a few states, is a power deficient country, there are no proper Power, logistics and transport facilities readily available.

2. We are surplus in labour but rarely the labour is skilled, this can be accounted mainly due to focus on academics and lack of practical knowledge. Managing and upgrading skills is poor and need major overhauling.

3. India has stringent labour laws, workers cannot be employed from so and so states, political backing, labour unions etc.

4. Lack of transparency on processes and clearances. There are no proper demarcations afa processes are concerned at state and central levels. File clearances, bribes to be offered, babus involved etc. One major example is that of POSCO project not getting clearance and the infamous "Jayanti Tax". Kumarmangalam Birla recently announced his reluctance to invest 4000 crores in business due to the lack of support from the government.

5. Lack of investment in R&D and strategic planning. Most of goods finished products have to be imported. Arms, cosmetics, etc.

6. Political interests, land disputes etc. Ex. TATA NANO -Singur case.

7. Mindsets, people in India prefer White colour jobs and do not want to get their hands dirty by having "On the floor jobs".

8. Innumerable Taxes and laws for setting up projects.

9. Finally the monster corruption and scams that fends off global investors.

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Rajesh said: (Feb 17, 2014)  
India lagging behind in manufacturing sector because of many reasons. It is because of huge capital requirement, leadership, cost of production, heavy machinery, technology. It and BPO's are flourishing because of man power of our country. But in china they have low cost of production.

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Sumit said: (Dec 27, 2013)  
Hi. Friends,

I totally in favor of the topic of discussion, but I will not going to blame government Or and body for sports for it. I my point of view our parents are responsible for it they doesn't that a boy or a girl can achieve more success as well as fame in the world by the field of sports. Yes there are lack of opportunity in field of sports for a general person but we have to grape those opportunity with both hand. If we believe we can achieve anything.

I my point of view we all should play at least one sport for physical fitness and also support those who follows it.

If you work hard in academic studies you can improve only your report card.


If you work hard for sport you can improve our country report card in Olympics.

Please do it for your country.

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Velmurugan said: (Dec 20, 2013)  
1). Most of the money in India is blocked as black money by tax evaders.

2). Money is not properly circulated throughout the country and those peoples are interested to invest money in industrial sectors.

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Megha said: (Dec 20, 2013)  
According to me, manufacturing industry is not undergoing progress because, most of the people are willing to be a part of IT sectors. Lack of comfort forces them to move towards IT sectors.

If there will be no workforce in manufacturing industry then how can you expect the growth of manufacturing industries?

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Ananth said: (Dec 13, 2013)  
There are lot of issues with the manufacturing sector and if we overcome these issues, definitely we can grow in this field. The issues are.

1. Lack of funding in manufacturing industries and lack of support from government.

2. We are importing lot of materials from other countries rather than exporting which is a major problem and there comes a day where we need to import our lord Ganesha idol from other countries as this is the statement which is said by the head of kotak mahindra group which is so true.

3. Our education system lacks practical knowledge and we are more concerned with the percentage rather than knowledge and our education system should provide good industrial exposures to students and industrial training and internships to be included in the curriculum.

4. If an Engineer has to do higher education, he need to clear GATE which is a tougher exam comparatively in-order to go to quality institutions where the seats and the opportunities are less, whereas I have seen so many friends where they would be more willing to do GRE courses and do higher education in abroad where they get many more opportunities. So we need to set-up good quality institutions in India so that the percentage of students going to abroad would come down.

5. If you end up working in a small or medium scale industry then you would know the difficulties you have to face being a mechanical engineer as you have to work for low wages and your work will be more as their would be less departments in a small scale industries. So, fresh graduates get attracted to work in MNC companies (mainly IT sector) due to their benefits compared to our manufacturing sector.

These are the issues but this can be overcome by giving more encouragement to small scale and medium scale industries by reducing taxes and by giving good equal opportunities to Engineers of their corresponding fields.

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Varma said: (Nov 25, 2013)  
Problems in manufacturing sector.

1. Lack of infrastructure - like power, transport, other things.

2. Lack of incentives to small scale industries - to upgrade. If most case if a small scale industry upgraded to medium one, then probably it will lose all their benefits from the government. That discourage the small scale industries to upgrade.

3. Lack of skilled manpower.

4. Lack of investment in RD.

5. Obsolete machines and technology - lessen the competitive.

6. Not a strong government policies, so disparities among states - the developed state grab the opportunities.

7. Reserving most of the production to small scale industries.

8. Very strict labor laws - you can't dismiss an unfit employee once they become permanent employee.


- Creating good infrastructure.
- Strong government policies.
- Investment in RD.
- Supporting medium scale industries.
- Providing tax incentives other sops.

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Prasenjit Pain said: (Nov 16, 2013)  
In my opinion, ok, I agree with that India is a largest population country and using that manpower we can establish a great manufacturing country. But I have a question to my friends that if a same product (made by china or japan) sell in our market at cheap than our product.

Then what do you do? save your money or save your country? so, at first we have to encourage to many foreign countries to built a factory and produce any product by using their technologies and our manpower, mines etc. As a result the GDP of our country may be increased. We have to try to concentrate on more export our product than import their things.

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Ravi Pratap Singh said: (Nov 15, 2013)  
India can be good in manufacturing, we have a lot of factories. The problem is that we make very low grade stuff like cutleries, boxes etc.

Large organization do like TATA, Mahindra, Bajaj do make car, bikes in India but their technology is outsourced and even the R&D is outsourced. We heavily rely on outside R&D and technology. In case of IT we do R&D.

One of the reason being government not support R&D in manufacturing and many sector like aviation and defence goods are procured from outside.

Infact no Indian company has right to make defence goods and Aviation machines like chopper, planes. No kidding, if you have the tech and money to make a helicopter you can't do it in India law doesn't allows you. What reason our Government Exactly has for doing so, to show the world We are a peaceful country.

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Madala Ajay Kumar said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
India has very very less power generation. Many power plants in India are operating under less efficiency.

For manufacturing sector we need large amount of electricity.

Many micro and medium enterprises in India are running under loss due to lack of interrupted power supply.

Government of India encouraging only big entrepreneurs because they provide employment to large number of persons.

Government provides land at less cost like 10000 per acre for big enterprises.

"small company yesterday becomes medium company today becomes larger tomorrow".

If the government provide land and water resources to talented people without considering any reservations then manufacturing sector in India increases.

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J V Sandeep said: (Sep 20, 2013)  
Hello good evening my dear friends,

From the topic stated above I would like to express my opinion over this issue.

I think that we do not lead in manufacturing industry when compared to that of it sectors because, R&D sectors need more investment when compared to that ti it sectors and India is lacking in providing the investment to industrial sector through which they lack in required equipments which need to be facilitated to improve our manufacturing industries. So, I think even India has sufficient amount of manpower it was quite lagging in the required investment which is needed to improve our manufacturing sector.

And it also needs to encourage the people to occupy manufacturing sector instead it sector. Because many people show interest on it sector when compared to industrial sector as to earn money within no time.

So, I finally conclude that investment in the manufacturing sector must be increased and the manpower must be completely utilized which gradually increases industrial sector and makes India reach its colorful dreams.

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Raj said: (Sep 20, 2013)  
The major inclination of workforce in India is towards IT / ITES because of jobs being "white collar". Couple of years back MBA had a boom and everyone turned towards its. It is happening over and over again. Job dignity and equality has huge differences among sectors. "Undo and Redo" is much more easier in those (IT/ITES) environment, whereas a lot is riding on a tangible product. Academics need to collaborate with industries providing counselling for effective implementation of the technology and decision making, which is concurrently helpful to one another. MSME assistance need to be considered as potential career instead of only relying on organized industries.

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Mangesh said: (Sep 9, 2013)  
What I feel is, in India, our Females can easily contribute to the IT and BPO sector but its not the case in manufacturing industry. What we found in manufacturing industry is all male workers and very less female workers (but now its not the case, day by day the percentage of female workers is also increasing in manufacturing industry. ). Suppose there is 50-50% male and females in India and because of Indian tradition and culture, our females are still living in the house still they all are not able to come out of house. If our culture allows them to come out and do work. Then surely this country will also be a World-Class Player in manufacturing Industry.

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Raj said: (Aug 24, 2013)  
Our study is not related with the work. The manufacturing industry is seeking for a intelligent technician to operate the machines of high cost. But the thing is, we are having good cgpa in our studies and not any practical exposure. So there arise a gap between the study and work. If the gaps are fulfilled the manufacturing industry can be flourished in India.

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Jitendra said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
The reasons behind INDIA'S failure in manufacturing industry:

* I as a student of engineering background much concerned of the CGPA. There is nothing for r&d in my college curriculum. As a student of engineering I study manufacturing and designing of 80's. The syllabus content which is being taught in engineering colleges need to be revised. There should be more focus on technologies (new). Projects should be should be assigned to the students in each sem. So that innovative thinking of the students can be enhanced.

* At least students should try at their basic level to work on innovative ideas. As our president has expressed his concern about the less patents by indians.

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Priyanka said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Like many have mentioned India has the talent but not the resources. But a huge part of this talent is taken away by the american companies mostly the it ones. Also the corrupt politics in this country is the major factor affecting our manufacturing industry.

There is an increasing lack of confidence in the foreign as well as local investors because a proposed project takes a lot of time for clearance procedure and many other things which discourages the investors. A recent example of this is the 20 billion steel project is cancelled by lakshmi mittal due to the inordinate delay faced. The government needs to make the business environment favourable for wooing the investors.

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Parmeshwar said: (Jul 24, 2013)  
Lots of problem had all ready told by my friends. But the main point we missing here is that how many patent we have related to manufacturing, for getting those & apply in industry we have to paid extra money to them.

Unfortunately we think that its an fault of gov. We all equally responsible for those.

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Jajna said: (Jul 18, 2013)  
* I don't think poor education system can be considered for this issue.

Because if somebody can join IT, Marketing, Finance passing out from the so-called poor education system then he can also join in core industrial field.

* The metal (lurgy) we have in India is more than sufficient for a good industrial establishment, but we give emphasis on exporting/outsourcing rather than investing in our own possibilities. Thats may be due to corrupt political system or poor self-centric mindset towards profit & growth.

* According to me Govt's action plays vital role in establishing a leading industrial development. A no of investors not only forward their hand but also ensure a better social, educational and overall development locally and hence in a bigger prospect. But politics, sometimes lack of thinking of even educated people makes it a bigger fail.

* Finally I am sure we can lead in manufacturing industry if Govt encourages the investors and more importantly supports them without playing with their patience (eg. Vedanta Alumina in Odisha not started from last 7 years because of politics and only pollutics).

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Chandramauli said: (Jul 13, 2013)  
Yes it can be. When some dream come true like:

Government should invest more to buy intelligent brain for research and development.

If they are paid equivalent to private companies, the will love to join R&D.

In our country most of the student don't get quality education in rural area because most of teachers are corrupt in government school, and in private school teacher are not as much qualified to teach children. As a result student are even not able to get a job. How they think about research and development?

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Srilaxmi.Mandalapu said: (Jul 12, 2013)  
India is one of the country in which people are suffering from corruption and all the political leaders are working for their own but not for the people and our country. All the corrupted money has to be taken out and should be used for development of our country and then our country becomes one of richest country in the world. But we the people are encouraging our politicians and therefore we can't change the present status of India.

In India all the resources are available to be developed. So my opinion we can make our country a best manufacturer in IT industry when all the black money is taken out and when all the resources and even people are properly utilized.

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Gomathi said: (Jul 11, 2013)  
During the last decade, youth were very much attracted towards the IT sector which was more money earning way that could be one of reason for development of IT sector in India.

Coming to manufacturing, as the government neglected the R&D because of corruption and dependence on wealthier countries for technologies was increased, and then India just becoming mere supplier of raw materials, education system in India should also change, some strict rules and goals must be followed in government owned PSU to become world class manufacturers.

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Vishal said: (Jun 22, 2013)  
India will be world class in manufacturing, when it will produce the finished products at a cost lower than the other nations. Lower cost can be achieved only when it has technology. The World Class players in manufacturing have the technology, that's why We can not compete them.

Solution for the problem is Expanding money on Research & Development.

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Rajat Mangla said: (Jun 11, 2013)  
In my opinion, availability of basic facilities like electricity, water etc are the main problems being faced by the manufacturer. Secondly, our corrupt system also sometimes becomes a big hindrance for one to work peacefully. One cannot give 100% to his work because of harassments from various departments.

On personal front, small manufacturers always fear in adapting to the latest technologies. Also many manufacturers lack in work ethics.

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Vaibhav Jain said: (May 10, 2013)  
One problem that the manufacturers are presently facing in many sectors is the problem of inverted duty structure.

Under the inverted duty structure, finished goods are taxed at a lower rate than input components. Hence, the higher rate of excise duty on inputs and lower duty on finished goods leads to accumulation of Cenvat Credit which ultimately results as a cost to the manufacturers.

The imported raw material users in a range of manufacturing industry segments are in a spot due to inverted customs duty structure that makes them uncompetitive against cheaper finished product imports and discourages domestic value addition.

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Saurav said: (Apr 27, 2013)  
I agree with that India has surplus manpower and infrastructure, but in addition with that is we are lagging way behind in R&D than other countries. We never spend capital in R&D, rather India follows the trend of expanding fund on buying technologies and MARKETING them according to their targeted consumers. And Also we don't have any platform where our manpower and resources can perform and be efficient.

If we talk about solution, BIG GIANTS like tata, rel and Govt of India should invest more in R& D sector, then automatically manufacturing sector will get boost.

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Rishi said: (Apr 18, 2013)  
Apart from Political will here few things that I want to mention.

Not even 4 % of the population is working IT and Service sector, So it is not the entire India is into IT and Service sector.

Go to rural place, people migrate to work as Day labors in Cities.

People are in fear of starting something new, or introducing new products, or designing new for upcoming working class.

People are always telling their kids (hypnosis) to study well to get good job.

So they think they were born for modern day slavery.

After school and college hardly 2 % study a book or read some important self help article. And those 2 % are those who work in IT or Service sector.

People who want to do something (such as business or inventing) are discouraged by saying you do not have money and so on.

If there is will there will be a way.

People should help other people in rural and smaller cities to start motivating entire India, we will be the youngest Nation (by population) by the year 2060, we can become a wealthier nation and overthrow US economy before 2030.

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Pranav said: (Mar 2, 2013)  
I feel the basic reason behind this lies in the fact on the quality of education which we get, we are following same education system from post independence and this was designed by Britishers who just wanted us to do clerical works for them, so they emphasized on theoretical education which we still follow, right. Till class 10 we had very less or no practical approach to our studies and in many ways in even after.

What we lack is quality technical institutes, yes we do have some of these, but can be counted on fingers when compared to what we actually need.

Like one of my friend said (above) countries like japan, Singapore are doing well despite of their low natural resource, India having enough of it is lacking behind as it is efficient personnel's to utilize them.

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Bakkialakshmy said: (Mar 2, 2013)  
In my point though India has more manufacturer compared to other countries, there is lack of electricity for the domestic supply itself. I think this is also one of the reason that we can't be the world class in manufacturing.

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Aman said: (Jan 1, 2013)  
Actually the main problem is that in manufacturing industries we need a lot of investment and lot of technology for proper working and to compete with the world player and your government is not so serious in investing money in industries.

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Ramnaresh said: (Dec 22, 2012)  
After analysing the points given above, in my opinion it takes time to develope any sector and same case with manufacturing sector. It is not so we do not have skilled worker or a labourforce but thing is that first we have developed our agriculture sectore then we moved to manufacturing sector and without completing it we moved to service sector. Indias does not have sufficient infrastructure to develope their manufacturing.

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Nishant said: (Dec 6, 2012)  
According to me, Indian are too lazy so they want a job which gives them comfort hence in BPO and it companies there is no more field work in comparison with manufacturing therefore India is lacking.

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Sudheer said: (Nov 16, 2012)  
The secondary sector (manufacturing industry) in India is slow in race compared to primary and tertiary sectors.

The reasons are the same which are mentioned by the other members.

But why can't India learn from china which is presently the largest manufacturer in the world.

Going back to the 1975 and 1980's the industrial sector in both the counties are more over the same. But from 80's the china showed a rapid growth in the industrial sector surpassing the world majors like USA and Japan.

If a country like china which shares a lot common problems could make it, then India should at least try to achieve at least half of the its industrial growth.

And surely the government should provide a helping hand.

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Rakesh said: (Nov 7, 2012)  
The main reason behind India not being a major player in manufacturing industry is because of less capable and unskilled worker. Manufacturing industry requires highly skilled worker as compared to IT and BPO sector. Another striking hurdle is that India do not have enough sophisticated infrastructure which is an integral part for a manufacturing industry. Indian citizen are happy to work with low labor intensive job with a descent salary as compared to high intensive labor work in manufacturing industry with low salary.

And the last player for IT and BPO sector winning the race is because of many MNCs supporting the IT industry whereas resources required for manufacturing industry is in control of government which has always been a sloggy player for Indian development.

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Omprakash said: (Nov 2, 2012)  
In my opinion we have enough natural resources in our country for our manufacturing sector, there are some countries like Japan, Singapore having no natural resources even than they having good manufacturing sector. In man power we have more than enough manpower in our country, mainly our country's man power is unskilled so we can make them semiskilled/skilled by starting some training center for them so we can utilized them for manufacturing sector.

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Pradeep said: (Oct 26, 2012)  
Well, summarizing the above points: says that problem is with INDIA and its system.

But have we ever fought for the right, do we have unity, Do we have patience to wait for the best and go ahead and lead the system.

No youth in this generation is ready to take risk in India. Same time no youth has patience to fight against corruption for long time till it ends.

Apart from this, From the birth of a child, 80% parents needs their child to become software engineer and move to abroad. 60% students who score high and have got high talents move to abroad within a short period and will not turn back to India, 20% average students come up with mechanical engineer degree. And few in this who have high scores move to software later after degree due to low payments in manufacturing industry. The rest 20% who get the least scored and have no tensions in their mind and wants their life to be smooth. These people ambition would be to get a small home, get married, get a small car. Lead a simple life.

Finally Almost all Indian are in race to earn money rather development.

Or worst way to say Indians have become selfish and least worried about development with low salaries.

So manufacturing industries in India needs to pay high to remain and grow in India.

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A D S said: (Sep 21, 2012)  
India has a huge amount of trained manpower and resources. So, the only problem of India being the leading country in manufacturing is its lack of infrastructure and the non-cooperation of the government. A BPO or an IT company merely needs a few computers, few small rooms and huge amount of manpower, not necessarily has to be trained. They could be trained in a month. Whereas manufacturing companies needs small but highly trained manpower, skilled labour, expensive machinaries, Huge infrastructure. So, this requires huge amount of investment.

Lots of hurdles in the Indian government and public sectors discourage high amount of investment to flow in the country. Corruption, inefficiency in every sectors of the government, elongated process time of applications etc. Are the key issues for disinvestment in the country. Indian political leaders and policy makers are also reluctant about manufacturing industries because they may be providing better economic development to the state but the IT companies provide more mediocre, stereotype jobs which is very much necessary to increase the vote-bank. IT companies don't want brains and innovative ideas, they only want a few 'overqualified clerks' to work for them at a 'cheap' rate. So, they outsource their work to developing countries and exploit the young Indian brains leaving them in a 'still developing' country. The only way to enhance Indian Economic and Technological scenario is to stress hardly on manufacturing industries as they can provide the necessary growth for the country.

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Rahul Pathak said: (Sep 10, 2012)  
Hi friends,

I would like to quote here an example of UK based entrepreneur Mr. J. C. Bamford (founder of JCB: one of the world's top earth moving equipment company). He started his work in a small rented garage purchasing second hand welding set costing him 1GBP. He made first farm trailer from worn out war materials and worked with his small team of six people for a long time making those trailers and later bringing in more variety. Today JCB is the biggest player in India in earth moving equipments and third across the globe.

But unfortunately this business has never taken a giant stride in our country that it could have. I don't remember any Indian "standalone" player who has made its presence felt in and around the Asian continent.

Prominent Indian automobile companies like Tata, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Eicher etc. Have cutting edge technology in engine designing and fair enough assembly plants. I don't think for such companies to diversify in this segment is hell a big task. The foreign players are now the early birds in meeting India's demand in earth moving equipments. The point is why such companies not become the early adapters and why are they waiting to extend their excellence in such a prospective and lucrative business. The government has always been so reluctant to bring in foreign players in Indian market (a protectionist approach). Despite that we've not been successful enough to grab that early advantaged and probably losing out on huge untapped potential market.

Thanks for listening.

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Satya said: (Sep 5, 2012)  
I agree with this statement India has 2nd largest manpower after china after this large amount of manpower we are behind in aspect of manufacturing as comparison of IT sectors .because in India corruptions are spreading from root to top in every sectors.the govt should have to take some proper steps to improve the manufacturing power and give the right job in right hand.
then our country becomes one of the developed country in this world.

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Jyotsana said: (Aug 4, 2012)  
I Agree with that India lacks in infrastructure but not with the creative, innovative brains. Corrupted people are just few and the young generations like us are in crore, so stop blaming each other as we & coming generations are in techno world were there is solution for each problem;and start searching for the solutions and not for new country. If we look onto past as well as present India is the only country of self surviving country as developed countries have to depend on export for their basic need i.e. food etc.

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Chandrakala said: (Jul 28, 2012)  
As shashank said because of less opportunities the talented people in India in manufacturing field were try to fly in the other countries. I agree with him. To implement the manufacturing field government should take necessaries actions to provide good chances for student who had apt for this field. If the opportunities are here itself we couldn't lend our brains to foreign countries. People also think that if we are in the field of IT we get benefit in sitting. By making the people aware of the importance of this field and need of it. It's good for our nation.

Thank you.

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Abhijeet Chougule said: (Jul 15, 2012)  
I think in India there is lot of corruption. In addition to this Indian people are not interested for making new things. They don't want any risk in their work. Peoples want more money with less effort. But they don't know that there is no short cut to success.

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Anand S said: (Jun 20, 2012)  
India could be a Manufacturing Hub in coming Years. As a fact all are aware that India labor force is the world 2nd largest after CHINA. INDIA holds it place in the World's fastest growing economies.

Nowadays, A normal life will be abnormal with out mobile, computers, internet. Everything behind this is TECHNOLOGY. IT gave us power to discover more. Right now it is possible for a 2 Year old kid to see the satellite view of the earth on a click of a mouse button in Google Map/Google Earth. We could talk/video chat to any person in the world with a simple login to SKYPE. No more slips we have carry in our pockets to drop it in bank door steps, you can do all in NETBANKING. Information Technology Era has changed the life of each and every human and as INDIANs we can proudly saw we are participating in the same sector to make life even simpler.

Yes, I accept with the points shared by the friends here, India has gained a mass face for IT/ITES/BPO and other back office processes, but we could also see more Foreign Direct Investments are flowing in for the MANUFACTURING/Mining/Power Generation.

For Ex: Chennai very famous for its IT presence has been witnessing FDI in Manufacturing. Chennai stands @ rank 2 in IT Exports after Bangalore of producing a GDP of 144, 214 crore during 2006-07. After recession Chennai faced JOB LOSSES in history majorly in IT/ITES sector. Later State Govt brought in more employment in Manufacturing, Power Generation[Wind, Solar, Nuclear].

Tamil Nadu state Govt revised the tax benefits and FDI in Manufacturing grown double in recent years, now Chennai is the base to around 30% of India's automobile industry and 40% of its auto components industry. [9] A large number of automotive companies including Hyundai, Renault, Nissan Motors, Ashok Leyland, Daimler AG, Caterpillar Inc. , Komatsu Limited, Ford, BMW and Mitsubishi have manufacturing plants in Chennai.

The Ambattur-Padi industrial zone houses many textile manufacturers, and an SEZ for apparel and footwear manufacture has been set up in the southern suburbs of the city. Chennai contributes more than 50% of India's leather exports.

Telecom and Electronics manufacturers based in and around Chennai include Nokia, Nokia Siemens, Motorola, Dell, Wipro, Zebronics, Foxconn and Siemens among others. Telecom giants Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent, pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer and chemicals giant Dow Chemicals have research and development facilities in Chennai.

Well, how many of you people know that Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu is major gold jewellery manufacturing hubs in India? Each and every DELL Laptop, Samsung LCD TVs manufactured in Chennai are labeled as Made in INDIA and sold across ASIA PACIFIC region.

All these are few fact figures, we have lot more to come in. India is not just for IT/ITES, we have our foot steps already set in for Automobile, Electronics Manufacturing sectors.

All the best. Go India Go!

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Anand Kartik said: (May 30, 2012)  
Indian all over the are know for their communication and it skills and thus we established ourselves as one of the it giants. When it comes to manufacturing skill we are not up to the mark. Our markets are flooded by MNCs which have hindered the development of local industries for ex sports market is dominated by addidas, reebook, nike. Local industries stand way behind when compared to quality and investment which these bigwigs have and thus our manufacturing skills are not up to the mark at the globally level.

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Soumya said: (May 15, 2012)  
Before speaking on the topic, I want to tell you that primary sector (agriculture, fishing etc) , secondary sector (manufacturing) and tertiary sector (services) are the three phases of development of an economy. Generally developing economies are dominated by manufacturing sector, while tertiary sector is the predominant contribution to the development of developed economy. But In case of India, there is a mismatch, India being a developing country is characterized by tertiary sector growth. So it indicates India has skipped the second phase of growth.

From the beginning of nineteenth century up to independence, agriculture was the main livelihood of people and thereafter followed approximately three decades of five-year plan. In this period, growth was minimal. But suddenly after 1990s, and in the beginning of 2000s, IT/ITes/BPO sector developed, because.

- Higher education was in its peak, thus engineering students graduated (increase in manpower).

- Willing to work in less pay.

- Private sectors were true gainers, used Indian skill to transfer knowledge and job to their country, thus getting a support from their respective country.

- For a moment, government thought that it is true development without realizing that the growth comes from outside, and any unexpected circumstance in their country could affect its growth rate.

- Although government launched certain manufacturing policies for development of R&D sector, heavy industries like petroleum and mineral industries, agriculture-allied0industries, still the growth was very minimal due to corruption and lack of interest among the men in power.

But one fundamental theory of manufacturing sector is that, wages and machines that are used to manufacture goods will depreciate, but human assets have their value. Thus it is best time for India to invest in manufacturing now as it has a lot of advantages.

- Large number of skilled and semi-skilled workers available.

- Best brains of India that developed in India are returning to India.

- India is one of world's largest economy, so it does not have to wait for the world to support its investment.

- Many companies have the capacity to invest heavily.

Thus finally, I will conclude that India could not be a world class player in manufacturing sector, but by dedicated and coherent partnership by Govt, public sector and private sector can help India being one of the biggest player in manufacturing.

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B.Steinsen said: (May 12, 2012)  
In India we have good speaking skills which leads to impress customers and convince them to take interest in the given field. Another reason is, In India we can get employees for BPO's/it's very easily and in very less pay-scale and its only because of unemployment in other different departments its so finally people have to start their earnings from such kind platform.

Manufacturing needs a big amount of investment initially and lots of paper also need to approved by our government. To get all things done we have to give pay bribe on each level this will definitely increase the corruption so its good in bpo/it at least they are private and thus far away from corruption.

Thank you.

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Ansari said: (Apr 29, 2012)  
My view over the topic "yes ofcourse India is not taking as much as effort in industry when compared to IT and BPO sectors.

The reason behind this "our education system".

Generally, our education system helps the person to develop and modify the existing things and use predefined one that why we shine in the field of IT and BPO's.

Then our syllabus framed only basis on theoritical knowledge not for pratical.

In future, we will implement the smart claass courses and modern technology. We will achieve the position quickly.

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Vivek said: (Apr 26, 2012)  
India can be the world class player in manufacturing industry but since it's a developing country where new technology, world class creativity and educated and well established people required which India is lacking, and to collect these things India is inviting foreign countries who are coming with their inferior works like BPO s and all, or India is investing in less risky business that is BPO, IT etc.

So India is in top in BPO or IT s because it has a developing economy, and I am sure having getting established and proper awareness India will become world-class player in manufacturing industry also.

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Dennis said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
India had a lopsided growth compared to other countries. Normally a growth in agriculture is followed by a growth in manufacturing industry which is succeeded by the service industry. But in India we shifted from the agriculture development to the services sector which catapulted our growth to one of the mainstays of the world economy.

Because of the huge growth of services, the manufacturing industry was shadowed and contributes hardly 22pc to the GDP which is decreasing further. India currently spends only 1pc to RnD. Also inspite of having a strong patent system, the govt has not encouraged soft loans for inventors to develop and market their product. Another reason as already stated is the huge flux of engineers moving to the more glamorous I. T. Industry thus leading to a mis allocation of skills and lack of skilled people in the core engineering sectors, which offer lesser pay and where jobs require more effort and energy.

Having poor infrastructure has discouraged foreign manufacturers from investing in India. It has been calculated that we need $1 trillion to completely develop our entire infrastructure. Hence there's a lot of work to be done.

ALso some of the brightest minds from iits and nits prefer the huge pay packages in foreign countries which has affected our r&d sector.

All these factors have prevented India from being a strong player in the manufacturing industry.

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Dennis said: (Mar 11, 2012)  
India had a lopsided growth compared to other countries. Normally a growth in agriculture is followed by a growth in manufacturing industry which is succeeded by the service industry. But in India we shifted from the agriculture development to the services sector which catapulted our growth to one of the mainstays of the world economy.

Because of the huge growth of services, the manufacturing industry was shadowed and contributes hardly 22pc to the GDP which is decreasing further. India currently spends only 1pc to RnD. Also inspite of having a strong patent system, the govt has not encouraged soft loans for inventors to develop and market their product. Another reason as already stated is the huge flux of engineers moving to the more glamorous I. T. Industry thus leading to a mis allocation of skills and lack of skilled people in the core engineering sectors, which offer lesser pay and where jobs require more effort and energy.

Having poor infrastructure has discouraged foreign manufacturers from investing in India. It has been calculated that we need $1 trillion to completely develop our entire infrastructure. Hence there's a lot of work to be done.

ALso some of the brightest minds from iits and nits prefer the huge pay packages in foreign countries which has affected our r&d sector.

All these factors have prevented India from being a strong player in the manufacturing industry.

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Akshay said: (Mar 5, 2012)  
Civil engineers, Electronics engineers, Mechanical engineers, Telecomm engineers, and all other kinds of 'engineers' are turning towards IT to make the easy, quick buck. Why cant we stick to our own specializations, our vocations, our fort├ęs and build our careers and this country? Sure, IT job offers come in great numbers, but it is YOU who choose to take them because "its the 'easy' way out"! I work in an IT company and as true as it may be, that infrastructure and basic setup require comparatively less amount of money, its utter rubbish that talent or skill is not a requirement! There's something called people skill that is required in addition to the technical know-how of one's job profile! Let's not deviate from the topic and condemn IT/BPO, instead of discussing how we may better the current scenario. We needn't forget how IT/BPO has blessed this country's huge unemployed populace with power to sustain their families, but all the same, we do need to work towards entrepreneur-friendly policies, less bureaucratic involvement in the setup process of manufacturing units, easier capital availability, etc.

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Akashhp said: (Feb 26, 2012)  
India have a service economy. People believe in having a good job and finally live a satisfied life and die. But they are not ready to accept the challenges and look into manufacturing arena. We really lack people having the entrepreneurial qualities and those who have it rarely make a good use of it. To become a global manufacturer people should dare to take calculated risks and should set up a business ventures rather than looking for a job. We should believe in Inventing a job rather than discovering any. Extensive research and making good use of the man-power can give us a very good result. We should sharpen the skills of the students in the professional courses and should have a practical approach and give up conventional method of working.

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Harish said: (Feb 23, 2012)  
The problem is placing a company in a known location is not easy, Because of the Government employees's mind to get some amount to do their alloted work. If the company get started also there is a probability of closing the company is very high. We cannot predict what will happen. However no one is interested in taking risk in this. Thus it can be happen only if the government take the necessary steps to the cover the Industrialist and make interest to the students that there will be a good future in INDIA itself. Our Indian Students are not much more interest in making money only in upgrading their skills in a correct place.

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Ritesh Yadav said: (Feb 18, 2012)  
Hello friends, all your views are really what I want to convey as well.

It and bpo sectors are solely dependent on work exchange rather than producing or manufacturing something. Manufacturing has higher standards and sops than compared to bpo or IT job. Additionaly, in manufacturing sector there are strict norms and availability of resources, infrastructure, skilled manpower and efficient workers are hard to manage whereas in bpo sector and IT field resources are just a room and few computer systems and therotical knowledge is same as the practical knowledge so their skills are not of much importance, whereas in manufacturing sector you needs several requirements and also quality is an important criteion that has to be watched for. That is why manufacturing sector in India is not s good as the bpo sector. Thank you.

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Bhaskar said: (Feb 18, 2012)  
In india technoligies are not updated fastly compare to other nations.In manufacturing sector the more important is adapt to the new technologies for the quality and time management.

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Abhishek said: (Feb 11, 2012)  
The IT and BPO sector, mostly belongs to private sectors and has their own equipments in India whereas other manufacturing company solely depends on government for thier infrastructure. Other reason is the quality of product produced. In India they focus more in business than in quality so their growth is not enough to compete the world market.

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Sana said: (Feb 7, 2012)  
Though Many reasons can be presented for the current scenario like bank rates hike, high duties, poor or no policy reforms etc. , by the industrialists, the main reason why couldn we shine in secondary sector than tertiary, is poor infrastructure, a part of investment. As known by all investment for an IT or BPO company is not so big as for a manufacturing plant. That is why we have seen service takes a huge part in the GDP pie, with good performing financial institutions. The need for the hour is more investment in R&D. Government if couldn't afford to invest more can seek the foriegn aid through FDI. For a country like India where we have the large human resource with enthusiastic youth seeking an arena to learn more, it's no harm to allow FDI to improve infrastructure, just like how China improved it's trade. If there are more jobs in Industrial sector with an ambience to learn and increase the competency level of the employees, no Indian will prefer the BPO's that provide no option to excel.

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Sanket said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
Our study system is not suitable for creating new innovations .We cant go forward with our ideas because of tendency of Indian people not to do new things.
when on e becomes expert in manufacturing industry in India he or she will prefer to work abroad for higher packages,they learn from India and helps to develop others country rather than India.
Infrastructure also plays imp role in these to sectors.

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Nikhil said: (Jan 1, 2012)  
As manufacturing industry needs more investment, more space, more machineries, as compared to IT industries so called BPO's and other;it becomes difficult for nation like India which is developing country. Also other Goverment, political problems matters.

Also weather, transportation, availability of raw materials, market. All these conditions also matters for any manufacturing plant. But IT industries can be seen anywhere irrespective of this things.

One big thing is the technical knowledge with creative mind is very important for anyone working in manufacturing industry as compared to one who is working in IT sector.

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Rohit said: (Dec 31, 2011)  
I also agree with all of you, as foreign countries offer big salary for their benefit. Because they are exactly aware of Indian people tendency about money. Because day by day many consciousness increases like political issues, inflation corruption etc are reason which are diverting people mind.

Due to Corruption & inflation India is still developing country and not developed one like US. That all I can say.

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Dharmendr Patel said: (Nov 3, 2011)  
We can not sucess in development of manufecturing industry as each work on natioan lavel are started by politician and they started to poltics on this subject. We need more money for this purpose. While for it\bpo hardly required some computer and few worker. Due to large money help of government is essantial but due to poltics not possible. So there should be an organization of well educated person develop by government who can help for development in manufecturing areas.

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Ms Khan said: (Oct 20, 2011)  
According to my view we are not as good in manufacturing as compared to BPO's/IT sectors because every one in today's fast world want to make money in quick succession. In IT's/BPO's you can operate from a room on a server and make quick money and get your company benefited. But in manufacturing field we have to struggle. Look for resources, raw material, permission from govt agencies which is a long process because corrupt politician and bureacrats delay the whole things, huge amount of money and patience. Since we are lacking in spirit and resources, opting for manfacturing carrier is not fruitful. Just take an example of TATA Nano factory at Singur West Bengal. Once the whole thing is set up and the company was about to delivered the cars in the market, the politics started its dirty game and forced TATA to shut the manfacturing plant. Here, the focus is not development but the focus is on vote bank because we technology will reach in villages the people will be more educated and advanced. They can think what is wrong and right. So our politicians think that the villagers should not experience a steep progress so that their mind is changed. Due to problem like acquisition of land, mining, lack of raw materials, lack of infrastructure, roads connectivity manfacturing plant in India is still a dream come ture.

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Jeeva said: (Oct 4, 2011)  
Our indians has both man power and mind power but we are using only man power because we are not having required platform to develop our mind power.

India having 30 crors youngsters but US has 31crores 20 lacks people only. There are 28, 43, 391 Indians in US. Why they were moved to there? why couldn't develop a new IT Industry?

In India there is no resources like R&D (Research and development). So our graduates couldn't proved their innovations and develop industry in India.

See, japan is a small country only 127 million people over there but their IT and other industry growth is rapidly increasing because the main reason is they have R&D for every sector.

My perspective is, Comparing with other nation we have more man power and mind power, we can do anything. But some people are not willing to take risk while earning more money by IT but Some people has to take risk and try to be a entrepreneur, they are not having that much of money. So without the cooperation of the government it is not quite possible to start this industry.

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Jeeva said: (Oct 4, 2011)  
Our indians has both man power and mind power but we are using only man power because we are not having required platform to develop our mind power.

India having 30 crors youngsters but US has 31crores 20 lacks people only. There are 28, 43, 391 Indians in US. Why they were moved to there? why couldn't develop a new IT Industry?

In India there is no resources like R&D (Research and development). So our graduates couldn't proved their innovations and develop industry in India.

See, japan is a small country only 127 million people over there but their IT and other industry growth is rapidly increasing because the main reason is they have R&D for every sector.

My perspective is, Comparing with other nation we have more man power and mind power, we can do anything. But some people are not willing to take risk while earning more money by IT but Some people has to take risk and try to be a entrepreneur, they are not having that much of money. So without the cooperation of the government it is not quite possible to start this industry.

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Rupesh Prajapat said: (Sep 7, 2011)  
Indian people have both Man Power and Mind Power. But mostly Indian people use only Man power because they have no suitable platform, India have less resources.

One another thing in Indian people that they have talent but they can't express their talent so they didn't get job as they want or according their talent due to lack of communication skills, so they change their job or goal.

Second thing is investment in manufacturing industry and a IT/BPO company, after completing gradution a student can open their own company (IT/BPO) with the Bank loan, and easily start their profession with 8-10 system's and 10-15 employer's.

But for manufacturing industry their is required a lot of money or investment, so any one can neither think nor start indusry.

A Manufacturing industry can start with the help of government if we talking about nano technology, otherwise this is not possible my means not to say impossible without government this will start if Bussiness man want for example Ambani groups, Tata etc.

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Ujjwal Sharma said: (Aug 15, 2011)  
This is just because of the Lack of infrastructure. Mostly we see in India only IT sector has always been at a boom but as far as manufacturing is concerned.its very limited.
Basically India lack in the field of development.despite so much boom in the IT industry.still India is unable to develop any world leading software like windows, etc. As far as electronics is concerned, we have potential engineers that can work in core fields of development but due to the lack of infrastructure, its still not possible to provide them a suitable platform to showcase their skills.

The Indian govt should take some steps to enhance development of certain units that will be engaged in the core development processes.It will be beneficial in two ways.
1. Brain drain will reduce to a great extent.
2. The load that IT sector is facing today will also be greatly reduced.

Moreover it will add to India's development into a Developed Nation.

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Murali said: (Aug 5, 2011)  
Even parents are not supporting for new innovation they need to settle in life as soon as possible this can be provided only by IT field. It takes some time in manufacturing field. Also people in german can work becz they have more economical power.

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Harish Kr Singh said: (Jul 3, 2011)  
It is due to the some reasons as-.

If we want to start an IT/BPO company we hardly needs a small room, 8-10 computers & 10-15 employers which can work for long on a lower amount of pay-scale because we have a huge manpower.

But to start a manufacturing company we need a very large area, very expensive machines & very well trained manpower which needs a very big money investments.

So without the cooperation of the government it is not quite possible to start this industry.

As we can take the examples of IC fabrication labs, and nano-technology. Nano-tech was initiated in India but its developing in USA just because of the money.

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Medha said: (Jun 14, 2011)  
India has resources required for Manufacturing like Market(Domestic) + Raw Material. What it lacks is Infrastructure ( which is very apparant)

I think our basic Problem is TRAINED Manpower, and Leaders. Here I am NOT talking of Political Leaders, but Entrepreneurs, who think LONG TERM and can MOTIVATE team, have CLARITY of thoughts

We boast of having Graduate Engineers / Accountants / and various other fields. But does our Education System TEACH them / Prepeare them / Train them for work environment?

India has Medium & Small sectors which contribute to more than 40% of Manufacturing. The Manpower is not even aware of IMPORTANCE of being on Time and 100% attendance

TRAINING of Skills should also include TRAINING or GROOMING for the PRODUCTION activities!

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Senthamizh said: (May 22, 2011)  
We are wasting our indians potential for others and becameing a slaves to them we do what ever they say and working hard for them and they are giving 1 % of their profit to us as a salary, just think they paying high means how much they will be earning because of us, if we work for us means we ll be the best in the world for ever.

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Kiran Soni said: (May 18, 2011)  
I agree with all but I think basic problem of our country is they believed white hair and does't chance for new generation for lack of experience but I think every one who invasion something has to be got chance for grooving but in India new thing always push by political and other kind of power. Worlds most powerful organisation NASA has a 35% scientist of Indian. So we see that we have a quality and talent but doe't used that because lack for support them.

Thank you.

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Sneha said: (May 11, 2011)  
Lack of initiative & investment in the manufacturing sector and also thinking from the point of view of common man, I think every one today is interested in doing a desk-job that is more luxurious rather than doing hard work in a manufacturing industry.

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Pratiksha said: (May 10, 2011)  
I also agree with all of you, as foreign countries offer big salary for their benefit. Because they are exactly aware of Indian people tendency about money. Because day by day many consciousness increases like political issues, inflation corruption etc are reason which are diverting people mind.

Due to Corruption & inflation India is still developing country and not developed one like US. That all I can say.

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Chrissypinto said: (May 9, 2011)  
Its basically competitive advantage, each country has a resource of which it can produce much better than other countries.

In India's case, the presence of English speaking and Educated youth is our advantage.

Thus, we should use the advantage to its full potential and not wonder why we can't expand to other sectors.

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Vanathi said: (May 7, 2011)  
Indian are don't like to work in India due to corruption which plays more in India.

1) work culture.

2) not selecting the right person for the right job.

3) affride to take risk.

4) lack in production.

5) busines ethics.

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Kantharaju said: (May 2, 2011)  
I agree we have issues, but it is not up to the extent what we think. If you take people group into confidence, I think no other contributors can beat people intelligence.

We are the only people who are willing to accept changes in fastest manner. If you look at 10 years back and today we have changed a lot. If you buy in group of people we can win. Nothing is impossible in our culture and combination it is a matter of making people to understand the goal and the advantages.

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Radhika said: (May 1, 2011)  
Indians don't like to work in India because of political and low salary. So, the foreign countries utilizing the Indian's innovative thinkings to develop their countries. Its the main reason that we lack in production.

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Rupa said: (Mar 23, 2011)  
I think that more over in India there is no special development on material sciences department. So no one showing interest to produce products because of limited resources and lack of special idea on that. Some of our citizens going to abroad because of money and finding better oppertunities.

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Raja said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
Today's world is spreading of BPO and IT sectors, and every person are willing to join in that sector

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Karthik said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
Today's Indian where interested more in IT and BPO Sectors because most of Indians are like to study based courses.

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Lydia,Krithika,Mangai said: (Mar 16, 2011)  
Today's world is IT world and many new invention and innovation. the technology is advancing in a very broad way. our india is having 1.5 IT professional and in microsoft the percent of indian worker is 37%. So how we are lacking in IT.

We can make our own microsoft , we have the people, technology. US is ahead of us because they are using us, our people working there, the number of engineers we r having in india is the half of the population of US.

We can deal with every situation. we just need a well planned goverment ideas and innovation. our govt. is not taking initiatives for uplifting our IT industry that is the 3rd hghst in contributing to the GDP of economy. IT can beat the service and agriculture sector by the people and enginners India have.

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Maya said: (Mar 15, 2011)  
One main reason is that many of our guys are money motive. Since western countries provide these opportunities people are drifting towards those nation and are least interested in developing our nation. And working for its betterment.

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Shashank said: (Mar 15, 2011)  
I don't want to point these sector but I think these sectors which we are telling i.e.BPO and IT basically are not in search of talent (in India) , they basically need manpower and they train them to work as they want. These sectors are growing so much because it doesnt require much investment in production and manufacture. Only paying a small amount to the employee gets them money. We have got more manpower and people easily get attracted toward these BPO's because they don't require much education and youngsters can easily earn their living. Considering IT sector, now a days we see that a person doing mechanical engineering gets an IT job. They train them one month and then they are ready to run in the race course. This is what happening now a days.

Students immediately after graduation gets a job in these sector easily and hence they get attracted more towards them. And hence it is but natural that these sectors will definetly grow.

Government should play a part in this. We have got organisations like AICTE and UGC in education which gives accredation to almost all the colleges approaching their door step.

Before giving accredation they must consider various points like.

1. Adequate and good faculties are present for each course which the institute is giving.

2. Students getting equal opportunities to get the job in their specialised field.

And many more.

These things can open the opportunity for the young generation like us to take the field in which we are interested.

If we are saying that we have not got talent this is totally wrong. The thing is we are not using our talent properly. Or we can say we are misusing it.

It is not that we are not more attracted towards the manufacturing industries but the fact is youngsters are not given much opportunity in these fields. So they try to move abroad and get settle there. This thinking must be changed and if Government is not providing the opportunity we must take a step forward make our own way. Their are lot of manufacturing indusries in our country. We must make our standard so high that we get into that.

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Avinandan said: (Feb 28, 2011)  
Yes I agree with all of you.But one thing we never ignore,the main resource of BPO & IT sector are man power, where as resources varied in the manufacturing sector.India is a Developing nation as abhishek says before,so Engineering study field grows in a parabolic path which helps the availablibity of Trained man power for BPO & IT field where as Trained manpower for manufacturing field is less available.

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Why can't India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors?

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