Why can't India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors?

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Abhishek said:   1 decade ago
India is a Developing nation. So We are not able to have a fund to have a manufacturing of something.

Other nation can promote ourselves, but they will first think of Manufacturing in their nation.

Also corruption plays a important role in economy of India which also leads to no manufacturing investments in INDIA.

DNYANDEO said:   1 decade ago
I want to mention one thing here is that, we have enough talent but we don't have enough resources. So most of the industrialist investing there money where the resources are enough. For IT and BPO industries no need or we can say very less tax on transformation. So ultimately, investor will look for that first. Transportation of raw material itself takes too much time and money.

Saikrishna said:   1 decade ago
Because, each and every product that are manufactured in India is of very poor quality.

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