Why can't India be a World-Class Player in Manufacturing Industry as it is in IT & BPO Sectors?

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Feelics Kipson said:   8 years ago
My point of view about India is Every youth in our country having the enthusiasm to be entrepreneur rather than working for someone but the major issue is that they are scared of starting up any business even without trying it.

We can over come this only if our government encourages youth to start up a business with innovation or every institute should encourage students to come up with innovative business project.

Innovation will sure help India to be the best country in the World. "ENCOURAGEMENT" is the key requirement for each individual to take risk.

SHASHANK said:   9 years ago
The mind and energy one should spend in job, is lost in getting a job. Along with mark of harsh realities of Indian recruitment process on their minds people become incompetent and inactive in organizations. Every one wants to save himself and want promotion on others' hard work, many private organizations are just exploiting their workforce and their employees keep their mouth shut as we have many unskilled, skilled people for substituting them, Indian businessmen don't want to grow by technology.

They want to grow by exploitation, exploited work force means less purchasing power which means lesser production and massive job cuts which goes on till economy comes to total HALT, then REVOLUTION occurs, since freedom and happiness have to be replenished by wars and blood, to wash away the FILTH and introduce new fit individuals and ideas for creating a new and better SYSTEM.

Devang patel said:   10 years ago
Dear friends,

China has Forex and Gold reserve of 3,800 Billion Dollars. United states of america has a forex and gold reserve valued at 148 Billion Dollars only. China is in a Dollar trap. At this time, United states needs to consume less and produce more whereas china needs to consume more and produce less. So, if India is trying to take china's position, then we need to re-think about what we are doing.

United States is searching for another country from whom it can purchase goods from to sustain its consumption. We are trying to take the position of china in manufacturing. What if while serving united states we end up in a similar situation in which china is in right now? Why don't we try to serve China instead of United States?

Shreya410 said:   10 years ago
India must emerge as the best destination for manufacturing in the world.

India's manpower is attracted towards the handsome payments made in foreign countries due ti which India's shilled manpower is going out of the country and helping BPO develop rather than country's own manufacturing sector.

Jattitude said:   10 years ago
BPO and IT industry are need much small space or area of operation so these industries are always in the metropolitan cities where skilled manpower as well other basic facilities are easily available while manufacturing companies are always at a distant from these cities so they always face difficulty in their operation.

Manufacturing companies are also face problem of local factor as tax system of different state. Sometimes they didn't get clearance from state government or center government On issue as environment but service sector have not such kind of issues.

Kaustubh Shinde said:   1 decade ago
Main factor in China's success is its investment in health and education that provided fuel to its explosive growth. India has under-invested in these key areas and hence its economic growth is poorly supported by quality human capital.

Manufacturing stands on keystone of proper coordination between workforce and the technological development.

Technology wise we always outsource the sharp brains, so we are surely lagging in that sector.

Talking about the workforce, if the workforce is unsatisfied or under satisfied, even then the productivity or efficiency decreases.

So according to my view, Government should start by investing into welfare of workforce and also from our side as citizens, we need to look at the problem of overpopulation, illiteracy and malnourished, which indirectly affect the manufacturing sector of India which is actually one of the backbones of our country.

Terri Lewis said:   1 decade ago
I have been living in India for 1 1/2 yrs, and have asked this question from early on. Having lived in several countries I am curious why India is not stronger in the private sector/industry. I think all the reasons have been listed above.

You certainly have the human population to do so, but outside companies are hampered heavily to bring industry here. This leaves out technology sharing and many other things. These companies who do try to make a go of it here find lots if corruption which hampers future growth immensely.

Lack of infrastructure hampers everyone one too; even simple thing like mail/post keeps industry from growing. Basics: infrastructure, pollution (garbage every where, rivers and lakes filthy) , accountably from government and all, corruption, lack of proper training and the will to change, not opening up the sector to free trade and outside world (always linked to Indian company which name comes first. Why. Tata/Sky, Maruti/Suzuki, come on.) I am not convinced that India wants to change; starts with each of us.

The world wants a better India. Does India?

Shulin said:   1 decade ago
There are several factors because of which India has not been able to develop into a manufacturing superpower. The major ones are:

1. India, barring a few states, is a power deficient country, there are no proper Power, logistics and transport facilities readily available.

2. We are surplus in labour but rarely the labour is skilled, this can be accounted mainly due to focus on academics and lack of practical knowledge. Managing and upgrading skills is poor and need major overhauling.

3. India has stringent labour laws, workers cannot be employed from so and so states, political backing, labour unions etc.

4. Lack of transparency on processes and clearances. There are no proper demarcations afa processes are concerned at state and central levels. File clearances, bribes to be offered, babus involved etc. One major example is that of POSCO project not getting clearance and the infamous "Jayanti Tax". Kumarmangalam Birla recently announced his reluctance to invest 4000 crores in business due to the lack of support from the government.

5. Lack of investment in R&D and strategic planning. Most of goods finished products have to be imported. Arms, cosmetics, etc.

6. Political interests, land disputes etc. Ex. TATA NANO -Singur case.

7. Mindsets, people in India prefer White colour jobs and do not want to get their hands dirty by having "On the floor jobs".

8. Innumerable Taxes and laws for setting up projects.

9. Finally the monster corruption and scams that fends off global investors.

Rajesh said:   1 decade ago
India lagging behind in manufacturing sector because of many reasons. It is because of huge capital requirement, leadership, cost of production, heavy machinery, technology. It and BPO's are flourishing because of man power of our country. But in china they have low cost of production.

Sumit said:   1 decade ago
Hi. Friends,

I totally in favor of the topic of discussion, but I will not going to blame government Or and body for sports for it. I my point of view our parents are responsible for it they doesn't that a boy or a girl can achieve more success as well as fame in the world by the field of sports. Yes there are lack of opportunity in field of sports for a general person but we have to grape those opportunity with both hand. If we believe we can achieve anything.

I my point of view we all should play at least one sport for physical fitness and also support those who follows it.

If you work hard in academic studies you can improve only your report card.


If you work hard for sport you can improve our country report card in Olympics.

Please do it for your country.

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