Which is more important: Creativity or Efficiency?

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PRIYANSHU MISHRA said:   2 weeks ago
In my opinion, creativity is more important.

1. Innovation: Creativity is the driving force behind innovation. It involves thinking outside the box, coming up with new ideas, and solving problems in novel ways. Without creativity, progress and advancement in various fields would be stifled.

2. Adaptability: Creative thinking enables individuals and organizations to adapt to changing circumstances and challenges. It allows for flexibility and the ability to pivot when necessary.

3. Quality of Life: Creativity enhances our quality of life by bringing beauty, art, and culture into the world. It enriches our experiences and makes life more enjoyable and meaningful.

Note : Too much focus on efficiency at the expense of creativity can lead to stagnation and missed opportunities for innovation.

That's all from my point of view. Thank you.

SNEHA SUNNY said:   2 weeks ago
Hello everyone, I am Sneha Sunny.

I would like to mention that if creativity is an engine then efficiency is a fuel of it. Both are importantly equal. Creativity brings the best set of our thoughts into something unique and new innovation while efficiency accelerates our new creation. As our surrounding keeps on evolving we should have to be creative in order to adapt to the changes in a better way keeping in mind that we should not donate the quantity of our efforts rather than quality i.e. efficiency.

Thank you.

Diva said:   2 months ago
Hi, I would like to put out my thoughts on this interesting topic.

As a young person, I have observed a lot of people and their behaviour. In my opinion, I think creativity is the key to success. This is so because without creativity the world wouldn't have been this perfect like it is now. Some brilliant minds out there decided to step up and do some crazy creative things which led to the success of the world in many ways. Creative thinking is something that not everyone has and those who do have it, have lived the real-life guys. I mean what is creative thinking? It is thinking out of the box. It is doing what others aren't capable of. It is something which comes from within.

On the other hand, efficiency is something which every person should have. In my opinion, creative thinking and efficiency work hand in hand. If you have an idea but don't know how to imply it to others or in other words you don't have efficiency in your work then how is it useful?

Nandini Soni said:   3 months ago
Hello Everyone, I am Nandini,

If someone ask me, which one is more important Creativity or Efficiency?

My answer would be both are equally important and incomplete without each other. If you are doing a work with fixed type of action again and again, then you are nothing less than a machine and you are doing any amount of work always in different ways then none of the ideas will reach its will reach to the stage, where we can call it is the best way to do a work and will never be efficient at the same time.

We are fortunate as a human to have the ability to learn, repeat and think out of the box sometimes. So, it's on us how and when we are using these competencies.

By striking a balance between creativity and efficiency, we can unleash our full potential and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Thank you.

Chetan Sutar said:   4 months ago
Creativity has its charm that drives our passion and increases our efficiency. Doing a task with creativity and our own compassion creates a drift for the efficiency to accomplish the task with maximum potential.

Mohd Owais said:   5 months ago
Hi everyone, I'm Owais,

I would like to keep my point that creativity and efficiency both are important for us.

For example, if I'm efficient but not creative then I'm stuck on a particular point. Because I don't think of new ideas which will help me improve my thinking capability which makes me smart.

And on another hand, if I'm creative but inefficient then I can not grow in our life. Suppose we have new ideas but we do not implement these ideas what is the benefit of these ideas?

So, according to me, both are important.

Anshi Gupta said:   5 months ago
Hello everyone.

I would like to keep my views points on this topic.

According to me, creativity and efficiency both are important. Creativity means getting new ideas, new innovations, and doing things in a different way and efficiency means the quality of achieving the largest amount of useful work using as little energy, and effort. So in life, both are important.

Porus said:   8 months ago
Well, no doubt creativity without efficiency and vice versa are incomplete.

Creativity lies in human nature and where are we today because we were creative. But responsibility is a term that always missing among homo-sapiens. And because of that, our creativity remained inefficient. And that leads to the exploitation of natural resources as well as human resources.

And we finally reached a stage that is a critical need to utilise human creativity efficiently. And develop a sense of morality and inculcate a vision to use creativity efficiently.

GOWTHAMEN said:   12 months ago
I would like to keep my point, creativity and efficiency both are very important to everyone to a successful life.

Because of without creativity we can not think of new ideas and also without efficiency we can't work effectively, and we can not get knowledge.

For example, Building planning is creativity, and building that work is efficient, so without planning we can't build so both are important in my opinion.

Creativity is the transformation of our ideas and thoughts into the real world.

Efficiency is the completion of any work in the time period and in an efficient manner.

So, of a person is creative then it is necessary for him to be efficient, because if he will be efficient then he will transform his ideas to the real world in a limited time and perfectly.

So, both are important.

According to me, creativity is more important than efficiency but efficiency is not negligible in doing something in a different way or producing expected results in a technical way called creativity. Efficiency depends on creativity but how? later we will explain. First, let me explain creativity and efficiency one by one Creativity: creativity means to convert or develop your thoughts, ideas, and imagination into reality.

For example, if you want to develop one new application first you need to imagine you have to bring ideas to complete the application to complete the task later you will start developing. Creativity has some risks but it differentiates one creative person or unique people from common people so creativity is more important.

Efficiency: efficiency means producing the results which you wanted with less time and less amount of energy.

Now, in both situations, we are getting the expected result but in creativity, we are getting new results with new thoughts and it may take time here time does not factor in thought and ideas is crucial. But in an efficient time and energy both are crucial but thought and ideas is not so crucial you can get efficiency by using technology.

As earlier I said efficiency depends on creativity yes it is! We can get efficiency by using technology which is developed by creativity so I hope you guys understand how efficiency depends on creativity.

Now, I want to share a little bit of current scenario experience nowadays company demands both creative and efficient workers to complete tasks with less time and less energy but here I want to suggest the students who are trying to get a job focus on both try become creative and efficient as well. Efficiency is so important to get a job but creativity is Only the source to getting a promotion. Thank you.

Hello everyone, today I want to discuss the importance of efficiency and creativity. Efficiency means learning about something well and implementing that in a good way in our daily life we may do many things by using efficiency. Creativity means thinking newly and implementing it creatively and improving our thinking skills. In this way, efficiency and creativity are very important to us. Both are very helpful in our life to success.

I would like to keep my point of view, according to me, I think that creativity and efficiency both are very important, in their places but yes I can say that creativity is that which is more necessary because we can build efficiency by practising and maximizing our capabilities because efficiency is the power and capacity we have to work on time within minimum utilisation of resources but creativity is something we have to need because if we don't have it then how can we think and develop new ideas how we work on it. Creative plus efficient both are important and if we work with both we will get maximum outcomes. That's what I think. Thanks.

Jyoti Hedderi said:   1 year ago
Hello friends, I'm Jyoti.

I would like to keep my point, creativity and efficiency both are very important to everyone to a successful life.

Because of without creativity we can not think of new ideas and also without efficiency we can't work effectively, and we can not get knowledge.

For example, Building planning is creativity, and building that work is efficient, so without planning we can't build so both are important in my opinion.

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