What is the Difference between People who do Things Rightly and People who do Right Things?

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Chetan said:   5 years ago
I think people who do things rightly always strive for perfection and people who do right things do from there heart without keeping the perfection formula in their mind.

Udit said:   6 years ago
Hello, Friends.

Do things rightly and Do Right thing, both are right at their way. IT's a matter of perspective.

A person who Do things rightly has a quality of very good employee. AS the given task completed by full devotion.

A person who do the right thing has a quality of a leader. Have a power to take a decision the Right or wrong. Have a very well thinking and innovation in an idea.

Khan khan said:   6 years ago
People who do things rightly are innovative and aggressive in their approach. While people who does right things are afraid of taking risks.

Asif said:   7 years ago
From behaviour point of view, in my opinion doing things rightly: have courage to stand for things that they think right.

And doing right things: common people who fear to beg differ.

Saisudha said:   7 years ago
No difference. When you do things in right way, that means you are doing right things only.

Shuvo said:   7 years ago
From my point of view, I think there is different between People who do Things Rightly and People who do Right Things. Cause the meaning of people do right things some1 doing right things or he or she did the right work. But in case of people doing things rightly means someone doing the things perfectly.

Amrita singh said:   7 years ago
The positive thing is a raw material without raw material how can prepare any good thing? So positive thing is a basic assumption and positive doing its application.

Malik rudra kumar said:   8 years ago
My point of view doing things right or doing right things is always depends on only thinking. A leader think doing right things & a manager think doing things right. A positive thinker whatever he was doing that gives positive results. Doing right things is always gives positive results. But doing things right some time give negative result.

George Odong Otto said:   8 years ago
Hi all,

Doing right things is a function of leadership. A leaders need to get focused to vision of an establishment and ensure that essential inputs such as resources (financial, human and time), policies, structures and infrastructures are in place for legitimate and effective actions.

While doing things rightly is administrative and management function where processes need to follow procedures with the aim at maximizing efficiency of an establishment.

MehboobElahi said:   9 years ago
Hi everyone.

To decide which one is better doing right things are doing things rightly, I will give answer from two angles. From religion point of view, person who do right things is better then the one who do things rightly.

Because god reward us for our +ve thinking and +ve actions not for how we do things. From business point of view, person who do things rightly is better then the one who do right things. As by doing right thing we may are may not make profit but doing things rightly will definitely is a smarter way.

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