What is the Difference between People who do Things Rightly and People who do Right Things?

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Mehboob elahi said:   9 years ago
Hi everyone!

Doing right things and doing things rightly, there is lots of difference. Sometimes we do right things in a wrong way and sometimes we do wrong things in a right way. As a good human being its better to do always right things rather then doing things rightly.

As every one of us believe god in different ways and also believes that for doing good things god will reward us and also we feel so happy in doing right.

Ndivhuwo Bidzha said:   9 years ago
Doing things right has less cost and doing the right thing involve more costs. If two people are given a task to fill 20 litres bucket with water, one can choose to fill it with 5 litres bucket meaning he/she will go four times *He/she did the right thing*.

Another one can just go with the 20 litres bucket and fill it with water then bring it back, just once which is less costing*He/she did things right*. Both of them did what they where asked to do as the bucket its filled with water but differ by how they filled the bucket.

Aisha said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

According to me doing the right things means doing the things which are ethically correct and doing the things rightly means that the things may be either bad or good but we are doing correctly ex for doing the right things is that helping others in need and ex for doing the things rightly is what the politicians do. They are smart enough in doings things like corruption.

Vidya said:   9 years ago
People who does right things are the one which were doing things rightly! As in what I wanted to say is that each and every person has to face different situation, has to battle. We are human being, we are meant to make a mistake! but our mistakes teaches us a lesson and then only we can improve our self. A man who didn't make any mistake in his life would be made of stone or might not feeling his presence in this world. So hardwork, concentration, enthusiasm makes people to do right things.

Salim Hashim said:   9 years ago
How I see the difference between "Do Right Things" and "Do Things Rightly" is as follows. It's simple:

Anytime when a person wants to do anything it will have two effects Good and Bad. The person who is doing it will of course want good results for him/her regardless of the effects it could have on anyone else.

Do Right Things mean always think of doing what is right. For example a person wants money and he worked whole day in the office to earn the money he/she needs.

Now the same scenario is considered for Do Things Rightly. For example a person wants money and he/she walks around the whole day to pick pocket someone but he/she has to do it right - in a way that the person he/she is stealing from does not notice.

Ravi said:   10 years ago
People who do think rightly are used to take challenges as they are ready to deal any kind of situation, they can perform a worst task also greatly, while person do right things always follow successful person, they are habituated with risk at all.

Rohit said:   10 years ago
By reading the sentence, it seems very confused state of mind quarreling but reading slowly with interpreting meaning will resolves the ambiguity immediately.

Doing right thing is stating that whatever comes in your way is already a right thing to do, in your own point of view.

Doing things rightly indicates that things needs to be corrected at some place where went wrong.

Helping someone with good intention is a right thing. But by hurting someone or in a wrong way if you are helping someone is wrong. So here Helping someone with good intention is a Right Thing to do and with valid way doing the same is do things rightly.

Mallika said:   10 years ago
There is a lot of difference between the both categories of people. The people may begin work in a wrong way and may end it in a very right way. There may be a chance. But the other category of people will select only right work and finish it perfectly.

Antra Jain said:   10 years ago
Hello friends,

Each and every person is recognized by their KARMAS, what they do and what they don't do. The main difference between people who do right things and people who do things rightly is their perspective of looking at different things.

People doing right things first analyse whether the things they going to do are right ethically or socially or otherwise. They focus on doing things which are considered to be right in others opinion. Their perspective towards the things, they do, is derived from others point of view.

People doing things rightly have their own way of looking at things and getting it done in a right way. They have the courage to go against the whole society by doing things which might not considered to be socially right.

So it all depends upon the courage a person posses and the situation they may be facing in their own lives.

MADHUSUDAN VERMA said:   10 years ago
In my opinion, a person doing right things is doing things that are legal, good for society. But a person doing things right do not care about things, be it legal or illegal, he has enough knowledge, experience so that he is able to convert his things rightly.

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