What is the Difference between People who do Things Rightly and People who do Right Things?

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Rajampet Geethika said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends, it is very essential to know the difference between the people who do right things and the people who do the things rightly. Because we are going to be one of them once we enter into our career.

The person who do the right things (the thing which is done at the right time, at the right place and in a right manner) is very well experienced and is acquainted about the things related to his work and should have a practice of taking right decisions. For example, dean of an organization.

The person who do the things rightly will initially face bad experiences. Then he/she will learn a lesson from the experience. Now they enter into the track of doing the things rightly. In a precise way, doing things rightly is the initial stage of the person who do the right things. For example, head of the family.

Would any one like to comment on this statement?

Udit said:   6 years ago
Hello, Friends.

Do things rightly and Do Right thing, both are right at their way. IT's a matter of perspective.

A person who Do things rightly has a quality of very good employee. AS the given task completed by full devotion.

A person who do the right thing has a quality of a leader. Have a power to take a decision the Right or wrong. Have a very well thinking and innovation in an idea.

Ravi kiran said:   1 decade ago
First of all i would like to appreciate the person who quoted this.Because this is not an ordinary sentence .This is mostly related to an organization .

Team leader in an organization always does "Right Things".On the other hand manager of the organization does "Things Right".

So here the role of manager is to see that everything is functioning well and if there is any misconceptions he should see that they are solved.After going to the manager position it is not possible for him to do all the things by himself.So he has to assign different different tasks to different different people,so there are chances of making mistakes by the people so he has to put them in order and see that it functions well.If he does anything wrong the entire organization will be collapsed.So ,as we go up the corporate ladder we face many problems.Same is the case with manager.His role is to do things right.If he has that capacity then he can continue in that position or else he can't.

Where as on the other hand team leader does only right things .Because he has very limited time and many compulsions .He can't do experiments with the things.If at all he tries to do that ,the higher officials put pressure on him and may even be rebuked .

Both seems to be very similar but they are completely opposite.Once you get into their roles you can clearly make out the difference between them.And also tremendous effort is needed to get into their roles.

Thank u !

Salim Hashim said:   9 years ago
How I see the difference between "Do Right Things" and "Do Things Rightly" is as follows. It's simple:

Anytime when a person wants to do anything it will have two effects Good and Bad. The person who is doing it will of course want good results for him/her regardless of the effects it could have on anyone else.

Do Right Things mean always think of doing what is right. For example a person wants money and he worked whole day in the office to earn the money he/she needs.

Now the same scenario is considered for Do Things Rightly. For example a person wants money and he/she walks around the whole day to pick pocket someone but he/she has to do it right - in a way that the person he/she is stealing from does not notice.

Malik rudra kumar said:   8 years ago
My point of view doing things right or doing right things is always depends on only thinking. A leader think doing right things & a manager think doing things right. A positive thinker whatever he was doing that gives positive results. Doing right things is always gives positive results. But doing things right some time give negative result.

Suhana said:   1 decade ago
Doing "right things" means doing those thing or work only which his/her morals allows. It involve the work of heart and conscience.

On the other hand "doing things rightly" involves the work of brain n tactic. One can even do the wrong thing rightly depending on the circumstance.

Aisha said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

According to me doing the right things means doing the things which are ethically correct and doing the things rightly means that the things may be either bad or good but we are doing correctly ex for doing the right things is that helping others in need and ex for doing the things rightly is what the politicians do. They are smart enough in doings things like corruption.

Chetan said:   4 years ago
I think people who do things rightly always strive for perfection and people who do right things do from there heart without keeping the perfection formula in their mind.

Amas said:   1 decade ago
Hi guys,

This is so tough to understand the people who do things right and who do right things.

Let me explain it in simple words person company who make perfect design of any component is called a person who do right things (engineer).

And when the component get manufactured and there is any fault in the component then a person do work on it and make it in right condition (worker of comp).

So if we finally called then engineer is person who do right things and worker is a person who do things right.

Engineer is well educated and the worker is well knowledgeable person.

That's all.

MehboobElahi said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone.

To decide which one is better doing right things are doing things rightly, I will give answer from two angles. From religion point of view, person who do right things is better then the one who do things rightly.

Because god reward us for our +ve thinking and +ve actions not for how we do things. From business point of view, person who do things rightly is better then the one who do right things. As by doing right thing we may are may not make profit but doing things rightly will definitely is a smarter way.

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