We Need Drinking Water and Not Coke & Pepsi in Rural India

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Mayank said:   1 decade ago
By looking at this topic first thing that come to my mind is that government promises a lot that we will bring technology advancements, new infrastructure, computers etc. To rural India. But just ask the rural people they simply don't want these things, they just want drinking water. People in rural part of India travel miles to get drinking water, and in most of the villages a tanker comes and people fight for their turn to get water as they are actually fighting for life. This situation is quite critical. So government first provide them the basic needs of life instead of keep promising them on the other things which is expressed in the topic as Pepsi, cola.

Seetharamu said:   1 decade ago
As I am from rural area, I know the problem we are facing to get the pure drinking water, we are depending on bore well water which was not filtered, Unfiltered water may cause serious diseases like cancer, decay of teeth, undigested etc.

Coke & Pepsi is dependent on the consumer's behavior, as per my experience, drinking water is sold more than Pepsi & coke in rural area's. As the rural people's are very brilliants in using the money for the required things, they will not waste it unnecessarily.

The Payer of Income Tax, Service Tax, Road Tax in urban area's are more in urban area's & the official's like politician's, film actor's, businessmen, rich person's are lived in urban area's, hence, government concentrate more on urban area's and neglected rural area's. As the people of rural area are also human being's. Government should have to concentrate on rural area to provide the basic necessity of water, electricity, sewage facility etc.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
Drinking water is necessary for all living things. Without water we can't do anything. Water is most important for human body. In our body 75% is filled by water. In coke, Pepsi chemicals are presents. These chemicals are affected our body. It causes many problems. But water gives natural energy to us.

Sk mousan ali said:   1 decade ago
India is the great country but need pure drinking water specially in rural area where more than 70% peoples live. They are suffering mostly water born diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, cholera etc. This is most biggest problems in our country. It is very unfortunate and shame to us that this problems even still in our country. Our political leaders are not interested about it. They are very much interested about their interest especially corruption and earn money for them only and create artificial problems. Our Government should do proper step for supply pure drinking water as priority job. Hope for better services for pure drinking water for peoples of India.

ISRO said:   1 decade ago
Pure water is the neccessity of human being.

70% of the population lives in rural areas. Impure water is one the biggest problem of these areas. These areas donot have proper water treatment plants. People of village mostly drinks handpump or well water. This water contains many germs which leads to waterborne diseases.

Waterborne disease leads to death of many peoples. Also the water of well is flouinated which leads to decay of teeth. So government should take steps for providing the Germfree water to the rural areas.

Sheru said:   1 decade ago
Government should focus on preventing the waterborne disease like diarrhea, malaria and Japanese encephalitis which is causing 80% of deaths in rural India.There should be tube wells for safe drinking water at very small distance interval rather than a mushrooming of Pepsi and cola shops.

Ranji said:   1 decade ago
Hi this is ranji,

We the superior man power are dependent on nature for all aspects in our day day to life!mother earth is covered only with 25% of the surface with water. This 25% of water surface includes all the energy boosting elements neccessary for human life. Only water can quench our thirst completely than cokes do!from our birth to death we consume water and its one of the basic neccessity of life. We are born natural so lets live natural with a healthy life!

Naren said:   1 decade ago
I would like to say one thing Water is the life of Human lives.
Water is most vital thing so the government must need to care of proper utilization of water in the country for day to day usage as well as for agriculture lands.

We have to protect out water sources in terms of pollution wastage. No matter about Pepsi and cokes those are not important for the people.


Shivani said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone.

When I heard this topic a question arises in my mind is.

That why this question arises in our mind?

And the answer is very simple that in rural India use of water is much fore than urban India as rural India is dependent on agriculture and water is require more there.

But now a days rural India is affected by MN C's as coke and Pepsi manufacturing plants are normally established in village. As it costs less land and, water and employees are easily available there.

And most important that when we are thirsty then we need pure water not soft drinks and as we all know there is less then2% water drinking water on earth that is very less. So we should save water and aware people about the value of it.

Soft drinks makes us unfit whereas pure water has some useful minerals in it that helps us living healthy.

Ujjavala said:   1 decade ago
Being born and brought up in a city, I often see people around, quenching their thirst with soft drinks neg letting the ultimate source of life, i.e. , WATER. The brand names COKE and PEPSI have become so pandemic these days, that we usually forget that our prime requirement is WATER and not soft drinks which are no less than a venom.

Considering the village aspect,

More than 60percent of the villages lack the basic amenities like sanitation, proper education, health facilities, provision of safe drinking water and probably what not. In such a scenario what we need is pure drinking water and not the presence of MNC giants like coke and pepsi.

I still remember my grandmother saying to me, what a healthy life they used to lead in a village. Everything they consumed was pure and unadulterated. But the things have changed now (at least in the cities). Nothing pure is available and the consequence is deteriorating heath of people all over the nation.

But I am sure that even today there will be some villages in some remote corner in the nation free from adulteration and my only request is let us not affect the healthy lives of people living in those villages because ultimately these people will help us to increase the figures of life expectancy and reduce the figures of infant mortality rate. (as the health of city people is adversely affecting these figures).

Let these villages be free from the dominance of coke and pepsi which has left the health of the city people ruined.

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