We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

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J's said:   9 years ago
Yes we are not serious about saving the wild life and the environment, because we have time to participate in a discussion (including me) on how to protect environment but don't have time to implement what we spoke in the discussion. Speaking "Words" is discussion, doing work is "development".

Protecting environment is not a small project to be completed within a day. It should be like a daily activity. By planting one tree one can't relax saying that I participated in protecting environment, because the same person cannot close his nose for an hour saying that I have been breathing for all the 24 hours.

We need not plant a tree but we will try to protect the planted tree.

Small story: One person throws dust on the road, seeing that another person thinks that it may be some place of throwing dust and proceeds throwing dust there. Third person behaves the same manner adding some more dump there. After some days the first person comes and says OOH GOD!, what Government is doing for such dirty roads.

So lets try at least not to be the first person.

Finally how one keeps his room or house clean, try to keep India clean resulting in the environment to be clean.

Thank you for your time.

Nisha said:   8 years ago
Now a days saving the wildlife & environment is very major concern. The human being are always think about them self. They didn't think about their future. If we continue cutting the trees & killing the wild animals, one day there will be no oxygen in our planet & Without oxygen we can't live any more. So indirectly we are harming our self.

Other hand, The Wild life. I think our next generation never no about white tiger or Tiger, Elephant etc. Because now a days people sell tiger skin, Elephant trunk for few money. And finally I'm giving one massage to every people. "Please Don't destroyed other life, you have no authority".

Mehek said:   7 years ago
Hi, everyone.

This planet is 4.5 billion years old and homo sapiens came to this earth 2.5 millions of years ago only since then there were many humans who lived on this planet and left many remarks and memories for future generation. They made statues, temples, monuments etc to tell future generation about themselves. I know a temple which was made in 2 BC still existing but I'm not sure it will exist in coming future or not ? question is why I'm not sure ? well the simple answer is we are continuously destroying our own planet. I was shocked when I come to know that petroleum will only last for another 40 years and coal for another 200 years. Today many species are marked in endangered list. Why ? what is happening ? I don't understand even after being aware of these facts why people are not taking precautions? I'm scared that one day humans will also come in endangered list ! we all are aware of the fact that glaciers are melting, hole in ozone layer, death of penguins and polar bear. I don't want to see this planet die, why can't this planet live for another 4.5 billion years?

Shahid said:   6 years ago
Nowadays saving the wildlife & the environment is very major concern. The human being always thinks about them self. They didn't think about their future. If we continue cutting the trees & killing the wild animals, one day there will be no oxygen in our planet & Without oxygen, we can't live anymore. So indirectly we are harming our self.

Another hand, The Wildlife. I think our next generation never know about a white tiger or Tiger, Elephant etc. Because nowadays people sell tiger skin, Elephant trunk for money. And finally, I'm giving one message to every people. "Please Don't destroy other life, you have no authority.

Rajeev said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

I am here again with the above burning topic about wildlife/environment and first of all for this I have one quotation "THIRST CANNOT BE FULFILLED BY LICKING THE DEW" that means a very little is not just enough for a big ones. This line has a great sense while dealing with this topic because our seriousness is just like a dew here and wildlife/environment conservation is like a huge thirst. My opinion is arranging conferences and seminars in well equipped airconditioned halls are quite different than the implemention of the ideas which comes out through these halls.

Now come to the topic, the first attempt for wildlife conservation was taken during the 19th century according to the North American wildlife conservation model and it was sucessfull also after than so many initiative were attempted like world conservation agency developed by IUCN in 1980 with the assistance of UNEP and WWF, similarly in 1972 wild life conservation act was also enacted in India. These all have the motto to conserve the wildlife. Than for saving the environment steps were also taken after helding the different conferences like Rio conference in Brazil, CANCUN in mexico, EUEC [energy utility environment conference] in USA etc. But now the situation says that these were not at all successful in their motto because the rate of extinction of wildlife and deteortation of environment is much faster than their conservation measures and this shows our seriousness towards it. Now day by day the list of endangered species are increasing like tiger, panda, cheetah, jaguar etc which were abundant before some 25 to 30 years ago while some of them are at the verge of extinction and some became extinct like North african elephant, Quagga etc. Now take another component as environment which is suffering from severe degradation due to many unbalanced human activities like deforestation, mining, pollution[soil, water, air] etc. Soil is degrading due to the use of several hazardous chemicals like insecticide, pesticide etc while water is degradeding due to disposal of organic and inorganic wastes into the water bodies like river, pond, sea etc especially now a days sea is contaminating due to heavy disposal of oils in it that is known as oil spilling which severely degrades the flora and fauna of sea creatures and air is contaminating by the emission of several harmful gases like co2, so2, CH4, co, NO2 etc which comes out through the vehicles and factories etc. Emission of these gases also causing global warming in which the Earth's atmospheric temperature increases because these gases forms a blanket like layer in the atmosphere which doesnot permits the sun rays to return back from the earth surface which causes heating effect and due to this, in past 100 years the Earth's temperature is increased by 0.8'c which serves as a potential threat to the coastal areas due rise in sea level after melting of glaciers and also due to some harmful gases known as chloroflourocarbon our ozone layer is depleting which saves the living being from the harmful effect of you. V rays which comes through the sun light.

This seriousness should be increased and it can be done by taking some effective efforts like public awareness at the grass root level, complete ban on the use of endangered species for its meat, leather, medicine, hunting etc, strict implementation of acts and rules etc while for environment same thing can be done like public awareness etc along with it, control over vehicle number in towns and stress on non petroleum operated transports using CNG, Hyrogen etc can help a lot in conserving our blue planet the EARTH. THANKYOU.

Sonali said:   9 years ago
Hi friends, nowadays no one is concerned in saving wildlife. Lots of industries are building up, factories, which are playing a major role in eradicating the survival of wildlife. So we should also focus in saving our wildlife. We should stop deforestation that leads to global warming, floods, soil erosion etc. We are educated enough and it is our duty to educate other people to save our wildlife. We can give time to our friends, colleagues, parents then why we could not spend a little bit of time to save our wildlife. Actually it is not a single day process, we should do it regularly.

Saving wildlife thus in short saving our future generation. Live and let others to live.

Sweta Tiwari said:   5 years ago
Good evening friends.

I am Sweta Tiwari.

Save the environment.

Nature creation is so beautiful but some selfish people destroyed our natural balance because the only think about money and they complete their personal problems they never think about our environment they are cut down the tree-killing animals and doing some illegal business I think the biggest reason human. They are not concern about environment people are not talking about this problem they always think about their personal problems.

If every person thinks about saving the environment and doing every possible effort like plant trees and do not kill animals.

If we continue cutting the tree and killing the animal one day there will be no oxygen in our planet.

And without oxygen, we can not live anymore.

So lastly we will create the awareness to prevent the problems and there are many problems will be solved.

So, It is my request we do all possible effort for saving our environment that all.

Thank you so much giving the time.

Ayush said:   6 years ago

I am not talking about the environment but I am talking about the animals which living in the environment. If there are not any animals and plants so the Earth will look like a desert. Nowadays, there are not many wild animals and forests like older days. The environment is polluting day by day, so we have to stop it. The main reason of pollution is smoking and throwing garbage anywhere but some people are saving the environment. Some species of animals are existing like a panda so we have to save them. At last, I want to say that we have to preserve our environment and thank you.

Jeni Joy said:   4 years ago
HELLO Friends. A very good afternoon to everyone.

I would like to share, my view on this wildlife & environment. In this new generation people are trying to come to their old tradition. But still, many are not to ready grow trees which gives more oxygen and plant only the medicinal herbal plants which is useful for our needs. And you can do. Adopt the animals like dog, cat, cow and birds like sparrow, parrot, ducks and feed them. If you think how aware are we to save our environment and wildlife we are entering to their territory and destroying their life for our luxury. Everyday a new apartment or mall project is been sanctioned due to construct large areas for our purpose. Forest are destroyed by our people and, because of this animals are entering to residential area it is not that who entering in to our area its we who are destroying their habitat. Yes we are concerned about environment and wildlife which in future will become trouble for our self. In our residential area, we must grow the precious. "BEEMA BAMBOO" around the house. In this One bamboo tree generates plenty of natural oxygen sufficient for more than one human being\'s daily requirement. Grows more than one foot a day and covers with good canopy faster than any other tree and cooling the surroundings. Bamboo can replace the wood for all applications such as paper, flooring, furniture, charcoal, etc. Bamboo has replaced 50% of plastic. Bamboo co-polymer plastic replaces 50% of plastic which is essential but not eco friendly. Bamboo enriches the soil naturally and prevents soil erosion. One fully grown Beema bamboo would sequester above 400 Kgs. Of Carbon dioxide from our surrounding every year for the next 100 years - at least for the next few generation.

Suresh kumar said:   9 years ago
Hi friends.

All are thinking about environment I like that, correct now a days oxygen decreasing day by day. No more forests in India and no place for animals that's way all animals coming outside. Somebody not and standing about wild animals situation killing that animals. Now also way is there we will try to protect the planted tree. Once upon a time "3 years back" Bangalore is coolest place in India, now reaching 40 degrees heat. 8 years back 8000 tigers in India now below 1000. India not improving going to dark. This one will happen after few years only sand will be there. Please government take new rules for growing. Plant trees besides roads.

Please try to save water, animal, trees, forests, birds, humans. Thanks.

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