We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

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Jogarao S said: (Apr 22, 2021)  
Obviously, I agree with this statement. Because of the reduction of the forest area and the depletion of the natural resources around the world. But thanks to some government Projects like Namami Gange, save tiger, save the elephant, Paris Agreement, wildlife protection act, reduction of the use of plastic, But the main problem is with the emission from industries and increasing the use of automobiles thereby increasing the emissions of Co2, No3, So2, CH4 etc which results in the depletion of the ozone layer and direct falling of sun rays. Even some of the educated people don't mind about all these and leads to the emissions. We are witnessing the increase of global heat every year but the people won't mind it. We are destructing the forests for wood, for agriculture (shifting cultivation) for medicinal purposes and killing wild animals for our greed. So the people should realise this issue and follow 3R-reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Thank you.

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Sana said: (Jan 23, 2021)  
Environment and wildlife are gifts of God.

Clean environment and presence of wildlife is pleasant. We need to protect these beautiful gifts which are degraded at our hands.

Most of us neglect our surroundings and waste the natural resources. We use abundant plastics and waste water - which is elixir of our lives. Due to industrialisation, globalization, overpopulation and salinization water, soil and air are polluted and cutting down trees.

For sustainable development and to save the wildlife and environment we need to reduce consumption of plastics and follow 3rs - reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

We can use renewable sources of energy which are eco-friendly.

It's our responsibility to protect the environment. Let us fulfill our duty.

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Ajay Faujdar said: (Sep 25, 2020)  
I think really people are not serious about the environment and wildlife. We people always leave a comment or a speech whenever someone asked us about wildlife and environment but do we do something for our environment. I am giving comment here because I have done a little bit for the environment which is that I have thrown all plastic from my home and I am using utensil of soil. First of all, we have to reduce the use of plastics from our home and I think nature have everything to fulfill our life so we don't need to use plastic. SECONDLY, we have plant trees everywhere. The companies should not make pesticides because it comes to us back and harm us. We should not use automobiles if we don't need them. If we want to reduce air pollution we have reduce the use of automobile.

The real meaning of development means not to harm the environment in any way. Nowadays, we think that development means to create a thing for people. Companies are making products without thinking about what will be the effect on the environment. We should read our Vedas to get the solution of all these problems which we are facing today.

Some of the basic problems are-poisonous food which we eat daily (rice, wheat). Natural things we are eating today are poisonous because these things are treated with chemicals even milk also. If you are buying milk from a dairy then it would also have chemicals. We are enclosed with the chemicals. If we want that we live a good life then we have to avoid the use of everything which is treated with chemicals.

I know that this is somehow difficult but we can do a little bit of it. We can remove all those products which can be replaced with the environment.

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Pratik Joshi said: (Sep 23, 2020)  
We should look after and protect the forest and national parks in such a manner that animals feel safe. Because nowadays due to industrial civilization people are just looking to produce more and more pollution and this leads to global warming and climate change, polluted air etc. So we should look at both sides, industrial development and also protecting the environment and forest. After all, it is the home of animals and it is also beneficial for humans also.

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Ajay Yadav said: (Jun 2, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you, this is Ajay Kumar.

Today, my topic is about the saving of wildlife /environment. I think in my point of view I do not totally agree with this statement because as we all know that there are many biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and national park etc are establish for the protection of wildlife. And it is very necessary to preserve the wildlife for our existence but,

A coin has two faces it also has two aspects,

Many people do their negligence in regarding of the protection of environment. They do not use public garbage and they throw the dust outside the homes and do not aware where it goes and nowadays with the increase in industrialisation pollutions increases rapidly and it causes lots of damages to the environment which is not good for us.

At last, I want to say that we have to use public garbage instead of throwing at any place and we have to use proper sewage treatment for the discharge of harmful liquids or gases. For the better existence of all living beings, we need to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said: (Feb 4, 2020)  
Yes, we ought to conserve our wildlife. If we don't, then even the human race will go extinct. This is because we are dependent on animals for food, and in some cases, for raw materials. Without animals, we will not have any sources for the raw materials.

We must save the wildlife for the sake of our future generations. If the matter of saving our wildlife is not taken seriously, then these beautiful animals will go extinct.

We must all be ready to conserve these animals even if we need to die for them.

Few years back, in Kaziranga National Park, a forest ranger lost his life trying to stop poachers from shooting down a Rhinoceros.

Let us all together work towards a better life for the animals.

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Ajay Singh Mehra said: (Jul 19, 2019)  
We should save our environment it is very precious for us as it provides a lot of beneficial things and it is also the home of many animals.

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Jeni Joy said: (Mar 25, 2019)  
HELLO Friends. A very good afternoon to everyone.

I would like to share, my view on this wildlife & environment. In this new generation people are trying to come to their old tradition. But still, many are not to ready grow trees which gives more oxygen and plant only the medicinal herbal plants which is useful for our needs. And you can do. Adopt the animals like dog, cat, cow and birds like sparrow, parrot, ducks and feed them. If you think how aware are we to save our environment and wildlife we are entering to their territory and destroying their life for our luxury. Everyday a new apartment or mall project is been sanctioned due to construct large areas for our purpose. Forest are destroyed by our people and, because of this animals are entering to residential area it is not that who entering in to our area its we who are destroying their habitat. Yes we are concerned about environment and wildlife which in future will become trouble for our self. In our residential area, we must grow the precious. "BEEMA BAMBOO" around the house. In this One bamboo tree generates plenty of natural oxygen sufficient for more than one human being\'s daily requirement. Grows more than one foot a day and covers with good canopy faster than any other tree and cooling the surroundings. Bamboo can replace the wood for all applications such as paper, flooring, furniture, charcoal, etc. Bamboo has replaced 50% of plastic. Bamboo co-polymer plastic replaces 50% of plastic which is essential but not eco friendly. Bamboo enriches the soil naturally and prevents soil erosion. One fully grown Beema bamboo would sequester above 400 Kgs. Of Carbon dioxide from our surrounding every year for the next 100 years - at least for the next few generation.

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Haritha...Devi said: (Mar 2, 2019)  
Very good morning my dear friends.

The main thing for leaving this message is nowadays due to more population people are cutting down the forest and they are making our environment bad not only that many of the industries are also the main cause for this pollution so people should plant at most a plant even once in a year for our future generations please don't kill the plants for your happiness try to plant a try for your future generation.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 7, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

Obviously, we are not serious about saving the environment over the world. Because technology is develop day by day. Solwe are only focus in the social media and networking sites. This is major thing of not saving the environment. So, we are saving the environment. Because next generation will helpful for our future. There is nothing if there is no natural.

Thank You.

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Riyanshi Gupta said: (Oct 31, 2018)  
Hi Everyone,

We are truly not at all serious about saving our environment/wildlife.

And the reason is that from past many many years we are listening about global warming, a decrease in air quality around us but what we are actually doing to curb these global problems which are occurring due to our negligence or over-exploitation of our natural resources. The answer is nothing and the saddest part is we are still continuing with our practices. At the time of Diwali, How many of us think that instead of lightening of firecrackers we should plant at least a sapling or we can go and give some food or woollen clothes to the needy people? None of us would think like that because we believe that it's not our responsibility to look after our Environment or something like it's just for a day and as everyone else is doing so why not us also. But I believe that Charity begins at Home, just take a step forward this time. Celebrate the festival not only to make yourself happy but others too. Because whatever we today, our next generation will only get that.

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Sweta Tiwari said: (May 30, 2018)  
Good evening friends.

I am Sweta Tiwari.

Save the environment.

Nature creation is so beautiful but some selfish people destroyed our natural balance because the only think about money and they complete their personal problems they never think about our environment they are cut down the tree-killing animals and doing some illegal business I think the biggest reason human. They are not concern about environment people are not talking about this problem they always think about their personal problems.

If every person thinks about saving the environment and doing every possible effort like plant trees and do not kill animals.

If we continue cutting the tree and killing the animal one day there will be no oxygen in our planet.

And without oxygen, we can not live anymore.

So lastly we will create the awareness to prevent the problems and there are many problems will be solved.

So, It is my request we do all possible effort for saving our environment that all.

Thank you so much giving the time.

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Kush said: (Mar 7, 2018)  
Good evening friends.

Nature creation is so beautiful. But some selfish person destroyed our natural balance because the only think about money and showcase need for this reason they are cut down the forest, killing animals and doing some illegal business.

I think the biggest reason human. They are not concern about the wildlife or environment peplos are only talking about this problem but not fulfil your responsibility of the environment. If every person takes as a moral duty for social things as like plant tree, do not cut our forest.

If people are not serious about the environment they are ready for the natural disasters because if nature will be unbalanced they created problems.

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Karuna said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
Dear friends,

Yes, friends, we are not serious about the environment. That's the situation creating us as a patients. Not only us but also the government. They are making several programmes when only VIPs are coming and for their use. This also a reason. But all of this, the combination of whole people are govt right. So as possible as we have a chance in some ways to keep our environment safe we do it seriously as not acting as at a need comes to us. That is in way of planting trees, watering plants, cleaning our surroundings, using bicycle's, reducing plastic usage, reducing much use of radiation for unnecessary times Ex:mobiles, radiating devices. It's leads to minimum 1. /. Savage from our side in whole of environment condition.

Thank you, friends.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 7, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, absolutely we are not series about the environment. Because the environment is very polluted by the chemical and electrical devices. So we will create awareness to prevent the pollution.

And then there are many problems will be created. Health issues will be created. So please save environment clean and healthy.

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Atul said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
Yes, Most of the people are not serious about wildlife, smuggling of animals for just showcasing in the houses of rich people must be prohibited as it has created a multi-billion dollar dark business.

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Andy Anu said: (Jan 16, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I am Andy. Yes we are not at all serious about our environment because we are cutting trees and making papers for exams purpose. I think it's better to stop descriptive exams upto 9th class and better to conduct online examinations in order to protect our trees and to train children's brain.

A student should learn concept by his own brain not by byhearting process and presenting that In the paper.

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Pavani said: (Jan 14, 2018)  
Yes I also think in the same way. No one is serious about wildlife conservation and environment protection. This becoming a serious issue. But our government should take this as a big issue.

Now we are discussing about wildlife conservation, mainly this is due to human activities like hunting animals, deforestration and endangered animals. Human beings hunting animals for their personal uses.

And then finally about environment, this causes global warming. Due to release of chloro flouro carbons, pollution, using pesticides in agriculture purpose. Etc.

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Pavani said: (Jan 14, 2018)  
Yes, we are not serious about wildlife and as well as environment. Now a days people polluting the environment by using vehicles and burning of fossil fuels. And deforestation is the main cause for global warming, this lead to deplection of ozone layer.

Finally, wildlife is also reduce due to human activities like hunting animals, doing medical tests on animals and humans kill animals. This causes endangered of animals.

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Mahima said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
Yes, I also think in same way no one is serious about their future. Hunting of animals have become a serious issue. No one is carrying for environment they are polluting rivers and nature by using personal vehicles also for short distance. Instead of public transport.

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Swapnashis Mukherjee said: (Nov 30, 2017)  
Being serious about saving nature/wildlife not only means being active in social media and showing sympathy about the degradation of environment and destruction of wildlife. Everyone has to come forward and should think own-self as a part of nature. The government should not compromise anything regarding the environment pollution controls and rules should be strict.

The illegal poaching, killing of animals for their body parts can't be stopped until the demand is stopped. People using illegal animal products (like tiger skin, elephant tusk, rhino horn) should not be forgiven.

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Ishita said: (Nov 28, 2017)  
Yes, we are really not serious about our environment. All people cutting trees but killing animals also for their stupid uses the kill elephants for ornament, killing tigers for carpets and snakes for belt, watch etc. We have to stop it. And if the government takes a step about our environment so we can arrest these people who are killing animals and cutting trees. People cutting trees for wood to fire and it makes pollution. So guys let us pledge to save the environment and tell all people that did not cut trees and didn't kill animals.

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Sangram said: (Nov 28, 2017)  
We all know about the importance of the environment and animal for our society.

But we are not serious about it.

It is no use to discuss it very much.

It is a big problem for us. If there is a problem, there is also a solution. Think about the solution. According to me, I think that if the government make a rule about it strictly, then everything will be solved.

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Sarthak said: (Sep 1, 2017)  
We are not at all serious about our environment because we are cutting trees and making papers from it and other paper we are writing save tree and paper!

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Namdev said: (Aug 19, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, we are not serious about saving wildlife the environment one all wild are dying because we are not paying attention to how to save a wild life then it became vary dangerous for us.

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Shanya said: (Aug 10, 2017)  
We according to me,

We are actually not at all serious about our environment and animals.
There are thousands of people who are still unaware of the importance of the environment.
We are so busy in our lives that we never get to think about the environment around us.
Today plants are not adequate compared to animals.
In classes, our teacher motivates all the students for growing lots of plants, and everyone nods their head and it looks that they are motivated.
But does all take it seriously?
We know that we get oxygen from plants and we all are dependant on plants then why we don't take care of them?

This is because we don't know the actual meaning and importance of environment.
And if we talk about wildlife then we all know that we even don't take care of them.
Thousands of people are fond of animals.
They even make them pet and love them like their family.
Then why not the street animals?
They are also the same.
We should equally take care of them.
They are even some huntsmen who kill animals just for fun.
And according to me, animals are also living being like us.

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Ayush said: (Apr 29, 2017)  

I am not talking about the environment but I am talking about the animals which living in the environment. If there are not any animals and plants so the Earth will look like a desert. Nowadays, there are not many wild animals and forests like older days. The environment is polluting day by day, so we have to stop it. The main reason of pollution is smoking and throwing garbage anywhere but some people are saving the environment. Some species of animals are existing like a panda so we have to save them. At last, I want to say that we have to preserve our environment and thank you.

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Souvik Kumar Pal said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
Yes, we are not seriously about wildlife and environment. The quality of the environment is gradually decreased day by day but we are not bothered about it. Because we spend much time for ourself. That's really bad to see. We should give attention on how can we improve the nature and environment so that it feels impact on us.

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Chetna Sharma said: (Jan 29, 2017)  
We are not serious about environment we should join together and save it.

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Anom1 said: (Jan 19, 2017)  
All the wildlife sanctuaries are not careful for the aminals and do illegal things with them.

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Shahid said: (Jan 11, 2017)  
Nowadays saving the wildlife & the environment is very major concern. The human being always thinks about them self. They didn't think about their future. If we continue cutting the trees & killing the wild animals, one day there will be no oxygen in our planet & Without oxygen, we can't live anymore. So indirectly we are harming our self.

Another hand, The Wildlife. I think our next generation never know about a white tiger or Tiger, Elephant etc. Because nowadays people sell tiger skin, Elephant trunk for money. And finally, I'm giving one message to every people. "Please Don't destroy other life, you have no authority.

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Smera said: (Dec 8, 2016)  
Hi, friends.

As we know species are exertion day by day.

Nowadays, Humans are using species for our own use and after that, we start destroying them. Then we disrespect gods creation.

If we spend time with our family, friends and relatives then why not to nature?

In our busy life, we can give time to all but we never think about nature.

So we should bring awareness in people and should try to conserve our wonderful nature for our future generation.

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The Don said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
I think that all the animals and humans should be friends and start a new world.

All should conserve animals and plants as well.

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Saba Siddiqa 7th Forbes Academy said: (Oct 22, 2016)  
Day by day humans are becoming too lazy. They don't think that if we through garbage on roads, it affects animals. Instead, we can separate the biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and throw it into the dustbin. We should not throw factory waste into rivers as it harms large aquatic lives. Either then that we can neutralize the effect of acids and throw.


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Uday said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
Wildlife is our source and consumption. It is to be save for future also. I like nave and animals in it. So, please save it.

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Pramod said: (Jul 27, 2016)  
Industries are required but not that much to harm animals, we do not have right to harm the animals.

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Ansul Tiwari said: (Jul 21, 2016)  
Yes, we are really not serious about trees. I want you to plant one tree of any type every day as if we will cut it day by day then one-day oxygen will not be there in this world and that day we will die, so please do this task.

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Chandrasekhar Meruvu said: (Jul 14, 2016)  
No two things can be done on same time,

The entire world is busy in Saving Accounts, so obviously saving wildlife/Environment will not be considered.


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Mehek said: (Apr 7, 2016)  
Hi, everyone.

This planet is 4.5 billion years old and homo sapiens came to this earth 2.5 millions of years ago only since then there were many humans who lived on this planet and left many remarks and memories for future generation. They made statues, temples, monuments etc to tell future generation about themselves. I know a temple which was made in 2 BC still existing but I'm not sure it will exist in coming future or not ? question is why I'm not sure ? well the simple answer is we are continuously destroying our own planet. I was shocked when I come to know that petroleum will only last for another 40 years and coal for another 200 years. Today many species are marked in endangered list. Why ? what is happening ? I don't understand even after being aware of these facts why people are not taking precautions? I'm scared that one day humans will also come in endangered list ! we all are aware of the fact that glaciers are melting, hole in ozone layer, death of penguins and polar bear. I don't want to see this planet die, why can't this planet live for another 4.5 billion years?

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Mani said: (Apr 3, 2016)  
Why the peoples are cutting trees? because the main reason is people don't have any kind of awareness about that. So first, we should create awareness to them, then only they peoples can understand. What the feature will happen so try to do that for all.

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Kanchan said: (Dec 22, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

Due to the release of hazardous gases from industries and manufacturing units, coupled with Co2, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, PM10 and surface ozone formation due to vehicular exhaust has lead to the imbalance of the gases at tropospheric level which has increased the overall temperature of the earth.

The increase in temperature has lead to melting of glaciers in Artic beyond the point of recovery which has lead to the increase in the sea level.

In addition, the deforestation at a massive level is leading to an increase of Co2 level. The recent statistics of global temperature rise to 2 degrees is a wake up call to embrace a permanent catastrophic change in the climate and the environment as a whole.

All these man made disaster has lead to a permanent environment damage to both flora and fauna to the level of extinction.

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Supriya said: (Nov 25, 2015)  
As this the modern generation, mainly Industries are developing. They need a good place for constructing industry as a result they are cutting down the trees therefore animals are losing their shelter.

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Leena said: (Sep 2, 2015)  
Respect Nature. STOP THE HABIT OF WASTING RESOURCES. Be an example to our kids and society with our lives. At least we can live happily with what we got, rather than loose everything and cry. Let's bless our children with the leftover resources.

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Rutuja & Aishwarya said: (Aug 14, 2015)  
Hello everybody.

**Save Wildlife**

Due to Industrialization the cutting of trees is increased. So the forest are decreased. It directly affect on the decreasing of the animals. Because of pollution the birds are get destroyed. So please take care of environment.

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Deepakraja said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
As said by the people above, nature is a treasure and save it for pleasure! People of this generation merely have no time as they are busy with their busy and running schedule in their life. In fact some of the villages are the real backbone of the nature in India. So even guys in city are also should be instructed to plant trees and not to cut down trees for their unwanted purposes. SAVE TREES! SAVE WILDLIFE! and also SAVE YOUR LIFE!

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Rajesh said: (Jul 22, 2015)  
Conservation of wildlife has become difficult because of industrial revolution, increasing real estate activities. But these are the effects not the cause because industrial revolution and increasing real estate activities are just trying to meet the current requirement of increasing population. I think we can solve or at least reduce this problem by controlling our increasing population.

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Nisha said: (Apr 17, 2015)  
Now a days saving the wildlife & environment is very major concern. The human being are always think about them self. They didn't think about their future. If we continue cutting the trees & killing the wild animals, one day there will be no oxygen in our planet & Without oxygen we can't live any more. So indirectly we are harming our self.

Other hand, The Wild life. I think our next generation never no about white tiger or Tiger, Elephant etc. Because now a days people sell tiger skin, Elephant trunk for few money. And finally I'm giving one massage to every people. "Please Don't destroyed other life, you have no authority".

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Nikhil V. Dangre said: (Mar 21, 2015)  
Hi friends.

We are not serious about environment because many industries emitted Poisson's gases and hot gaseous this gases directly effects on humans as well as environment and it's tend to global warming. Rapidly increases industrialization in our country it's cuts many trees for installation of plant.

Fertilizer, polymer and explosive etc. Industries are vent out dangerous pollutants in atmosphere such as HF, PAN, CO, smog and sulfur, nitrogen, halogen compounds. Such pollutants are directly attack on animals, plants as well as land i.e., deterioration of soil.

Today's in environment continuously increases the concentration of pollutants and Poisson's gases and their effect on wildlife is too harmful i.e., on human and animal carbon monoxide combined with hemoglobin forming carboxylic hemoglobin which is unless for respiratory purpose and even tends to death and also the pollutants decreases the quality of soil, CO decreased the oxygen carrying capacity of blood.

Thank you.

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Mounika said: (Mar 16, 2015)  
Nowadays people are very busy there work. No one having time to protect our environment. Even people who are talking about this topic ate also they didn't take any action. Manly deforestation because of living we need land that's why we cut forests curly. It is not correct.

Because of this deforestation we are suffering many problems like global warming, soil erosion etc. It is our responsibility to take awareness programs. Students are take major role in this case.

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Nnn said: (Sep 6, 2014)  
The state of the world's primary forests are now abysmal. Scientists have just discovered that the world's forest cover is in a precarious state. In a study that uncovers just how much forest cover we have left, the scientists have reached not-so-encouraging conclusions. The study indicates that only about 22% of the forests are situated in protected areas adding around only 5% of the original ones.

Brendan Mackey who is currently the Director of the Climate Change Response Programme at Griffith University in Australia's Queensland area has indicated that the situation is far from satisfactory. He has been quoted as saying that the world's primary forests are losing their green cover in the absence of specific policies for primary forest protection. Biodiversity and climate change treaties have failed to protect the loss of green cover in these forests.

Unique biodiversity values and ecosystem services are now on the decline in developed and developing countries. The climate change rhetoric has been reduced to dollars rather than human values and both developed and developing nations seem to be caught in a debate rather than collaborating to defeat loss of green cover.

The study has demonstrated that primary forest that is currently home to varied richness of biodiversity adds up to 57% of the tropical forest species and ecological processes as well as protection are the collaborative responsibility of both the developed as well as the developing nations. This is an issue of global concern and leaders cannot ignore it if they want to consider the state earth is currently headed.

The analysis has shown that around 98% of the primary forest is located within 25 nations. Around half the primary forest are now located in the 5 developed nations namely the US, Russia, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The researchers have also indicated that policies are critically needed to lower pressure for misuse of primary forest.

The research investigators who conducted this study identified 4 new actions which would lead to the formation of a good policy foundation for global negotiations. This includes forest related multilateral agreements to protect the survival of primary forest covers into the twenty-first century. Since developed countries have better resources and finances, they have no excuse for neglecting primary forest cover.

Moreover, developed as well as developing nations need to collaborate better if they are to combat this problem well. The experts have indicated that this includes incorporating primary forests into environmental accounting for special contributions of ecosystem services including freshwater as well a watershed services.

They have also emphasised that what is needed is a science-based definition for the purpose of distinguishing primary forests. The scientists also indicated that the principle of avoided loss has to be prioritised. This will guard against further biodiversity loss and primary forest emissions leading to deforestation and degradation. The livelihood of forest dwelling persons as well as the balance of the world's ecological system now rests on the state of the primary forest.

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Sonali said: (Jul 20, 2014)  
Hi friends, nowadays no one is concerned in saving wildlife. Lots of industries are building up, factories, which are playing a major role in eradicating the survival of wildlife. So we should also focus in saving our wildlife. We should stop deforestation that leads to global warming, floods, soil erosion etc. We are educated enough and it is our duty to educate other people to save our wildlife. We can give time to our friends, colleagues, parents then why we could not spend a little bit of time to save our wildlife. Actually it is not a single day process, we should do it regularly.

Saving wildlife thus in short saving our future generation. Live and let others to live.

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Suresh Kumar said: (Apr 28, 2014)  
Hi friends.

All are thinking about environment I like that, correct now a days oxygen decreasing day by day. No more forests in India and no place for animals that's way all animals coming outside. Somebody not and standing about wild animals situation killing that animals. Now also way is there we will try to protect the planted tree. Once upon a time "3 years back" Bangalore is coolest place in India, now reaching 40 degrees heat. 8 years back 8000 tigers in India now below 1000. India not improving going to dark. This one will happen after few years only sand will be there. Please government take new rules for growing. Plant trees besides roads.

Please try to save water, animal, trees, forests, birds, humans. Thanks.

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J's said: (Feb 2, 2014)  
Yes we are not serious about saving the wild life and the environment, because we have time to participate in a discussion (including me) on how to protect environment but don't have time to implement what we spoke in the discussion. Speaking "Words" is discussion, doing work is "development".

Protecting environment is not a small project to be completed within a day. It should be like a daily activity. By planting one tree one can't relax saying that I participated in protecting environment, because the same person cannot close his nose for an hour saying that I have been breathing for all the 24 hours.

We need not plant a tree but we will try to protect the planted tree.

Small story: One person throws dust on the road, seeing that another person thinks that it may be some place of throwing dust and proceeds throwing dust there. Third person behaves the same manner adding some more dump there. After some days the first person comes and says OOH GOD!, what Government is doing for such dirty roads.

So lets try at least not to be the first person.

Finally how one keeps his room or house clean, try to keep India clean resulting in the environment to be clean.

Thank you for your time.

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Sherin A.samath said: (Dec 22, 2013)  
Great points were stated above already, let me say my opinion here.

Instead of doing awareness program, directly we can do actions and steps for deforestation and related issues too with the help of welfare trusts we can make it possible, if you are really lover of the nature and if you really need to gift this nature to your kids.

Thank you.

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Mangai said: (Dec 6, 2013)  

Absolutely, we are not take so much care for saving wildlife. Because many of us have not time to save our-self, then how can we take time to spend with wildlife. So, the government can take much more steps to improve the wildlife/Environment and as individual we support government for saving wildlife.

We need to contribute some money for wildlife sanctuaries and haven't destroy forests or hunt animals.

Thank you.

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Manoj Kumar said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Dear friends, according to my opinion we should control our population which is increasing day by day. Due to deforestation we are not live naturally as tree cut then animals out and then they destroy one day definitely so natural balance damage. Due to deforestation rains not occur in proper time and soil erosion in hilly area we know uttarakhand tragedy recently, actually it is man made disaster. In Uttarakhand many lives end due to human interference with nature.

My dear friends, recently we all know about Durga Shakti Nagpal case which is related with sand mining. If we sand mining then soil erosion occurs and nature disbalance.

We are educated then its our duty to educate people of our country to protect forest and and tree ripe. Many disadvantage of deforestation is global warming, soil erosion, floods etc.

We have to learn in natural way like don't unnecessary open ac, fridge, private vehicle if public transport is there which is also good like metro, dtc busses etc.

Thanking you.

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Shree said: (Aug 11, 2013)  
Hi guys! we use forests for our gain and we our self destroy the forests then how would our next generation lead their life and what about the life of wildlife and our selves so, lets promise to lower down the rate of cutting trees and higher the rate of plantation in our environment no one from the universe will come to save it dear friends it's our responsibility to save our earth by planting more and more number of trees. So, what are we looking for ? lets start the good job from now. Thanking you.

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Kunjal Chawhan said: (Aug 5, 2013)  
Yes I totally agree to the topic and I also regret to this topic.

India. Once a green land were located larger number of forests now-a-days are replaced by concrete forests.

In order to preserve wildlife and environment following steps. Should be undertaken:

1). Government should organize an offer for construction companies to take the sand free from the forest land in this way it way give birth to the increase of lakes and ponds and automatically in monsoon those areas from where the sand has been taken will become lakes due to which there will be no shortage of water for us, animals &plants there would be a lot of forest land in our country food production will increase. Food will be available at lesser prices.

2). All the rare species should be injected with transmitter and forest department should take care of them from time to time, the newborns should be taken and released to the safe area where they are safe from predators.

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Shakun said: (Jul 9, 2013)  
YES, I totally agree with this topic "we are not serious about saving wildlife/environment". Even our govt is also not serious about it.

Because of this today people in Uttarakhand are suffering from the natural disaster.

In place of develop the environment people are misusing the environment and government is making money.

We have think with open mind about this issue.

It is right if we run car, trucks on landslide sensitive area.

It is right if we use transport means for small distance which make air polluted.

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Samar said: (Jun 26, 2013)  
The present popular mindset points to a very disturbing and disappointing feature which, inter alia, consists of a conspicuous apathy and callousness in so far as issues involving protection or conservation of wildlife or saving environment are concerned. This is terribly a unique trend in the third world countries and particularly in the Indian subcontinent. This is despite the existence of a plethora of statutes and legislations and the consistent rise of environmental activism over the last few decades.

Environmental consciousness is a subject which requires an awareness level that is not easily obtainable in a country like India where, in general, the educational level of the masses is abysmally low. However, the tradition and heritage of the country has placed empathy for other creatures and reverence to the 'Mother Earth' as a very high ideal to be followed in the day to day life. Yet, through centuries this noble value has been watered down thanks to endless waves of alien cultures invading this ancient land from across its cultural borders.

In more recent past, this land has been subjugated to a mighty foreign power which has been responsible for tremendous loot and plundering of its natural resources with an utter disregard for its fragile and sensitive environment. This mindless exploitation of nature has cast such an abominable indifference and cruelty in the mindset of the Indians as regards wildlife as well as general environmental matters that hitherto they have failed to come out of that mental bondage and slavery. This has been the case in spite of the influence of the personalities like Tagore and Gandhi.

After independence the situation has not changed at all. With the pursuit of a goal of economic development that imbibed the models of the west relying on heavy industries, the concerns over environmental safety only occupied a back seat, if at all. It only as late as 1972, when the first international summit conference on environment took place at stockholm, the political authority of the land felt some need to do something in this regard. Hence, the introduction of a few statutes on forests and wildlife.

Even since then, the scenario did not change much; however, in the meantime the nation had witnessed the initiation of a new brand of movement in older Gandhian fashion, one notable amongst such was the Chipko movement carried out in the kumaon region of the Himalayas. The later years also experienced new waves of such movements and emergence of personalities who took leading roles in them. The silent valley movement was notable among them. But sadly enough, the momentum was candidly lacking and soon the public life was getting the bad and undesired effects of such callous attitude and mindless and reckless negligence and utter disregard of social commitments and responsibilities of the big business, politicians, bureaucrats and above all, people in general. And no wonder the nation had to pay a hefty price very soon as one of the fiercest industrial mishaps in the history the environmental disasters all over the world shook the nation on the 3rd December, 1984 at Bhopal, the capital city of the state of Madhya pradesh.

However, it appeared that the nation had learnt a very little lesson from a disaster of such an enormous magnitude as continuous negligence and culpable carelessness had got to be a routine affair though efforts to curb this disturbing trend also gained strength with regularity thanks to the guts and initiatives of people like Medha Patekar, Vandana Shiva, Anil Agarwal etc. And the culmination of such efforts could be experienced through the events like the Narmada bachao Andolon which captured public attention and sympathy. With the onset of economic liberalisation more emphasis has been given to GDP growth and thus sacrificing, inter alia, environmental safeguards. It is, thanks to the efforts of the Environmentalists and the activists and the role sometimes played by the judiciary that all has not been lost by now.

Yet, the country has witnessed few major environmental disasters during the last decade ; not only India but also the neighbouring countries in this sub-continent have suffered great losses owing to environmental mishaps. One may consider the case of the after-effects of Tsunami in the Indian peninsula which could have been lessened had the mangroves in the coastal areas had been kept in tact; the same could be said in relation to the Mumbai flood in 2005 and the damages resulting from cyclone Aila that ravaged the coastal areas of West Bengal and cyclone Ceder that caused havoc in the coastal areas of Bangladesh and Myanmar, the earthquake that ravaged Sikkim a couple of years back, one of the main reasons of which was attributable to the building of dams in the high altitude, the recent cloud bursts in Ladakh and Uttranchal, the devastating flood in Pakistan in the last year, the avalanche in the Sweti river in Nepal etc.

It is not only the sudden disasters but also the chronic climatic changes have been contributing to many factors that may affect our lives slowly but persistently in severe ways (one may consider continual floods, droughts and consequent agricultural damages and consequent food crisis, warming in the atmosphere harming crop productivity, pestilence, health problems due to adverse climate causing lower productivity and thus loss in income and so on). And not only the humans but also the other forms of life will be adversely affected and the resultant effect on the biodiversity will jeopardise the entire web of life in the globe, if it has not already been under threat. One may, therefore, logically wonders what type of growth in economic terms the policy-makers are contemplating and for whose benefits! Will they be able to sustain the temporary gains in the longer-run? It seems, however, that the chance is very bleak.

Unless the present trend is checked or reversed the result will be an utter mess- economically, socially, politically and ecologically. The death-knell for this ancient and true civilisation would then remain only a matter to be awaited.

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Ricktam said: (Jun 12, 2013)  
Yes I do agree with this. Actually we are the only reason responsible for this. In this fast paced life we are so busy that we don't about our environment. Today everything comes in our door step, so we become so lazy that even if the dustbin is present in front of us still we throw the waste anywhere on the road. We are using private vehicles although public transport is present there. One home should be sufficient for everyone but still we are purchasing plots, flat etc in different state, but we never think that a instead of plot and flat if we plant some trees there then it will better for all of us.

Due to lack of trees Global warming is increasing everyone needs AC, Fridge etc which cause AIR pollution as well as electricity consumption and we are getting this electricity from coals and some non renewable resources. I think the best solution is we should use renewable resources as much as possible, use public transport whenever possible, don't throw the waste here and there rather use dustbin. Try to be natural and try to equipped with nature. THANK YOU.

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Aneeshmanu said: (Feb 26, 2013)  
We use more organic fertilizers. Compost and reduce waste which would otherwise get buried and produces greenhouse gases as materials decompose. Avoid burning dead leaves as burning creates air pollution, and putting them out with the trash wastes landfill space. Instead we can compost the leaves and yard debris, or take them to a yard debris recycler. It is simple to pull weeds instead of using herbicides. Our farms need less pesticides and more organic methods.

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Sumit said: (Nov 21, 2012)  
I agree with my that we still not serious about Wildlife/ Environment. We all that life really difficult or not possible with environment. Now the time has came when we start thinking practically on this issue otherwise our earth will no more.

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Prasad said: (Nov 6, 2012)  
The main reason is the deforestation. Due to ever rising population we are cutting down the forest for the sake of building homes. Due to this reason animals are coming out of the forest in search of food and water. Instead we should encourage vertical expansion rather than the horizontal expansion so that forest can be saved.

We have to contribute our efforts for saving the plants and wildlife. So that we and future generation will be happy without any problem.

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Mithun said: (Oct 11, 2012)  
Hi friends, I agree to many points stated above. We are educated and can take decision on our own. We have to realize that our knowledge should encourage the nature and not to deteriorate it. We have to act accordingly. In this fast moving world we cannot bring back our old nature. But we can safeguard the current situation. As students and young mind we should create awareness among our society. No power than student power can do the change. I hope we can do it if we all unite.

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Simmi said: (Jul 27, 2012)  
Yes I do agree that we are not serious about the conservation of our wildlife/environment.

The main reason for this is that, we are happy with the lot. People have a happy go lucky attitude and they do not pay much heed towards burning problems such as pollution, wildlife extinction, global warming, etc. What people today are more worried about are, their career, their life, their family and their future. Well, in that case they should know that if they don't pay much attention towards these problems they'll neither have a good career nor a good future.

According to me, AWARENESS is the need of the hour!

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Arjun said: (May 20, 2012)  
God has created the world. And every living being on earth is his creation. God has given us brains, but the humans have stated thinking that they are the most important and most intelligent. Every thing has its importance. Even a small ant is very crucial. We must never underestimate others. If we destroy them, then we are disrespecting god's creation. Everyone is responsible for these happenings. Even me.

So we need to start the change from ourselves. Our counterparts need to be taken care of. Otherwise the day is not far that we will begging and repenting on the extinction of animals. Let these beautiful creations of god live and please think about it.

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SHRINKHALA SINGH said: (May 9, 2012)  

In the present scenario, the major burning social issue is the dreadful and threatful conditions of our wildlife and environment.

It has been observed that people are becoming nonchalant over this issue and doesn't showing their attention and concern for it. The major threats include different kinds of pollution, cruelty to animals in circus shows and in wildlife sanctuaries and several related horrible conditions.

CONSERVATION is the need of the hour.

Lend a hand to the helpless animals and arouse the conscience of the animal lovers.

For the environmental protection, develop the habit of growing more trees, control of pollution, checking of pollution and applying suitable preventive measures for the welfare of the environment and thereby country.



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Ammu said: (Apr 25, 2012)  
Hi, seniors, All above suggestions should accepted by each&every one. All should join for protecting environment. Making film based upon this topic, it will helps to all people. All peoples can understand about this system. So use less plastic papers, throw it into the dustbin. Just follow this above India will become a healthy country.

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K.M.Vinitha said: (Feb 9, 2012)  
HI MY DEAR FREINDS! yes we are all destroyed the nature for some incident which is sometime know and otherwise didn't keep. Maximum you keep to protecting for nature within small, small actions. example for minimize the uses of plastic bags and dont put the plastic bags in road. And don't cut the trees. "Make it Nature..!"

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Rajeev said: (Oct 20, 2011)  
Hi friends.

I am here again with the above burning topic about wildlife/environment and first of all for this I have one quotation "THIRST CANNOT BE FULFILLED BY LICKING THE DEW" that means a very little is not just enough for a big ones. This line has a great sense while dealing with this topic because our seriousness is just like a dew here and wildlife/environment conservation is like a huge thirst. My opinion is arranging conferences and seminars in well equipped airconditioned halls are quite different than the implemention of the ideas which comes out through these halls.

Now come to the topic, the first attempt for wildlife conservation was taken during the 19th century according to the North American wildlife conservation model and it was sucessfull also after than so many initiative were attempted like world conservation agency developed by IUCN in 1980 with the assistance of UNEP and WWF, similarly in 1972 wild life conservation act was also enacted in India. These all have the motto to conserve the wildlife. Than for saving the environment steps were also taken after helding the different conferences like Rio conference in Brazil, CANCUN in mexico, EUEC [energy utility environment conference] in USA etc. But now the situation says that these were not at all successful in their motto because the rate of extinction of wildlife and deteortation of environment is much faster than their conservation measures and this shows our seriousness towards it. Now day by day the list of endangered species are increasing like tiger, panda, cheetah, jaguar etc which were abundant before some 25 to 30 years ago while some of them are at the verge of extinction and some became extinct like North african elephant, Quagga etc. Now take another component as environment which is suffering from severe degradation due to many unbalanced human activities like deforestation, mining, pollution[soil, water, air] etc. Soil is degrading due to the use of several hazardous chemicals like insecticide, pesticide etc while water is degradeding due to disposal of organic and inorganic wastes into the water bodies like river, pond, sea etc especially now a days sea is contaminating due to heavy disposal of oils in it that is known as oil spilling which severely degrades the flora and fauna of sea creatures and air is contaminating by the emission of several harmful gases like co2, so2, CH4, co, NO2 etc which comes out through the vehicles and factories etc. Emission of these gases also causing global warming in which the Earth's atmospheric temperature increases because these gases forms a blanket like layer in the atmosphere which doesnot permits the sun rays to return back from the earth surface which causes heating effect and due to this, in past 100 years the Earth's temperature is increased by 0.8'c which serves as a potential threat to the coastal areas due rise in sea level after melting of glaciers and also due to some harmful gases known as chloroflourocarbon our ozone layer is depleting which saves the living being from the harmful effect of you. V rays which comes through the sun light.

This seriousness should be increased and it can be done by taking some effective efforts like public awareness at the grass root level, complete ban on the use of endangered species for its meat, leather, medicine, hunting etc, strict implementation of acts and rules etc while for environment same thing can be done like public awareness etc along with it, control over vehicle number in towns and stress on non petroleum operated transports using CNG, Hyrogen etc can help a lot in conserving our blue planet the EARTH. THANKYOU.

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Sneha M said: (Jul 2, 2011)  
Population should control unless the deforestation will not control because of it wildlife is destroying, cutting trees near the streets will leads to increase in carbon-di-oxide this leads decrease the thickness of ozone layer this leads to sun rays enter into earth environment leads to global warming, acid rain will caused by acidic gas present in air due to electronic equipments.

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Shwetha said: (May 26, 2011)  
The main reason for decrease in wildlife is that deforestation. By deforestation we may extend the place for humans but actually we are increasing the chance of unsafe so that animals can enter cities which we find quite common these days. We need to preserve wildlife by planting trees and creating awareness among the people by creating organisations and camps. The use of plastic bags need to be reduced.

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Shamika said: (May 23, 2011)  
I absolutely think that we are not serious about taking care of our environment and wildlife influential personalities like Mr salman khan get involved in the black buck poaching case general public looks up to film personalities like him if he and other so called personalities get involved in cases like this what do you expect from the general public who get influenced by them to a certain extent.

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GD_prep said: (May 1, 2011)  
Hi All,

This is indeed true that majority of the people are not at all serious for working towards the upliftment of environmental conditions.

Most of the people would just talk about the effects of the same but how many of us have actually taken initiative in working towards the upliftment of the environment. Every citizen should work together for saving wildlife. We should form organisations where people would come forward to create awareness among the society and take up tasks like tree plantations, reducing pollution, improving sanitation and hygiene,

And reducing the cutting of trees and deforestations. Some of the movements that are working towards the same cause are "Save the Tiger", "Chipko Movement", "Narmada Bachao Andolan", etc.

Ou many wild life diversity are on the verge of extinction, so we should support actively with the government by helping them to nab people who hunt down animals for their benefit and profit. We should also proactively come forward to stop the illegal forest activities like smuggling of elephants tusks, tiger skins, furs, etc.

Together we can change the world only thing that matters is interest and participation. Nothing in this world is impossible. Thank you.

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Vishnu said: (Apr 29, 2011)  
I would like to add my views about this. Let me tell you that "actions speak louder than words", but this is rarely follwed in case of conserving the nature. There's no meaning in talking a lot about conserving nature, telling this that we'll do this, we'll do that. Unless and until we work on it. Sitting at home saying that "save the tigers " won't let this job done. We need to actively participate in it.

According to me the only reason we are not serious about this issue is AS OF NOW WE ARE NOT AFFECTED By THE EXTINCTION OF THE SPECIES, SO ONLY WHEN THE PROBLEMS KNOCKS ONES' DOOR PEOPLE WILL START REACTING, but I would like to remind you "it's better late than never". Save our wildlife, save the nature, save yourself :).

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Adarsh said: (Apr 28, 2011)  
Friends I do appreciate your view. But as far as my idea is concerned we have to must aware with this thing that if we not considered the wildlife as a great management of nature and golden gift of nature and regularly struck the wildlife then very soon all the wildlife creation are end. It also a warning for us that we are also not save.

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INDIAN said: (Mar 7, 2011)  
//{123. +658+SdhSDADJBASBNF.....\\

Did you understand what I wrote above.

You can't understand. Think.

Thinking about the above matter is a waste of time.

In the same manner talking about the saving of wild animals and environment is a waste of time. Instead of talking and thinking about that do something for animals and environment.

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Ishita Kaushik said: (Nov 24, 2010)  
I feel that even those who are concerned are very less in number. The majority is people who just save environment just to show others. This is a very bad practice. Do a little, but do it from your heart.

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Shabbir Hussain said: (Aug 1, 2010)  
If we don't stop saving wildlife environment. Next generation may watch animals in documentary or videos only.

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Anuradha Bisht said: (Jul 25, 2010)  
Hi friends we all should contribute to save our environment as well as our wildlife because each and everyone is connected with it someway or the other.

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Bhanu Bansal said: (Jul 20, 2010)  
Yeah it's wright that we are not serious about the wildlife conservation.the real world example is of the tiger extinction in India, there are only 1411 wild tigers remaining, we Indians should participate in the programmes launched by tne AIRCEL pvt ltd and many more inspite of giving more time to our metro lives & earnings. If there will be no wildlife, then it's the sign that human being is also going to dimnish in the near future, as human being was also an animal earlier, so plese contribute man!

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Prabhakaran said: (Jul 2, 2010)  
Yes, we are not serious about our environment and wildlife. We need to keep our environment clean and safe for us and for the future. Before pointing to any one the individuals has to take some responsibility."Dont Waste Water", "Think Before you Print","Throw your waste in Dustbin", these are the sign boards you can see in public places. How many individuals are following these?

Individuals must make some difference to the environment.
Future generation is definitely going to miss out many wild life. They can see only on TV and other media. This is the right time to save our wildlife and environment.

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Kamaraj said: (Jun 25, 2010)  
Hi every one as environment fact is concerned, we should be more particular about saving widlife that is protecting forest from external disturbance like human being , they are in need of both ate goes on tiger animal parts and tree for their ornamental purposes and other needs.

In india rate of tiger is just 1472 approximately. If this goes on their will be no tigers in India and similiarly other animals will be utilised for the same kind of purposes if this goes on their will be no animals and forest, government is taking measure but we also have to take measure by giving social awareness.

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MANNU said: (Jun 24, 2010)  
We have to save environment not for others sake,but for ourselves..if we want to live in healthy world ..save environment save yourself.

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Anand Pawar said: (Jun 16, 2010)  
I do agree with the above mentioned points that we are not serious of our Wildlife/Environment..... now a days killing animals have been fun for ppl and they dont understand how important wildlife/Enviornment is......... we have to protect the enviornment by utilizing the resources properly given by our mother nature..... We also see that government is taking many steps to protect our wildlife/Environment but in vain.... It can be successful only if we take the ownership rather than waiting for the government in making rules. I have started taking care of our mother nature by using resources properly and I hope we all wil take care so that our future generation will leade a eco friendly life.....

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Shilpi said: (Jun 16, 2010)  
now a days animals and envirement both are getting lost rapidly daya by day day.its all coz of human wish to have a luxirious life.if i would hava any right ever then first io all i would like to ban air conditioners.sesondally i would like to stop all on vegetarions and would insist panelty on such people who don't want to gift the nature to their children as it is.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Jun 15, 2010)  
Saving the Wildlife/Environment is a major concern, because some species (animals and birds) were lost their existence or many are struggling, Why? the first reason arises in our mind is disturbance in our Environment, and only human beings are responsible for such disturbances.

Human beings (we peoples) are obviously not serious about the pollutions, harmful raw materials and chemicals which is freely spreading in air as well as water. Such kind of harmful things causes the wild animals, birds, fishes are continuously struggling to survive for existence.

Tell me how many of you are actively participating to reduce the pollution or trying to save the wildlife. How selfish the humans are, If they requires drinking water then they deploye water filters but such things are not possible for wildlife's, so be aware.

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Pushpa said: (Jun 14, 2010)  
Nowadays there's no that much of wild animals as like in olden days. Why because there is enough food and shelter for wild animals.

The main reason is degradation of forests and polluted environment in the towns and metro politon cites .

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We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

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