We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

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Saloni said:   6 months ago
Just as we have the right to live, so do the wild animals.

We must take care of nature. Nature gives us water to drink, nature gives us food to eat. Man may have the illusion that he alone is perfect but this is false, no matter how much progress man makes, he cannot grow food without soil, sunlight and water.

If we take care of nature, nature will take care of us. Rain will fall on time, grain will grow on time. The air will be purified. Diseases will reduce and of course people's lives will become easier.

So, man should take care of nature for his own good so nature will take care of man.

Pratiksha sandip sukum said:   6 months ago
Nowadays, People are using plastic and after used they throwing outside and animals are eating them because they don't know what is that so plastic should be banned.

Kalyani karri said:   7 months ago
Yes, we are not bothering about the nature and environment at all.

Nowadays people have become selfish and they are just being perfect in their life. They forget that without the environment we are nothing.

According to me, we should respect nature and protect it for the next generations. We should not cut off the trees and we should plant trees.

Future generations may suffer from a lack of oxygen and they might carry their oxygen cylinders instead of school bags.

So, remember that your children will be facing the same situation in the future.

Make sure that protect the environment and give a healthy future for the next generation.

Thank you!

Jogarao s said:   3 years ago
Obviously, I agree with this statement. Because of the reduction of the forest area and the depletion of the natural resources around the world. But thanks to some government Projects like Namami Gange, save tiger, save the elephant, Paris Agreement, wildlife protection act, reduction of the use of plastic, But the main problem is with the emission from industries and increasing the use of automobiles thereby increasing the emissions of Co2, No3, So2, CH4 etc which results in the depletion of the ozone layer and direct falling of sun rays. Even some of the educated people don't mind about all these and leads to the emissions. We are witnessing the increase of global heat every year but the people won't mind it. We are destructing the forests for wood, for agriculture (shifting cultivation) for medicinal purposes and killing wild animals for our greed. So the people should realise this issue and follow 3R-reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Thank you.

Sana said:   3 years ago
Environment and wildlife are gifts of God.

Clean environment and presence of wildlife is pleasant. We need to protect these beautiful gifts which are degraded at our hands.

Most of us neglect our surroundings and waste the natural resources. We use abundant plastics and waste water - which is elixir of our lives. Due to industrialisation, globalization, overpopulation and salinization water, soil and air are polluted and cutting down trees.

For sustainable development and to save the wildlife and environment we need to reduce consumption of plastics and follow 3rs - reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

We can use renewable sources of energy which are eco-friendly.

It's our responsibility to protect the environment. Let us fulfill our duty.

Ajay faujdar said:   4 years ago
I think really people are not serious about the environment and wildlife. We people always leave a comment or a speech whenever someone asked us about wildlife and environment but do we do something for our environment. I am giving comment here because I have done a little bit for the environment which is that I have thrown all plastic from my home and I am using utensil of soil. First of all, we have to reduce the use of plastics from our home and I think nature have everything to fulfill our life so we don't need to use plastic. SECONDLY, we have plant trees everywhere. The companies should not make pesticides because it comes to us back and harm us. We should not use automobiles if we don't need them. If we want to reduce air pollution we have reduce the use of automobile.

The real meaning of development means not to harm the environment in any way. Nowadays, we think that development means to create a thing for people. Companies are making products without thinking about what will be the effect on the environment. We should read our Vedas to get the solution of all these problems which we are facing today.

Some of the basic problems are-poisonous food which we eat daily (rice, wheat). Natural things we are eating today are poisonous because these things are treated with chemicals even milk also. If you are buying milk from a dairy then it would also have chemicals. We are enclosed with the chemicals. If we want that we live a good life then we have to avoid the use of everything which is treated with chemicals.

I know that this is somehow difficult but we can do a little bit of it. We can remove all those products which can be replaced with the environment.

Pratik Joshi said:   4 years ago
We should look after and protect the forest and national parks in such a manner that animals feel safe. Because nowadays due to industrial civilization people are just looking to produce more and more pollution and this leads to global warming and climate change, polluted air etc. So we should look at both sides, industrial development and also protecting the environment and forest. After all, it is the home of animals and it is also beneficial for humans also.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you, this is Ajay Kumar.

Today, my topic is about the saving of wildlife /environment. I think in my point of view I do not totally agree with this statement because as we all know that there are many biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and national park etc are establish for the protection of wildlife. And it is very necessary to preserve the wildlife for our existence but,

A coin has two faces it also has two aspects,

Many people do their negligence in regarding of the protection of environment. They do not use public garbage and they throw the dust outside the homes and do not aware where it goes and nowadays with the increase in industrialisation pollutions increases rapidly and it causes lots of damages to the environment which is not good for us.

At last, I want to say that we have to use public garbage instead of throwing at any place and we have to use proper sewage treatment for the discharge of harmful liquids or gases. For the better existence of all living beings, we need to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Thank you.

Anonymous said:   4 years ago
Yes, we ought to conserve our wildlife. If we don't, then even the human race will go extinct. This is because we are dependent on animals for food, and in some cases, for raw materials. Without animals, we will not have any sources for the raw materials.

We must save the wildlife for the sake of our future generations. If the matter of saving our wildlife is not taken seriously, then these beautiful animals will go extinct.

We must all be ready to conserve these animals even if we need to die for them.

Few years back, in Kaziranga National Park, a forest ranger lost his life trying to stop poachers from shooting down a Rhinoceros.

Let us all together work towards a better life for the animals.

Ajay Singh Mehra said:   5 years ago
We should save our environment it is very precious for us as it provides a lot of beneficial things and it is also the home of many animals.

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