We are not serious about saving Wildlife/Environment

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Pushpa said:   1 decade ago
Nowadays there's no that much of wild animals as like in olden days. Why because there is enough food and shelter for wild animals.

The main reason is degradation of forests and polluted environment in the towns and metro politon cites .

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Saving the Wildlife/Environment is a major concern, because some species (animals and birds) were lost their existence or many are struggling, Why? the first reason arises in our mind is disturbance in our Environment, and only human beings are responsible for such disturbances.

Human beings (we peoples) are obviously not serious about the pollutions, harmful raw materials and chemicals which is freely spreading in air as well as water. Such kind of harmful things causes the wild animals, birds, fishes are continuously struggling to survive for existence.

Tell me how many of you are actively participating to reduce the pollution or trying to save the wildlife. How selfish the humans are, If they requires drinking water then they deploye water filters but such things are not possible for wildlife's, so be aware.

Shilpi said:   1 decade ago
now a days animals and envirement both are getting lost rapidly daya by day day.its all coz of human wish to have a luxirious life.if i would hava any right ever then first io all i would like to ban air conditioners.sesondally i would like to stop all on vegetarions and would insist panelty on such people who don't want to gift the nature to their children as it is.

Anand Pawar said:   1 decade ago
I do agree with the above mentioned points that we are not serious of our Wildlife/Environment..... now a days killing animals have been fun for ppl and they dont understand how important wildlife/Enviornment is......... we have to protect the enviornment by utilizing the resources properly given by our mother nature..... We also see that government is taking many steps to protect our wildlife/Environment but in vain.... It can be successful only if we take the ownership rather than waiting for the government in making rules. I have started taking care of our mother nature by using resources properly and I hope we all wil take care so that our future generation will leade a eco friendly life.....

MANNU said:   1 decade ago
We have to save environment not for others sake,but for ourselves..if we want to live in healthy world ..save environment save yourself.

Kamaraj said:   1 decade ago
Hi every one as environment fact is concerned, we should be more particular about saving widlife that is protecting forest from external disturbance like human being , they are in need of both ate goes on tiger animal parts and tree for their ornamental purposes and other needs.

In india rate of tiger is just 1472 approximately. If this goes on their will be no tigers in India and similiarly other animals will be utilised for the same kind of purposes if this goes on their will be no animals and forest, government is taking measure but we also have to take measure by giving social awareness.

Prabhakaran said:   1 decade ago
Yes, we are not serious about our environment and wildlife. We need to keep our environment clean and safe for us and for the future. Before pointing to any one the individuals has to take some responsibility."Dont Waste Water", "Think Before you Print","Throw your waste in Dustbin", these are the sign boards you can see in public places. How many individuals are following these?

Individuals must make some difference to the environment.

Future generation is definitely going to miss out many wild life. They can see only on TV and other media. This is the right time to save our wildlife and environment.

Bhanu Bansal said:   1 decade ago
Yeah it's wright that we are not serious about the wildlife conservation.the real world example is of the tiger extinction in India, there are only 1411 wild tigers remaining, we Indians should participate in the programmes launched by tne AIRCEL pvt ltd and many more inspite of giving more time to our metro lives & earnings. If there will be no wildlife, then it's the sign that human being is also going to dimnish in the near future, as human being was also an animal earlier, so plese contribute man!

Anuradha Bisht said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends we all should contribute to save our environment as well as our wildlife because each and everyone is connected with it someway or the other.

Shabbir Hussain said:   1 decade ago
If we don't stop saving wildlife environment. Next generation may watch animals in documentary or videos only.

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