Water resources should be nationalised

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Perumalsamy said:   6 years ago
Hi friends, my point of view, I feel water resources should be nationalized because our country Rajasthan where the people suffer for a pot of water. If water being nationalized then we can avoid water being sent to Sea. The nationalization of water can be done if the government is very strict with their policies and rules through out nationalization would end as a disaster.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Water sources in India should be nationalised cause private players use water bodies according to their will. They dump factory waste into the rivers thus making it nonpotable and unhygenic for agricultural or household use. Govt must device committes to take care of the water bodies and ensure water to every state through interlinking of rivers. Moreover, govt must also inculcate habits of storing rain water in drought prone areas and proper irrigation system in an agri fields. But nationalisation has its demerits also. Govt will be the owner of the river banks and they can put restrictions on dwelling on river banks thus making loss to many poor people. Govt also makes dams on rivers which requires poor people to shift their dwelling to other areas most of the times without compensation. Like every other govt sector. Nationalisation has in it the seed of corruption. So before the nationalisation of rivers access to which is the right of every one govt must device proper planning and rules and regulations that do not need frequent amendments. Thank you.

Monisha Palanisamy said:   6 years ago
Human can live for a couple of days even without food. But it is a difficult situation to live without water. A person can survive upto 2 months only with water.

Bhisma said:   6 years ago
No, it should not be nationalized. As it will remain in the hands of govt. It may use it according to their convenience and most of the people may derive of it. Narmada, Kaveri water disputes are still on fire. Instead we promote people to create their own resources, rainwater harvesting, awareness about the drops, well schemes, tree plantation ahead of the rain, solar distillation. People should open their own streams and conserve it for use effectively.

Mayank katoch said:   6 years ago
I think water resources should be nationalised. It would improve the usage of water. The waste deposits on the banks and also the river beds would be minimized. This will also help in reducing the water pollution, since the water is governed by one body. They would have a proper check on disposal of waste both by industries and local people.

Sudira said:   6 years ago
I agree with this and the population is increasing day by day we should conserve water and a single drop of water is very valuable.

Jyoti more said:   6 years ago
Yes, I agree this above point of water resources should be nationalized, because we all are educated but today we are not taken any seriousness about environment. Water resources are the aesthetic of the environment so as to we should give water resources authority to government then we realise how to use water resources and how to protect them then we will get satisfaction. So water resources like river should be nationalized.

Siluveru Kiran Kumar said:   7 years ago
Yes, I support to this, definitely we should nationalize our water resources. Why because of if the water resources are on private sector they will misuse. For example, in nowadays the water is purifying and packing into water bottles and charging more money for people. This is most embarrassing moment that we have in our country.

Frank said:   7 years ago
Rivers should be nationalized and interlinked so that the less privileged states and facing drought will be beneficial to people of that state. Hence, those places will be more irrigated. Also, each household of the country who owns a land a certain portion should be set aside for the preservation of rain water. Educate the people the necessity of preservation of water and strict measures should be implemented against wastage of potable water. Recycling of waste water is another measure to preserve water.

Srinivasan said:   8 years ago
Dear friends.

Day by day our water requirements are increased more but mean while our resources are going down because of increase of population so we should control population to increase and nationalized water.

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