Water resources should be nationalised

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S k s said:   10 years ago
Many scientific studies claim that there will be a severe crisis of drinking water by 2050 and many sociologists contend that the next global war, if fought at all, will have the water as its central issue. It is, therefore, not at all difficult to understand the importance of availability vis- a-vis the scarcity of freshwater in the present global scenario. So in all fairness a detailed and well-thought out plan regarding procurement and use of water resources is the need of the hour. In view of such a need, it may not be out of question to consider whether this precious resource can be nationalised.

It is a commonplace belief that nationalisation can prove to be a panacea especially when critical socio-economic issues are entangled in case of any question of socio-economic decision-making. Since independence, India has embarked on the path of mixed economy where the leading role in the economic sphere was entrusted to the public sector and the important resources of the country were nationalised. It was a trend not restricted only within India but all over the world except the capitalist world. However, even in the latter the important and strategic resources remain subjected to the state control though in the recent time the trend has been noticed to get reversed. So, a resource, as important and sensitive as water, justifiably should remain under the state control.

The cases for nationalisation of water resources can be summarised as below".

1) Water is a basic need for survival, so nothing can be allowed to deny this basic right of the people ;

2) The supply of this resource being in the hands of the private business may in all probability harm the fair and equitable access to it by the common people;

3) The cost of supply of pure drinkable water will become increasingly higher so that huge investment will be required on account of this trend. In view of it, it would be reasonable that the Government take necessary steps to control the supply and distribution of water;

4) Not only the drinking water, the other uses of water will also become increasingly costly, particularly its use in agriculture. Because of the involvement of food security with this issue, control of supply of water for farming will be a strategic issue, justifying the governmental control over it;

5) The scarcity of such a fundamental resource would naturally allure the private business to flex their muscles in hope for extracting exorbitant profits from the water business. Without the governmental intervention the situation will simply create immense adversity vis a vis the common people.

However, the act of nationalisation is not always free from defects and unless safeguards are taken it may do harm even where a sensitive issue like the present case is involved. There can be many cases against nationalisation of water resource but they should not be used as pleas for privatising this important resource, rather proper steps need to be taken to curb the demerits emergent from nationalisation presented as follows".

1) Like any other nationalisation program, this may also be doomed if corruption on the part of the politicians and the bureaucrats is not held in check;

2) Efficiency of all sorts must be given the priority;

3) People's participation in varied forms should be encouraged in the policy making and its implementation as to the various aspects of procurement, distribution, uses and supply of water resources.

4) Wastage must be stopped and suitable pricing/taxation policy ought to be evolved;

5) Proper planning is a must for success;

6) Research and development must be carried out with utmost zeal.

V.Raghunathan said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

I read all of your comments pro and against the subject in issue. Am of the strong view, that, water resources should be invariably nationalized.

But, though this is a public issue, the selfish politicians make it a political issue, posing unnecessary and unwanted problems, as they are not interested in the welfare of the country, rather interested in posing problem for their political gains. Added to that, All the lakes and ponds both in villages and cities in our country have been stealthily occupied by unruly people, and they even obtained pastas from government, using their political influence, though, it is very well known to the concerned officials, that, occupying and obtaining pattas over tank bed lands are prohibited under board standing orders, and our courts in various pronouncements time and again ruled that, grant of patta in respect of tank bed lands are prohibited in law and is illegal. Moreover, in every state, there are major and minor irrigation department, to look after this subject, but, they are doing nothing in this regard, and they are drawing their salaries without any work or strain, and they are supported by politicians and land grabbers.

So, the government must endeavor to resume all these lands from the so called grabbers, their pattas be cancelled, and nationalize all the water resources (not projects alone) from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and appoint expert special officers for the judicious and fair distribution of water, to the needy areas, so that, whole of India will not suffer from water problem. If this is done. So, we will be giving real meaning to the song: "vande Mataram. Sasha Samalam Mataram".

Anurag said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

According to me the water resources should be nationalized because water is the most important part of life for every human being living on this planet. We are looking for life on mars also but with the availability of the water this shows that water is very important for us to live our life. If water resources are nationalized then there will not be any conflict between the peoples as India is a place of diversity. The authority of water should be given into the hands of the central government and as there is the department of electricity there should be a department of water.

Where people can sit together and make decisions regarding the supply and usage of water in the country and there should be a water meter and water bill for every house as there is a electricity bill. The process of water harvesting should be made compulsory so that water can be conserved. Water is the right of every human being but in India it has been violated by some people so if water gets nationalized this violation done to people in urban villages can be abolished. It has some disadvantages too such as corruption, increased waste product in water by industries will make it polluted, fighting for probational land around the side of river banks etc. But at the same time it has got the advantages, which will help in the growth of the nation with increase in the productivity.

Kavitha said:   10 years ago
From my point of view, In current scenario, implementing a thing is very difficult and when it seems like big project it will be very much difficult to implement and to monitor. Nationalization of water resources is important but in our case, water sharing between two states itself a big problem and not made possible by the Government.

It may not be possible to connect from north to south, but a separate body can look after the water resources in their own state and all possible measures can be taken to connect the nearby states which is having high flow in water resources. Through that, it can became nationalized and also easy to implement the same with the cooperation of the states. All the natural resources been restricted to specific area in the intention to easy managing and understanding of the problems not to stop to the whole mankind who is from other states and areas.

Nationalizing is an important task and before that we should take measures to stop the water being sent to sea. It will not happened over night but all the governments should see to that issue also.

All possible measures should be implemented as soon as possible with less political interference and its our duty to save our natural resources for our future generation. It should not stop with discussion alone everyone must think of our upcoming generation too.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Water sources in India should be nationalised cause private players use water bodies according to their will. They dump factory waste into the rivers thus making it nonpotable and unhygenic for agricultural or household use. Govt must device committes to take care of the water bodies and ensure water to every state through interlinking of rivers. Moreover, govt must also inculcate habits of storing rain water in drought prone areas and proper irrigation system in an agri fields. But nationalisation has its demerits also. Govt will be the owner of the river banks and they can put restrictions on dwelling on river banks thus making loss to many poor people. Govt also makes dams on rivers which requires poor people to shift their dwelling to other areas most of the times without compensation. Like every other govt sector. Nationalisation has in it the seed of corruption. So before the nationalisation of rivers access to which is the right of every one govt must device proper planning and rules and regulations that do not need frequent amendments. Thank you.

Nissi said:   1 decade ago
I think water should be nationalized. If the Government nationalizes them the government think of the need of the water in each state. Government supplies the water to each and every state as the demand of the water. Some stages have huge amount of water in there reservoirs and some don't have a single drop. Water is essential for every one. If government takes the responsibilities then all the land comes under cultivation and it will increases the productivity of the land and there by decrease the importing of goods from other countries and increase the number quality and quantity of the goods exported to the other countries by which it will increase the Indian economy. We are still a developing country we should use each and every path to make India a completely developed country. By making the rivers nationalized the land becomes fertile and can be used for cultivation there are by the Indian labors can get some work, some food, and even Indian goods quality can also be increased.

Sravs said:   9 years ago
Hi friends.

I support the topic. The water resources must be nationalized.

There are many advantages.

1. Water resources will be used effectively and reduction in wastage of water.

2. The problem of disputes between the states will be avoided to maximum extent.

3. Since the water resources are under the control of national government it will take prevention on supply of water to farmers.

4. Scarcity problem will be reduced.

5. Building of dams will be reduced and hence that amount must be used for other purpose.

There are disadvantages to.

Because of this there may be corruption, many political issues may arise.

In my point of view they can be reduced by aligning one department separately and that department must be given superior powers.

Let us consider as example that one state requires more amount of water at one season and other state at other season, . In this case the department will take care and produce water as per requirements.

Nishigandha Babar said:   2 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, water is a scarce resource so it is essential to use it properly. But most people in our country don't understand the importance of water and frequently use lot of water & waste too much water.

There is no awareness of the protection of water in our country so increase in water pollution also.

We see wastage in water in every sector like household purpose, industrial sector, agricultural sector almost in all sectors where water required.

The amount of water used is decided by government authorities but no one follows them.

As we know there is 71%water & 29% Land but only 3% water is used as freshwater other remaining 97%Water is in sea, ocean, salty water, glaciers so it must to save water.

If water resources should be nationalized its wastage will reduce & everyone understands the importance of water.

So to save our nation, save water.

Thank you.

Vaidhya said:   1 decade ago
Hey Friends : Am vaidhya. P :Francis Xavier engineering college:.

I would say Nationalizing of water resource is much important.
The water resource is imbalanced in different regions.

The thing is instead of just joining the river to ocean ""if we nationalize them"".

- The usage of the water resource will increase.
- Create employment to the local people.
- Cultivable land can be converted into cultivatable land.
- Reduces the scarcity of in different areas.
- There won't be flooding's.
- No need to build too many dam's.
- Many sources from income such as fishing etc.
- May be a chance for a local transport.

Off-course it has disadvantages too :.

- Chance for corruption.
- Improper ceasing of land.
- May create fight between different regions.
- Industries may make the water polluted.
- AND so many political problems.

But compared to disadvantages there are too many advantages.

D Sridhar Rao said:   9 years ago
Hi Friends,

Our country is purely on agricultural dependent. So nationalization of water is very much important. In our country around 70% of rain water will goes into sea every year because of our poor infrastructure. We have to construct many dams and reservoirs across the country to keep the flood and rain water in maximum levels. Also interlinking of all revers is must, so that we can divert the flood water in other states where this water is very much required for agriculture and drinking etc. In many cities so many natural lakes and ponds are occupied by the local builders for illegal constructions this must be stopped immediately and should be punished strongly who ever the person might be. Strong water regulatory body should be formed and government should give more importance to our farmer brothers who is providing food to us for living.


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