Water resources should be nationalised

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Suhas said:   4 weeks ago
Hello Everyone.

In my opinion, Water resources should be nationalised. As you all know, Water is essential for all living being in their daily survival. In the past few years, We have seen many interstate water disputes: Between Tamilnadu and Karnataka, Andra Pradesh and Odisha, etc. Due to this, Needy people and livestock are affected.
And there are many places in India where water is scarce; People suffer from drought. Some places have abundant water, Which reaches the drains as wastewater or reaches the sea untouched. In some places, People use unhygienic water, Which is unfit for the usage of household purposes. To overcome this problem water resources should be nationalised.

Payal Chougale said:   11 months ago
Water is use for drinking, bathing, cooking, and washing. Water is most important for everyone living things. People can leave without water for 2days only 3% fresh water in the earth and 71% submarine water.

Nishigandha Babar said:   2 years ago
Hello friends, I'm Nish Babar.

According to me, water is a scarce resource so it is essential to use it properly. But most people in our country don't understand the importance of water and frequently use lot of water & waste too much water.

There is no awareness of the protection of water in our country so increase in water pollution also.

We see wastage in water in every sector like household purpose, industrial sector, agricultural sector almost in all sectors where water required.

The amount of water used is decided by government authorities but no one follows them.

As we know there is 71%water & 29% Land but only 3% water is used as freshwater other remaining 97%Water is in sea, ocean, salty water, glaciers so it must to save water.

If water resources should be nationalized its wastage will reduce & everyone understands the importance of water.

So to save our nation, save water.

Thank you.

Siddharth Bhardwaj said:   2 years ago
Hii everyone. Earth is surrounded by oceans 75% of the earth is surrounded by water and rest of land but in 75% only 1% of water is useable so I am in favour of nationalisation of water resources because in our country every state has different geographical challenges For example; Punjab, Haryana and Kerela are water-rich states on the other side Rajasthan, Delhi and Maharashtra are water deficient states. These problems can be solved by nationalisation of water resources because after nationalisation the whole control of water resources are in the hand of the central government after which they can distribute water resources equally in all states of India by different ways.

SHUBHANKA said:   3 years ago
HI EVERYONE, Water resources should be nationalized, its shouldn't be state wise because we have many river, which overflows for the city every year, example IN BIHAR RIVER Gandak, Burhi Gandak and Bagmati, Kamla, Kosi and Mahananda " due to heavy rain in the catchment areas of the major rivers of Nepal which flows down to north Bihar. We facing disaster every year in many cities, so I think GOI should think about this topic seriously and my places where water is not there so people died bcs of water so. Its important to water resources should be nationalized.

Nupur said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone, water is an essential element of human survival and its resources are limited so water resources should not be divided state wise, it should be nationalised so that it can be equal for all, as now it is divided state wise there is water this balance in the nation eg: one side there are states like Punjab, Haryana and Kerala who have abandoned of water and other side Delhi, Maharashtra who are dry states so water bodies should be nationalised to: reduce the water wars between the states as it hampers the integrity of country further as it is scared and it is of everyone so if it remains only with state government so they can use it harshly and situation may happen like of cape town where they are at the level of end of underground water.

Thank you.

Manikanta reddy said:   5 years ago
No, it should not be nationalized, as it is in local government only. If it is nationalized there is a chance to use that water to their political career. It creates a lot of problems between two states, otherwise if it is in local government they use that water according to their convenience and need. But central government make a committee take care of rivers and ensure water to every state through interlocking of rivers.

Gagan said:   5 years ago
Yeah, off course it should be nationalized why means water is not getting more to people and it is wasted more and more. And also polluting water, we all should take care and clean about water.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

In My point of view, Water resources should be nationalized, Because water is most important for living and non-living things. In India having the many rivers. But many rural areas don't have water. This is must be changed.

India is an agriculture country. But many farmers don't have the water for agriculture purpose. If they continue this situation, Famine comes for food and water.

Keerthi said:   6 years ago
Hi, friends India is an agricultural country so nationalizing water resource will also help to grow our villages and agriculture.

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