Voters, not Political Parties, are Responsible for the Criminalization of Politics

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Rythm said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends,
Yes I fully agree with the quote that "voters, not political parties are responsible for the crime" because when the voter came to us for votes then why we gave our precious votes to corrupt & criminal politicians. We should try to give our votes to the right person not on the discrimination of caste, creed or locality. When we realize our social responsibility then our country will be free from corrupt politicians.

Jyt said:   1 decade ago
I do agree with the fact that voters are responsible. Because 20% of the people don't cast their votes and those who do, either have no idea of their own whom to vote, will go with the masses or will decide on the basis of caste and community.

And the politicians also promise too much before the elections., when time comes to put the words into action, they hardly remember anything.

Amit rai said:   1 decade ago
I will partially agree with the statement.judicial use of the voting rights given to citizens is a must to ensure selection of suitable candidates.People waste their voting by not voting or by selling their votes for money.It is us who vote for the criminal and so called "dabang" people in the election.By nipping the bud we can prevent these criminals from entering our parliament and legislatures.In democracy the ultimate power lies with the public.But people treat themselves just another cog in the machine and forget the power of being a group.At the same time the political structure of our country also plays its role in criminalizing the politics.For the last 2 decades coalition government has been a regular feature of Indian politics.Under this system the government at center is more concerned about pleasing the coalition parties rather focusing on the real issues.some coalition parties use this opportunity to execute the biggest scams and then go away easily by threatening the government to pull its support.

Pavani said:   1 decade ago
In our country politics are becoming worst. We don't know how whom to you have vote. In our country politicians are very negligible people they do unwanted things for people. So today rice cost is 1RS/kg. And other things like bus charges and railway charges and daily needs rates were increasing.

But no one should ask and no one should bother about this. They are like what want do want to do they do in this way the people are thinking. But some people are suffering for this situation.

Any way friends choose your correct leader for the sake our country. Be think and vote for the politicians.

Avantika said:   1 decade ago
Well friends being the citizen of a democratic country, and having right to vote each and every citizen of a country like India is also responsible for a corrupt government formation.

People are well aware today that if a good candidate wins the election, then definitely the citizen will get the return benefit to himself only.

If one person who is poor takes bribe by any political party to cast his important vote, it none other mistake of politician its the mistake of the vote caster because by his/her general thinking he can think that the person who is going in illegal and corrupt way now, how he or she can run a good government But those poor people don't think of that fact that time, and finally when govt becomes corrupt they start blaming that none of the parties that are running is good and all. So I ask those citizens that by whose selection government is formed.

I am not saying for a corrupt party only citizens are responsible but they take the most important initiative of selecting them. A govt is formed by the people and for the people. So everyone whoever is casts vote is equally responsible.

Naushad said:   10 years ago
Voters are not wholly responsible for the Criminalization of politics,

If we look from the voters point of view than we have to consider some facts that in India there are more than 6 lakh villages and those people do not have the access to media properly, So how can they decide who will be better to represent their interest.

Secondly, If they select a right candidate than because of the complexities of coalition government in India, often interest of the voters are compromised. So what's the point of choosing a right candidate.

But its is not political parties only responsible for the criminalization of politics because voters are the one who elect the candidate, common perception of voters are that.

What's wrong if I vote for him as he has talked with me, I know him personally, he is from my community, from my religion, my area, I have received monetary benefits from him, than people forget the candidates background record and do not bother to think about whether he/she is the right person and caste the vote for that person.

During election political parties offers various types of benefits mainly monetary to the poor people it is hard to ignore such benefits for them, and people think that everyone is corrupted so whatever benefits you are getting take it, something is better than nothing. But why not take the benefits and vote for the right candidate, No one is perfect in this world.

Voters think that what a single vote will make the difference, as mass thinks in this way and ultimately it makes the difference but negatively.

Though political parties are responsible mainly but we can not ignore the role of voters, it is the voters who must take the initiative for the better political system and thereby by for a better nation.

Manish said:   9 years ago
Yes, As per the citizen of India we are responsible of in our political system, we are become very flexible at the time of election, when giving vote to the different candidate, We have the right to choose the best candidate or reject them but we will choose those candidate those are giving the greedy things to us and we will give vote them. This is the political scenario of our country, first we have to take our responsibilities that give vote to the right people so that we can aspect them they will give good governance to us, or reject them so that they will not get another chance of becoming the minister.

Gunjan said:   9 years ago
Friends, my basic thought is.

Yes voters do play important role in political system but they do not have right to decide about who will contest the elections.

& the other thing is like other governmental professions politics does not asks about educational qualification it only asks about age & nationality. So those who are fulfilling these 2 "qualifications" are allowed to control our country.

And we all are aware about many other manipulations in our administrative set up.

So my stand is, more than voters other factors like knowing some party members/head etc influences the politics more.

Deepmala said:   9 years ago
Voters are not responsible for criminalization of political system but political parties are. They do wrong things only for their benefits. They make use of common people who are poor. During elections political parties use wrong way to win the election. They give money & other materialistic things to poor people to win their confidence & finally they win the election. Its not the fault of a poor person who accept things from politician because its easy to win the confidence of a needy & vulnerable people. Our political parties lack morals & ethics & thats the biggest reason for criminalization.

Rocky said:   9 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my view, voters are in a way responsible for criminalization in politics because if we exercise our responsibilities properly and look upon the politics in India then of course we would be at the conclusion of choosing the best among the political parties. Every individual should have enough knowledge about our political system.

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