Unrest in Countries around India

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Rohit said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Unrest in the neighboring states of India has been in limelight in the last 3-4 years. To start with, our northwestern country Pakistan has been a nation with maximum disturbance. Pakistan has been accused of aiding terrorism by many countries. In fact, Pakistani terrorism is the cause of India's north region disturbance. Since article 370 and 35A were scraped by the Home Minister in the month of August, the Jammu & Kashmir region has been in turmoil. The perpetual military fights between the two nations are weakening the economy of both countries. Now considering China, India has a fair economic relationship with this giant nation. The goods sold in India are by large made in China. But the military relationship with China has not been consistent. The 1962 Indo-China war and the Doklam issue of the year 2017 are a few pieces of evidence. Also, India doesn't like china entertaining Pakistan's terrorism rather suggests china to boycott Pakistan.

The third nation where I see unrest in Myanmar. Myanmar has also been a point of concern for the Indian armed forces since the 1965 war. Myanmar has been allegedly training Naxalites and their own terrorists to invade India. The surgical strikes of 2016 proved the existence of the training camps near the Indo-Myanmar border.

Bangladesh and Nepal have been good friends of India But both the nations are suffering from internal crimes like Human trafficking etc. The South Island, Sri Lanka is also suffering from its internal conflicts. The conflict is between the politicians of the country. Recently the president of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena sacked the prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and appointed Ranil Wickremesinghe as the new prime minister. Due to this political catastrophe, Sri Lanka has been in news for political riots and strikes.

So, to sum up, there is a variable amount of unrest in all the countries including India, but this variable is high in some countries and at the same time low in the other. This is because humans have evolved by the predator-prey model of the food cycle, So at the end of the day someone gains something and the other one loses something. This is how life goes.

Thank you.

Sai said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, unrest around India may not effect significantly unless the unrest is in China because China is India's largest trading partner with a potential trade value of 80 billion$ and practically its almost impossible to make India unstable as like Syria, Iraq we are very very powerful to protect ourselves and I think everything can be controlled simply by effective diplomacy.

As we know very well that when unrest happened in Nepal due to blockade caused along the indo Nepal border by the madhesis sect of Nepal then the transportation along the border was stopped so business in Nepal crippled as for Nepal-India is largest trading partner but it didn't effected Indian economy but for regional stability India tried to interfere but in some instants unrest around India may effect as in Pakistan, Bangladesh so imagine if these two areas become fully unstable due to terrorists (ISIS) and they take on the governments as like happened once in Afghanistan (in Afghanistan I think alqaidha took on government) then it may cause lot of panic in India also as Pakistan's nuclear arsenal would be in the dangerous hands actually then also its almost difficult because we would have s-400 air defense systems and 1620 fighter jets and moreover in the situation when state govt is taken over by terrorists USA interferes along with its NATO allies and Russia will also interfere.

So actually India will not be victim but would have full advantage.

Conclusion is the internal unrest of any country around India cannot effect India significantly unless the government of India takes any stupid decision in favour of enemies (porkies).

AMAN KUMAR SAURYA said:   8 years ago
Nowadays India is facing conflict with neighboring countries which turned out in the form of unrest. There is the main reason for unrest in the margin area of India. First one is the border dispute and the second one is the terrorism.

Border disputes with China and Pakistan can only be handled by mutual negotiation. I don't want to say that war is not any option. War must be the last option for solving any problem.

An economist had once marked that if any country goes to war with any other its development goes 20 years back and India being the fastest developing country should not go for such type of activities. India must strengthen its sovereign power and utilize it so that Pakistan like countries could not interfere in Indian issue especially for Kashmir.

Sajjad said:   8 years ago
I do not see it in this way because if unrest is present in around countries than unrest have to be present in India also because if we want to clap we need two hands we can not clap with only one if around country is hostile to India it means India is also hostile to them if India gives an open hand of friendship to others than other would not refuse.

Jitendra Kumar said:   9 years ago
Unrest around the world as well as the neighbor countries of the India because of wish to opted out of the Supremacy power among them. These kind of dominate thinking emposed the unbalance all over around there in terms of, power, economy, prosperity and the peace etc. These are the main element to make out the each and individual country peaceful and prosper.

This is also un-hidden truth that the India is know as the country of diversity and the need peace all over around and wanted to maintain the peace full and strong relation to the each and every country. But timely some of the social and international elements always try to bleed our country no of ways.

But beside these all the our country are being successful to maintain their integrity and peace. And with the effect to the new government, it also become possible to maintain out the peach full accord to other many Asian and the south nations.

The integrity of our nation will be uplifted by the people of the Indian with fraternity.

Jai hind, Jai bharat.

P K Mohapatra said:   10 years ago
Hi friends.

In my mind India is a peace loving country. But unfortunately its neighboring countries are hostile to her. The reasons of hostility is jealousness, border issues etc.

India always wants to raise her hands for mutual cooperation & friendly relationships. In this way we can solve issues like the previous ones with Sri Lanka & Afghanistan. If we work with each other mutually the enemy will be turned as a friend.

Because hostility & enmity will show the way of destruction only.

Ramchandra said:   10 years ago
Hey friends,

As we all know that India wants peace with neighboring countries but countries like china and pakistan are not supporting because of silly land and territory issues. China showing its power of defence and pakistan doesn't have that much as India inspite of defeat in 1971, 1999 (Kargil war) it has not learnt a lesson of how much human loss, economical imbalance will occur. Pakistan still not able to come out of its weak economic viability as it is supported by china and USA. USA is supporting Pakistan because of it want to dominate China and India. We should bilaterally discuss the boundary issues come to a conclusion so that can have better cooperation between us.

Kanna said:   10 years ago

Our nation India wants a good relation from others. But due to some reason it can't able to maintain. Our world countries just only talking about peace but no one can initiate to start make a peaceful world. Why I m not talking about India and neighbour countries but talking about world. This s not a problem among us this has been going among the rest of the countries of world.

The reason for we are fighting or all fighting only about who is big one among us. And some silly reasons like borders problems, enter into inside of border without permission attack the opponent army force. These all make to feel us they are our enemy country, people from those country it push us to mistreat them etc. These things make unhappy relation with them. If we avoid our ego that it will bring us to high and one thing people from overall world have to see our world as our nation.

Shantha kumar said:   10 years ago
The countries around India are not more powerful than us. Still they are not developed except china. They should try to maintain a smooth relationship with India so that it.

Will benefit both sides. Acquiring power or land is not great for a country but making their people to live peacefully matters most. India is trying that at its best. But internal and external problems of our neighbouring countries makes their relationship with India a weaker one. So unless they settle themselves our border problems won't be solved.

Santosh kuradi said:   1 decade ago
We have unresolved border issue it does mean that neighboring countries should sponsors terrorism & intrusion, India being peaceful loving country always ready for bilateral talks. As it is not understood by Pakistan & china, no issue we will resolve it, however countries like Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal & Sri Lanka are friendly with whom can resolve the issue, first we should do this so that, India being in its way become giant in Asia will be help full, once we tackle with our friend countries than rest either they understand by this or they will made do understand.

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