Unrest in Countries around India

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S c sharma said:   1 decade ago
Most of the opinions expressed above have some merit. All are, in fact, correct in some way or the other.

In my view, India should, at least in the short run, contain it's global ambitions and focus acutely on becoming a strong economy and a well integrated nation, having commonality of purpose and consensus on important national issues.

We have a bright future if we have a friendly environment, based on real strength, around us.

Anuo Gupta said:   1 decade ago
Unrest is the cause of lack of mutual understanding between the two countries.

India though always have tried its best to make mutual understanding with neighbours weather its pakistan, china or sri lanka and always avoid to attack 1st but the pakistan's desire for kashmir and china's interference in north eastern states always interrupted the relations recently china bring their army troops 20 km inside Indian territory and pakistan killed two army men and had not returned their head. It was not Indias initiative at all. Red army in china and terrorists of pakistan always try to disturb Indian peace. I think united nations and countries like russia should help to maintain the situation between india, pak n china to make a good coordination and the heads of states should develop the peaceful relations that will help to maintain peace.

Naresh said:   1 decade ago
Problem is that another countries like China and Pakistan does not want good relation with India. India is strong Country. No Doubt. As we know that China and Pakistan does not want good relation with India. So India should think another things. As we are helping Afghanistan to develop infrastructure in Afghanistan. That's why afghan citizens takes India as their friend country. Afghanistan does not like Pakistan. As because of Pakistan's terrorism there is not peace in Afghanistan. We can handle Pakistan with the help of Afghanistan. We have main problem from China. As its big and powerful Country. But China has problems with Its neighbor countries like Vietnam (Problem of south China Sea) , Philippians, and Japan (there is problem of an island between japan and china). As we know enemy of enemy is friend. So we make good relationship with these countries. I mean with Vietnam, Japan, and Philippians. Russia is our friend. And China is also bordered with Russia. So With the help of Russia, japan, Philippians, and Vietnam India can handle China. Now another problem however these not big problems like Bangladesh, Srilanka. These countries are actually friendly to us. But if there is any problem. Than we can handle these counties by giving money as loan. If our loan will be on these countries. Than These Countries won't even think about crating any problem against India. Now if someone ask from where we will give these countries money. Than no doubt India Is Rich Country. Even if single person gives only one rupees than we collect 120 Crore Rupees. One thing we have to be unite. Thanks a lot to all my friends. One thing make good relation with U.S.A to handle China. As U.S.A Knows that India is only country in Asia that can stop China.

Venkatesh said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I agree with the above people. But only with peace we can't stop the other countries from creating unrest in India. India is not a weak country even we have a power to throw a war on them ! Eg. Like KARGIL war India must show its power and Ability to others !. So Atleast we can make our people live in peace.

Raju krishnan said:   1 decade ago
In my view India always tried to maintain good relationship between neighbor countries to avoid fights but they are making so much issues to create problem. Evrywhere in the have property issues if someone have less property they will try to take illegally or by fight othrs property. I think we have to put more securities in boundarys of India and we must interfere in other countries problem.

Soumya mariyat said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends,

I also agree with my friend's opinions. India has very bad relation with most of its neighboring countries due to the border problems and most of these countries are having many internal issues also. For example in Pakisthan due to the non-democratic government and terrorism. Afganisthan is also fighting with a terrorist group called thaliban. The attack of china over Tibet is another issue. Myanmar has been in one of the longest running civil wars that remains unresolved because of the internal conflicts. SreeLanka was fighting with LTTE. All these issues affected the relationship between India and these countries.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
I do agree with all of you. India is nearly surrounded by different countries so many a times we face unrest from our neighbour countries especially form china and pakistan who every now and then try to invade India and create unrest. But I feel the policies of peace which India follows are very good. Because it creates healthy relation with our neighbours and also reduces tensions in the citizens too, because when we are at war I think none of the fighters are happy to have a war.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Very well said by Riya. I would like to extend her point, china is trying to take on the poor neighbouring countries of India by helping them economically, and using them as strength against India.

Dharini said:   1 decade ago
Though India wants to maintain peace btw its neighbouring contries,its not allowed to do so.Inorder to increase their land area n power they(neighbours)fight with others.they take advantage of internal-external issues of the opponent country.But wee maintain our policy of non-intervention in others interal affairs though we know that problem occurs for our citizens there.Now we try to rescue them legally but forget to give them a respectful life there.
we hav problems wid all sides-pak,china,nepal n srilanka;all create problems wid borders.
with globalisation into effect they try to reduce the economy of india by intoducing low quality goods,trading illegally-black marketting,etc...
they help the naxals,anti-social activists and terrorists for destructive activities and try to create an insecure situation.

still we try to handle everythg wid peace n non-violence its already time to handle these problems not only with peace but wid courage.

RAM MURTI RAWAT said:   1 decade ago
India is best countries all other countries but also good for us, because although the countries are dependent for the all other country in dependent in India it is my conclusion is the best performance not a single country but all countries are relationship are very good think.

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