Unrest in Countries around India

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Harsh Doshi said:   1 decade ago
Hey Friends

Unrest is to be seen everywhere. Unrest is created between countries when the countries dont have a mutual understanding between them. Now-a-days we see that there are so many disputes between the countries amongst different countries on smallest of the issues. We all very well know that there is unrest in countries around India.

Following are some of the factors:
1) India - Pakistan Unsteady Relationships
2) China eating up almost all the different markets by sourcing in products from all different categories.

And there are many more reasons that see unrest around. Also we have seen that terrorism has created an unrest in the world on a very huge scale.

Bujji said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

Unrest is know becoming major problem between different countries. Since it many conflicts are occurring out. It not only depends on some persons it depends on whole citizens. With out this unrest problem our countries are should be so happy so since it we may develop friendship around all countries.

Riya said:   1 decade ago
Unrest among the countries arise when they are involved in becoming more and more powerful and do not care about the healthy and friendly environment. An example that I would like to mention in this respect is that. For becoming more powerful China is continuously trying to grasp all the small cities and states around it. It has sent its citizens to Tibet to marry the girls over their. And now the male female ratio in Tibet is about 80:20.

Karna said:   1 decade ago
Due to globalisation and various other issues, as we can see there is some sort of unrest everywhere around the world.for example we can take India -Pak relationship.As we can see some sort uneasiness seen between both the countries.Pakistan with in its self contained lot of terrorist strikes..we have got border dispute issue with china in our northern border side.on our southern coast side ,we have water dispute issue with Srilanka.As every country to be peaceful and heaven to live it should be in good ties with its neighbouring countries.

Karthika said:   1 decade ago
We move the countries with the best relationship means,it will become a peaceful country the main problem is based on our citizens.They are not bothering about the people they think their problems are important due to this the unrest problem will occur.

Mereena said:   1 decade ago
Commonly unrest is coming from the misunderstanding between two countries.But most of the unrest in the world coming from the boarder dispute.Countries wish to broad their area.For this, they begin to fight with others.Consider the case between India and China.Similar in the case between India and Pakistan. Both of these two case, the dispute is coming from the boarder issues.

Anjali said:   1 decade ago
There is unrest in India-Pak, India-china, India-Srilanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh etc because of the want of more power. Unrest in one country troubles the neighbouring countries also. India has bad relations with almost all its neighbour countries. And all these countries are trying to grab land of India. In the world whether countries are trying to expand their business these countries are trying to increase their land. N we are suffering because of that. It give rise to terrorism also. The countries should support each other it the situation of crisis instead of taking advantage of crisis. Countries should realise that a nation can grow it its neighbour is also growing along with the country and its people.

RAM MURTI RAWAT said:   1 decade ago
India is best countries all other countries but also good for us, because although the countries are dependent for the all other country in dependent in India it is my conclusion is the best performance not a single country but all countries are relationship are very good think.

Dharini said:   1 decade ago
Though India wants to maintain peace btw its neighbouring contries,its not allowed to do so.Inorder to increase their land area n power they(neighbours)fight with others.they take advantage of internal-external issues of the opponent country.But wee maintain our policy of non-intervention in others interal affairs though we know that problem occurs for our citizens there.Now we try to rescue them legally but forget to give them a respectful life there.
we hav problems wid all sides-pak,china,nepal n srilanka;all create problems wid borders.
with globalisation into effect they try to reduce the economy of india by intoducing low quality goods,trading illegally-black marketting,etc...
they help the naxals,anti-social activists and terrorists for destructive activities and try to create an insecure situation.

still we try to handle everythg wid peace n non-violence its already time to handle these problems not only with peace but wid courage.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Very well said by Riya. I would like to extend her point, china is trying to take on the poor neighbouring countries of India by helping them economically, and using them as strength against India.

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