Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Akash said:   5 years ago
Hello guys! I am Akash coming to the point tobacco is a crop which is very dramatic drug to the present timed teens and of course normal people, it is very harmful to the human body, so if the govt ban there will huge downfall for the nation in the field of economics so, instead of banning literate the people of India about the dreadful diseases caused by it and if the person is addicted to it then there are some ways to get rid of it.

Manohar said:   5 years ago
Tobaccos should be banned because our youngster addicted by this major problem. In my opinion government should be take quick action on it.

Gomathi Subramani said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone;.

In my point of view, yes it should be banned. Nowadays the youngsters also addicted by the way of using tobaccos so they are spoiling their lives so thats why the goverment should take a decision to banned tobaccos.

Nayan said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, baning is not a solution to this or any other problem, because if you ban a product it would lead to illegal marketing of that product. For eg. In gujrat liquor is ban still a huge number of people consume it illegally. A good solution to this problem is to create awareness and to find alternative solutions to this problem. Like nicotine could help effectively. Banning would also lead to an increase in the price of tobacco products, eventually if one wants to have it he will get it in high rates. Thousands of tribal people are in tobacco business and farming; they would be lost their jobs. Excess to anything is injuries. So rather than banning better planning is needed.

Varun Mishra said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, tobacco products should be banned as cause severe harm to body of the consumer. Every citizen of the India has the right to Life whereas tabacoo products harm to human body casuing death, so act to constitution (fundamental right to Life) government should ban all the tabacoo products even if cost loss of revenue collection.

Bhairvi said:   5 years ago
Hello Everyone.

In my opinion, tobacco should be banned. Tobacco is highly addictive and causes serious harm to human lives. Tobacco is the main cause of many deadly diseases Tobacco being very cheap is consumed by many people especially the poor one's. Now a days not only adults but also teenagers have started consuming tobacco. Also gov is not banning it as it can cost high loss to them in terms of revenues. So its high time, we should initiate campus drives, making people aware of.

Consequences of consuming tobacco and spreading this awareness to high extend.

Surya said:   5 years ago
Hi everyone,

In my point of view, yes tobacco should be banned completely in our nation. Due to this there are many diseases for human being as cancer, brain tumour, blood cancer. Tobacco addict human are increasing addict human. Goverment doesn't want to banned because due to this goverment much get revenue.

Jasobanta Sahu said:   5 years ago
Hello friends, I am Jasobanta.

In my opinion, tobacco should be banned because there are many health problems to human beings. Most of the deaths recorded by tobacco per annum. If the family head dies in the family the whole family on the road. Then what about other families. This is also the reason for poverty. If one person smokes a cigarette, it affects the surrounded people also. Even it gives a lot of tax to the government but it gives a lot of health problems to humans.

Shreya said:   5 years ago
Tobacco should be ban. Because it harms our health. It is a cause of many diseases like cancer, brain tumour. And many other. And the main reason that government get much revenue so they didn't ban. But hey have to ban tobacco as soon as possible.

Ankit said:   5 years ago
Yes, it should be banned because it causes the normal man to suffer a lot as they don't know how it affects their lives and government is not banning it because by these products they get a lot of revenue.

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