Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Hitsrathore said:   5 years ago
Banning tobacco is not the only solution to this. If tobacco gets banned then, it will have a great impact on the people who are tobacco addicts. Illegal supply of tobacco will start and its price will also rise which is also a serious issue. People who are involved in the making of tobacco will be greatly affected. They will immediately lose their job and will have nothing to do for a living. Therefore, before banning tobacco government should take proper actions for the people. They should do proper planning for eg rehab centers should be opened for people who are tobacco addicts, other work opportunities for daily wagers who work in tobacco making so that they have something to work upon for a living.

If we banned tobacco our GDP of the country will also fall down which is another serious issue that needs resolution.

So, I will like to conclude with this that tobacco can be banned but with proper planning and actions.

DIVYA heaven said:   5 years ago
Yaa I absolutely agree tobacco must be banned it is injuries for health it is harmful to lung it could damage our damage it could spoil our family it is a very thinkable point yes, tobacco is an ugly and stopable thing it should be banned.

Harendra Pratap Singh said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, tobacco must be banned because It is injurious for health and it is responsible for diseases like lung cancer it's not only death but also spoils their family.

Sachin said:   5 years ago
I think banning is not a solution because after banning many of small shops will destroy and people will jobless also there is a possibility that they start buying it illegally. The people who take it also shift to another drug that will harm them. Also banning tobacco is not a solution. A huge campaign has to start so that they can know the merits and demerits of it.

Sruthi Vanka said:   5 years ago
Good morning to one and all!

Now the given topic is "Tobacco must be banned. Yes or no".

Yes, it should be banned why because we already know smoking & drinking alcohol are injurious to health. If a person is smoking means it will damage his life along with others who are at his surroundings. I don't know why the government is taking much time to ban these addicted habits. We know how the government is taking precautions related to traffic rules. They are collecting fines for the persons who are not travelling without licence or helmet or seat belt. But when coming to this case we are just finding the quotations like "smoking is injurious to health" or "Don't drink alcohol or cigarette" written mostly in public areas. If they start collecting fines for these addicted habits people will get some awareness & they at least control these habits to not to exhibit in public areas & government should make awareness among the people through advertisements & short films. Mostly teenagers are attracted to hero's attitude in movies & they try to imitate them.

The persons who are addicted to these kinds of habits should think about their family members because annually so many members are dying due to these kinds of bad habits.

Divya naidu said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, tobacco is injurious to not a man but also our society, even teenagers are also taking tobacco, we will not stop this by users, but the government should implement rules and cases for this users and sellers.

Siva Nittala said:   5 years ago
Hello to everyone.

By discussing tobacco banning, that idea is good. In my point of view, that tobacco is hazardous to health and life has everyone knows. So we will have to decide that to cigar tobacco or not. Then its enough for prevention. We don't have to make any plans for stopping tobacco.

Thanking you.

Rishi pandey said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone.

Tobacco must be banned or not this is our topic and my views on this is that it should not be banned because it creates a lot of employment and government Generate a huge revenue from it so in order to improve and increase the growth of the country banning will not be a good option but as far as health is concerned, yes we are pretty much aware that its consequences are worse than any other thing but still aware of this fact people still continuing in consuming this harmful product, here if we talk about the awareness then it will not be a good step because there are already lots of endorsement, campaign running to get the control but its all goes in vain until people who are consuming don't have the will to avoid it even knowing the problems like cardiac problems, cancer etc. Summarising my views on this topic is that banning will not create a huge difference as it generates a lot of revenue but knowing the fact and cons. If people still prefer it then it's not a big deal they are dumb and spoiling there life by their own and even the gods cannot change their thinking if they don't have the will to stop.

Karuna said:   5 years ago
According to my point of view, tobacco needs to banned because many women's are missing their life and also many children's are losing their father. Nowadays most of the youngsters are addicted to this habit.

Yogesh jain said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

In my opinion, Tabacco should be banned. It is injurious for our life and it affects a lot of bad effect on our body.

Due to this, many people will die before their lifeline. I want only that instead of Tabacco they have to take cardamom. It is good for health and nobody thinks run to see you.

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