Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Kaviya priyan said:   4 days ago
Yes, tobacco must be banned to prevent the current generation we must create awareness about tobacco among teenagers they suffer a lot in this spoiled society it not should be sold in local shops.

Thank you.

Gaurav Kumar said:   3 weeks ago
According to me, the Tobacco should not be banned. Why it should be ban. Most of the farmer livelihood depends on the farming of Tobacco. If we consume the Tobacco on the daily basis and many time a day then it will cause a fast and serious problem to a human body. Tobacco also used in medicine purpose. Tobacco leave used to stop bleediing and applied to the cut as an antiseptic.

People started consume Tobacco as an addicted to it. Tobacco has pros and cons as It used in medicinal area and also people got addicted to it by starting consuming it in bad ways.

Shashikant said:   3 weeks ago
In my point of view, tobacco should not be banned suddenly because some people are addicted to that more so after banking suddenly may cause those people to control their minds for example a person who drinks daily can see after drinking only the day will start and they can't stand without that if suddenly ban that alcohol means they will die by suffering from that severance of that if make tha in their way to ban slowly we can reduce production to supply limit and increasing price and after that we can restrict it is good to ban we build our economy in their way.

Gourav Kahar said:   1 month ago
In my view, tabacco should not be banned because it helps in Indian economy, it is the problem of people who are addicted and knows the side effects of this but they consume it. We should educate the people's family they can understand the side effects of tabacco clearly and it is the possibility that family members can educate the addicted person and he or she understand his or her family's request.

I have a Psychological solution of this addiction government should do that if people are addicted to any unhealthy substances they won't be able to join any government job and government should take bill that any private compnay or institution or organization will check the people's history when they are joining organization so they will fear taking this substances if they don't fear from these rules than they will teach upcoming generations to not eat this substances and after he teach his next generation second generation will not eat tabacco or any substance it will come 5-10% people will consume these in place of 35-40%.

Anomie said:   1 month ago
Firstly, thanks for the wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts.

In my point of view, tobacco should be banned because of this tobacco many of them get new diseases and cancers. It leads to the destruction of the person. There is no use to take into our mouth. If one is addicted to this tobacco then it will never be left to that person. It's like a drug.

On the other side, many people's families depend on this and Many factories, but why do we invest that much money? If we invest much more amount on healthy food then we can improve people's health and develop India.

I raised a question to the government. Why do we use this type of product? If you don't know about this dangerous product. A person who is addicted to this tobacco can slowly be hit by cancer and after some time he may die. Then what about his family? Are you ready to take care of his family responsibilities? It destroys not a person but it affects their family too.

Veeraj said:   2 months ago
The tobacco is the deadliest artefact in the history of human civilisation. So, it must be banned.

SUMIT KUMAR said:   2 months ago
First of all, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

So in my point of view, tobacco should be banned. Because we all know that it's harmful to one's health and can damage their lungs and cause severe diseases like Cancer and so on. We should also think about the companies producing products like tobacco in the country, If we look near us we come to know that most of the products that are sold in the market in the name of the vanishing the addiction to tobacco of all of the products are being produced by the same companies who use to produce the tobacco.

Conclusion: So in my opinion, tobacco must be banned from our country, and we the common man of our country should come forward to stop the consumption of these poisons and create awareness among the people, especially the adults.

Vishal Maan said:   2 months ago
Hello, everyone, I'm VISHAL.
As we all know, tobacco is injurious to our health. The consumption of tobacco leads to various diseases like asthma, and lung problems. Like other addictions, it is growing very fast. The youngsters are mainly targeted by it as they think that it is a work of greatness. As we all know tobacco also plays a big part in our GDP. So, if we ban it it may lead to financial issues for our country. To spread awareness among people, the government should start awareness programs mainly in schools and colleges. There should be an age restriction on tobacco. So, at last I want to conclude that the government should start a programme among people. And should open some campaign. Also open "nsha mukti" centers .

Arnab Banerjee said:   3 months ago
Tobacco is highly addictive and like other addictive things it develops a consuming habit in people gradually and a habit can never be changed by banning something. But, on the other hand, tobacco is highly harmful to people. So to restrict tobacco consumption government must take action but that's not through banning, because it will force people to collect tobacco illegally. Also, tobacco contributes a lot to the Indian GDP. So the government shouldn't ban it directly rather, the government can arrange awareness campaigns, increase the price, and age limits, and in the end government can make the people realize how harmful it is for them and also can think about some healthy replacements.

Harika said:   3 months ago
Good Morning/Afternoon everyone.

This is Harika.

As we all know tobacco is the major cause of health problems like throat cancer, asthma, lung diseases, stroke etc. India is the 2nd largest producer and consumer of tobacco.

The immediate banning of tobacco leads to various problems like smuggling so we have to provide awareness programmes around educational institutions like schools and colleges. So, that it will not affect the younger generation.

We have to aware the tobacco consuming people about the side effects of tobacco through the National Tobacco Control Programme and reduce the production and supply of tobacco products.

Thank You.

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