Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Sahil said:   1 week ago
In my opinion Tobacco must be banned for the welfare of community. We all know that Apart from COVID, The tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world.

We should not forget that tobacco killed more than 8 million people every year.

By consuming tobacco not only adversely affect our health but also can end our career/life. Tobacco is an addictive substance, Most of the teenagers use tobacco at such a young age for showing off. They soon become addicted to that.

Looking over the matter, I personally suggest that government should act strictly on the use of tobacco and should promote other business opportunities as there are many alternative things that can be used instead of tobacco.

Thank you.

Abhishek Kumar said:   3 weeks ago
In my opinion, at present tobacco is a source of revenue for the government to make our states as well as a nation more developed, but looking into the wider aspect it affects us a lot according to the current scenario most of the teenagers are trapped into this by consuming it because of which they are now suffering from many of the diseases related to the mouth also from the severe disorder that is *mouth cancer*, as our country having the largest youth population in the worldwide with an average age group of 28, so it is definitely destroying our youth population.

So, in my conclusion, I would say that at present there are so many threats spread due to it, so, our government should take harsh action towards it and impose harsh laws as much as they can.

Jai Hind.

Durgesh said:   4 weeks ago
In my opinion, Tobacco should not be banned. Because Tobacco companies help our governments in many ways like paying their taxes correctly and which helps to run the nation properly. But a law must come, That says tobacco should not be sold to people who are less than 25 years old.

If this type of law comes we can hope to see a reduction in the consumption of Tobacco among People. Most teenagers fall into the traps of tobacco. They do it because their immature minds think that using tobacco in front of people is real Heroism, so they do it. But after some time when they understood the real situation, Tobacco would take control over them. They must have gotten addicted to this. Even though their mind is not willing to accept tobacco but their body can't avoid it.

Mansi gusain said:   1 month ago
Hi this is Mansi Gusain,

Tobacco should not be banned because if it happens it will lead to the deaths of many consumers. It is on a person's needs and situation.
We can make people aware of its harmfulness but its in his/her own to stop or not. It makes people release stress just for some time but it does.
We should make it more of an inner potential to stop consumption.
Thank you.

Tarun kolhe said:   1 month ago
Tobacco is a highly addictive substance that has been linked to several serious health problems, including lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that tobacco use is responsible for over 7 million deaths each year. In light of these concerns, many countries, including India, have implemented measures aimed at reducing tobacco consumption, such as increasing taxes on tobacco products, implementing smoking bans in public places, and limiting advertising.

On the other hand, there are arguments against a complete ban on tobacco.

For example, the tobacco industry is a major source of employment and revenue in some countries, including India, and a ban on tobacco could result in significant economic consequences, such as job losses and decreased tax revenue. Additionally, it may be difficult to enforce a complete ban on tobacco, and there are concerns that it could lead to a black market for the product.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to ban tobacco is a complex and controversial one that requires consideration of a range of factors, including the health risks associated with tobacco use, the economic impact of a ban, and the feasibility of enforcement.

Anukriti said:   2 months ago
According to me, tobacco should be banned but I feel it cannot be completely banned. The reason for its complete discontinuation is of course health related which in turn leads to other issues, may it be social or economic.

People get addicted to it, and spend all their money on it, instead of using that money on something productive.

Apart from the money issue, severe health issues like cancer etc also take place. This further destroys the whole family. It doesn't allow a family to grow which in turn hampers the development of the country too. Because many families together make the whole nation.

But on the other hand, the tobacco industry is so big in our country. It gives employment to a big chunk of people. Banning it completely will require a good alternative for these workers too. This has to be very well thought upon.

Ayaz Ahmad said:   2 months ago
Hi Everyone My self Ayaz Ahmad.

In my opinion, tobacco products should be banned as they cause severe harm to the body of the consumer. Tobacco is the main cause of many deadly diseases. Tobacco, being very cheap, is consumed by many people, especially the poor ones. Nowadays, not only adults but also teenagers have started consuming tobacco. So, it is very important that the government take strong action against it to save many lives.

Porus said:   2 months ago
The Most common forms of tobacco that are taken in India are Khaini, Zarda, etc. That a common man and even the underprivileged can buy. Or only these sorts of people has it generally.

These things cause harm not only to the one who primarily consumes them but also to those who are in the surroundings. As well as slows down the thought process and tries to let these poor daily wage labourers be in the way they are no progressiveness.

And also causes solid waste problems and air pollution and negativity in the ecosystem.

So if Indian govt requires taxes for the social welfare of its citizens ultimates, so it will be social welfare itself if it bans all forms of tobacco.

Ninesing Kharlor said:   2 months ago
Hello everyone,

My name is Ninesing Kharlor. Greeting from Shillong.

According to my point of view, regarding the topic of tobacco, I think it should have a proper measurement. So, we all know that smoking and consuming tobacco is injurious to health but still, lots of people consume it. Even when it's already written in the packet they refuse to see what will come out in the future but they are on their own satisfaction.

Even the government also give permission to a certain amount of companies as they paid to the government a huge amount of money. The outcome of the money that the tobacco company gave to the government is in the form of taxes. So with the help of the taxes that the tobacco companies gave to the government, the government itself used it for many purposes as to run for the whole of the development of the nation. So according to me, it should not be banned but it should have a proper measurement for the welfare of the community as a whole. And its up to the consumer how to consume and maintain their physical and mental health.

Thank you.

Airman said:   3 months ago
Hello friends we are here to discuss on the topic.

TOBACCO MUST BE BANNED'. In my point of view, tobacco must be banned becouse we konw that it is injury to our health. If any people addicted of tobacco than they do not get rid of it. Many people takes Tobacco only fassion and after some time they addicted of it due to tobacco.

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