Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Harsh Kaushik said:   3 months ago
Hello friends,

Banning tobacco may lead to chaos because according to a survey 29%of all adults in India are indulged in consuming it.

According to me, reducing the production of products like tobacco slowly and raising awareness that tobacco does not contain any essential vitamins, or proteins and may lead to cancer may be an effective solution.

Manoranjan Mohanty said:   3 months ago
We all are aware of the causes and impact of consuming tobacco and alcohol.

It causes cancer, pollution and road accidents family problems etc. A lot of youngsters are severely affected and lose their careers and due to there are multiple advertising campaigns done by the government and Ngo and a lot of organizations still, we are unable to control the sells and consumption. If we ban tobacco it directly impacts our economy, our government collect a huge amount of taxes and a lot of people are employed in this organization.

Government impose lot of taxes in this product and the process of licenseing is very difficult but still people are pursuing and selling.

If we banned instantly it directly affect to our economy and we have to increase awareness and restrict the non licensing trade and we have to restrict trade slowly.

It affect our economy in short term but it will helpful in long run.

JHb said:   4 months ago
In My opinion, of course, tobacco is a bad habit and definitely injures health, but think that broad-view, every problem created by injury, lyk mentally more affected people without any tobacco, so my opinion was to change the education system, if some add exercise like yoga, Kalari, karate, these ways definitely change the future and I knew this exercise already added but it just showing but not implemented also education.

Shraddha Shrikant Salokhe said:   4 months ago
Yes, I agree with the statement, that tobacco must be banned because "one little pocket can kill thousands of lives".

Tobacco is just an addiction, it's very harmful to the human body as it is a hot substance that damages the mouth. There are various things all over the world for releasing stress, tobacco is not an option.

Abhishek kumar jha said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, tobacco must be banned but it might not be the only beneficiary step toward creating a tobacco-free environment. The most important of all would be creating awareness amongst the individuals affected by the addiction and encouraging them to help others get free from this tobacco addiction.

We can organize some sessions to enlighten the public about the bad health effects that tobacco can have.

In addition to this, the government plays a vital role in the process as it can create a controlled production and keep keen supervision for the same which might reduce the black market sales for tobacco.

Poojitha r said:   5 months ago
Hi friends,

According to my opinion, Tobacco should be banned.

Every Coin has 2 sides likewise banning tobacco is also having pros and cons.

The only disadvantage of the banning of tobacco is our country's GDP. But life is more important than any other thing. If a person or a younger citizen will addicted to tobacco, that may lead him into health problems or sometimes he may die also. The particular person's family also suffers a lot. So I am concluding that banning tobacco is only best.

Chettukinda vittalreddy said:   5 months ago
In my opinion, rather than banning tobacco govt raise awareness among the people. Implementing age restrictions should be mandatory and educate them like, it is not only kill's you whoever with you also impacts a lot, apart from govt it is an individual choice to make a decision whether to use it or not.

Mohammed Sohail said:   5 months ago
According to me tobacco should not banned if it's banned then it will sell in black.

The person who is addicted to tobacco will not eat food but consume tobacco then he is ready to buy at any cost. if tobacco sales were in double rate then he prefers to it only. Because it was dangerous for him he can do everything.

For example, in the Covid lockdown period; tobacco rates were double the rate at that time also the public purchased and consumed it.

If it's banned, the addicted people will buy it at high rates. I think it should not be banned and I suggest that strict rules be created for sellers that not be sold to minors and youth.

Kajal Kushwaha said:   5 months ago
According to me, tobacco should not be banned in India. Keeping GDP aside, it is also seen that some countries that banned tobacco saw a sudden rise in the selling of tobacco in the black market. It does not solve our problem instead it increases.

No doubt tobacco is injurious to our health but if we look in a broader way then even fast food is also injurious to health that doesn't mean we should ban all types of fast food. It is individuals' choice to decide what they want to eat and what not.

So, according to me instead of banning tobacco, we should raise awareness among people about the safety limits and harmful effects of tobacco.

Kadali Haritha said:   5 months ago
In my perspective, tobacco should be banned in India. Especially youth, they are the pillars of our country as we all know. Because it not only affects human health but also the growth of a country.

As a coin has two sides, a tobacco ban has both advantages as well as disadvantages. The main disadvantage is it may decrease the GDP and it slightly leads to unemployment for some workers and the advantage is better growth of the country.

-Thank you.

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