Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

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Divya R said:   4 years ago
Yes, it should be banned for healthy India.

The one who consume tobacco products he is going to suffer in future and also by means of taking tobacco in tha public environment they are creating passive smoking for the people around. The children are highly affected by the passive smoking there are problems like wheezing, coughing, breathlessness and also increase the number of children who are becoming a smoker themselves.

The impact on children may affect our next generation also so, it must be banned in India. People who are addicted to it also needs some care to overcome. On the other side it is the income source for the people who are working in tobacco relatively. But by banding tobacco there will be a bright future for India.

Kavya said:   4 years ago
Yes, Tabacco must be banned because of Tabacco so many families, people, youths are suffering lot. College students are addict to Tabacco they lost life, college students are lost concentration on reading other good things.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
According to me, obviously, tobacco should be banned for healthy India. Maybe some of the addicted people will suffer for a few days but in the long term, they will live happily as they will not invite their health problems. But those people employed in the tobacco industry, they will be jobless, maybe they will suffer but I hope they will get other alternative jobs, for any good work people have to little sacrifice. As long as tobacco will not be banned people cannot stop it. So it should be banned as early as possible.

Kumar said:   4 years ago
Good morning.

Myself Saikumar I'm pursuing B-Tech.

Coming to this GD topic is tobacco products must be want to be banned because tobacco causes the cancer and health defects the government do the many ads but not banned.

Aman Gill said:   4 years ago
Yes, tobacco must be banned because poor people have never education therefor they use mostly tobacco in normally as a habit as pr as they are addict, with this, they are overcome into slavery and poorness. So, that's why the tobacco ban is necessary for up-leveling the country.

Gaurav said:   4 years ago
Banning tobacco is not the solution.

In my point of view, everyone people know tobacco is injurious to our health.

Causes for cancer, brain tumor. , Disease for lungs, liver but then people getting tobacco.

Every one pocket of tobacco advertisements to injurious for health.

In India, lots of people depend on tobacco employment.

Tobacco is banned lots of people are unemployable.

In tobacco help to increase the GDP.

Piyanka said:   4 years ago
Yes, I agree that tobacco must be banned. Because it is dangerous and hazardous for our health. Even though warning has been written on tobacco packets or shops selling tobacco people are buying it. Either they are not reading the warning or they are so addicted that they consume tobacco. So the only solution to this is rather than giving warning ban tobacco.

This is the much-needed step for healthy India. It causes cancer which is the disease that is difficult to cure and requires a lot of money which many of the people of our country don't have an ample amount. So they obviously die but when we can stop them by banning tobacco then why shouldn't we do it? Tobacco definitely should be banned.

There is saying that precaution is better than cure so this is the precautionary step that India should take to create healthy India.

Cukie said:   5 years ago
Hello! Everyone.

It's a big issue about tobacco, even though we know that consuming tobacco Will bring us fatal diseases many people still consume tobacco. So, why this is happening?

This is only because of negligence of people about there life. They are not afraid of their future consequences about health they want to enjoy for that span of time. This is not just from once mind they are habituated to the joyful life beyond the limits. They must be taught from childhood about the meaning of there life.

Rashika jain said:   5 years ago
Hello, everyone.

Tobacco must be banned in every country because it caused the dangerous to the people, the addiction of Tobacco caused mouth cancer, brain tumour. There is clearly mentioned in packet tobacco that it is injurious for health but the addiction of Tobacco makes the people blind. For reducing the short term pain they take long term health diseases.

Rakesh shivbhakt said:   5 years ago
Hello friends.

My self Rakesh.

I think tobacco must be banned, there are so many reason so many life spoil there life, many people get addicted as they can never leave that it very dangerous. I think this fact we already know, but I want to tell you new things when I say it must need to be banned. Many friends say after, no there is no need to banned because India gets more value tax from tobacco cigarettes if we make meaning of it tell our India to depend upon tobacco tax really? I don't understand in my opinion we no need for tax by this tobacco.

Because this money has no value. We need to think of our people not for GDP because I know GDP decrease but we can do something for that I am sure but many people have to think about this big problem. Guys, I hope you understand my point of view. Because we only invest money in advertising only like smoking is injuries to health it's a bloody sheet we are doing. We have to think about it.

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