The Wheel is Turning Round and Round

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Abhishek Agnihotri said: (May 5, 2021)  
The wheel was the first invention of the medieval period and they were quite happy with that can you imagine if there is no will in this world almost there is no movement of the vehicle not only in vehicles but it has its contribution for almost every sector of life when it goes around it not only reduces friction but reduces your efforts will provide its convenience due to its circular motion we can connect its core importance with various aspects of life and can learn a lot.

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Rakesh Rhijala said: (Feb 5, 2021)  
Good morning to all of you.

I am giving my gratitude to all of you that to praticipate in this great gd company so from that phrase we learning that a wheel which is present in all to all vehicle the wheel is facing all the difficult problems in their life they just face good concrete road bad road also but great advantage is that the wheel that never stop anymore the wheel learning us that never stop to move toward your goal the way may be good one or difficult one that doesn't matter and another thing is that wheel also learns us that the concept of cooperation and coordination if from two sides of wheel one sides is not moving by any default then other one can't perform it's performance so always cooperative with others and complete the mission finally I concluded that mostly non living things having a great impact in our life thank you.

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Sahil Singh said: (Oct 31, 2017)  
Good morning everyone.

We all have gathered here to have a group discussion on the topic The wheel is turning round and round. From this phrase I understand that time never waits for anyone, it's like a wheel which keeps on whirling and anybody can't stop it. So, we have to be a successful person in life, then we have to forward while maintaining synchronism with time and the persons who has failed to maintain this synchronism have to face failure in their lives.

We can see this phrase from another aspect -like a vehicle's wheel keeps on whirling and whirling until it reaches the destination so there is a very nice message hidden here that we shouldn't stop till we reach our goal, till we conquer our dreams.

Another aspect is that sometimes during whirling, the wheels got punctured but after some repair it again starts moving, this is giving a message that at some point of time we also fail in life but we shouldn't stuck there we should keep moving forward again.

Conclusion-In a nutshell, the conclusion of this group discussion is that the example of wheel gives us so many inspiring traits that we should apply in our life to gain success.

Thank you.

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Srijani said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
Hi Everyone,

As we all know the wheel is a very important part of a vehicle or a machine, it actually speeds up the working of a machine and movement of a vehicle.

The first time I came across this phrase was in a book written by Anita Desai, The Village by the Sea. If we consider a wheel that is turning infinite no. Of times then the turning of the wheel depicts the same kind of situations we face in one lifetime at different points.

There can be another interpretation, which is that the wheel never stops turning so long there is a path or a road, which means that if one has the will to turn his own wheel, there will always be a path that will lead his way to some destination.

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Anny said: (Aug 27, 2017)  
Wheel is a very small word but have wide applications. Wheel's first and foremost task is to rotate and the smart innovators and manufacturer's are utilizing that wheel in various fields rather it be in a vehicle, be it in a vehicle, be it in a clock nut continuously rotating, in gears, in sensors, in indicators. This thing have a characteristic feature that it is made for continuous movement of wheel can be related to our life also. As this wheel do not stop before any hurdles and just moves round and round to provide a good mechanism and provide a continuous work of the machinery. We humans should take inspiration and never stop before any of the problematic situations in life, facing it courageously and completing the tasks and keep moving forward in our lives.

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Uttara said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
The wheel symbolizes the journey of our lives. Sometimes there is happiness and some times sorrow. But it never stops. So like the wheel, we should never get defeated in life. The time is momentary be it good or bad but the silver lining will soon reveal its self. So we must keep our strength to fight against the odds and always keep smiling even in the time of struggle cause we never know when the wheel turns and we must be prepared to welcome the good times with a smile. Thank you.

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Pawan said: (Jun 2, 2017)  
A wheel is turning round by round it can't stop until it reaches its destination like away we can't give up anywhere for any reason we have to struggle for our goal until our last breath.

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Neha Sharma said: (May 4, 2017)  
A Wheel is turning round and round mean if our thinking or person power so smooth and excellent enough. As a result, a person achieves the desired goals or reaches the destination. All we know if the wheel of any road vehicle so smoothes then we reach to destiantion with a certain amount of time beacause if it only round in nature.

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SHUBHAM GUPTA said: (Nov 7, 2016)  
Hello, guys.

I think this topic is really about the time and efforts made by us.

The time is running and stopping for no one. If I consider the wheel is held horizontally and making no rectilinear motion than this thing shows the idleness of ourselves as the time is passing as the wheel turns but it stays at the same place where it was initially placed. Simply we are wasting our time for no aim or goals.

But if I consider about that wheel placed vertically attached with a car then it helps people to reach their destination at the same time it is running too.

Means here, in this case, our efforts and time do not go in vain. We are getting positive output of our time. So it is upto us how we are using the wheels motion to our life. There is nothing waste in our life everything has its own significance.

Thank you.

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Haneesha said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Wheel is turning round and round it seems like the world is changing continuously we must be updated.

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Eknath said: (Jun 29, 2016)  
Hi friends,

As you all mention above various views about the topic of discussion.

But I see the topic in a different way.

Wheel is turning round and round it seems to me like in our college we do our assignments and lot of stuff on regular basis. But if we think how much knowledge we get from these works, not too much we just copy it. So we have to think about something which is out of the box and do work on it.

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Sreelekha said: (Mar 15, 2016)  
Hi friends!

"The Wheel is turning round and round" means the world is changing day by day with its efforts. So, as a human improvement is necessary to reach heights in life, though there may be obstacles.

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Chandni said: (Oct 9, 2015)  
As the proverb says "Time and Tide wait for none" The same way the wheel of life is constantly turning around one second and your whole life is changed.

Consider India, It is not the same as it was before. When we glance back at history, India and Pakistan were the same country. Now one can clearly see the rivalry between these two nations.

Start enjoying every moment of your life for it is never to come again.

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Avishka said: (Sep 5, 2015)  
The wheel is turning round and round. Here the wheel refers to the revolutionary changes that evolves during time to time. Time will not stop for anyone. As situations in our life is not constant, if one experiences sorrow today he will experience happiness the other day. So as in our life nothing is permanent thus, the wheel also depicts the same situation.

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Ajay said: (Aug 16, 2015)  
Hi friends,

To me the topic seems very interesting to discuss.

First of all there are many daily life practices and things to which the topic can be related and discussed thereby few of them that struck my mind as soon as I heard the topic are,

1. The situation can be related to a wall analog clock, in this case, running of time without a halt can be related to wheel turning round and round without any break, and hands of clock can be related to the spokes of wheel.

2. In some everyday practices, the event can be compared with wheels of vehicles which turn round and round which facilitates us to reach our destination.

3. It might be also related to our daily life activities which are more or less similar which we do each and every day and hence can be related to our topic of discussion.

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Parveen Kumar said: (May 18, 2015)  
The wheel is turning round and round means time never wait for anyone. In our life happiness and sorrow are part of a coin i.e. one moment we are happy and other moment we are in trouble.

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Sandeep Sharma said: (May 5, 2015)  
Hi Friends,

"The wheels is turning round & round" signifies that life give the opportunity to everyone to perform well with full ability & will power in order to achieve something in life. Everyone should be self motivated & always should have the fighting spirit in the happiest as well as in the sorrow moments.

As I believe that life is like the balloon & no body knows when life comes to an end so it is the duty of every citizen to always keep the smile on a face without give up wheel is the best example of life cycle which would keep rotating to achieve their destination.

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Tanuj Garg said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
Hello everyone ''the topic ''the wheel is turning round and round'' signifies the power and ability of a person to perform well in both the situation of ups and downs, because wheel is a symbol for life cycle which would keep on rotating round and round with full of joy and sorrow so in both the situation the ability and willpower of doing task within span of time should be first priority.

Change is a universal fact of life, therefore a smart person will turn a challenge into an opportunity.

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Devendra Verma said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
Hey Friends, " The wheel is turning round and round", means that if the rotational speed of wheel is fast than top most point come down very fastly similarly if you are implementing more effort in your life to achieve your goal then definitely more ups & down involve in your but it will prepare you for the next challenge.

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Raghavendar said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
Life is the wheel here and every individual is a on the circumference. There will be times when we'll be up and times when we'll be down. What is important here is that we have to go through both the ups and downs for the wheel of life to keep moving.

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Swati Bhoge said: (Mar 3, 2014)  
See I think our life comes back to us, I mean to say that if we are doing wrong things with others then someone or the other will do wrong with us, in life being honest is the best thing rather then to cheat anyone.

Secondly as the person comes into this world he has to go back from where he has come. If in our life there are sorrows then there will be happiness also. God has created our earth in round and round fashion that means after night there is a good morning similar to happiness and sadness.

In short I must say bad things come back to you as well as good things comes back to you.

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Garima said: (Jan 16, 2014)  
Hello Friends I just want to share another aspect of this topic, that is wheel turning round and round. This wheel symbolize our life cycle and years after the evolution of a tiny cell on the face of earth the same cycle is going on that is of life and death. It tells me that nothing is constant everything changes with time, whether it is good time or bad time it will change. As a science student it also tells me that this fact is applicable for all species on earth, so the tiny bacteria and viruses have immense capability to change themselves so that they can cause more damage to the host human. It also reveals that we the humans were more complex and less flexible than our microscopic friends o adapt well in this cycle of change.

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Neeti Mishra said: (Oct 10, 2013)  
Hello friends.

The very wheel is a symbol which brought about revolution in the ancient period. And hence is a symbol of advancement, development, improvement and the at the same time a cycle (there goes a saying history repeats itself).

Being a science student I would like to throw some light using a few jargon. A wheel goes about both rotational motion (it rotates about its own axis) and rectilinear motion (it moves along a straight line) simultaneously. Here the axis signifies ones aim, motive around which all our efforts are centered, driven by our hard work, determination and willpower. The cycle signifying the same qualities being tested again and again. The wheel would continue to move till the time our efforts and attitude are strong enough to overcome the friction (hills and valleys or trials and tribulations) encountered by the wheel on road. The roads to success would be smooth or rough and would also cause the wear and tear of the wheel to test its strength (or our determination). If the focus is not intense enough and lacks back breaking hard work, the wheel would come to a halt stopping our growth and progress and would fail to attain our reach the goal.

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Priya said: (Sep 6, 2013)  
I would like to share my ideas about this topic. The topic tells about the wheel that is indirectly about the time. The changes are the part of the life. There is the saying that "time changes everything". According to me we should be up to the level to remain in the same place. Even for that we have to run fast. If we are planned then the changes will be the turning for our life.

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Gaurav Patel said: (Jul 30, 2013)  
Hello Friends! I want to initiate the topic "The wheel is turning round and round"mthe wheel is power which is motive for achieving goal for file for fulfill & will-far for society for development of your country. This power come for you heart and Wheel is sign of power and hence this wheel depicts power continuous improvement and progress of the whole world, a very good point is sun earth as well as electron are also rotating.

Wheel indicate the continuous Change required for life. It is not true for all situations. Like govt police, politic, social & economic condition.

As the proverb says "Time wait for none" The same way the wheel of life is constantly turning around. Every second.

Start enjoying every moment of your life for it is never to come again.

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Manish Mittal said: (May 8, 2013)  
Rotation of wheel shows the improvement development and effectiveness of the human being. As you know the wheel in our flag is a symbol of continuous progress and gandhiji also rotated wheel and brought the change.

We can see the sudarsan chakra on the hands of visnu\lord krisna which is a sign of power and hence this wheel depicts power continuous improvement and progress of the whole world, a very good point is sun earth as well as electron are also rotating.

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Sudipta said: (Feb 24, 2013)  
Hello friends as we know time does not wait for anybody. So proper utilization of time should be there to make development of your own, your surrounding and your nation. Changes have been possible if we change our mind and be positive all time for the result.

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Soumit Mondal said: (Nov 7, 2012)  
In this discussion I would like to say that its not that Economic condition of India is not Changing over the time but the concern is that despite of change its coming into same position again & again, I mean to say the economic growth we had over the last 10 years is just gradual growth due to change of time. We didn't had any growth beyond the time. So the wheel is just turning round & round.

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Satyam said: (Sep 2, 2012)  
Hello everyone ! Its a very good topic to discuss upon and I perceive that moving wheel is signifying the most powerful element of this universe i.e. time. It is the only witness of evolution as well as destruction of every single creation. It has waited for none, so our main aim should be to extract maximum of what we are endowed with because it won't come again.

Also, one can see the moving wheel as earth, rotating on its own axis as well as around the sun, which is the sole planet having favourable conditions for the existence of life.

Another perception can be like this: As its known to us that a particular point on a moving wheel in vertical plane will be sometimes at the top and sometimes bottom. So we can deduce that it is representing a life cycle of an individual which is a mixture of happiness as well as sorrows. One has to go through some difficult situations while sometimes it's so easy. In nutshell it is life !

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Wakeel Ahmad said: (Aug 16, 2012)  
Frst of all I would like to say that It should not be assumed that by this wheel an ordinary motor cycle wheel is concerned. Here a rotating wheel is represented as continuous change in any system, a slow or rapid progress in an activity or situation thia can be taken as a symbol of change and progress. So It is true that nothing is stagnant in this universe even the smallest of it's particle is endowed with a capability to change and evolve. An individual who is of pessimistic nature or the one who is of gloomy temprament will surely could bring a change in his life for sure and success will kiss his feet, we should face the challenges boldly so that our personality could be developed. We should be dynamic and moving thinking of the possitivity so that we could bring a change in our life and make our nation grow stronger.

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Hari Kishan said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
Hello friends! "The wheel is turning round & round", is true. Clearly you can see about your life the moment before a year ago we had different life style but now life is totally changed. As Simran said that "time & tide wait for none" yes this is true for every situation of life where a moment come and ask to you to take decision and for every kind of decision you have different face life. And that time never repeat in your life.

Take the example of clock can you stop that clock or can you repeat the time that had just past away. ? NO.

Yes this is the same story of life "It starts and end is only one. ".

"Changes is the part of life because time is changing every moment" the day you stop changing you are obsolete for the world.

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Simran said: (Mar 6, 2012)  
As the proverb says "Time and Tide wait for none"The same way the wheel of life is constantly turning around. One second. And your whole life is changed. Consider India, It is not the same as it was before. When we glance back at history, India and Pakistan were the same country. Now one can clearly see the rivalry between these two nations.

Start enjoying every moment of your life for it is never to come again.

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Sindhu said: (Dec 10, 2011)  
Hello friends, "the wheel turning round and round"this is not true for all situations. As certain things change and some doesnt. The wheel fastly moves only on people but not in politics and development of our country. Every country needs a good change. Poverty, illetration, unemployment, coruption should be killed. Population growth must be reduced. There should be more good policies and the public should utilize it in a proper way.

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Sindhu said: (Dec 10, 2011)  
Hello friends, "the wheel turning round and round" this is not true for all situations. As certain things change and some doesnt. The wheel fastly moves only on people but not in politics and development of our country.

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Vishakha said: (Sep 10, 2011)  
I think it is not upto the government policies. It is also observed in our daily life. For example richness or poorness is not guarnteed Because wheel of time never waits for anyone. So good luck or bad luck is nothing it's only the wheel turning round and round.

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Kritant said: (Jun 30, 2011)  
Wheel is turning round and round statement is correct but what we do to wrong this statement. Government just work in their manifestos, but can we pay attention any manifestos of government? can we protest against government openly, I think no we just see them in news and speak at home at the front of tv, we have to do something for our nation just elect the rite person if you unable to find, then why you should not stand ND prove this statement wrong,

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Kapil Rathore said: (Nov 17, 2010)  
Mr. sarthak, its better to participate in group discussion topic instead of suggesting someone that what he has to do or what not.

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Sarthak said: (Oct 3, 2010)  
@Kapil: Initiating the topic does not mean that everybody should follow your point of view, it is a group "discussion", so would request you to keep it that way.

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Dipti Rathore said: (Aug 12, 2010)  
I beg to differ kapil, If you think that the policies whether related to environment or any (whatever)were futile & still dint pay off then I want to throw a light that you take it in any way but if these policies had not been implemented then there would have been a worst situation at present. Why are you so pessimistic that nothing has been so far executed till date and all policies are foiled. Had you ever put a step forward or had you ever left any stone unturned to make a move on your side.

So,There is no point to comment like there is a ZERO result and to blame the policies that were chalked out by government or any authority. Even so many instances have proven that. What is my concern is that it is not just to pass the bucks like saying nothing has been paid off but we the people of the world need to be more agile to take care of the universe and contribute to the world to save it as the wheel is turning round and round.

JUST do some constructive to concrete the FUTURE.. that's what I want to conclude.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Aug 11, 2010)  
of-course Ms. Dipti! You are right we have to save OUR EARTH, but if "we" broaden our thinking than, We conclude that some Environment Safety related policies also has been implemented in past, still you are asking to SAFE the EARTH means the result of those specific policies are null. So going to any specific condition i just want to say that the result of each development related or Environment Safety related (any) policies is zero that's why wheel is turning round and round.

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Dipti Rathore said: (Aug 9, 2010)  
Here i am totally disagree with Mr.Kapil's statement that the past situation and present situation in India is the same,there is a sea-change and as this topic is more over an abstract topic I would suggest not to confine it as concern to India only. I would like to drag the topic in a different way as the topic itself is related to TIME.

Like its a 2010 year and we are heading towards another new year. So the time is sweeping away and we should be more wary to save our Earth. We should be more concern how to make OUR EARTH SAFE as there are so many issues which are a harbinger to show the upcomming grim situation on earth that may possiblly strike. So the wheel is moving round and round we should have to save our earth for posterity also.. So at this Junction lets propagate.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Aug 6, 2010)  
Obviously it is a creative topic but, it is necessary to capture the cutting edge of the topic, otherwise anybody initiate this topic like vehicle wheel is turning round and round while riding!

I has been told you the topic make a focus on the previously executed policies and there outcomes not about the policies which is under construction or has to be implemented! the outcome of that executed policies in india always not as supposed at the previous stages of the construction of policies! the situation is similar as previously, there is not benefits of those expensive policies that's why the wheel turning round and round.

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Pinki said: (Aug 6, 2010)  
Dear friend, I draw attention to the fact that since it was a creative topic, we can interpret the topic in different ways.But taking a broader view, it seems appropriate to look at the topic from a national standpoint. I agree that there are several plans in INDIA which are still in planning stages and require implementation. One of the main reasons behind this can be the constant opposition by the opposition parties who always project the disadvantages of any plans execution rather than seeing both sides of the coin and co-operating with ruling parties at appropriate times.

Recently the Babli Project in AP has been a reason of much uproar between all the three major parties; TDP, TRS and congress. These parties due to their differences have not been arrive at a consensus and have caused damage to lots of govt. tools and machineries in the strikes which took place.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Aug 5, 2010)  
Of-course my Dear friend responsibility lies on us to move our nation ahead! but the fact, you supposed to be by this topic and the actual opinion is different, The thing is "The wheel is turning round & round" make a comparative focus on the previous condition and the present situation and it tells that both the conditions are same because even though the policies has been implemented but the always inappropriate, the condition is as it is as in past.

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Pinki said: (Aug 1, 2010)  
Friend I agree that several developmental plans in india are awaiting implementation, while i feel the wheel is moving round and round throws light on the fact that time is passing by, just like the sand in the hour glass we are losing moments in our life, which should be properly utilised or we will be moving direction less.

There have been several changes in the political, social and economic conditions, not only in India,but all over the world. But the wheel of time has never stopped. These changes have been possible because of many people like us and hence the responsibility lies on us to move our nation ahead.

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Kapil Rathore said: (Jul 19, 2010)  
Hello Friends! I want to initiate the topic " The wheel is turning round and round", means the Situations in INDIA is constant, there is no changes occurred. & i am totally satisfied with this statement because if we made a look in our past or current economic conditions than we revels that- several policies are exists for the name of development but the actual situation is entirely different, there is no development and ultimately the situation again come to the same previous position, because of population, unemployment, corruption, etc.

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The Wheel is Turning Round and Round

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