The Wheel is Turning Round and Round

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Eknath said:   8 years ago
Hi friends,

As you all mention above various views about the topic of discussion.

But I see the topic in a different way.

Wheel is turning round and round it seems to me like in our college we do our assignments and lot of stuff on regular basis. But if we think how much knowledge we get from these works, not too much we just copy it. So we have to think about something which is out of the box and do work on it.

Sreelekha said:   8 years ago
Hi friends!

"The Wheel is turning round and round" means the world is changing day by day with its efforts. So, as a human improvement is necessary to reach heights in life, though there may be obstacles.

Chandni said:   9 years ago
As the proverb says "Time and Tide wait for none" The same way the wheel of life is constantly turning around one second and your whole life is changed.

Consider India, It is not the same as it was before. When we glance back at history, India and Pakistan were the same country. Now one can clearly see the rivalry between these two nations.

Start enjoying every moment of your life for it is never to come again.

Avishka said:   9 years ago
The wheel is turning round and round. Here the wheel refers to the revolutionary changes that evolves during time to time. Time will not stop for anyone. As situations in our life is not constant, if one experiences sorrow today he will experience happiness the other day. So as in our life nothing is permanent thus, the wheel also depicts the same situation.

Ajay said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

To me the topic seems very interesting to discuss.

First of all there are many daily life practices and things to which the topic can be related and discussed thereby few of them that struck my mind as soon as I heard the topic are,

1. The situation can be related to a wall analog clock, in this case, running of time without a halt can be related to wheel turning round and round without any break, and hands of clock can be related to the spokes of wheel.

2. In some everyday practices, the event can be compared with wheels of vehicles which turn round and round which facilitates us to reach our destination.

3. It might be also related to our daily life activities which are more or less similar which we do each and every day and hence can be related to our topic of discussion.

Parveen kumar said:   9 years ago
The wheel is turning round and round means time never wait for anyone. In our life happiness and sorrow are part of a coin i.e. one moment we are happy and other moment we are in trouble.

Sandeep Sharma said:   9 years ago
Hi Friends,

"The wheels is turning round & round" signifies that life give the opportunity to everyone to perform well with full ability & will power in order to achieve something in life. Everyone should be self motivated & always should have the fighting spirit in the happiest as well as in the sorrow moments.

As I believe that life is like the balloon & no body knows when life comes to an end so it is the duty of every citizen to always keep the smile on a face without give up wheel is the best example of life cycle which would keep rotating to achieve their destination.

Tanuj Garg said:   10 years ago
Hello everyone ''the topic ''the wheel is turning round and round'' signifies the power and ability of a person to perform well in both the situation of ups and downs, because wheel is a symbol for life cycle which would keep on rotating round and round with full of joy and sorrow so in both the situation the ability and willpower of doing task within span of time should be first priority.

Change is a universal fact of life, therefore a smart person will turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Devendra Verma said:   10 years ago
Hey Friends, " The wheel is turning round and round", means that if the rotational speed of wheel is fast than top most point come down very fastly similarly if you are implementing more effort in your life to achieve your goal then definitely more ups & down involve in your but it will prepare you for the next challenge.

Raghavendar said:   1 decade ago
Life is the wheel here and every individual is a on the circumference. There will be times when we'll be up and times when we'll be down. What is important here is that we have to go through both the ups and downs for the wheel of life to keep moving.

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