The Wheel is Turning Round and Round

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Kapil rathore said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends! I want to initiate the topic " The wheel is turning round and round", means the Situations in INDIA is constant, there is no changes occurred. & i am totally satisfied with this statement because if we made a look in our past or current economic conditions than we revels that- several policies are exists for the name of development but the actual situation is entirely different, there is no development and ultimately the situation again come to the same previous position, because of population, unemployment, corruption, etc.

Pinki said:   1 decade ago
Friend I agree that several developmental plans in india are awaiting implementation, while i feel the wheel is moving round and round throws light on the fact that time is passing by, just like the sand in the hour glass we are losing moments in our life, which should be properly utilised or we will be moving direction less.

There have been several changes in the political, social and economic conditions, not only in India,but all over the world. But the wheel of time has never stopped. These changes have been possible because of many people like us and hence the responsibility lies on us to move our nation ahead.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Of-course my Dear friend responsibility lies on us to move our nation ahead! but the fact, you supposed to be by this topic and the actual opinion is different, The thing is "The wheel is turning round & round" make a comparative focus on the previous condition and the present situation and it tells that both the conditions are same because even though the policies has been implemented but the always inappropriate, the condition is as it is as in past.

Pinki said:   1 decade ago
Dear friend, I draw attention to the fact that since it was a creative topic, we can interpret the topic in different ways.But taking a broader view, it seems appropriate to look at the topic from a national standpoint. I agree that there are several plans in INDIA which are still in planning stages and require implementation. One of the main reasons behind this can be the constant opposition by the opposition parties who always project the disadvantages of any plans execution rather than seeing both sides of the coin and co-operating with ruling parties at appropriate times.

Recently the Babli Project in AP has been a reason of much uproar between all the three major parties; TDP, TRS and congress. These parties due to their differences have not been arrive at a consensus and have caused damage to lots of govt. tools and machineries in the strikes which took place.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Obviously it is a creative topic but, it is necessary to capture the cutting edge of the topic, otherwise anybody initiate this topic like vehicle wheel is turning round and round while riding!

I has been told you the topic make a focus on the previously executed policies and there outcomes not about the policies which is under construction or has to be implemented! the outcome of that executed policies in india always not as supposed at the previous stages of the construction of policies! the situation is similar as previously, there is not benefits of those expensive policies that's why the wheel turning round and round.

Dipti Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Here i am totally disagree with Mr.Kapil's statement that the past situation and present situation in India is the same,there is a sea-change and as this topic is more over an abstract topic I would suggest not to confine it as concern to India only. I would like to drag the topic in a different way as the topic itself is related to TIME.

Like its a 2010 year and we are heading towards another new year. So the time is sweeping away and we should be more wary to save our Earth. We should be more concern how to make OUR EARTH SAFE as there are so many issues which are a harbinger to show the upcomming grim situation on earth that may possiblly strike. So the wheel is moving round and round we should have to save our earth for posterity also.. So at this Junction lets propagate.

Kapil rathore said:   1 decade ago
of-course Ms. Dipti! You are right we have to save OUR EARTH, but if "we" broaden our thinking than, We conclude that some Environment Safety related policies also has been implemented in past, still you are asking to SAFE the EARTH means the result of those specific policies are null. So going to any specific condition i just want to say that the result of each development related or Environment Safety related (any) policies is zero that's why wheel is turning round and round.

Dipti Rathore said:   1 decade ago
I beg to differ kapil, If you think that the policies whether related to environment or any (whatever)were futile & still dint pay off then I want to throw a light that you take it in any way but if these policies had not been implemented then there would have been a worst situation at present. Why are you so pessimistic that nothing has been so far executed till date and all policies are foiled. Had you ever put a step forward or had you ever left any stone unturned to make a move on your side.

So,There is no point to comment like there is a ZERO result and to blame the policies that were chalked out by government or any authority. Even so many instances have proven that. What is my concern is that it is not just to pass the bucks like saying nothing has been paid off but we the people of the world need to be more agile to take care of the universe and contribute to the world to save it as the wheel is turning round and round.

JUST do some constructive to concrete the FUTURE.. that's what I want to conclude.

Sarthak said:   1 decade ago
@Kapil: Initiating the topic does not mean that everybody should follow your point of view, it is a group "discussion", so would request you to keep it that way.

Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
Mr. sarthak, its better to participate in group discussion topic instead of suggesting someone that what he has to do or what not.

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