The Salaries that MBAs Get is more than they deserve

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Anand Mishra said:   7 years ago
Hi folks.

Perceptions can be many but the ultimate fact can't be denied about the work culture, strict hierarchy, hectic and every second challenging life styles of corporate sector and people indulged in the same.

It will be entirely wrong in all aspects to say that an MBA gets more than they deserve. The journey of an MBA aspirant begins with the cracking of one of the toughest examination CAT/XAT. Now the cracking only is not gonna make sm1 land into top notch institutes. Being an INPUT, apart from possessing intelligence, the aspirant must possess good interpersonal skills, communicating skills, team work spirit, good in taking quick decision under pressure that has to benefit the organization. Now after getting into the Processing Unit (B-School), the so-called input gets transformed into an OUTPUT who is able to work as an MBA in the corporate sector.

The deal in the verious department be it Human Resources, be it Marketing, Finance, Operations and much more which together functions and contribute to the growth of an organization.

They have to work 8/10 hrs continuously where they tackle different problems faced by corporates and with their skills and intelligence provide immediate solutions for the smooth functioning of the company.

Their single decision can either make or break the deal.

So, taking into consideration all these rigorous schedules and off-the office work pressure the salary as well as whatever the bonuses they get is justifiable.

Thank You.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
I don't think this will be wise to say that the salaries that MBAs get are more that, what they deserve. Salary is rightly proportional to the availability of good MBA candidates in the market. And whenever there is a shortage of supply than demand price goes up. That is true for MBAs too. MBA colleges have mushroomed in today's scenario but a few of them provide good quality education. So the graduates from these institutes also draw salary according to their merit. Moreover, we need to know here that MBAs are recruited by private farms where there also exists a policy called hire and fire. So if an MBA does not perform well then larger salary is far way they won't even get to work in that organization. But if an employee proves his worth then private companies are much tactful to retain their valuable employee by giving lucrative remuneration. Many MBAs in today's India are as unemployed as they were after finishing their graduation degree. So salaries that MBAs get are as per their skill and hard work not just because of their so called degrees. Thank you.

Joni Rajput said:   8 years ago
In my opinion it is totally wrong to say that MBA student get more salary than they deserve. Every field and education is not easy. No body can say engineering is easy or MBA tough and no body can say BA and MA easy and Engineering tough. Every student choose the education in which he/she can do his/her best. If a student easily do engineering that don't means MBA is easy too same as vise-verse. Each field has its vital role.

So salary depends on person ability not by only degree. Now a days many fraud colleges also providing MBA but every MBA student don't get good packages. A person who has good communication skills, personality and ability to convince person and has good knowledge how to stay according to market etc get good salaries.

Many students as a fresher walk and walk to companies daily but don't get job whether he/she has MBA degree. Only deserve or referenced person got job with good package.

Sunil Sharma said:   1 decade ago
Get the job done and take away the Salary is the Mantra of today's corporate culture. Today the organizations are choosing the individual on the basis of what the individual will give to the organizations and not on mere the degree basis. Of course, degree is one of the factor considered for the job and also salary but it is not everything.

To sustain the job you have perform and be productive to the company. Saying that the salary MBAs get are more than they deserve, do not justify. Its ultimately the whole package or say various attributes of the employee that the organization is hiring. By observing around in the companies today we may find many peoples are getting high pay because of their worth to companies and not on the basis of their degree. To conclude, we may say that be productive and get the reward.

Ranty AS said:   1 decade ago
Hai Friends.

Let me add something to the points that are already discussed. I don't agree with the saying that the salary for MBA graduates are those that they don't deserves. Think about the investment and hardships that an MBA student bears during his course. The salary he gets is the results of hardships that he had undergone during his course.

An MBA student who studies in a reputed and good business school invests and suffers two or three times than a B tech student. Of course some of the colleges are not providing good education to students. They are only before uplifting their college name and looting students money. There are many colleges like that in kerala. But we shouldn't blame the students for that. They really suffers and tries hard to get back their investment.

Sunil said:   1 decade ago
As it was spoke by all that, MBA become a fashion to make money. But it isn't true because all who doing this spent lot of money and after his/her best result he get chance to sit in a placement, after this he/she gone through interview, after that he/she get selected. So my friend my point is that if he/she getting high salary, then its not his/her fault. The selector (interviewer) must have seen something in it, that's why he/she rewarded with that salary, so its fair that a MBA student get high package, according to its degree value and his or her ability.

Sangeet said:   1 decade ago
DEAR, friends I would ask you a simple question will you pay somebody 1 lac rupee if he does your any simple work?the answer is of course no you will pay what is necessary, in the same way the salary paid by MNCs are what they deserve if they pay 6digit salary then in turn they ask the manager to make profit for the company in same line. It is the work for which they are paid and if their work helps in earning more profit then they have right to share the dividends and get high salary. At last I would like to say that it is work for which they are paid.

Usha Mahesh said:   1 decade ago
I will go with Bipasha, Its true they should not decide ones salary based just on their MBA qualification. It is always good to find out talent, skills & abilities of ones in their related fields and then decide their salary. It has become a fashion, of having MBA tag and gaining more than they truly deserve when compared with their capabilities. Its just become, like they invests more so they should get more. Management only cannot lead to a company growth, it must have all kinds of qualifications.

Reema said:   10 years ago
Hi friends. I would like to add some more points. As per my opinion no one can get high salary then he/ she deserves. Since MBA colleges make their students a complete package of good communicator, excellent presenter and above all master in their subject, so which company do not want such type of employees. Since they are well trained in all the qualities which are required by companies in this scenario so they deserve what they get. MBA Knows how to market themselves and they get their right price.

Sarthak said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends,

"All that Glitters is not a Gold" Now a days scenario is going to be totally changed MBA's aren't getting a good package, unless a candidate proves himself an asset for the company after joining the co. , than he will get a handsome package. The more you productive for the company the more u'll get rewards, incentive, appraisal etc. That's the basic funda of any organisation, they don't want a degree holder but they want a person who is actually fruitfull towards his organisation.

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