The Internet is an exercise in hype

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Sanjeet said:   3 years ago
Hii everyone.

This is Sanjeet before you I have done my 12th class Now I am doing my graduation from Alwar.

Today Our topic on the Internet.

Let's start.

In my opinion, the Internet is very useful for everyone Internet is must use in our daily life we can every work within Nano second by the Internet we can pay the electricity bill water bill and other bills through the Internet we can online shop through the Internet.

We can see any news on mobile and we attend the online class by Internet.

As we know everything has its pros and cons both.

The Internet uses are bad if we are used it's in wrong way Today the children has used the Internet in the wrong way.

Today the cybercrime is increasing, salacity increasing, hacking increasing by the Internet.

The Internet is useful or harmful both its totally depends upon our uses.


PewDiePie said:   4 years ago
I think the internet is being misused by people, especially among young people irrespective of gender. I personally don't agree with such malpractices. Of course, without the internet, I won't be able to do what I have done now. It may be not the fault of the internet, it is the fault of the users. So I just want to say that please be responsible while using the internet.

Gupta said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone, According to me, the internet is playing a very important role in our life. Only because of the internet we all are able to discuss this topic. Internet is required by everyone where it is a student, businessman. An all others. There is many things in the world that we don't know but with the help of the internet, we can know everything about that.

It helps a lot of the student who lives in a remote area, they can get academic knowledge through the online classes. Internet helps for reservation also whether it is in train, aeroplane, bus etc. It also helps with hotel booking without standing in the long queue.

There are endless advantages of the internet. But everything has two sides good or bad. The Internet also has a bad aspect. It only depends on their user whether they want its advantage or disadvantage.

Sachin mishra said:   5 years ago
I am very glad to discuss the topic of internet we can say that internet is the part and parcel of our life. Now a days we used the internet different type of work likes that finding roots and some any other work. The most advantage of the internet is that we feel the presence of their relatives from a long distance. We can say that not only it has advantage but also disadvange. Nowadays people waste their time to use unnecessary things this is a disadvantage of the internet. There are many advantages of the internet is that using the internet we can find our roots easily and cashless payment etc.

Swati said:   5 years ago
INTERNET. It has become a very important part of our life but also a bad part. I'll not let it be a disadvantage of it because I don't think that anything makes us bad because we select ourselves. It only depends upon us that how we utilize. The Internet is playing a vital role. We are totally dependent on the Internet. Our education system is also becoming online day by day. Everything is online now eg. Banking, Online marketing, Online booking etc.

We are connected to each other via the Internet. People communicate by video calling. They can feel the presence of their relative from a long distance. Nowadays people don't be afraid of sending their child to anywhere for higher studies or jobs because they can communicate them through video calling.

Net banking made our work easy. It all depends upon the Internet.

And another face of the INTERNET is its disadvantage. People are getting addicted of the Internet. They are wasting their time on unnecessary things. But it can be used in right way.

Ankit said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, the Internet is a lot more thing to provide to human beings. Even in today's world, we became so much dependent on this creature named internet.

It has spread its hand everywhere relative to the practical world. We can find roots, bus, trains, flights in just seconds. Payments are cashless, information is overloading. Connecting people became more easy and fast.

But sometimes we lost ourselves in the webs of the internet. We want something, and it shows something else. This exercise should be stopped and we need to find a better way to get over this issue. I think search engines and info providers should take the responsibilities.

Md Asif Rashid said:   5 years ago
I am glad to discuss this topic. Internet which means connecting to a world without going anywhere.

As all know internet play major role in our life but now a day a technology use like IOT (Internet Of Thing) which use the internet to connect any physical devices with the help of sensor and actuator and it controlled by anywhere in the world through internet via local and global. This control use mechanism of mobile hotshot which is important for IOT. So my opinion regarding internet is a huge demanded now a day.

Thank you.

Suryakant Devde said:   6 years ago
Yes, the internet is must in our life, for all the development, just because of the internet we are able to discuss this topic with each other.

Charan said:   6 years ago
The Internet provides us varieties of information and communication facility's, for example, if you have to travel anywhere in the world it helps like us format of google maps.

Nowadays, just because of internet every small work on a house like electricity bill, online transactions, mobile recharge and bank work is done on the internet in anywhere.

The Internet is actually the sea of information. Anything and everything provides us.

Nowadays mobile's, computers, laptop seem to be an empty box without having the internet facility.

Sometimes, we get cash back by paying online shopping, tickets booking and electricity bill payment.

Sunitha said:   6 years ago
Hi guys,

I am Sunitha. Today our topic internet is an exercise hype. I hope well internet was a verity of information. It will reduce our time as well. We can see that everyone searches online for information and or to search products and get details information on it and also many more new tech news misuse the internet and give a rise to cybercrime.

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