Solution of corruption is a mirage till we catch top public figure

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Manjit Kumar said:   3 months ago
Hi friends,

As today's topic is Solution to corruption is a mirage till we catch top public figures,

I do not agree with the statement because I think we can eradicate corruption only from the ground level. In democracy, people's strongest weapon is vote, and we can properly utilize it can develop our nation and also reduce corruption. If we vote based on development not based on caste, creed, and religion, the government should have to work and reduce corruption.

Vaishnavi said:   6 months ago
I disagree with the statement "Solution to corruption is a mirage till we catch top public figure" because common people also take money to vote for the politicians, right? many people misuse their vote only for 500 or 1000 rupees. That's why first we should correct ourselves before blaming others.

ARUNAV BARUAH said:   8 months ago
Corruption is a deep-rooted evil. At different stages of life, we are all part of the vicious cycle. However, if corruption can be eradicated from the top public figures and officials, to a great extent this can be restrained or removed from society. But as a common man, we need to believe in the digital system and try to do all transactions online. Today's youth can bring sea change by taking advantage of digital and social platforms in this regard. We can open a help center to guide people especially the poor to encourage online mode of data submission and payment instead of using middle person. At the grassroots level, if we can resist corruption, it will no longer be a mirage to eradicate the same from society. As an example, we can say about India where the corruption level has been checked and controlled due to the Modi Government's digitization and online vigilance.

KRISHNA PAUL said:   1 year ago
Corruption solution is a mirage unless you reach a public figure.

The topic was discussed thoroughly with facts and examples but somewhere it was presented making it equivalent to dishonesty which I found irrelevant. Corruption shouldn't be mixed with dishonesty.

Majid Saleem said:   4 years ago
I think we should diagnose the roots of corruption, then we will be in a better position to know, and how to cure it. The big fishes always know that they have been in power and they know the guts to make public fool by any exploitative means. Education make rebellious, educated people always stand for its due rights.

Dhananjay Sarangi said:   6 years ago
Hi, This is Dhananjay.

As today topic is about, "Solution of corruption is a mirage till we catch top public figure".

I totally disagree with this statement. We can't say that corruption is here only because of top public figure & politicians. At each and every corner of India, we can see the live example of corruption.

Before pointing out to others, we should ask ourselves, that " Have I been a part of corruption "?

Knowingly or unknowingly, corruption is being encouraged. It can be restrained. We are the youth generation, we know the meaning of poverty, we know the value of food. Only we are the one who has the courage to weed out corruption.

For instance, if corruption is about politicians, then we were the persons who elected him. As a democratic country, we have the power to amend our mistake by using our democratic right. If its about top figure, then I will say, they are being appreciated by us. If we all will not support them, then we can break this word top - figure.

My main point is, everyone has to see the dream of a corruption free country. They have to believe that, it is possible. If each person will oppose some corruption activities which has been running around him/her, then we can imagine that, by unity, we can get a corruption free country.

"We have been taught that by unity we can do everything. ".

If we can recall our history, how we got independent? we can easily sense that A corruption free country is also possible.

The power of our country is " YOUTH ". By positive imagination & self-awareness, we can eradicate corruption.

Thank you.

Sia said:   6 years ago
Corruption that is the big problem. Which is initiate by us and definitely will be destroyed by only us. Rules regulations are not enough to overcome from this problem everyone needs to take its own step against this. Taker and giver are the two main poles of corruption but if any one of them is not in the field then definitely existence of corruption will be over down.

Ajay bhardwaj said:   6 years ago
Hello, friends, this is Ajay Bhardwaj, in my notion corruption is a curse on our country. Which can be never changed in India because it has been included in our DNA. We can understand this by example- when we drive the car during the checking traffic police do the demand for licence and all the documentation which is related to car driving. Sometimes we don't have a proper document at that time so that we give the proposal of traffic police for release to us.

Akansha Nigam said:   6 years ago
Hello Friends.

I completely agree that till the time we are not able to do right things nothing will change. But I have a question for this particular context, Are we really able to solve every problem like this? First of all every individual has to think on that way whether it is a government or rich people or common people like us. I really don't deny that we are also responsible for this in a bit but if we common people stop involving into corruption then also this problem will not solve.

I wanted to say that our government is very slow in every implementation. Otherwise we are in a century where pizza delivers at right time in such a big traffic but government Work takes more than months sometimes a year which is very bad for a country like India when we really want our country to be a developed country. We are doing privatization for everything to make work fast. This clearly states that our government Is very slow in every context. We normal people need resources to live a comfortable life but how we will get the resources we should have money but if we want luxurious life then we have to earn more money. Let's take an example of a rich man, for that person money is not a big issue he needs comfort. He will take it by all the possible ways, In such cases corruption come into the picture. Everyone is inter-related to this issue, but I personally feel it's government who should take the responsibility of it and should take legal action to stop this. Everywhere corruption comes, if we are in the waiting list in the train reservation we want to confirm sheet that happens if we will give bribe to the Ticket Checker. To stop it then what we should not give money I agree but if in any case a person gives bribe that government Employee should not take that money. But it will not happen because no one is satisfied with his current situation and wants a comfortable life 24/7 which will come if that person will have a lot of money. So for more money you have to take left and right that left and right is only corruption.

This is the problem everybody has a mindset that if you have money they don't need to worry about it. People are becoming ruthless day by day they will only manipulate others for their benefits. I would say everyone has to come out of their comfort zone and deal with the situation rather than giving bribe or taking a bribe. But the question comes is that Ok we will not give but govt. The employee will do the work very slowly until the time their pockets is not full.

So, directly saying that public figure has to involve to stop a corruption is not exactly the solution. Everyone as a civilized citizen of the country should follow the rules and regulation made by the government. I would also say that government should take necessary action against such kind of corrupt employees. They have to eradicate such kind of corrupt employees. Common people are completely tired of the situation happens everyday in India especially old people. It's only common people who suffer a lot whether it's a demonetization or anything. Tell me the name of one rich person who died due to this demonetization. Government has been biased toward rich people and poor people. They have to take necessary action rather blaming normal people that they are also responsible for the corruption.


Ananth Reddy said:   6 years ago
We are whole and solely responsible for corruption. Because the major problem in India is if anyone helps us we will think to something for him, by this way corruption has been started, our minds started thinking like what we will get when we will help other, when we stop thinking the second option automatically corruption will get a decrease.

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