Solution of corruption is a mirage till we catch top public figure

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Shama said:   7 years ago
Corruption is a blackhead on our Indian society. Not only Ppliticians, powerful people, but somewhere we are responsible for this also. I totally agree that Solution of corruption is a mirage till we catch the public figure. To tackle this we should find the route of the corruption and the route is somewhere linked to top public figures.

Mahesh said:   7 years ago
I agree with you guys. I want to say that corruption is the big problem in India poor people who belong to General category because of corruption.

Navya said:   7 years ago
Hi, Guys.

Corruption is a mirage or not are totally depends on us, not only politicians and rich people, common people like us also a reason.

For corruption for example if you want a birth certificate from the gov generally it takes one month but now we get within a few days it is possible by giving money to that particular officer So, first you should stop these type illegal activities automatically your neighbors and your friend are follows you defiantly.

Viraj jadhav said:   7 years ago
Not only the politicians but we the common people are too responsible for corruption. We have become so lazy at everything that we always keep finding a shortcut for all things. For example, if you are late to work and break a signal and then traffic police catch you. In this case, 1st thing you will do is ask him how much money you want? Then recently during Ganesh Chaturthi when you are tired of standing in line you get the VIP tickets and encourage such people to make more money in the name of god. So the conclusion here is unless and until we change our thinking and stop doing these things till then the solution to corruption is just a mirage.

Rahul gupta said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, Both the government officials and the common people are equally responsible for increasing the rate of corruption. One should improve oneself rather blame any other. We all should have to take the initiative that not to take a bribe or to give bribe.

Mishra sh said:   7 years ago
Not only politicians and rich people are responsible for corruption in our country, common people are also equally responsible for the same. Everybody in this country wants the shortcut for every work to be done, nobody wants to wait for something and the easiest way to get your work done quickly is to give bribe to the person who is the official of the same.

We all have to come forward with the resolution of neither giving or taking the bribe nor appreciating these things in our country. The only way to getting rid of this is the determination. Everything is possible in this universe but that needs strong determination and resolutions.

Sunny kumar said:   7 years ago
Rich people and politicians are not only responsible to corruption we all are equally given priority to corruption we invite them money and says that people are corrupted we invite them to become corrupt.

To change the country first to change in yourself.

Thank you.

Lakshmipriya said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, corruption is a very unofficial thing in our society. Especially rich persons, employees and almost all the works are based on corruption.

Our India will be developing country, not a developed country some reasons like corruption.

So all the people in our society will take responsibility to this issue.

I think we can't fully rectifying the corruption, but we can be tried to reduce the corruption I some basic things like education, hospitals.

Neha said:   7 years ago
Privatisation is a solution of corruption. I think everyone should contribute to corruption and everyone is part of this.

Jenifer kalrani said:   7 years ago
Everyone is involved in corruption especially top parties. Top people are involved in corruption, because of corruption our country economic growth is reduced. One of the solutions of corruption is a demonstration, It does not reduce completely, but it reduces partially. Yes, the solution of corruption is a mirage. We cannot reduce corruption immediately. By capturing big people, we can reduce it. Corruption must be reduced.

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