Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?

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Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Sir, in my point of view that India should pursue the policy of dialogue with Pakistan that it leads in a better way.

What I am going to say the war is not the answer for the peace. By making pursue with Pakistan it will lead to the destruction of war. We have to behave like twin brothers.

So many army forces also spoiling their lives in this war. We are spoiling our lives.

So many bomb blasts are occurring in our country made by Pakistan. It spoils many of people's lives.

Better to solve the issue on kashmir state peacefully. Then only we get a co-operation with the Pakistan country.

So that Pakistan country also should avoid the terrorism maintaining gangs it makes the common people live in risk. Better to avoid that.

Osama bin who started this terrorism is one of the cruel person better t o remove that mentality of the person in the countries.

So, friends, I conclude that the prime minister of our India should take necessary steps to make that peace is the best way to make the pursue with Pakistan in the place of war. Better to protect the kashmir becasue so many destructions have happened in that state.

Krishnakant said:   5 years ago
Yes, We definitely should pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan. War is not an answer to anything. Please understand that the army of both countries are safeguarding their nation's interest and they are the one who is getting killed in a war without any personal enmity. The reason of war is terrorist and not an army of any of either country. Terrorist in case of no dialogue will further escalate tensions between both countries, they, on the contrary, will take advantage of this situation and will further impose their own ideology of bloodshed.

Understand no one wants war, everyone wants peace. War is never a solution and only will lead to disaster. We should give a chance to each other and try to eliminate terrorist in both countries jointly. They should make the world aware that they are indeed together in eliminating war. This will give the terrorist a warning either to curb their activities or get eliminated altogether.

Saying that, the intention should be backed by action and terrorist should be eliminated in real. This will see the spiral effects on all front. Economy improves, the budget of warfare will be used for good of the public, relation improves and most importantly enemy (terrorist) will never succeed in their intention of divide and rule.

Let's strive for unity, peace and betterment of each other and it will be a win situation for both.

Hope people of both countries wish good for each other. Also, both country should take care of Kashmiris who have always been at loss due to this war.

BADSHAH KHAN said:   6 years ago
India is very democracy country. In my humble opinion, I want to ask that how long will it go. By rising due to the issue we should not do war between Pakistan and India. There is no conclusion so we must indulge in each and other. So it will very spectacular. We have to understand of that huge of a problem. There is nothing mean to either attack of jealous. We are a human being. Survive together make impressive happiness. We must have humanity.

Anna Arya said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone.

According to me, the policy of dialogue should be continued but with strong effect and steps. We always try to maintain peace b/w two countries but perhaps Pakistan doesn't want it and we have seen this as its attitude in world bank issue due to little- increased height of 1. 5m of "BAGLIHAR DAM" on Chenab river, terrorism, 26/11 attack, Sarabjit hanged case, uri attack, Pathankot attack and nowadays Kulbhushan Jadhav hanging case and many more. It never showed the treaty behaviour, it always wants to harm our country.

Lord Krishna also said in Mahabharata that try all possible efforts of the treaty and not the occurrence of war because war will loss many of lives and economics although you can earn and develop again but you can't back the innocent lives that have gone in war. Pakistan illegally captured Kashmir and gave some part as a gift to china for making "SILK ROUTE" so that china can start a business with Africa Europe Gulf countries. India is developing country so if war will happen that we will be lost many and another country like china will get a benefit of it. So, firstly we should develope and be such a strong country that can handle such war.

"SURGICAL STRIKE" type answer should be given to Pakistan so that it will never try again to do such. If it kills 10 soldiers then we should kill their 100 soldiers. Thus steps fill the believe in citizens' heart towards the country and fear to the enemy. Only policy of dialogue is not sufficient till we don't take any strong decision but this decision should not be war.

Thank you.

Debanjana Deb Biswas said:   7 years ago
Pakistan has always acted as a breeding hub for terrorism. The country is well aware of its consequences too. The Peshawar Attack proved a counter - strike to their pro - terrorism strategy. Repeated warnings had been given to it but how far the Government had acted upon this is a matter of question for almost all the countries.

However, a war will only lead to the loss of lives. Imagine the Kargil condition. The ratio of casualties was 3 : 1. Getting into their place and attacking them would be proving nothing but whimsicality. The Army does not even have the proper data as to how many terrorists are hiding there and what weapons they have in hand. Moreover, the commoners are the biggest sufferers. They are even witnessed to run short of the basic amenities of life.

Therefore, I don't think war is the best way out. Our strategies towards Pakistan should change completely. We should join hands with nations who are ready to give fights to terrorism and not against any specific nation. On top of that, Pakistan is our neighboring country. In no ways, should we do something that will hamper our common interests bluntly?

Sanket munde said:   8 years ago
There is no need to go to war with a country because on terrorism. It is not the country's fault. Every country has at least terrorist. Instead, India could help US in the war against terror.

If you go to war more people will die. Yes, already has declared war on terror. The UN is fighting as well there is no need to start a war that will kill millions. And it will definitely not get rid of the terrorists. Terrorists are everywhere. Yes, even India. Going to war with on country won't get rid of them. It might cause there to be more terrorism. In world's history, a war has always caused destruction and only destruction, nothing else. It will never lead to peace but only destruction and thereafter terrorism.

I may not be able to change your mind but I want you to ask yourself this. If India and Pakistan did go to war, what would you lose, what would your neighbor's lose, and what would your country lose.

If we consider that the war would solve the India-Pak issues then too, at which cost, everything would be destroyed and there would be the great loss of life, money, time and even property.

I think we should continue our peaceful talk with Pakistan because Pakistan is not the actual problem. Problem is the terrorism which doesn't want peace between Ind-Pak.

As you all must know that our country has too many social as well as economic problems like poverty, corruption and many more, which can be grown to worst if we engage in war.

People feel that Pakistan is a big problem for India, but I think they are totally wrong because Pakistan is not a problem but the non-civil government including ISI, and some groups of its army are the real culprits.

Today India's focus is to develop itself and eradicate the socio-economic problems that are prevailing in India. If go for a war against Pak it will distract us from our motive and will drown our country in the ocean of terror.

War can never be the solution. Not all Pakistanis are the culprit. There are some rotten fish who pollute the whole pond. There should be good relations with neighbors because a good relation strengthens the economy of the country and which intern fulfill the necessary demands of people of both countries which they are deprived of.

Monika said:   8 years ago
Pakistan is a country who wants to be powerful by any means whether it would be terrorism, infiltration by religious riots in India. Especially when both the country have got the independence at the same time, Pakistan will always be involved in these practices. No matter how much resolving meetings are done, Pakistan is never going to take prominent steps. So, what I mean is not to indulge in a war with Pakistan because indulging in a war with a country like Pakistan (nuclear equipped) will definitely bring world war -3. Instead, India a neighboring country most vulnerable to Pakistan should strengthen its forces to cope with these. We should focus on security advancement, get globally strong that no dares attack and the Pakistan government bounds to eradicate the terrorist's organization.

AKASH said:   8 years ago

Pakistan the word reminding of all the terror attacks, infiltration, brutal treatment with pow's, deterrent to show its power. From the past 70 years, we are in continuous talk with Pakistan for stopping terrorism and resolve it peacefully but every time we discuss they insert the dagger in our back. Continuously complaining to UNO has resulted out with no solution. So considering the current situation where our country is facing too many internal problems, India should continuously keep increase its strength and try to solve the issue with talks with stern face nd when water goes high above water War is the only option.

GAGAN said:   8 years ago
I am in favour of dialogue talks with Pakistan. Because every issue we want to solve we have to talk. There is need of bilateral talk at any type of problem, we want to solve. No matter the issue like Kashmir is irrelevant from Pakistan because Kashmir is part of India and will be the part in future too. We have to solve issues like infiltration, terrorism, and the fighting issues which are arising in the present scenario. We don't want the fight but also we don't want terrorism.

Pakistan has the character of backstepping always by some immortal agendas of terrorism. But we have to stop now this problem. For solving the problem, we need to talk and resolve in a systematic manner.

Sajid sayeed said:   8 years ago
Pakistan playing psychological against India by tempting and raising the issue of Kashmir which is already an integral part of India the chapter is closed so there is no need to talk on this subject but we have to have peace talk on piece of occupied Kashmir which was confiscated after independence and this is the core issue further to normalize our relation with Pakistan we are ready to improve trade relations and our doors are always opened to entire global community.

From now onwards our main agenda of discussion should be a trade, terrorism regional peace and stability. Better ignore the issue of what Pakistan crying since 60 years Kashmir forget once for all we shall not bother about UNO or ICC these two organisations are just controlled by one country.

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