Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?

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Samyuktha said: (Jun 12, 2019)  
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

Sir, in my point of view that India should pursue the policy of dialogue with Pakistan that it leads in a better way.

What I am going to say the war is not the answer for the peace. By making pursue with Pakistan it will lead to the destruction of war. We have to behave like twin brothers.

So many army forces also spoiling their lives in this war. We are spoiling our lives.

So many bomb blasts are occurring in our country made by Pakistan. It spoils many of people's lives.

Better to solve the issue on kashmir state peacefully. Then only we get a co-operation with the Pakistan country.

So that Pakistan country also should avoid the terrorism maintaining gangs it makes the common people live in risk. Better to avoid that.

Osama bin who started this terrorism is one of the cruel person better t o remove that mentality of the person in the countries.

So, friends, I conclude that the prime minister of our India should take necessary steps to make that peace is the best way to make the pursue with Pakistan in the place of war. Better to protect the kashmir becasue so many destructions have happened in that state.

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Krishnakant said: (Feb 27, 2019)  
Yes, We definitely should pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan. War is not an answer to anything. Please understand that the army of both countries are safeguarding their nation's interest and they are the one who is getting killed in a war without any personal enmity. The reason of war is terrorist and not an army of any of either country. Terrorist in case of no dialogue will further escalate tensions between both countries, they, on the contrary, will take advantage of this situation and will further impose their own ideology of bloodshed.

Understand no one wants war, everyone wants peace. War is never a solution and only will lead to disaster. We should give a chance to each other and try to eliminate terrorist in both countries jointly. They should make the world aware that they are indeed together in eliminating war. This will give the terrorist a warning either to curb their activities or get eliminated altogether.

Saying that, the intention should be backed by action and terrorist should be eliminated in real. This will see the spiral effects on all front. Economy improves, the budget of warfare will be used for good of the public, relation improves and most importantly enemy (terrorist) will never succeed in their intention of divide and rule.

Let's strive for unity, peace and betterment of each other and it will be a win situation for both.

Hope people of both countries wish good for each other. Also, both country should take care of Kashmiris who have always been at loss due to this war.

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BADSHAH KHAN said: (May 29, 2018)  
India is very democracy country. In my humble opinion, I want to ask that how long will it go. By rising due to the issue we should not do war between Pakistan and India. There is no conclusion so we must indulge in each and other. So it will very spectacular. We have to understand of that huge of a problem. There is nothing mean to either attack of jealous. We are a human being. Survive together make impressive happiness. We must have humanity.

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Anna Arya said: (Apr 15, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

According to me, the policy of dialogue should be continued but with strong effect and steps. We always try to maintain peace b/w two countries but perhaps Pakistan doesn't want it and we have seen this as its attitude in world bank issue due to little- increased height of 1. 5m of "BAGLIHAR DAM" on Chenab river, terrorism, 26/11 attack, Sarabjit hanged case, uri attack, Pathankot attack and nowadays Kulbhushan Jadhav hanging case and many more. It never showed the treaty behaviour, it always wants to harm our country.

Lord Krishna also said in Mahabharata that try all possible efforts of the treaty and not the occurrence of war because war will loss many of lives and economics although you can earn and develop again but you can't back the innocent lives that have gone in war. Pakistan illegally captured Kashmir and gave some part as a gift to china for making "SILK ROUTE" so that china can start a business with Africa Europe Gulf countries. India is developing country so if war will happen that we will be lost many and another country like china will get a benefit of it. So, firstly we should develope and be such a strong country that can handle such war.

"SURGICAL STRIKE" type answer should be given to Pakistan so that it will never try again to do such. If it kills 10 soldiers then we should kill their 100 soldiers. Thus steps fill the believe in citizens' heart towards the country and fear to the enemy. Only policy of dialogue is not sufficient till we don't take any strong decision but this decision should not be war.

Thank you.

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Debanjana Deb Biswas said: (Feb 17, 2017)  
Pakistan has always acted as a breeding hub for terrorism. The country is well aware of its consequences too. The Peshawar Attack proved a counter - strike to their pro - terrorism strategy. Repeated warnings had been given to it but how far the Government had acted upon this is a matter of question for almost all the countries.

However, a war will only lead to the loss of lives. Imagine the Kargil condition. The ratio of casualties was 3 : 1. Getting into their place and attacking them would be proving nothing but whimsicality. The Army does not even have the proper data as to how many terrorists are hiding there and what weapons they have in hand. Moreover, the commoners are the biggest sufferers. They are even witnessed to run short of the basic amenities of life.

Therefore, I don't think war is the best way out. Our strategies towards Pakistan should change completely. We should join hands with nations who are ready to give fights to terrorism and not against any specific nation. On top of that, Pakistan is our neighboring country. In no ways, should we do something that will hamper our common interests bluntly?

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Sanket Munde said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
There is no need to go to war with a country because on terrorism. It is not the country's fault. Every country has at least terrorist. Instead, India could help US in the war against terror.

If you go to war more people will die. Yes, already has declared war on terror. The UN is fighting as well there is no need to start a war that will kill millions. And it will definitely not get rid of the terrorists. Terrorists are everywhere. Yes, even India. Going to war with on country won't get rid of them. It might cause there to be more terrorism. In world's history, a war has always caused destruction and only destruction, nothing else. It will never lead to peace but only destruction and thereafter terrorism.

I may not be able to change your mind but I want you to ask yourself this. If India and Pakistan did go to war, what would you lose, what would your neighbor's lose, and what would your country lose.

If we consider that the war would solve the India-Pak issues then too, at which cost, everything would be destroyed and there would be the great loss of life, money, time and even property.

I think we should continue our peaceful talk with Pakistan because Pakistan is not the actual problem. Problem is the terrorism which doesn't want peace between Ind-Pak.

As you all must know that our country has too many social as well as economic problems like poverty, corruption and many more, which can be grown to worst if we engage in war.

People feel that Pakistan is a big problem for India, but I think they are totally wrong because Pakistan is not a problem but the non-civil government including ISI, and some groups of its army are the real culprits.

Today India's focus is to develop itself and eradicate the socio-economic problems that are prevailing in India. If go for a war against Pak it will distract us from our motive and will drown our country in the ocean of terror.

War can never be the solution. Not all Pakistanis are the culprit. There are some rotten fish who pollute the whole pond. There should be good relations with neighbors because a good relation strengthens the economy of the country and which intern fulfill the necessary demands of people of both countries which they are deprived of.

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Monika said: (Sep 4, 2016)  
Pakistan is a country who wants to be powerful by any means whether it would be terrorism, infiltration by religious riots in India. Especially when both the country have got the independence at the same time, Pakistan will always be involved in these practices. No matter how much resolving meetings are done, Pakistan is never going to take prominent steps. So, what I mean is not to indulge in a war with Pakistan because indulging in a war with a country like Pakistan (nuclear equipped) will definitely bring world war -3. Instead, India a neighboring country most vulnerable to Pakistan should strengthen its forces to cope with these. We should focus on security advancement, get globally strong that no dares attack and the Pakistan government bounds to eradicate the terrorist's organization.

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AKASH said: (Aug 31, 2016)  

Pakistan the word reminding of all the terror attacks, infiltration, brutal treatment with pow's, deterrent to show its power. From the past 70 years, we are in continuous talk with Pakistan for stopping terrorism and resolve it peacefully but every time we discuss they insert the dagger in our back. Continuously complaining to UNO has resulted out with no solution. So considering the current situation where our country is facing too many internal problems, India should continuously keep increase its strength and try to solve the issue with talks with stern face nd when water goes high above water War is the only option.

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GAGAN said: (May 18, 2016)  
I am in favour of dialogue talks with Pakistan. Because every issue we want to solve we have to talk. There is need of bilateral talk at any type of problem, we want to solve. No matter the issue like Kashmir is irrelevant from Pakistan because Kashmir is part of India and will be the part in future too. We have to solve issues like infiltration, terrorism, and the fighting issues which are arising in the present scenario. We don't want the fight but also we don't want terrorism.

Pakistan has the character of backstepping always by some immortal agendas of terrorism. But we have to stop now this problem. For solving the problem, we need to talk and resolve in a systematic manner.

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Sajid Sayeed said: (Apr 29, 2016)  
Pakistan playing psychological against India by tempting and raising the issue of Kashmir which is already an integral part of India the chapter is closed so there is no need to talk on this subject but we have to have peace talk on piece of occupied Kashmir which was confiscated after independence and this is the core issue further to normalize our relation with Pakistan we are ready to improve trade relations and our doors are always opened to entire global community.

From now onwards our main agenda of discussion should be a trade, terrorism regional peace and stability. Better ignore the issue of what Pakistan crying since 60 years Kashmir forget once for all we shall not bother about UNO or ICC these two organisations are just controlled by one country.

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Megha said: (Mar 14, 2016)  
Our Indian government has been a great example of tolerating, in front of Pakistan. But each and every time Pakistan didn't respond in favour of dialogue. Always showed arms and ammunition power thinking that Indian govt will sit and resolve over meeting, but no. This is not what is actually happening. I'm not asking to start of a war, but India should try to be rebellion. Pakistan does not have a freaking idea about how India will be if they start resolving issues with arms and ammunition.

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Durgesh Singh said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
I think India should dialogue policy continue because if we will go for direct war then it will definitely bring for both countries but if we keep dialogue continue then it will keep our value up in UNO and it is necessity for us if we want to be permanent member of un security council.

And also as pak is taking step toward stop terrorism because it is harming pak more than India. So I think it will be good for us.

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Panchanan Singh said: (Feb 1, 2016)  
According to my opinion Pakistan is a permanent cheater as we know from our past attempt on peace a great lesson that we should take from Kargil war a very good attempt of Atal government with Nawaz but what happened, this is only formality of peace between each country.

As we know India has biggest power then why not we will take action strongly and we should never faith on Pakistan but what our government do they only used to ban the cricket match only.

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Ghanhsyam Savaliya said: (Jan 29, 2016)  
Hello Everyone,

This is Ghanshyam.

I think we should continue our dialogue of peace with Pakistan because Pakistan is not the actual problem. Problem is the terrorism prevailing there who doesn't want peace between two country.

So whenever a talk of peace is done between two country they come into action. And as we are the one of the developing nation we have too many problems like poverty, corruption and many more, which can be grown to worst if we engage in war. And country like china will take advantage of the war. So, in my opinion we should continue the talk for peace with Pakistan.

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Ashu said: (Jan 28, 2016)  
1) Dialogue with Pakistan is little bit sweet and sour experience for India remain so for.

2) Pakistani basically formed on the basis of religion so extremists always has dominating factor in Relation between India and Pakistan.

3) India got great leader after independence and Pakistan failed to occupy the same.

4) Pakistan has had mostly military power in the past so relation with India also determined by the army.

5) Pakistan favours thought of good terrorism and bad terrorism.

6) Pakistan is now nuclear capable country. It has capability to deter India.

7) Pakistan is always supported by China which it call all weather friend.

8) China will never accept growing influence of India in the world.

9) Chinese company finds very easy way to earn profit in Pakistan.

10) China has acquired land in the form of gift from Pakistan to counter India all around.

11) India wants to lead in every field in the world. Leaving Pakistan alone and not to have talk will cause drawback before India.

12) Pakistan is a Muslim country and most part of the world are Muslim or mostly rich country are rich in resources.

13) To have place in greatest influence body like permanent seat in NSG or UNSC.

14) Pakistan is a our neighbour country. Talking with Pakistan will come in this consideration.

15) Pakistan is rich in some resources like productive agriculture land. So whenever requirement is there we can earn it easily like in case of onion shortfall. This will fulfill our requirement.

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Naveen Tiwari said: (Jan 6, 2016)  
There is no doubt about it now - India has a problem, a big one, and it is Pakistan. But the real statement is, or should be - India has a problem, a big one, and it is the non-civil-government agents of Pakistan, who are out of civilian control totally.

I have worded this carefully, as I understand that. Pakistan's civil government may actually want peace with India. Pakistan's army may not entirely want disturbance this side of its border as they are at the receiving end of terror anyway.

Pakistan's non-civil actors (some fringes of its army, or the ISI, or some radical break-away groups or some radical individuals) may never want peace with India.

Some terror groups that are enemies of Pakistan may carry out attacks here in India as that suits their final motive (India gets angry, talks derail, skirmishes happen, Pakistan pays a price etc).

Irrespective of the subtleties of the argument describing today's situation, India is definitely a loser in it, as our sole worthy aim - raising the hundreds of millions out of poverty and into prosperity - gets defeated. Our focus dilutes. We deviate. The national debates change all over again.

Not good meanwhile, uncle Xi smiles in Beijing. He would be happy India is temporarily derailed. His huge One-Road-One-Belt strategy could ask for nothing else. If India loses its way, China gains in a big way (a crudely put statement that's true nonetheless especially given the increasing difficulty Xi faces in controlling democratic impulses of his citizens now).

So what can India do? We must ensure that a separate dedicated part of our foreign service is created solely for Pakistan and China issues (so that the larger world engagement does not suffer at all).

We must repeatedly remind everyone that prosperity and economic growth is crucial to the Indian dream, irrespective of terror attacks (as that alone will ensure our hotheads stay in control - poverty is big problem).

We develop trade linkages with Pakistan as economic ties cool sectarian tensions substantially. We remain united internally.

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Sateesh Koyya said: (Jan 5, 2016)  
Hi friends,

In my opinion it is better to continue the peace talks with Pakistan. As we are still developing country, we have so many issues like corruption, Naxalism, poverty, etc. For the country to develop and become a super power, it must have good relations with neighboring countries.

We know that Pakistan has its own issues that halting it's development. India is well known for its peace in dealing with sensitive issues. Helping each other to resolve the issues of both nations like helping Pakistan to eradicate terrorism. Latest incident at pathankot makes the need for talks with Pakistan to eradicate terrorism in that country.

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Siddhant said: (Dec 18, 2015)  
I feel, we were engaged in war with Pakistan from so many years. But what is the use China third country is coming and taking advantage of situation. We as responsible should have talks and take Pakistan in confidence. And make them realize that there are many problems to solve rather than fighting over Kashmir. They already have taken 30% of Kashmir (POK) even China took aksai chin, so lets not take fights further but live in peace and harmony.

Just fighting over these things won't help both countries, as Pakistan also has faced various terrorist attacks, they are also feeling the evil of terrorism, so its right opportunity to take Pakistan in confidence and sort out the issues. And I am confident present govt will do it successfully.

Jai Hind.

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Priyanka said: (Nov 13, 2015)  
Yes definitely we should not purse policy of dialogue with Pakistan. Kashmir is a integral part of India. Pakistan always interfer in internal matters of India and try to seize Kashmir. Due to militancy lakhs of people left their home in Kashmir and migrated to other states.

War is not solution. Rather than talk to Pakistan, India should talk to people who were migrated from Kashmir and local residents of Kashmir what they want and want to do exactly.

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Ashutosh Kumar Singh said: (Oct 30, 2015)  
Hi friends.

According to my opinion we should not keep any relationship with Pakistan because whenever we are going to do something good in favor of Pakistan, they thinks we are taking some benefits.

In Pakistan there is many wisdom people they think only about themselves. Only promote terrorism and violation. All terrorist attack had executed by them. Pakistan always hearts us. So I think we should not keep any relationship with Pakistan.

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Tarun said: (Oct 11, 2015)  
I think that there should be talks between India and Pakistan but India should not initiate the talks unless Pakistan is willing to do what is in favour of the world peace. India should remain strong in these matters because we all know what has happened because of India's weakness during the war between India and Pakistan also during the partition of India.

We are an emerging nation and we should learn from american about laden's murder and should be strong enough that even if Pakistan wants to attack then should think twice before doing that.

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Harshit Binju said: (Sep 18, 2015)  
I would like to put forward my opinion and support not talking to Pakistan because of one too many reasons. One of the most important reason is Kashmir, which Pakistan has always been trying to take away from India. Second of all I would like to say that the attitude of Pakistani government is not at all amiable or pragmatic. Be it any Pakistani they all think in a destructive way. The Mumbai blast, attack in Kashmir, Kasab case and there are lots and lots of examples by which Pakistan has always proved India wrong in maintaining peace.

I would also like to remind Indian government about LOC incidents which have never been stopped. There are Jawans of India killed everyday. Indian women been raped, bombs being planted. So to round up I would like to say that India should call it a spade to a spade and act bitter id Pakistan is acting sour.

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LAL KRISHNA MAHATO said: (Sep 15, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

As we know that the main of pursue our dialogue of policy with Pakistan is to maintain the peace between the two country. Yes, we know that with the behaviour, we have not to forgive them but if also react like them we also kill the innocent people of Pakistan then what is the difference between India and Pakistan. As we know that our country is known for peace in the world. Hence we have create peace between the two country.

With my point of view, I think that as the present century known as nuclear century, hence, if war is create between us then their huge loss for both of the country, actually not only both country but it will also affect our neighboring country which is the initialization of world war. Our country is developing country and we have bright future. So I concluded that we have to maintain peace in a proper way so that we are also not affected by their terrorism.

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MOHIT VEDWAN said: (Sep 1, 2015)  
When everyone in a family became boss it leads family to ruins and unhappiness and it is the case with Pakistan where everyone thinks of a great scholar but none know how to lead. Some democratic leader talk of peace while other of violence and terrorism. And the remaining mess up left to her army.

So it will be of no use to have talks. Better we keep our forces strong enough to give answer to their brick by STONE immediately. We must remember everyone wants good relation with a strong to tag along. Its true in case of AMERICA which killed OSAMA by raiding Pakistan most secret and safe place but Pakistan do not retaliated and keep mum like a child got a tight slap from his/her mother over a mistake or bad acts.

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Shreyali Poojari said: (Aug 22, 2015)  

It is very important to first solve the problem of Jammu Kashmir as Pakistan is doing all this attacks for capturing Jammu Kashmir. In my opinion we should not pursue a political talk with Pakistan. As I had seen news on 22 august 2015 that Pakistan do not want to talk with India. So India should not have a talk with Pakistan.

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Konsam said: (Aug 6, 2015)  
Peace and war are the two strongest enemy. India have already tried to promote peace between the two countries but it fails spontaneously. Failure is the first step to success but those words are not applicable regarding the matter the more we try the more we fail.

So the Indian govt must Optional for bigger plan either may be by taking the issue to higher authority. If that doesn't work then we must also violate cease fire not only those dog's servant can fire the gun.

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Minthang Lhouvum said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
Hi friend.

I think India should not have political talks with Pakistan. We have seen and experience many battles after independence. The more dialogue with Pakistan, the more cease fire violations, infiltrations at LOC. What have we to expect from Pakistan until Kashmir Problem is solved, . They too will never stop till they get Kashmir.

So why to talk and have a political dialogue with those Wolves who use Sheep's skin. Recently, both the Country PM had a political talks at UFA in Russia, soon after that there are lots infiltrators like firing at Indian border post at LOC killing a Jawan.

Very recently, after India celebrated to commemorates the KARGIL Martyrs on KARGIL DIVAS. There is an infiltration at Dinanagarh at Gurdaspur Dist of Punjab where SP of the District murdered at Cold-Blood killing innocent civilians and few policemen. Those militants were backed by Pakistan. Last but not the least.

Nothing will benefit out of Political talks with Pakistanis even if it holds talks a thousand times, the main reason being PAKISTAN is not controlled by PM but by Pakistani army.

So My dear friend what more can we expect from Pakistan. Instead we should give them a befitting reply to what they had done to us.

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Rahul said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
I think the dialogue policy that we are following every time after any incident happened. Whenever Pakistan government don't take strong decision to kill there self made terrorist and ended one by one terrorist organisations in Pakistan once there is no any single terrorist living in the Pakistan that day will be the most welcoming for Pakistan government to continue the dialogue policy.

But shame on Pakistan, few days ago the incident happen in Peshawar Army school, Hundred of small children killed by terrorist. But Pakistan government not strongly action on it. All that children's parents occupation is to serve Pakistan country, they are soldiers. But they can't do anything.

Pakistan government not care of there own soldier's children why are they interested to solve the matter of attacks of terrorist in India. Indian government only do that.

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Sheshank Singh said: (Jul 31, 2015)  
In my opinion we should pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan. War can never be solution. Not all Pakistanis are the culprit. There are some rotten fish who pollute the whole pond. There should be good relations with neighbors because a good relation strengthen the economy of country and which intern fulfill the necessary demands of people of both country which they are deprived of. Pakistan need the peace more than India because they are economically backward.

As our Prime Minister giving stress on good relation with neighbor countries and our foreign policies is very good (eg: Bangladesh) , they will be benefited. If peace is maintained, the expense both country doing in borders decreases drastically, many life's can be save, living standard can be increased.

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Anmol said: (Jun 26, 2015)  
India should pursue the policy of effective and responsible deterrence so as to secure its own interest. Pakistan can't adopt dual government policy to communicate with India, it needs to strengthen its democracy and pass power to the people then to the army, an army whose action have always been as promoter of terrorism in India.

We would like to welcome a dialogue only if there is universe with Pakistan on the dialogue we can't move into a dialogue where we have to engage with two different parties saying two different things only then can we have a successful dialogue on different subjects.

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Nagaraju said: (May 15, 2015)  

I agree pursue dialogue with Pakistan because once upon time we are the children of a mother due to some reason now are we are against with each other. By looking like we may many problem between two countries specifically on J&K. Our government & Pakistan have to take a peaceful decision on this matter by solving find the solution for it. Then our both countries make a good relationship. It will help us development in both countries. I hope it will be happen soon.

Thank you.

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Suji said: (May 1, 2015)  
According to my point of view, no we should pursue our policy of dialog with Pakistan b/c from time of partition we adopted this policy to solve our dispute with Pakistan but it could not give any result even after more than 60 years time.

I think there should be referendum in J&K to know where they (people of J&K) actually want to go. Based on opinion of majority of people, decision should be taken to which country it should be given India or Pakistan. I think this would be the most effective and peaceful way to settle this issue.

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KAMLESH SINGH YADAV said: (Mar 12, 2015)  
Policy of dialogue with Pakistan is old one now. We need to pressurize Pakistan to take action against terror camp inside Pakistan. In other hand we should also go to international community to exposed Pakistan. We need to deal with Pakistan diplomatically.

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Ayesha said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Policy of Dialogue are just big words - "Agendas to discuss on and about " but sadly not much progress has been seen for all practical purposes.

Cross shooting still goes on at border between the two bitter enemies with neither willing to accept defeat. Both the countries spend enormous amounts for "defense" purposes which could be easily avoided. But it is easier said and done.

The major issue proving to be a roadblock in peace talks is the issue of J&K, POK being the icing on the cake. People of J&K are also divided amongst themselves regarding the issue.

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Rashmi Daksh said: (Feb 16, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I don't think it be the time to just make dialogues with pakistan. It is the time to take some action, our government now has to strict in this matter with pakistan. Either they take some action against terrorism or let us do.

But it doesn't mean war at all as it will result in loss of life of thousands of innocent people in pakistan as well as India. Our fight is from terrorist not other innocent people. Who are also suffering from terrorism.

We have to find solutions like one my said making military centres in pakistan and fight against terrorist.

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Gayu said: (Feb 16, 2015)  
Hi friends.

We are humane, we have to respect other humane in our neighboring country. May be there are some people who want a peaceful relation with our country. So peaceful talk with Pakistan is necessary because we are Indian. We have to respect humane.

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Snehil Chouhan said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
No, we shouldn't Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan. As we all know Pakistani does not want peace.

Now what India needs to do is in Pakistan there are various good people also means (they understand that there government can not do anything they have no Pakistan in there country they should be in side of India).

So India should not harm such peoples and, Now India should make military center in Pakistan and perform anti-terrorist operation against terrorist in Pakistan as america did in Afghanistan) and India should clean all terrorist in Pakistan.

And also army of Pakistan (army which is like terrorist which always takeover government of Pakistan) that army should be in category of terrorism. So in this way Indian can remove every day attack by Pakistan and save lives of innocent people.

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Nur Alam said: (Jan 23, 2015)  
Hi everyone,

We are discussing in a very very sensitive matter whether India should continue peace talk with Pakistan or not, I would like to state my opinion in this regard that India should not talk with Pakistan regarding terrorism any more. Its a open secret that Pakistan has no control against terrorism as terrorism killing hundreds of people in their won country, then why for talk with Pakistan government. First Pakistan must get control against terrorism then India should talk with Pakistan.

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Pranay Malhotra said: (Jan 7, 2015)  
Pranay from Chandigarh.

It's extremely important to continue the peace talks with Pakistan. It's an open secret that Pakistan is a terrorism promoter, essentially controlled by its military. By letting go of peace talks, we absolve Pakistani leadership of stopping the peace process and give them a chance to blame India for the same while jumping along the lines of its military without a single hurdle. It would always say India stopped talking, thus the world won't focus on Pakistan anymore and each and every Pakistani would potentially become a terrorist.

And our military, however powerful, cannot stop a more than 10 crore Pakistan terrorist force unless it recreates tens of Hiroshima-Nagasaki's in Pakistan today. In response to that, of course, the world would hate India.

However, talk with Pakistan doesn't mean coffee discussions. India can pressurize Pakistan to get serious about terrorism, and in case of leniency, impose heavy economic sanctions which would break Pakistan already dismal economic situation.

The most horrific consequence of freeing Pakistan of this 'peace talk compulsion' would possibly be a redirection of mujahedeen in Afghanistan which are doubtlessly going to enter Pakistan now that NATO forces have left Afghanistan to Kashmir. Just like it did in the 1990's, and we very well know that Kashmirs have suffered for decades due to that militancy.

We talk of India being stronger than Pakistan in all respects and being more important to the world. Thus, by masterful diplomacy, cannot we force Pakistan, especially when the world already knows what Pakistan in reality is? We can China does it all the time to Tibet, Taiwan, etc.

War is an option only when we are attacked first. Never start a fight, but always finish it. We've done so in the past and should stay with this plan.

Dialogue is necessary. I wish there was an alternative. Sadly, there isn't.

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Chhitij P Singh said: (Jan 6, 2015)  
We can change history but not geography. Clearly, our X Pm's these line are valid enough in any scenario. Lack of communication always create misunderstanding and give aggravates chance to deteriorate situation. Dialogue should be avoided when we finally in mood of clear declared war, but are we?

Surely we can drastically defeat Pakistan but war always ends with two way loss. We are developing country with bright future but its not the case with Pakistan, so its our duty to continue peaceful steps, as always fruitful tree bow down.

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Balwan Singh said: (Dec 20, 2014)  
Yes, I agree with the process of peace talk with Pakistan. To make strong our home in all respect it is necessary to have good relation with neighborhood. Pakistan will remain our neighbour forever. We nothing got by our previously three wars.

Thank you.

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Umesh Hage said: (Dec 9, 2014)  
According to my point of view, it is very necessary to speak between two countries not only to reduce terrorism and also to increase business for development.

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Anamika said: (Nov 24, 2014)  
Hello every one.

The topic which we are discussing is very sensitive, because pakistan is our neighbor and for peaceful environment of our nation, it is very important that relationship between both country would be healthy. I know that there is much problems between both countries. These problem may be solved by talking with each other. Only war is not a solution.

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Unni Krishnan said: (Nov 10, 2014)  
Hi Friends.

This is Unnikrishnan,

Pakistan every day attack India. We know India is a very fast developing nation we have strong Military and Defense power. Pakistan does not want peace because they nothing have to lose. But India not like that. Now a day's India react strongly. I think pakistan can't beat India in any way. And also pakistan can't stop terrorism.

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Abhijit said: (Nov 9, 2014)  
Hello Everyone,

I think we should not tolerate Pakistan anymore, they are taking innocent lives. Rather we should strongly protest and give them a pay back. Indian army is doing well, but we need to be more harsh against them.

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Dost Muhammmad said: (Nov 4, 2014)  
Pakistan is the neighboring country of the India and the nuclear state in the region you can not sideline Pakistan. So for the keeping the the region safe from all these nuclear threats India has to do peaceful dialogue with Pakistan.

Secondly we can attract alot of investment from Pakistan as India has alot of sources of product which could be imported to Pakistan and even to the Afghanistan and Iran etc.

Thirdly there are people living on the both sides of the border who have strong family relations and the Kashmiris in both Kashmirs.

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Azhagar said: (Nov 1, 2014)  
Hello friends, I am Azhagar.

In my view still doing a conversation with Pakistan is totally no use. Because there is no a single positive activity from that side. Then why should we still arguing with Pakistan to make unity.

India have more enough strength like army force and defense system. There is no use still following our Mahatma's non-violence concept.

That's all about my opinion.

Thanks for this opportunity to expose my thinking on this topic.

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Sandeep Kumar said: (Oct 28, 2014)  
Dear friends,

A dialogue with PAKISTAN is of no use why because even though the president of PAKISTAN is intent to speak with our government, the terrorists in their country are opposing to make peaceful councils. PAKISTAN is entirely a different country with religious feeling.

Then killed even PAKISTAN people who prays to the gods other than their religion. They killed thousands of people who are in the christian prayers in the last year. So there is no use of making a dialogue with PAKISTAN.

They are completely a mind of terrorism.

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Rahul said: (Oct 25, 2014)  
We can use both paths but policy of dialogue with Pakistan is better because they nothing have to lost but seeing our countrymen we are not take path of war. It is the last step or brahmastra that will always use in the last. Because after committing a mistake everyone shame itself.

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Vivek said: (Oct 12, 2014)  
I think it is no use engaging in talks with Pakistan because you can hold talks only if both sides want to resolve problems but Pakistan wants only their wish to be fulfilled i.e. to have a plebiscite in Kashmir and for that they have gone to the extent of killing innocent civilians on the IB and claiming that India violated ceasefire to garner international attention. And the problem is Pakistan is mainly controlled by the army so talking to their political leaders won't help as even if they are interested in peace they have to listen to army as the government is dependent on them for survival.

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Sameera K said: (Oct 10, 2014)  
Dear all,

In my perspective, there is no point in going with dialogue with PAK, let me be clear on this, India is a land with peace & prosperity & expects it's neibour countries to be the same, India has always waved its hands for carrying out peace talks with Pak, but you might have noticed and number of ceasefire violations (90 to 100 times) from Pak & yearly it is getting multiplied, there is no point in going smooth with Pak. How long one can be quite even after series of mistakes who are committed to commit mistakes.

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Apoorva said: (Oct 8, 2014)  
Well respecting all the views above, I feel neither of the two points, i.e., not having bilateral talk with pak. and indulging in a war, holds more priority over other. Besides I feel that both should be taken into consideration. Both the government should take the initiatives to indulge the youth and citizens of their resp. Countries in exchange programs wherein an import and export of good peaceful talks would happen and common people can have a say in the process, this way India can display its initiatives to hold peace and solve the problems.

Also we can go in for multilateral talks. By observing the current scenario, where we should be focusing our attention and priority is the development of our country w.r.t all fronts. After this if pak. doesn't amend its way, we with a developed weaponry, economy, technology, logical points in international platform and a strong position can surely show our power.

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Kavyesh Nair said: (Oct 7, 2014)  
Yes definitely we must continue the bilateral peace talks. But the talks must be about how we can bring about more interaction between the civilian population of both the countries as various polls have shown that majority of the people in both the countries want peace. Having said that Pakistan must stop the frequent violations of ceasefire and the infiltration and also must be more forthcoming in its fight against terrorism especially regarding the acts of terror by Pakistan based militant organisation.

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Naresh Chettri said: (Oct 1, 2014)  
I believe that India should continue the dialogue process with. It is very important that India should have peaceful neighbours. We can have peace either by dialogue process or by using force. But war has never bought any solution to any problem. So dialogue is the only way out. We as a growing superpower should set an example for others that we don't want the use of force to settle the disputes between any country.

It a well known fact that we easily outnumber them in military counts as well as we have the far better technology than Pakistan. Pakistan can be defeated by means of force. Is that what we want? no. Maybe be one day Pakistan will realise that we are not their enemies but just a friend helping them to solve their own internal problems.

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Chandan Singh said: (Sep 29, 2014)  
What India and Pakistan need is a bilateral peace process which does not get affected by incident of terrorism in borders.

It has become a routine that every time something happens in loc both government stop the ongoing peace process. It is a fact that ceasefire agreement is violated hundreds of time by both side and some incident gets hyped by media and it frustrates the people of both the countries. Government does nothing then stalling the peace process to placate angry people.

War is not a solution in my opinion, because it will create more hatred among the people of both countries. We already had four wars with Pakistan. We as well as Pakistan have lost many lives in these battles but we still do not have any peaceful accord with Pakistan.

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Kiran said: (Sep 28, 2014)  

Peace talks never means talks without practice, in fact both members should proceed with political maturity and leaving pessimism and blame game aside. Pakistan should help the Indian concerns and India should do same by satisfying the counter blame of insurgency in Balochistan etc. Decide before dialogue that the two are together for progress and problem solving surely not for vogue criticism.

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Un-Biased Creature said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
Hello friends,

What we finally want-peace between the two nation. Let us look for the solution by examining the real situations.

History- In past it has been proved pakistan never want to leave with peace, initiated the war many times instead of the fact that Bharat won over pakistan and then showed pity by not conquering it's territory. Pakistan violated the cease fire every time, even after that we are trying hard to discuss over these topics peacefully.

Help from US- Even Bharat (Hindustan) warned US for activities going in pakistan earlier US refused to blame pakistan for terrorism and after Osama bin laden founded in pakistan it was finally proved worldwide. Also from where does pakistan get so many weapon, going little deeper, search who was osama bin laden and who gave him rise and why later US became his enemy. What did US do with Iran and with it's resources, instead of being proved that Jammu and Kashmir is part of Bharat why US could not make final decision. US never want to solve the case of Jammu and Kashmir as in emergency it will help him to fight with china.

War- Is war the final solution, it is no. Main reason is terrorism and I agree with my friends we should look for the reason terrorism. Yes poverty is reason and every one should try to eradicate that but let us go into main reason of terrorism. Main reason is lack of education, they still do not teach maths, science of moons and stars, physics but even to little child they teach how to expand their religion. They teach little kids how to fire from gun and it is fact as they everyone has AK-47 just like pen pencils and vehicles we have. In my knowledge true religion is the which do not say that my religion is best then others or true secular is one who do not kill other if they do not adopt your religion.

So final solution and planning- we should give 2 or 3 three years which is enough time for pakistan to enlighten people with true knowledge, remove mess of orthodox custom in front of world. After that time period if things are not changing then last solution is war. As it is truly said that doing pity cruel is biggest cruelty on everyone, even on cruel because this pity will not help the cruel to know the truth and they will continue their ill doings.

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Bageesh said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
If you don't take an eye for an eye then eventually you will be the only one left blind. Is that what we want? we can talk peace with a country who understands what it means. All we ever did was forgive Pakistan for all its violations. Has it led us anywhere? its still doing the same. I think it's high time we take a stern action or let these so called peace talks cover all the bloodshed of our soldiers on border area.

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Rathore said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
Dear friends,

In my view, the policy of dialogue should be continued but with the condition of progress on the agreements and assurances made by their leaders in past. It should be kept in mind that war is not the solution of any problem and ie. At this juncture of time when India is aiming to be a developed country. We should continue to follow the path of peaceful talks and simultaneously make efforts to modernise our of Defence forces and weaponry like USA and other developed country so that enemy may think twice before taking any step against India.

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Harsh said: (Sep 17, 2014)  
"AN EYE FOR AN EYE MAKES WHOLE WORLD BLIND" this is true and perhaps everyone is in favor of peaceful talk however according to me, we must have a policy of dialogue with Pakistan only to extent as every time they use to violate the ceasefire which result in bloodshed of citizens and warriors. So there are two ways either we show them our power like them in foolish way or by build our army strong like US, so that a enemy must think thousands of time before attacking us thanks.

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Nitish said: (Sep 11, 2014)  
I think the dialogue policy with Pakistan should be continued with Pakistan. We should not forget that doing same with the accused is not the solution. Forgiveness is our nature as foolishness of our neighbor. Let us do ours and let them do in their style. If we take eye instead of eye then one day the whole world will be blind. India is known for peace in the world and we should remain our prestige.

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Gurvinder said: (Sep 4, 2014)  
I think we should not engage ourself in policy of dialogue but we have to use our manpower. The idea behind my point is, attacks from Pakistan is not a recent event, they have been toiling with the peace agreement from the day they were born, all the years in which we have gone through war it is India who came out as a champion and to soothe the situation they (pak) has always have to come to us for peace treaties. Taking the case of 1971 war India was engaging themselves in peace talks but when our armies had annexed 100000 of their soldiers they have given us everything, they were the one who came to us for peace. So my point is" break them hard and peace will be ours".

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Kartik Khurana said: (Aug 27, 2014)  
Policy of dialogue with pakistan is of no use:

Firstly, all the earlier attempts have failed, pakistan has always deceived us.

Secondly, their attitude is also not at all good, they have allowed terrorist groups to grow in pakistan and India has provided many proofs of it, pakistan instead of believing and finding out, they denies.

For pakistan dialogue means always the issue of kashmir nothing else.

Dialogue is fruitful only when both the sides wants, but it has been only a formality.

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Pratyush Kumar said: (Jul 29, 2014)  
I agree with the points which are emphasized by my friends, but in my opinion, we need to improve our relationship with Pakistan. We must have cordial relationship with neighbor, because they would live with us, now tomorrow and day after tomorrow.

Even though they are violating ceasefire, and indulging in malicious sort of tasks.

We need to take our country to apex by economically, technically and medically. So that not only Pakistan but other countries like US or USA get afraid of us.

There are several factors which are essential for the bilateral talks.

* They must talk with youth and civilian of Pakistan, in terms of social and political issues, to remove their internal vendetta.

* Governance must be strong enough to control over terrorist and terror.

* They need to improve their level of literacy, because educated person don't like violence, they would create conducive atmosphere to live in, and we'll also respect to people.

* War creates vendetta and love leads to peace.

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GOUTAM PATTNAIK said: (Jul 24, 2014)  
Peace can only be obtained by violent conflicts with the enemies & defeating them. It is not at all unfair to kill those who create terror among innocent people & cause ir-repairable loss to the society. They have no fellow feeling & humanity. If they do not come to the right track by peaceful negotiations, then there is a need of a war. It is truly said, "if you want peace then be prepared for a war".

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Shalini Mehta said: (Jul 2, 2014)  
According to me I think dialogue policy should be continued as it is the most peaceful solution. There can be two solution to maintain peace either policy dialogue or force. But peace can never be achieved through war. The attack by Pakistan is not done by common people of pakistan it is done by the terrorists. Government should better look at the grassroots of the problem, that how a common man turns into terrorist there can be hundred reasons behind it but one of the most common reason is unemployment. During policy dialogue these points should be kept forward by INDIAN government and pakistan's government should take care of it to eradicate this issue from the root.

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Vinayak Adkar said: (Jun 29, 2014)  
I think we should pursue our policy of dialogue with Pak because if we leave it the discussion with pak, the events like violation of ceasefire on LOC and attack on border is not going to stop. By stopping the dialogue diplomacy we are giving a message to the Pak and Taliban that we have scared of them and we are unable to defend them.

This issue of pursuing the dialogue policy is political kind. Our govt should give the strong message both by politically and by increasing the security system in inside itself. India wants peace and peace will never come from war. Peace can only get by peaceful way.

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Ankit Saoji said: (Jun 28, 2014)  

According to me war is definitely is not the solution. War will badly affect our economy. India has maintained great level of patience in Pakistan's matter. Ya but tolerance should be up-to certain limit. If Pakistan continues its shameful behavior then we must give a defeating reply to them.

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Bhushan said: (Jun 28, 2014)  
I think India should continue its policy of dialogue with Pakistan. Because cutting down the conversation line nothing would be achieved. But while making dialogue we must stay alert. Some people are saying that whatever happened in the past is past and We should forget it. But friends there is no great teacher than past. In most of the articles of journalists who have visited Pakistan and interacted with local people have found that its 'peace' which Pakistani people want. We can move ahead only with peaceful talk.

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Tushar Prasad said: (Jun 21, 2014)  
In my view we have enough of it. They have tested our patience. In no case India should have a policy of dialogue with Pakistan until they stop the ceasefire violations, stop infiltrating the terrorists, provide justice for the 26/11 victims. The mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks Hafiz Saeed is roaming freely and they talk about peace keeping process. It really pains to hear the news of death of our brave soldiers, who are every day spending their lives for the protection of our motherland. Are their lives so cheap?We should clearly state Pakistan that it will not be tolerated, or if necessary give them a befitting reply.

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Lavanya said: (Jun 9, 2014)  
I feel there is no need of any conversation with pakistan any more because they are not ready to listen our words and there is no matter of speaking with person who are not interested and listen to our speech. Calmness is the better solution for this problem if they started taking action in our country then there is no other way than replying in action.

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Gaurav Soni said: (Jun 8, 2014)  
Hello friends we can't make the decisions on the basis of past, if we want our country on the top for that we just have to forget the past and concentrate on the present and future. If any riots spread in our country we can never cut that area from the territories of INDIA now its the time to just focus on the developmental areas rather than indulging in any kind of sectors which brings harm to our country and the Republic of India.

So according to me there should be no problem in making policies with our neighbor countries especially Pakistan but at the same time those countries should also know that if this time they try to disturb the peace and harmony of INDIA the INDIAN POWER will deal them in their own way.

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Shashank Singh said: (Jun 3, 2014)  
Call me a dictator but I don't think India should pursue any policy which concerns Pakistan be it the policy of dialogue or any other policy. Be it the recent beheading of our soldiers or the repeated violations of cease fire, Pakistan has proved from time to time that it has nothing but baleful intentions towards India. It is well known that Pakistan is housing some of the most wanted terrorists and almost every terrorist has something to do with Pakistan. Trading with a country like Pakistan will bring nothing but harm to our country. It's best to leave Pakistan on its own. Seclusion from the rest of the world will slowly and hopefully bring some change in the troublesome nation.

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Prasanna Dubey said: (May 25, 2014)  
In my opinion India should keep talking with Pak for betterment of relation between two country. If look at the past discussions between two countries we would found that most of the discussions just proved useless. Pak always cheated us whenever we put our hand in front for friendship. We know that Pak always look forward to capture Kashmir and they always cease fire at the border. We should not forget that our main aim is maintain friendly and a strong relationship with all country and to bring peace.

For that discussion and deal with other countries is very necessary. We always give up Pak for their cruel did. By doing so it does not mean that we are coward and can't do anything. By doing so we just give chance to Pak to realise their mistakes. Pak knows very well that we are more powerful them and can destroy their country badly but we want any war like situation and destruction, we just want a friendly relationship. So Pak should understand this and should regret for their cruel deeds.

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G.Ravi Sankar said: (Apr 24, 2014)  
Hi friends my opinion is history tells us what the things are going on with relation to pakistan and our country. Indo-pak wars conways attitude of Indian army. This war basically originated by pakistan but we are the winners. So we have strong army power we have lesson to pakistan whats your strength. If we are not using any power they simply occupy our country so we should not give chances to them.

Firstly we should strengthen our economy so that our country becomes one of the empowered country so that no one will fight with us so strongly we have to built our economy so that no one can dare to challenge with us.

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Ankush Abrol said: (Apr 18, 2014)  
I think the dialogue policy that we are following every time after any bloodshed or any case with Pakistan is nothing but a wasteful act of governance. Every time our government only pays a little tribute over the sacrifices of our great warriors and hides behind the walls of the peace and love knowing the fact that the Pakistan has nothing to do with their interests in any agreement or any protocols. I think there is much that we have already lost and if this will happen continuously then we have nothing much left to act upon. So its better not to waste our time but to put forward a challenge for the Pakistan as well.

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Vivek said: (Apr 17, 2014)  
Hey friends I don't think war is the solution to such problems. We all know neither we civilians nor pakistani people want war. Only these politicians play dirty politics. If pakistani army is doing wrong why to think wrong about pakistani's. Wars can't b solution to this. Why to go anywhere just look in India itself muzaffarnagar riots, these are the results when we answer with violence.

If a child do wrong parents don't kill him rather they tell him you must not do this. We must keep talking to them today or tomorrow they will definitely realise their mistake. And we will be living in friendly manner. And I think it never was India VS Pakistan, it was always Indian army vs pakistani army only. A civilian can never like war.

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Sugandh Kumar Gaur said: (Apr 17, 2014)  
I think we should pursue our policy of dialogue at a limited level. Since these war activities are acted by pakistan army which is just doing what the government orders. Its a truth that Discussion is the solution of every problem and we should express our terms in such a strict manner that pakistan should abide by those restriction. Many people think that we should reply back pak in his way but they don't know that a country goes back 10 years of its development after a war. So according to my views war is not an option. It is necessary for Our officers to present their favour in a intellectual and a roboris way.

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Krishno Kanto Saha said: (Apr 6, 2014)  
Hello friends,

In my point of view if we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan, they will feel we are scared instead we want peace. History has proved the nature of Pakistan.

Well friends it is said, "History repeats itself". I think exactly that is happening here. We are making the same mistake that Prithvi Raj Chauhan made. We are leaving Pakistan every time. We have the power now. It is not necessary we will have power forever. It is true that if once pakistan become able to dominate us. We are surely going to lose Kashmir. What I suggest is that we should answer Pakistan in Pakistan's way. Otherwise it will be very late.

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Sagar said: (Jul 26, 2013)  
We all have witnessed many wars in the past. Even the wars haven't provided any complete solution. In a war, there is huge loss of lives, its a step need to be taken at an extreme stage, but what now India needs to do is that we should at once with the help of united stations frame policies which need to be followed by both of the countries. Even after that if pakistan is imposter on its ways to deceive india, then we need to at once take a bold step after getting green signal from un and solve the problem of kashmir and border at once.

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Shreet Tushar Dave said: (Jul 17, 2013)  
Pakistan we should try to keep good relations in sight of Pakistan, even if our heckling and booing habit towards Pakistan continues forever. The ultimate aim is to prevent the history to be repeated.

In Indo-Pak wars, we have won ever since they originated. But not necessary that we only win. The things have changed. Perhaps, worsened. Every superpower of the world have taken Pakistan's side, and only one supports us- Russia. Even worse-Russia has been out from the race of power since two decades, and history is witness of how has Russia not been a faithful, responsible or reliable ally. Pakistani troops and even terrorist organizations are provided arsenals, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and their elite* mercenaries by USA, a nation acting to be friendly and proving to be devastating for India.

So for now, we should be concentrate ourselves to strengthen our hollow economy which is repeatedly going down versus dollars and also empower defence, be friendly with pakistan.

Jay Hind!

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Keshav said: (Jul 18, 2012)  
I think instead of war we must concentrate on technological advancement of our country. Its better to make us so globally strong that Pakistan may not even dare to act against us. So we must continue our talks and keep making our country strong after all every war results in economic burden on the country and try to feel the emotions of families who have lost their own in such war.

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RAJ said: (Apr 19, 2012)  
As I think dialogue should not be continued because now its enough. In today's world no one cares for peaceful life. Till now what we are doing? just talking in peaceful manner from the day of freedom. We are getting nothing. No solution now we should reply them in their way. How they behave. How they response. Just reply them in their way. If they are talking in a peaceful manner and we are getting some results of that then and only then we should follow the path of peace.

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Smriti said: (Apr 14, 2012)  
Should India resume dialogue with Pakistan is the burning issue of today's politics. In Pakistan political decisions are made by army and ISI so why should we talk to government of Pakistan?if you look at the history every attempt of having a dialogue with Pakistan has created a chaos which indicates Pakistan doesn't want peaceful relationship with India. Terrorist groups are being operated from Pakistan and for Pakistan dialogue means only Kashmir.

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Neelam Chandani said: (Apr 8, 2012)  
I think sitting and discussing over this long prevailing issue is of no use now. India wants peace and Pakistan doesn't, that's clear. So now India should take help of UN and other such international organizations running to bring peace. Why I say India to turn up to these organizations is the fact that the opposite is not really interested on peace. So there is no point in discussing with them and wasting time. Such international organizations can use the power of participation of many countries who can help deliver our peace message to Pakistan and convince them.

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Kumar said: (Mar 14, 2012)  
To start off with the conversation firstly would like to point out that it historical evidence of what has been happening in the past between the two countries with regards to peace mission but no one is actually thought of those lines which I am going to bring about in the discussion. The solution is as simple and same time as difficult as it could be. The point here I am trying to highlight is that it is only when we genuinely feel for each other the hatred would come to an end. I agree to a certain extent that it is now up to the young generation to take the lead role in developing peace amongst the two nations Talks alone has not been helping to achieve the desired objective. We need to be willingly not by force feel the need to take it further to unite the two countries, I feel every citizen whether India or Pakistan should be responsible enough to create awarness. It is not important what the person has done but the question has he done something ?

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Suparna Das said: (Sep 2, 2011)  
I agree with all of you. That bilateral talks are really no longer fruitful practically. But usage of arms also cannot be a solution. Perhaps now this duty lies with the young generation to overcome those old orthodox prejudices that has existed between the 2 nations over years. Because the importance of peace and harmony can be induced in the youngs only through the light of good education and knowledge, not within the orthodox who has made up the mind of holding arms, fighiting and holding the world hostile to their destructive powers. Destructive thinking and activities has to be overcome by succesful constructive ideas and thinking. Old practices like dialogue holds no good untill the message of peace reaches to the ears of the common citizens of the 2 countries.

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Archana said: (Jul 10, 2011)  
After so many years of continued talks and efforts still this problem remains unresolved, there is no point in blaming each others but how ever this scenario has to be handled with military action rather than relying on peace talks.

Pakistan has always maintained its cruel state by remaining idle and silent in many terrorist attacks targeted towards India, the Mumbai terrorist attack is one such example. Even now In the case of Osama-bin-laden Pakistan tied up with ISI has helped him for years there by trying o deceive the entire world.

Peace talks can bear no fruits in case of Pakistan issue since they are not true to what they have to be and the policy of dialogue that is in practice has just curbed many soldiers lives at the border rather than harmony, so it is hard time for India to wake up.

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Megha Rathore said: (Feb 16, 2011)  
. A dialog policy is so nt happening.

Because things are not always taken for granted. We are forced to be under this policey by the ruling nation. As such they sm vito power even in our mattrs too.

No doubt. Ks of ppl suffr. In a voilent act but. Dese dialog session had broke our. Secular. Spirit of nation.

We are the youth. We ow this responsiblity. To restore our ;lost dignity n moraliy of being humans. When sombody hit us without no reason. We should give dem. A crisy reply. Its like we are nt cowrds to bearsmthing like this.

Dialogs are worthy when they are meant. Nt ny said.

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Pankaj said: (Jan 4, 2011)  
yes i agree with nidhi chandel.All the previous bilateral talks has been unsuccessful.We need to find the true intentions of pakistan to get a solution. As we are the victims of terrorism we have the right to demand action from the pakistani side.

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Nidhi Chandel said: (Nov 13, 2010)  
The bilateral talks can bear fruits only when both the sides are seriously aiming to find the genuine solution to the problem. It simply wont help if we do it just for blaming one another or for the sake of doing something. Amicable talks with each other can be materialized only with the accent and cooperation of each participant. What has been witnessed so far is that Pakistan tries to appease the world community by pretending to be seriously indulged in peace-oriented talks while it keeps supporting terrorism on the other side. This dual-sided behavior wont certainly help to find any plausible solution and hence should be avoided by Pakistani side.

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Amit Kumar Singh said: (Jul 10, 2010)  
If all human being break the stick of jealousy, hooliganism,wrongness, illiteracy, poverty, communalism, social inequality and self pride and they can follow the true path then every person who is Pakistani or Indian are free to talk to each other.

Recently Sania Mirza and Shohaib Malik can break the wall and marriage to each other it shows that we want freedom but terrorism again make the feeling of unhappiness in our heart. Pakistani's are happy but Indian feel unhappy. It is true that they want to capture the Kashmir but Indian millitants cannot give this place to him because it is our head.

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Amit Kumar Singh said: (Jul 9, 2010)  
Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan is necessary but we cannot ignore the case of KARGIL when Nawaz Sharif and Atal Bihari is talking to each other and at the another side Pakistani millitants sending terrorism in our country. It is necessary that Pakistan first of all remove all terrorism areas which is known to India. Pakistan also capture all DON who create havoc in metropolitan area.

All of us know that Pakistan cannot remove these area because they want to attack any time which is not known to India. After Indira Gandhi any Prime Minister cannot take action regarding this matter but at this time water cross our heads Taliban, Osama is another challenge for us. India can also fighting with Naxals and inner terrorism which is not in the hands of our leader and government.

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Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with Pakistan?

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