Should we change the present system of education in our country?

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Basavaraj said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone, yes the present education system has to be changed. Because the technology is developing very rapidly and if we people go on studying this old syllabus and teaching methods then obviously we face too much difficulties when student goes it of college and they should compete globally in the world. What I want to say is we are getting only theory knowledge rather than the practical knowledge. In order to get the job we have to be well in practical then only you can get the job are something else. Because most of the parents and even some school they want only result, there is no wrong in this but at the same time make their children's to be creative and to have or learn the special skills. Now a days the students are mug up the things and reproduce in the examinations but once you try to ask them about the same topic which is for the exam. They not able to give the answers. This is real fact about education.

P Anusha said:   7 years ago
We cannot change the present education system. If we focus in learning so we get good knowledge. Now a days all parents and teachers are focusing in marks and giving stress to students so it is not a proper studying according to my thought.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, the present system of education should be changed.

In our country. Since past many years, we are following the same methods for education. Here in our education system students are providing with theoretical knowledge rather than giving practical.

But now this system is changing. Now they have smart class to understand everything.

Simran said:   7 years ago
Yes. The present system of education in our country requires modification.

I say this, because, since a very early age, we are made to focus more on the theoretical knowledge without laying stress on the physical aspects of that knowledge gained. Majority of students are made to concentrate on securing high marks, irrespective of the amount of knowledge they are learning. Carrying heavy bags to school, coming back with loads of homework are an added pressure on the child at a very early age.

In this later stage of schooling, children have to choose their careers without knowing anything about the course they are going to take. Parents and guardians may force them to take up which eventually may spoil their career out of interest.

Hence, more stress should be laid on learning rather than cramming in our education system. Co-curricular activities should also be made an important part of the curriculum.

Lekshmy s said:   7 years ago
Hi everyone. According to my point of view, there is a need to make a change in the present system of education in our country. Most of the schools and colleges nowadays are following still the traditional way of education. Only the change is in the method of teaching I meant the technological use in education. Beyond the theoretical aspects, the students should be encouraged to think and to put the theoretical studies to practical. They should be given more and more opportunities to get in touch with business people, to know about how to interact with people, etc. I prefer more on practical applications rather than the class room studies which is usually followed in the education system.

Akki said:   7 years ago
See merely changing the system is not the solution to the problem. What is the guarantee that new system would be better, the thing is we need to improve the existing system instead of focusing on getting good grades and marks focus must be on learning and this must be initiated at homes my parents and teachers. If study begins to create curiosity in child rather than boredom and burden it would help them to learn things easily and efficiently thereby making them skillful individuals that are needed for the advancement of any country.

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