Should we change the present system of education in our country?

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Siddharth said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

My name is Siddharth Bhardwaj.

Friends, as we all know our today's topic is should we change the present system of education in our country.

In my opinion, yes we should change it because the current education system is 30years old and it is not so effective in the current education system children are learning just to memorize and not to understand things. In the current education system, the students are focusing only on how to get good marks in examination they and their parents are not focusing on the implementation of education in real life. Government of India must change the education policy and take a new education policy in which the focus is on understanding not on memorizing and get good marks and policy in which we give importance to education rather than marks.

Shri paul sharma said:   5 years ago
Today's life has changed but India's education system has not changed.

As per my opinion, The British system of education has been running from the 18th century in which Lord Macaulay had a plan to rule over India so he ended the ongoing education system that created the sense of love, harmony, fraternity and patriotism in the mind of every citizen so Lord started a new education system and introduced new education that proved against Indian ancient education. This Lord education system was only to produce clerk for the services of Britishers who ruled over the country.

Even today, after 70 years of independence, the education system has not changed much. Though the government machinery of India is aware of this education system it does not want to improve itself and the children in schools are being taught about the same two hundred years of old education. Although today's life has changed India's education system has not changed so far, due to which India still remains an underdeveloped country.

In the current education system, 8-10 years old children are being taught many subjects like social, history, English, accounting, Hindi, regional language, geography, drawing, science etc from the first class to the fifth grade.

It is interesting that this system, of putting the knowledge of all subjects in the minds of the students in the fifth class, has closed them in their houses to cram books in a way that no one can complete his schooling work from 6am to 7pm. The children have to attend tuitions as soon as they come back from school to complete syllabus.

That is why; many students are wearing glasses because cramming books and pressure to get highest marks is making their eyesight weak. The parental and peer pressure to excel in academics, to become future doctors and engineers, leaves little scope for the overall development of children and has obscured their thinking power.

The lack of vocational training and practical knowledge make it difficult for toppers to adjust in society when they pass out. On the contrary, the average students have an edge over them in real life.

The little children are unnecessarily burdened with so many subjects which leaves little time for them to play and contribute to society till the age of 17. But As soon as the students pass school and join college the number of subjects decrease.

In the present era, the children have access to the Internet. They can immediately Google whatever questions or answers they have to find. Therefore, the infiltration of different subjects in the minds of school children has to stop.

The students should be taught to love the nation, play sports, live harmoniously in society, respect elders and stop bribery by dishonest officers in the government department and how to catch them. They should also be taught to raise voice against adulteration of food items, greedy doctors indulging in unethical practices and the police not doing its duty properly.

The students should be brought as responsible citizens who assist tax authorities about the income of their neighbour earned through wrongful means. They should be educated to bring to the notice of administration the potholes are on the broken public roads and about legal remedies available to claim their rights.

The students should be given moral education to check rising incidents of crime in the society. The quality and standard of education should be raised so that the children need not go abroad to study. Besides, the children should be taught the true meaning of religion and cautioned against blindly the following self-proclaimed God mans.

By following the above approach we can bring peace and prosperity in our country and create a sense of love and harmony with each other.

Lord Macaulay introduced the education system that is still followed in our country is not for the benefit of a native citizen. It was implemented to eliminate the overall growth of students. Therefore, unless we provide basic education to our children as per the present education system till 12th class, there will be no awareness in our nation. It is possible only when we finish the Macaulay education system in India.

Akhila said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, the current education system must be changed. Education is a place where we can broaden our knowledge and showcase our creativity but now the definition of education is completely different. None of the students are studying happily, they all are feeling it as a burden and becoming stressed day by day due to the amount of work given by their teachers. Here the workload has increased and the ability to show their innovation has decreased. Students are being given projects but they are not doing it in a correct way i.e. not using their creativity. They are just copying the information from the resources and not gaining any knowledge from it. This is not the purpose of giving projects to the students and ultimately the person to be blamed is teacher for not guiding them in a correct way. Also, some of the teachers give a lot of homework to their students which I think is unnecessary and not so useful. I absolutely agree that they must practice the lessons taught but that should be limited. Apart from education, students should get exposed to other activities as well and that is really important. Due to a lot of work, students are not taking care of their health and some of them are getting affected by it. I feel that proper sleep and food is mandatory to everyone. Without these two, your brain will not function properly. This ultimately affects students academic performance. Another point I would like to add is the school/college hours which are highly tedious and the students will surely get tired. Even though the students return home, there's no rest for them as some of them go to tuition. Here comes another point that is competition which most of our parents are bothered about. I would recommend all the parents to stop worrying about the increasing competition of education in our country. Just because your friend's son is going for coaching classes that doesn't mean even your son must go. Your child will make it big in whichever field they choose. Show some concern towards your child's health and their interests. They are not robots to do a lot of stuff at once. The present education system is only bothered about grades and not how well the students are able to understand the concepts. In many of the schools, there are no extra curricular activities and such schools only focus on studying. I feel that this is not going to help the students to a great extent. When there are activities apart from education, student will show some interest, participate actively and will enjoy studying unlike feeling it as a burden. The school hours should be reduced so that children can relax for some time. The educational institutes should stop focusing on grading system instead they should focus on how to bring out the creativity from their students. I would like to conclude that by considering students interests and concerning about them, we should introduce a new education system which will help them to a great extent.

KAVYA said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone.


In my point of view, Today education system is like a business. Most of the institutions run for money and for their self needs. Present institutions are running for the best results. They are putting lot of pressure on the students. And this may leads to suicides. We see everyday that out of 10 students one student commits to suicide because of pressure which is putting on them by management. This happens in most of the colleges.

Where as coming to schools the fees of the lkg student is nearly one Lakh rupees. How a common man can educate their child this all should be a change in Indian education system.

Kamal said:   7 years ago
I totally agree with the statement that we should change the present system of education because nowadays we are just doing copy and paste game means we just read and write and forget about it. This will only help you to pass the exam but never help you to success in your life. Most of the colleges and schools are forcing child's to get a good percentage by 24 hours study method, no doubt they will get a good percentage but still weak in communication and practical things and mind applicability. So there is need to think about these aspects.

Bhavneet said:   5 years ago
Hi friends. I hope you all are doing well.

According to me, the whole education system shouldn't be changed as it will take a lot of time to be accessible and understandable to all so. I think some major changes should be done example including the practical knowledge and skills, giving less homework and project work to students and students should be marked according to their abilities not only by the marks scored in some peculiar subjects.

Thank you.

I hope you all like it.

Dev jaiswal said:   4 years ago
Education is the greatest gift to the people who get it.

BUT, Nowadays education is only exams and marks which is that the students have become printers who just learn from the books and print in the exams and get marks.

The better the printer has learned the better grade they print.

Nowadays the salary and the jobs are given by seeing A+ and marks.

99percent of the parents say to the printers that they can do something in life only if they print better in exams.

Earlier in India, education was given in gurukuls which taught the students how to become great how to survive. It is not that.

The students were not provided education from the books but it is that they were taught how to become great.

Being a printer of class 8 I learned that the present education system in our country should be revised.

This is my opinion.

Thank you.

Shraddha said:   4 years ago
According to my opinion, the education system must involve practical knowledge rather than theories this would help students to test up their knowledge and capabilities. We should promote IT in school.

Rashi said:   1 year ago
Yes, I even think education in today's time has become worsen children are just forced to learn for exams because they have told to get good marks though they don't understand either they like the subject or even when they don't even know the concept of that subject they are just told to mug up in fact our education system should be interesting practical with all realistic performance rather than just mugging up.

Manasa said:   4 years ago
Every school teaches a child 'A for Apple' this makes children mug up the sentence and their brain fails to think 'A for Army' or 'A for Air' and the first thing that comes to their mind is an apple. And at this very point, the student lacks practical thinking skills.

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