Should the public sector be privatized?

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Junaid Khan said: (Oct 21, 2022)  
There are two ways to explain it.

First, it should be happening and second, it shouldn't be happening.

First thing if the public sector will be privatized.

Many employment opportunities will be created in every sector I think And that is enough to develop a country.

The Second thing is that if the public sector be privatized then the private company would increase his price value government cannot control its price we could take the example of jio/Airtel/vi company there are an increasing amount of recharge.

This is my point.

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Surjya Shekhar Das said: (Aug 2, 2022)  
Yeah, it should be privatised. It absolutely helps in every sectors and will help the country to develop in every sector.

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Sudarsan, Vizagsteel said: (May 21, 2022)  
Yes, because due to various Govt policies, PSUs in some sectors are not in full pace of development facing various issues like resource crunch, investment for expansion, market strategies, product development etc. On the other side due to privatization of PSUs, unemployability raise, monopoly of market, unilateral decision in crucial issues, threat of closure etc.

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Suryakant Raithatha said: (Feb 11, 2022)  
Yes, by doing privatization of PSU Bank,

The New Management will work and think for the growth of the Banks and will change certain rules and terms of the function of the Banks, with the adoption of new technology and new products for digitization as public desire (particularly next generation) and in result It will definitely for the benefit of the Staff as the new benefits and perquisites will be offered to give best services to the customers for charges may be collected from the customers towards value-added services, further, the new management will take care that the lending of finance to the entrepreneurs will be safe and will not vanish as was happened in past.

The Banks will get funds by way of Bonds, equity and by way of other securities which at present is absent as the people understand that the PSU Bank is not at the level of Private Banks and there is a lot of understanding and misunderstanding.

So at the large point of view, it will be win situation for the staff by way of good facilities and good atmosphere and facilities, public by better services financiers and equity holders.

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Shipra Singh said: (Feb 7, 2022)  
Should the public sector be privatized.

Yes, public sectors should be privatizee. In our country, we can see lots of unemployment. If the government brings privatisation then we can develop our country in every stream. For instance, we can see various developments in private schools and companies. They are doing their work smoothly without being under pressure from the government. Every person can establish their business and all the responsibility should be public. They can manage their work and they can make their work fruitful.

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Riya Yadav said: (Jan 14, 2022)  
As per my point of view, privatization is good because

1. As we talk about the education sector private institutes provide better vocational training and skills which are more valuable for the growth of the economy.

2. It should be free from political interference and help in increasing the GDP of a country. It generates more and more employment.

3. I f we take about that private company charging more price for better goods and services so for this I think in privatisation is increasing monopolistic competition as from this any firm or an individual is free to enter in the market and do a business or create more competition by selling there own differential product through this it increases the competition because of the competition is to increase the private sector companies also start providing better services in lower price.

4. In private companies the employees work more efficiently and effectively than in the public sector. Here we get jobs on the basis of technical and managerial skills we had or we are developing not only on the basis of degree or by using our source (jugaad) and all.


1. When there are high chances of monopolistic forming.
2. When profit motive can destroy an industry.
3. Where is too complex to make regulations.


1. When proper regulations are made.
2. Where to create a pressure they can't increase the price up to the limit. (Gov. ).

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Eon said: (Jan 5, 2022)  
I think privatisation is right. Because a lot of people presently working for the government don't really deserve their job and they don't work for their full efficiency. Of course, every decision will have negative effects but compared with positives these can be negligible. If the G. O's (government sector/offices) became private they don't work on a caste basis so they can employ the people who really deserve the job.

Also, they make relevant checks often to see the work and efficiency of the employer. A lot of pending work in the g. O's will be cleared. Then the GDP of India will surely increase more than china and also there will be a chance for our future kids to say that India is a developed country.

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Himanshu said: (Sep 13, 2021)  
So many PSUs are not performing well because of the wrong decision of the government, by giving profit-making tender or manufacturing products to the private sector and if PSU wants to manufacture these products government won't allow and there is a monopoly of private parties and psu not making. The government is making PSU sick.

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Nabarun Ghosh said: (Mar 19, 2021)  
As per my understanding privatization should be require in all the area of govt sector if we want to grow up our country. Privatization has occurred numerous time around the world especially in former socialist Countries. More relevant in the United Stated would be the period of privatization that occurred in Western Europe and Japan over the thirty year. In India most of the government employees has causual approach towards their job role. They don't paying their efforts like any private organisations employee. However, every month they are getting their salary through public taxes. This is really very unexpected and govt should be screening their employees every quarterly or yearly to evaluate their performance level and redundant non performing role based on their performance level. In order to improve our country's overall prospective, privatization should be mandatory so taht equality would be maintain in the society and everyone would be get benificial.

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Mudit Kumar said: (Feb 25, 2021)  
Privatisation of PSUs Surely a boon for everyone, but a bane for the lower and middle class as well.

It's like get a subscription to watch ad-free. But, when things are in the government's control, watch it for no to little charge. So, ownership transfer is not an answer. Need to strike a balance between service quality, reach, and cost.

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Sohan said: (Feb 25, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

I am in favour of the privatization of the public sector because it hinders the growth of the sector. Most of the public sector does not able to work due to political interference it reduces the output from the sector which cause to hinder the national growth and GDP of the country. It should be free from political interference and help in increasing the GDP of the country and due to this, it help in generating more and more employment for the people. For example, the condition of government school is degrading day by day it is just a medium of getting a degree without knowledge while the condition of private school is far and far better than government school and it imparts knowledge to the students.

Thank you.

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Shivam Singh said: (Dec 24, 2020)  
In my opinion, PSU should not Private, because it is the Very helpful for the in Critical Situation like Covid -19 age. Government should Strict monitoring on Public sector unit. Like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

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Shubham said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
In my point of view,

Public sector should not be privatized because we all know that a private company first motive is to want more money. They can't do anything for the welfare of the people. I know they do their best services but their cost is too high. So, the poor and middle class can't afford this. But in another hand, the public sector first motive is to getting service for all class people in the same rate. And we know that if you get a job in the public sector. You got security to your job but in private sector yo get a job there was no security. If you didn't do the work in perfectly manner they will restrict you. But in the public sector, you have security. In the private sector no timing fix for the employee but in PSU you get a no. Of working hour. In the private sector, you don't get any allowance but in PSU you get these facilities. In the private sector, you don't get any pension facilities but in PSU you get these facilities.

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Lakshay Tomar said: (Dec 14, 2020)  
Hello, everyone.

My name is Lakshay Tomar and I am from Meerut, UP.

Firstly I tell what is privatization so it means selling more than 50% of the PSU stock and givinģ up ownership to private companies.

And according to me, it is an issue which has many merits and demerits.

If I talk about some merits of privatization that.

It increases the quality of service, they completed work in time, improve the economy of our country, and also reduces corruption, disciplined way of work so these are some merits of privatization.

Now if I talk about some demerits of privatization that in the private sector there is no safety of a job, they dismissed at any time, and it is not a great option in a country like India where prices is very important factor private companies may increase the price at any point in time. And the monopoly of private companies is the main demerits of privatization.

So according to me, the conclusion is that partial privatization of the public sector is the need of the hour.

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Ganesh said: (Nov 3, 2020)  
Yes, because in India 60% of PSU's employees don't deserve that. Private companies are meant for their service and because of privatisation competition is increases. Higher competition leads to better services at a lower cost.

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Prajnan K S said: (Oct 10, 2020)  
I have some points:

1) Privatizing PSU is ok only by Improving strong regulatory body like RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.

2) Proper Labor Security should be provided and it should have proper vigilance from labour department.

3) it Is also right that when we have regulatory authorities like RBI, SEBI then we no need the government to do business.

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Virat said: (Apr 13, 2020)  
As privatization means, giving decisions makes control to the private player instead of a government body. The country like India the main concern of working people is job safety that is going to be a secondary point for private owners their sole purpose is production at any cost.

Psu's are the profit-making companies so instead of privatization government should focus on improving the working condition as well as providing better resources to work efficiently.

Most of the government companies run their social programme for the welfare of nearby underprivileged society, in case of the private sector they did not care much.

PSU controls some of the important supply of resources like oil, power, steel etc. That should be controlled better by the government keeping in mind the last person of every society.

The government can easily collaborate with foreign technologies and working culture as a gesture of their good relation but in case of the private sector, they had to pay some price which will further be compensated by our middle-class population in terms of price.

During the national crisis time like floods, earthquake etc. PSU come with their helping hand to serve nation.

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Mohan Sahoo 5 said: (Mar 5, 2020)  
According to me, the private sector is very important because there are lots of facility as well as lots of ambition which we are able to work properly by heart by all means. As far as government.

The government can't provide these facilities because it has no option for doing good work that's why the private sector is very necessary neither for me nor everyone.

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MANSI DM said: (Feb 20, 2020)  
Hey guys,

So lets just briefly talk about the difference between privatization and disinvestment.

Disinvestment means selling off shares from companies, retaining more than 50% of the stock with oneself.

Privatization means selling more than 50% of the PSU's stock and giving up ownership to private companies.

The privatization of PSU is not a great option in a country like India where Price is a very important factor to determine the demand. Private companies may increase the price at any point in time if they want to earn a good surplus or to set off the loss incurred. No regulations can be imposed regarding pricing. No proper transparency will be maintained. Consumer exploitation will be easy.

Core industries should not be privatized by the government, at least.

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Sahil said: (Jan 29, 2020)  
PSU should not be privatized because if government do so there will be no control over the prices in the market by government and private sector can increase prices as there is no psu as competitor to hold price. Rather than selling psu to private sector government should work to improve for the growth of psu.

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Deepak said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
No, because in private sector jobs are not safe and they can dismiss the workers and employees at any time. In private organization employees could not get pensions after their retirement.

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Deepak said: (Nov 5, 2019)  
No, because,

1. In the private sector, there is no safety for their jobs. They can get dismissed at any time.
2. In the private sector, employees could not get pensions after their retirement.
3. The working hours will be high in the private sector and no proper security for them.

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Manjot Kaur said: (Nov 1, 2019)  
No public sector should not be privatized. As in private sector jobs are not secured if the economy goes down private companies have the right to dismiss an employee but in public they cannot.

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Toshi Singh said: (Aug 15, 2019)  
Partial privatization of the public sector is the need of the hour.

With the increasing corruption and vanishing transparency, the private sector needs to be brought back to pious working. The entire focus of the private sectors is concentrated at profit. Because of this orientations, it is known to overlook the needs of its employees thus exploiting them. There is lack of insurance of health and assurity of increment. There is a constant fear of being wiped out during downsizing in this sector. Thus making it unfavorable to completely privatize the public sector.

There is no denial in the presence of flaws in the public sector as well but their idea of caring for those it is comprised of is what makes it the choice of the majority. It only needs to be disciplined which can be done by partial privatization as it is known the private sector is best at monitoring its working efficiently without any compromise.

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Shree said: (Jun 30, 2019)  
Public sector should not be Privatized.

The public sector is the government industries which instead of making money from the innocent people, it tries to serves for them voluntarily while many of the private industries main concern is making a profit. For this, they may exploit their workers or their product consumers. By Privatization so many people losses their jobs and also their dues salary remain under uncertainty which makes their lives miserable.

Instead of privatizing industries, if government Of India take control of a public sector like DRDO, ISRO then there will be no such problems will arise. It shows the govt of India has the best technologies at a reasonable cost which private one do not have.

So, govt have to make strict rules and regulations also for their sectors and make everyone to follow the same and hiring the capable ones.

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Prahlad Sevda said: (Apr 6, 2019)  
The private sector provides a lot of facility then government because in present time condition of the private sector is better than the government sector.

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Abhishek Singh Rajpoot said: (Mar 18, 2019)  
The public sector should be privatized with some terms and condition should be followed and work with the suggestion of the public sector.

It is both good and bad for people of any country. For example, it provides more employment but not thinks so much about the employer's health and death.

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Madhusudhan G said: (Feb 21, 2019)  
Why today Reliance Mukesh Ambani, kingfisher Vijay Mallya, Rajesh Exports etc. Became billionaires in a country where many people lack basic resources and die of hunger daily?

Privatization is a concept of exploiting middle class and poor people of India. They will suck the blood of the innocent like leeches. They are paid minimum wages and will be thrown out if they fail to perform at their later stages of life without providing any compensation.

From outside, people may feel like the private sector making profits. But it is at the cost of exploiting the innocent. Many people prefer to work in private sectors if they fail to get a job in PSU/Govt sector.

How are the working conditions of Reliance Oil Refineries or Jamshedpur Tata Steel plant or any private mining areas when compared to the government sector? No one cares about the worker even if he dies.

Unfortunately, The culture in PSUs is also getting degraded day by day. Public sectors reduced the recruitment of permanent workers. They also started exploiting the contract workers by giving fewer wages without any increments.

In a democratic country like India, people should realize that natural resources like oil, steel, coal etc are the assets of every individual in this nation. Ideally, the profits accrued by private PSU's should be distributed to the public in the form of dividends.

I would request the government not to privatize any PSU further. Rather try to adopt techniques to improve the working conditions which makes the employee more efficient. Govt should bring transparency and accountability in the systems. Every citizen should feel proud to be a part of a PSU employee.

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Mukesh Kukna said: (Feb 20, 2019)  
The public sector must be privatised. If we want the growth of our country then it's just to spread awareness among people of every scheme which is possible by doing this job.

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Veer Singh Pathni said: (Dec 30, 2018)  
Well the straight answer would be a big NO.

Public sectors are known for selflessly serving society with no intention of profit generation, whereas it\'s just opposite in private sector.

Most of the public sector companies are loaded by the government for carrying out its social service schemes which eventually becomes the main cause of loss for company, but no problem being a PSU company this is your necessity to do social services, second thing is PSU's gives a sense of job security to their employees which no private organisations could ever give. Most of the private sector companies are fighting neck to neck to grab business as much as he can, with no proper time schedule of their employees. You can't expect job security in the private sector, once you reached your maturity age, you will be thrown out from your position to be replaced by someone younger energetic individual. Instead of Privatization government should look out for increasing efficiency of PSU's, only then we can expect a good future for this nation.

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Capt Deepu said: (Dec 26, 2018)  
According to this topic, in my view, the private sector is better than the public sector, because.

Private sector gives more employment to the people because it is business.
Private sector complete the work at right time.
And improve the economy, because they want to give more income tax to the government.

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Sakshi Barnwal said: (Dec 8, 2018)  
Hi friends,

According to me, the public sector should not be privatised. This is not good for the development of our country.

Let's take an example=suppose that our Indian railway has privatised then in the case of war, we may face problem due to it. As the main moto of private companies is to earn more and more money as possible. Then they may refuse to help the government for transportation of goods, soldiers etc.

If the public sectors are privatised then any person would be unemployed due to the lackness of knowledge or anything. Then this will lead to more criminal activities in our society.

So in this way, public sectors should not be privatised.

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Shehnwaz said: (Nov 12, 2018)  
Yes, due to privatisation, people will get more facilities in all govt sector like railway govt school dispensaries etc. The private sector is more focused on own goals.

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Shivam Chauhan said: (Sep 19, 2018)  
According to me, public sector to be privatised as an agreement with gov that salary and working system not diminish and criteria eligibility related to being.

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Preeti said: (Aug 29, 2018)  
Hello friends, in my opinion, the public sector must be privatized. Private sector are more focused towards their goals and do the things which take them towards their goals. The skills which are required to grow and prosper are all acquired by a private sector. The people are well managed in their roles and they know how to work toward achieving their goals and bringing profit to their company. Companies works based on the profit it earns and the private sector knows it well.

If the public sector are undertaken by the private sectors then the facilities at the public sectors will be improved drastically. The employees of the public sector should learn the skills which are owned by the private sector employees.

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Diksha said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
As per my opinion, the public sector should not be privatization become if we talk about the comparison between public and private company both are different both are work on the place. If talk about security and safety of job when any people doing hard work they have definitely deserve better and achieve anything,

Any organisation, private as well as public both are depending on good management and faithful leader. And in another hand talk about competition, both levels have competition its totally depending viewpoint of people.

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Dhananjay Kumar Fekar said: (Jul 29, 2018)  
Actually. According to me, it is an issue which have more pros than cons.

The privatisation of the PSU may help to boost the pending work and increase the quality of service.

Now people have to face competitions as like as private cooperates service.

The disciplined way work definitely boost our country progress.

If we will distribute the responsibility to the private sector then our govt has enough time and money to make a public-oriented scheme.

But before these, there must be a govt institution to supervise this privatisation so that. These sectors cannot ignore the public expectation.

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Priya said: (Jul 19, 2018)  
Thanks for giving me such an opportunity. According to me, it will create both good and bad impact for a country. Good impact like as we know that private companies remain always concerned with their products and the working of employees. They never let the things go but on the other hand, bad impact is like the public sector are always very concerned with the desire of the public. During the manufacture of a product when the private sector thinks only their profit, the public sector always give value to the valuable demand of the public.

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Pragya said: (Jul 4, 2018)  
According to me, privatisation of government sector is good a very good example for my work is the privatisation of Red Fort as you recently heard the news that the Bharat Dalmia group has adopted the Red Fort for 5 years under the scheme adopt a heritage one more thing about the privatisation is that the private sectors main motive is to earn profit and for getting more profit they work in a good manners in the case of government as it has a limited time and money works to do so it can't do every work in a proper manner the benefit of privatization is also is that that reduces the burden of the government.


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Pragya said: (Jul 4, 2018)  
According to me, privatisation of government sector is a good, example of my words is the privatisation of Red Fort as you have recently heard the news that the Bharat Dalmia group has adopted the Red Fort for 5 years under the scheme adopt a heritage.

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Praveen Kumar said: (Apr 22, 2018)  
In my view, if the public sector is privatized then it ruins the number of the purpose of government. Because public organisation are more public-oriented than the private sector. Public sector more concerned about people and they created the rules and regulation in such a way that it may helpful for people while the private sector more bothered about profit.

In some aspect it may helpful also because private sector works seriously what they have to do they do not let the thing go. They work properly and provide a better service for people.

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Shubham Mittal said: (Mar 28, 2018)  
In my opinion, If Public sector to be privatized in India then one thing will be partial for everyone, reservation not is more, which also reform the situation of discrimination between upper caste and lower caste.

Apart Form this, It will help to increase the number of jobs and brings transparency in order to hire capable associates in the departments.

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Sufiyan said: (Feb 20, 2018)  
Yes, you are right, my friends.

The Public sector should not be privatized because private sector main motive is to earn a profit and public sector main aim I to give services. Public sector gives services in the cheap cost this is good for the poor people. And private sector charge high amount as compared to public sector. But the problem is the public sector workers do not work they came late to offices and do not work with great effort. This is the drawback of public sector. For eg if we had gone to any govt hospital we can see that there are too much dirt lying here and there. But if we went to to private sector there hospital are too much clean. Every thing is done in systematic manner. But in public sector places nothing is done in systematic manner. I should suggest that we should not privatized but we can outsourced to the priviate sector and the govt should kept an eye on the private sector. This should be done.

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Arzoo Farooqui said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
Private companies are run for profit. So, they charge higher prices for the facilities they provide. Many people cannot afford to pay these prices.

This is one reason why many people feel that the government should not give the task of providing public facilities completely to private companies.

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Rahul said: (Feb 12, 2018)  
No, PSBs should not be privatised as it will harass Indian boosting economy.

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Lucky said: (Feb 1, 2018)  
In my opinion, the public sector shouldn't be privatised, if they get privatised many products will get high cost and there will not be more careful of the employee as compare to government Public sector.

There is less security of workers and employers as compare to govt sector.

In govt sectors working time is also limited and good salary than the private sector.

An employee may work without any stress and tension in public sector.

Whatever money will be earned by the company it will directly go for government This money can be helpful to our development and economy.

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Anuj said: (Jan 13, 2018)  
No, Definitely not.

Talking about the current scenario this question is arising due to the non-productive nature of these organizations mainly in India. As compared to private sectors they are not making such profits, though they are not so productive as private sectors due to the control of government they are idirectly answerable to us and their service rate is low as compared to private sectors, example of this is medical institution education sector but we have seen that if a private organization comes in the place of public sector they are not answerable to people in service, their service charges are high and money goes to the pocket of owner only where as in public sector this money goes to government which uses it for us. So instead of privatization, we need to improve the condition of public sectors by strict laws and regulation and modern planning techniques.

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Deepak V Mahanth said: (Jan 4, 2018)  
Use according to me, public sectors must be privatized, becau6we you visit places like BBMP, water board, BESCOM etc. So GOVT employees ruling with a bribe, for an eg I am an Electrical contractor use to visit BESCOM offices in several places like going for office work without money like going hotel without money, what the hell man, even D group employ ll ask for bribe, if we convert these sectors as private then everything go fine. Because we can't change society now we can change the system, please all share your hands and thoughts on progress.

Thank you.

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MOHD NAJIM said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
According to me, the public sector should not be privatized because we all off know that in private sector are good facilities but if all government sectors will be a change in the private sector then what will be poor people. Common people can't afford costly think like in medical fields, education field. So my final convolution is that in every field should be responsible our government as well as government employees. Every government employees 'should be that they understand their duties for which they were selected that all.

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Anton said: (Dec 11, 2017)  
What the government could try to do (which would appease both camps), is make private companies, private structures etc. And own like 50.5% of it. That way, the company that does an important job, at the same time will not make India get bankrupt, and be a government service. Idk, you all probably know better :).

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Sourav Verma said: (Nov 25, 2017)  
According to my opinion, The Public sector does not need to be privatized as talking about the services of both sectors that no doubt private sectors are good in eyes of their customers for their services but think about the middle-class peoples who cannot able to afford the cost of services by private sectors. Let's see that the same services are also given by public sector but we are not gaining those services just only because of our negligence in gaining our right "Right to know". If we collectively find the alternatives solutions and take some steps and help the government then public sectors will be a far better than private sectors.

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Abhishek said: (Nov 24, 2017)  
What public sector needs to do is adopt techniques employed by private companies in improving the output and quality of work. Privatisation leads to accumulation of wealth in few people's hands. What makes private sector better is in terms of its efficiency. If the same system of work can be applied in public sector our country will prosper.

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Palak said: (Nov 21, 2017)  
Yes, I think privatizing the public sector could help the government as well as the unemployed youth of our nation because most of the prestigious jobs are the sole called govt jobs. If these jobs would be privatized more job would available to download youth who are ready to take up private jobs and work hard. Also, it will reduce the burden on the govt and hence will work better.

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PRATHAP said: (Nov 11, 2017)  
Public sector to private sector is a big loss to the nation of the people.

Because the reason is all profit or loss goes for private sectors or private companies, this is the direct loss of income to the government. And government always think welfare of the people and the society so once its get privatized companies will always think about how to make make money in this way product cost get increased but Indian people purchasing power is less to buy those product then what is the use of privatization or if the government sector converted to private sector so what is the service to the people this question is to the people who elected from the public.

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Sagar Baroliya said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion, industries should be nationalised in India. As you know, our government is engaged in the task of improving the national economy. This is possible only by the planned development of various industries and services so that each complements the other.

Therefore it becomes necessary for the government to control the channels of investment. It is for this reason that during the last few decades, the government of India has established a number of industrial undertakings like the steel plants and other heavy industries. The alternative to a planned economy is the domination of the financial sector by a handful of rich houses in the country. I am sure we all are aware of the evils of capitalism, we know how vested interests can manipulate the markets and prices. In this way, it twists the arms of the popularly elected Governments and thus prevents them from taking measures designed to uplift the masses. If the government is to be responsible to the people for their welfare, then the government has to control the levers of financial power. This is possible only if controls the larger industries. Hence, I convinced that investment in the public sector is a very sound step and we should not be discouraged by the initial setbacks. It is true that the initial cost of these ventures has been high and they have presented peculiar problems but they are bound to become a source of revenue and grand national assets in the years to come.


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Sivanesan said: (Oct 23, 2017)  
It is better to privatised all the government sector unions. Because almost all the company is running in losses. Proper administration is not there in all those companies. And all the company not showing their real profit they are showing at loss. If it is privatised all company will run on profit, the debts of our country will be reduced and India would become a developed country. And increase their production and increase employment opportunities. And there is a chance of much new company starts in India and many employees. Since it is public all are not working sincerely if it is privatised all will work properly and India can move a step ahead. Jai Hind.

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Sachin Sainthiya said: (Oct 12, 2017)  
Hello, friends According to me Government sector is better than Private sector.

Government jobs are more secure as compared to Private jobs Whereas, In case of a Private job, There is no job security.

The workload on private employees is much more as compared to government employees and Private employees often have to work day and night with no fixed office timings in order to achieve their targets. Whereas, there are fixed working hours for government employees and they are not burdened targets.

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Varun said: (Oct 10, 2017)  
There is no need to privatize the public sector if we feel that it is our responsibility to protect it.

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KAT said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
The motto of public sector banks will shift from social upliftment and development to making profits. The public sector banks have an important role in forming government policies. PPP will be better.

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Rukesh said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Not up to all PSUs, some are doing well and others going under loss. So point here is lack of technology in our country, present pursuit of tech is from others countries. So if we can somehow manage PSU get partially privatized it will give immense effects to technology and profit management (bringing ample tenders from the market is possible through privatization in the coming world of aggregators). The employees from public sector should work with utmost responsibility. The Middle class won't get Job recruitment unless it's through govt competitive examination because recommendations are more valid in private sectors.

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Maha said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
The public sector should not be privatized. It is not needed. Our government do its work correctly with no corruption. That only enough. It is my own opinion.

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Ashish said: (Jul 29, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

Public sector banks are not doing bad job only problem us their are some loopholes in the system. If we talk about NPA's then we will think of privatization because NPA's is the biggest problem for Indian banks. Private banks have good managerial system to deal with this the only thing that public sector bank have to do is adopt the right system to deal with the solution. Their are many solutions for any problem not only privatisation is the solution as it may have adverse effect on its employees.

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Manu said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Yes, of course, in public sector so many people are lazy of their works and also corrupted, even in the small village people's are now corrupted what about urban Areas? Has No government changed all these? If the public sector allows strict rules to employees no problem we will go with otherwise India still developing. In order to privatise India make the charges constant which will be useful to all the classes.

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Rav3653 said: (Jul 15, 2017)  
There's no need of public sectors to be privatized. We know how private sector works. They work only with one motive profits. They don't care for other things. They don't bother about workers, working conditions, more work less pay, everything commercial. No social responsibility.

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Ashish Garg said: (Jul 14, 2017)  
Yes, Public sector should be privatised in order to avoid the excess use or we can way excess wastage of money. The corruption in public sector cannot be exactly calculated people are missing their posts in order to have more capital. As you all must be very well aware all the public places are untidy and no one takes responsibility of that for eg. The condition of Indian railways is worst which is a public sector when we compare it to Delhi metro which is a private sector. Privatising the public sector not only provide better facilities but also keep account of each and every spendings.

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Abhinav said: (Jul 9, 2017)  
I think that Public sectors shouldn't be privatised because it can lead to many wrong things:

1. There will be an effect on regional flavour and it may end regional focus.

2. There should be some target based work and in which employees should be attracted with some interesting incentives which will result in good efficiency.

3- Public sector banks are the backbone of our economy and if they will be converted into private organisation then it will affect our economy so badly. So that's why they shouldn't be privatised.

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Arjun Singh said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
There are two things to be considered at most.

1. If we privatise all the PSU, then definitely private sectors won't care about the poor people. They will become free to operate on their own.

2. If we didn't privatise PSU, the progress would remain stagnant. This is because of the fact that government officials do not work that seriously and progressively as private officials do.

So we need to find an intermediate solution and it could be like privatisation of some public undertakings. And with that, we can expect from both the sectors to produce the tangible result and work at their level best in every manner.

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John said: (Jul 4, 2017)  
Keeping the current scenario in mind the Psu's making profit should be left untouched on the other hand psu's which are dealing in a loss should have a public-private partnership so that it can reap the benefits of both work ethics of private and keeping social obligation in mind of the public sector.

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Aayush Chalana said: (Jun 25, 2017)  
I think public sector should not be privatised because,

1. If any of public sector comes under private organisation, they will think of their own good and profit will not be used for social upliftment or development.

2. The working condition of employees in private organisations is not good. They work for 10-12 hours for lesser money.

3. Actually, people working in public sector should change their way of doing work. They should be well dedicated and there should be proper administration & management in public sector. In this way, you all would agree, the public sector will be far better in each way.

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Diwan Sha said: (Jun 20, 2017)  
In public sector, political interference is more.

More profit may gain in public sector they will improve in the government.

People safety will more in private sectors.

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Sopez Levi said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Hello every one.

No matter what ever bank it is service is important the most hell banks in India
1. Andhrabank worst service they will make you cry.
2. Canara bank famous for its charges storage bank.
3. Central bank of India and Indian bank 0%support from bank officials first of all these banks has to be privatized remaining banks are ok SBI IS PROVIDING satisfactory service/ ICICI, HDFC, KOTAK, HSBC CITI are providing good service when it comes to axis bank some employees are head strong all in all Private sector is more customer friendly than the Public sector.

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Mohd Tabish said: (Jun 14, 2017)  
Our country is at developing stage. When we talk of privatisation, it not merely includes banks. The public sector cannot alone cater all the need and wants of a large number of consumer, in such a case they have to change to privatisation. For example, telecommunications. Moreover, privatisation and globalisation improve the standard of living. But at the same time, it is not advisable that all public sector should be privatised.

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Neeraj said: (Jun 12, 2017)  
14 banks were nationalised in 1969. Thereafter 6 more in 1980. Why?

Because they were mostly concerned for the profit motive. They established their branches in urban areas where profit margin was more. Did any bank think for social welfare or upliftment. The answer is no.

So banks were nationalised to cater the needs of rural as well as poor people.

Now if again banks or any other public sector are privatised it means you are taking your hands out from helping rural people. You are no more concerned about social upliftment. So better options are thoughts for alternate ways to earn a profit by reducing the non-performing assets. Or public-private partnership. So that you can join hands with rural people as well as urban for the profit motive.

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Dr Aniruddh Kumar said: (Jun 3, 2017)  
Please concentrate on public benefit.

In a country like India where democracy is ruling, each and every sector sud be public. Here all people of India as a family, are doing business, here owner and labour are same, profit from business is used for better education, treatments and development of whole country people. What it means the real democracy. Other wise, after growing sectors of privatisation, capitalisation would rise, exploitation of people would rise, as we can see in SIDCUL Haridwar, circumstances is so created by owners that minimum duty hours are 10-12, then also, very fewer payments,

The Quality of work in public sectors may be controlled by good management and administration, and for that, every Indian should committed to, Good luck to all.

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ATC said: (May 31, 2017)  
No, Public sector banks can easily make a profit if they charge like private sector bank for each service and stop lending to public for govt scheme and social activities. If only secured loans are lended public sector bank can easily make huge profit. If all govt sponsored schemes are stopped they make huge profit. Now, SBI is shifting towards such a platform and we can see the difference from their performance soon.

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Abhishek said: (May 21, 2017)  
I think it is better to privatise the PSU banks because of below reason.

1. All PSU bank are loss making and govt is continuously throwing the good money after bad money. In long term, this model is not sustainable.

2. It is not govt duty to run PSU bank. 30 years ago things were different. Now in rural place, we can see private banks.

3. PSU employee is not doing their duty seriously. Banks NPA are increasing and it is wastage of public money which can be deployed somewhere else for the better purpose.

4. Corruption level is high in public sector banks.

5. Better technology is deployed at private sector banks which will in end and benefit common citizens.

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Urvashi said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
No, it should not be privatised because government Works not only for profit perspective but also for social obligation. Every welfare schemes are implemented by government Banks in a better way and deal with mix standards of people.

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Shailesh Kumar Dubey said: (Mar 27, 2017)  
According to me,

Public sector should not privatize. If all public sector would be privatized then rich will be richer and poor will be more poor. All public sector should be under government. And government should take a strong action to control public sector.

Nowadays our government is going on privatize all public.

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Raajesh Vij said: (Mar 7, 2017)  
Public sector privatisation is a big loss to People of Nation.

1. Services get worse.

2. Costs go up.

3. You can't hold private companies accountable.

4. Staffs are undermined.

5. It is risky and difficult to reverse.

6. Our Public profit goes to private companies.

7. Our Country goes in loss.

8. Any Company will think for its own profit.

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Nayan said: (Feb 11, 2017)  
No, the public sector should not fully privatise, it should public-private partnership basis i.e. PPP because it will also give better facilities and as it will base on PPP government is also involved in it. So, it will be the better solution for all.

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ABINASH said: (Jan 15, 2017)  
No, it must not be privatised because it is the property of government and public. No-one have right to capture it for his sake. Private facilities are always expensive and special. But some public facilities are cheaper than private facilities. So, we should not privatise public facilities as private.

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Indu said: (Jan 6, 2017)  
Yes and no. After reading many comments from others view. I feel both should be equally. Our India is still developing. Not only govt. Not only private. Both should work together. Every coin has two sides. We cannot ignore anyone.

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Pranab Advocate said: (Dec 22, 2016)  
We should not be blind to the global economy and to the typical Indian mentality of salaried employees. The Bank, the state and the economy shall grow only when it is privatized, else not. Glaring example is UTI Bank being now converted to Axis Bank. Why are people and government talking about privatization of PSU/govt? Undertakings and not the vice versa? Do you see the vice versa in Global Economy?
The answer is - NO.

Axis Bank today is nowhere comparable to erstwhile UTI Bank or even any Government banks of today. People and govt. Knows --- YOU CANT PREVENT PRIVATISATION, if you are actually thinking of the benefit of the nation. If you are ready to think selfishly about few thousands of govt. Employees at the cost of the nation, then the matter is otherwise. THERE CAN BE NO DEBATE. You can not debate to stifle the economy. Privatisation is sure to happen. Open challenge to all -- prevent it!

No, you can't.

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Aditya Kharote said: (Dec 7, 2016)  
I think the PSUs should be run on Public Private partnership Basis i.e.(PPP). Since we have entered in liberal economy by 1991, there is a strong need of quality services provided by the Enterprises. But unfortunately sometimes fully public owned firms can't do that due to their poor strategy and workability and hence govt incurs loss. So the solution that I think is PPP, by which the investment and administration policies would be handled by private body and Govt would play a monitoring role. By this, the job security of the employees would also be ensured.

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Amrutha.Ashok said: (Nov 19, 2016)  
Hi friends,

In my opinion converting of public to private is not a good suggestion. It effects a lot of poor peoples.

Comparing with private Govt works for the welfare of our people, and for social justice.

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Ajit Kumar Nayak said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
My dear friends,

In my point of view, the public sector should be privatized, because of not to be the job security, but to be like the 4s & 5s of the TPM rule. We should apply this by hook or cruck. We know government sector has a big platform for career building with finance and job satisfaction. But one thing should be remembered that privatization has its own potential to recover with a planned culture of motivation, communication, self-development, innovation, creativity &also various personal development by conducting various training programs as HR activity.

Thanking you all.

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Rishikesh Raj said: (Nov 7, 2016)  
Hi guys, my name is Rishikesh Raj.

In my point of view, public sector banks should not be fully privatised because public sector banks are more concern on social obligations and less concern on making profit in contrary to this private banks work for only profit that's why private players are showing less interest in opening bank in rural (unbanked) areas and if we privatise all the banks we will be denied part of population from accessing banking facilities. Govt may loose control on their functioning too.

Thank you.

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Anand said: (Oct 25, 2016)  
According to me, yes public sector to be privatized for extent but not fully in control with privatization.

Govt have to control it but investment should be done by private bankers.

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Arun said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
Public sector should not be fully privatized.

Disinvestment means moving towards privatisation. But India is developing country and have model of mixed economy. In other words, disinvestment means lack of control on that particular product or services which we are using day by day. There must be a balance on both. Whenever there is a presence of government in any sector, the rates are controlled in better way. Private parties are working for profit and they set their goals which are mainly profit oriented, the unit of TATA's are exceptional in this matter. Promoting privatisation by sale of profit-making PSU's shows a short term target of government to generate money which is further used for budget deficit, but it may loose control on rates, which further increase inflation. It is more effective when there is proper balance between private sector and government sector. Nice playfield must be required for growth and development of developing countries like India.

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Aakash said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Hello to all.

In my opinion, public sector should be privatized but some areas should remain under the control of government such as pricing and distribution.

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Jay said: (Sep 3, 2016)  
From my point of view, India is a mix economy &there is both public and private sector exist. In some of field which should be privatized such as electric distribution which was formally fully public sector thus a lot of issues were producing such as employees not doing well and there was a huge loss but when govt give responsibility of private sector such as Reliance then there will be a better results found and which decreases the losses of electricity. That's all so there are the lot of public sectors which extremely needed to privatize for better executed.

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Guddi said: (Sep 2, 2016)  
In my point of view, this has two sides. In public sectors people thinks that they are only hired for this post to come in the office and take money. They do not give importance to how much they did part of the job and they are less responsible for their job or anything.

But in private sectors, people are very much concern what they are doing and instead of this they are getting a good amount so they are very much sincere about their work.

In other hands, public sectors are for those people who are unable to pay a good amount to get any thing. They all have no capability to meet this. In our India, the numbers of this type of people are greater than others.

So I think public not to be privatized.

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Amir said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
I have two points of views towards the privatization of banks. One is if we privatise the banks it is a possibility that they can't make an enough faith among the people who are living in rural areas and especially in illiterate peoples because they have a presumption that private banks are not their governments banks and it is also possible that private banks first go for their own profit after they think about public services. In another hand, if we privatize the banks it is also good for Indian banking system. We all know that public sector banks are too much loss-making in India and we also know that to have a member of global banking fraternity banks should have followed the basel-3 norms. According to these norms, banks need a defined capital requirement and nowadays it seems difficult to maintain this because of so many NPA's and other adverse consequences in banking. So I think it is the need of the hour to privatize the public sector banks.

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Sid@ra said: (Aug 22, 2016)  
Hello friends,

According to my opinion in a country like India where there is so much of corruption due to which we are unable to grow at a fast pace, there is a need of digitization of both public and private sectors so that everything is available only and there should be no chance of exploitation as transparency is a must for each and everything. Those sectors where the government is unable to perform well should collaborate with private sectors to come up with the best solution or give a chance to individuals to show their capabilities.

So motive should be to develop India and improve the welfare of the people whether done by the public, private or both. Believe in make in India and make for India.

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Akshaya said: (Aug 16, 2016)  
The statement leads to a thinking that a public sector which is owned by the government body be privatized, which must never really happen if the economy and stability of a country be sustained. Instead, as everywhere, private players can chip into the business. This is what is happening in sectors that make a balanced, stabilized and profitable output. As far as banks are concerned, a public sector bank is and must be with a sole aim of servicing and helping the citizens of the country economically, profit being the second motto. But this is not the case with private banks whose motto is to make as much profit from the economy.

Recently there is a lot of discussion going on about privatizing railways. This must not be done at any cost just like how the government did for airways because the majority class of people traveling in railways has to be taken into consideration. Indian Railways is supposed to be the largest transporter across long distances for the middle and poor class. The advantage of bringing private competitors into the field is mostly to improve the quality of business with reduced rates. But as far as railways are concerned, bringing a third party only increases the burden on the people who use the service.

I encourage private parties playing on the field but not at the cost of handing over a government-owned system to a private machinery.

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Ajit Babu said: (Aug 6, 2016)  
It makes me feel bad about converting public to private sectors. Not only in banks all other fields also facing these problems like schools, colleges, and hospitals etc. What have we achieved in making private sectors? We have to pay more money than the required for getting customer friendly environment. We have got a lot of talented people in Govt sectors but they are not properly used. It's the fault of management and government has to take necessary actions on those who don't do their duty properly. It makes no sense in just making everything Private from Public for not Managing the Resources properly and showing the loss percentage. If the Management is good and takes the responsibility all the problems will be solved.


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Kavita Pal said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
In my view, public sector should be privatised the condition of India is worse and by this, we improve the and helps in reducing burden of government.

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Jagat said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
No, if PSU got privatization, then who will take care of 90% population of India whose low balance or 0 balance account maintained by PSU bank, if they privatize then they also do class banking then who will take care of mass banking whic prevails in India.

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Dipu said: (Jul 30, 2016)  
From my point of view, yes public sector should be privatized. Because of public sector employees are very irritable, means they don't like to give time to others as well as responses are not very good. It is because of their attitude.

I would like to share my own experience, I went a public company to take interview for the certain project in one month back. Unbelievably I was waiting two and a half hour to met the concerned person. So this is the scenario of the public sector. But in the private sector, they well understood the value of time.

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Subasini said: (Jul 29, 2016)  

I think privatization should take place. The staffs in the pubic sectors are enjoying so many privileges and living a leisure life. Everybody knows the truth, there is no denial. Of course, it happens in all the government offices, but the way people are being treated by the pubic sector bank staffs are really pathetic particularly if they are illiterate. Even I have suffered a lot with the public sector banks. They will look at us like as we are worms. They will show their faces if we write a challan with some mistakes. There are some exceptions I agree, but 75 to 80% of the bank staffs are only like this. Everyone knows that. But it's not the case in private sector banks. They are very customer friendly and provides us their maximum help to complete our work. Yes, its true, privatization would impose so much pressure on the public sector bank staffs, but from the point of view of customers it's good. They will at least learn to treat people with some dignity. It's to my opinion through my experience and it's not my intention to hurt the bank employees.

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Should the public sector be privatized?

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