Should the public sector be privatized?

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Parween said:   9 months ago
I think privatization should be there because it is helpful for developing our country. private companies only search skills people but in government job, people easily get jobs without facing any problems as well in the government doesn't matter if you have capable or not.

Sid said:   10 months ago
As far as my concern, privatization of the government sector will create more employment, taxes, and good culture of work as a private employee, you always fear losing your job if you are not working as per requirement, but there must be some stick rules and regulations so they can't be a law into themselves.

Ankit kapil said:   1 year ago
Firstly we have to understand what is privatisation in simple word?

So in simple words, privatisation is giving ownership of public sectors to private player.

About it is good or bad,

What I think is privatisation is good but under some conditions or limit by the gov, because privatisation has both advantages and disadvantages as well. So for conclusion, we have to analyse both advantages and disadvantages.

So, frst we talk about some advantages:

Privatisation helps country to deal with unemployment by providing more job opportunities and this helps in countries economic growth. Also, private sector provide better services then public sectors. Because of privatisation, companies works freely without pressure of politics, which reduces corruption. Also employees in private sectors are more disciplined then employees of government Sectors because they have regular check but govt employees didn't have any regular check on them, thus they take their job responsibility very casually. Private sectors works very smooth with proper rules and regulations and they are also doing better then public sectors. We can see a live example by analysing difference between private and govt schools. Studies in govt. School is not very good as compared to studies in private schools. Private schools are far better then public schools in term of majority of things, they provide good infrastructure with disciplined faculty and also variety of events for extracurricular activities.

So, these are some advantages, now we analyse some disadvantages of privatisation-.

So, main disadvantage of privatisation is increase in price of services and this is a major flaw in privatisation. In privatisation, private companies mark price of their goods and services very high as compared to public sectors. We can see examples as jio, airtel etc. No doubt they provide better services but for middle class and poor people increase in price is a very big issue. One more drawback of privatisation is unstable jobs. Jobs in public sectors are very stable as compared to private sectors. Private sector puts a lot of burden on their employees. Main motive of private player is making more and more money and stability of employee is their second concern.

So these are some flaws of privatisation.

So, what helps is partial privatisation. In which govt puts a little bit of mandatory rules and regulations on private sector and set a limit on increase in price.

Junaid Khan said:   1 year ago
There are two ways to explain it.

First, it should be happening and second, it shouldn't be happening.

First thing if the public sector will be privatized.

Many employment opportunities will be created in every sector I think And that is enough to develop a country.

The Second thing is that if the public sector be privatized then the private company would increase his price value government cannot control its price we could take the example of jio/Airtel/vi company there are an increasing amount of recharge.

This is my point.

Surjya Shekhar Das said:   2 years ago
Yeah, it should be privatised. It absolutely helps in every sectors and will help the country to develop in every sector.

Sudarsan, Vizagsteel said:   2 years ago
Yes, because due to various Govt policies, PSUs in some sectors are not in full pace of development facing various issues like resource crunch, investment for expansion, market strategies, product development etc. On the other side due to privatization of PSUs, unemployability raise, monopoly of market, unilateral decision in crucial issues, threat of closure etc.

Suryakant Raithatha said:   2 years ago
Yes, by doing privatization of PSU Bank,

The New Management will work and think for the growth of the Banks and will change certain rules and terms of the function of the Banks, with the adoption of new technology and new products for digitization as public desire (particularly next generation) and in result It will definitely for the benefit of the Staff as the new benefits and perquisites will be offered to give best services to the customers for charges may be collected from the customers towards value-added services, further, the new management will take care that the lending of finance to the entrepreneurs will be safe and will not vanish as was happened in past.

The Banks will get funds by way of Bonds, equity and by way of other securities which at present is absent as the people understand that the PSU Bank is not at the level of Private Banks and there is a lot of understanding and misunderstanding.

So at the large point of view, it will be win situation for the staff by way of good facilities and good atmosphere and facilities, public by better services financiers and equity holders.

Shipra singh said:   2 years ago
Should the public sector be privatized.

Yes, public sectors should be privatizee. In our country, we can see lots of unemployment. If the government brings privatisation then we can develop our country in every stream. For instance, we can see various developments in private schools and companies. They are doing their work smoothly without being under pressure from the government. Every person can establish their business and all the responsibility should be public. They can manage their work and they can make their work fruitful.

Riya Yadav said:   2 years ago
As per my point of view, privatization is good because

1. As we talk about the education sector private institutes provide better vocational training and skills which are more valuable for the growth of the economy.

2. It should be free from political interference and help in increasing the GDP of a country. It generates more and more employment.

3. I f we take about that private company charging more price for better goods and services so for this I think in privatisation is increasing monopolistic competition as from this any firm or an individual is free to enter in the market and do a business or create more competition by selling there own differential product through this it increases the competition because of the competition is to increase the private sector companies also start providing better services in lower price.

4. In private companies the employees work more efficiently and effectively than in the public sector. Here we get jobs on the basis of technical and managerial skills we had or we are developing not only on the basis of degree or by using our source (jugaad) and all.


1. When there are high chances of monopolistic forming.
2. When profit motive can destroy an industry.
3. Where is too complex to make regulations.


1. When proper regulations are made.
2. Where to create a pressure they can't increase the price up to the limit. (Gov. ).

Eon said:   2 years ago
I think privatisation is right. Because a lot of people presently working for the government don't really deserve their job and they don't work for their full efficiency. Of course, every decision will have negative effects but compared with positives these can be negligible. If the G. O's (government sector/offices) became private they don't work on a caste basis so they can employ the people who really deserve the job.

Also, they make relevant checks often to see the work and efficiency of the employer. A lot of pending work in the g. O's will be cleared. Then the GDP of India will surely increase more than china and also there will be a chance for our future kids to say that India is a developed country.

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