Should the public sector be privatized?

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Himanshu said:   2 years ago
So many PSUs are not performing well because of the wrong decision of the government, by giving profit-making tender or manufacturing products to the private sector and if PSU wants to manufacture these products government won't allow and there is a monopoly of private parties and psu not making. The government is making PSU sick.

Nabarun Ghosh said:   2 years ago
As per my understanding privatization should be require in all the area of govt sector if we want to grow up our country. Privatization has occurred numerous time around the world especially in former socialist Countries. More relevant in the United Stated would be the period of privatization that occurred in Western Europe and Japan over the thirty year. In India most of the government employees has causual approach towards their job role. They don't paying their efforts like any private organisations employee. However, every month they are getting their salary through public taxes. This is really very unexpected and govt should be screening their employees every quarterly or yearly to evaluate their performance level and redundant non performing role based on their performance level. In order to improve our country's overall prospective, privatization should be mandatory so taht equality would be maintain in the society and everyone would be get benificial.

Mudit Kumar said:   2 years ago
Privatisation of PSUs Surely a boon for everyone, but a bane for the lower and middle class as well.

It's like get a subscription to watch ad-free. But, when things are in the government's control, watch it for no to little charge. So, ownership transfer is not an answer. Need to strike a balance between service quality, reach, and cost.

Sohan said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am in favour of the privatization of the public sector because it hinders the growth of the sector. Most of the public sector does not able to work due to political interference it reduces the output from the sector which cause to hinder the national growth and GDP of the country. It should be free from political interference and help in increasing the GDP of the country and due to this, it help in generating more and more employment for the people. For example, the condition of government school is degrading day by day it is just a medium of getting a degree without knowledge while the condition of private school is far and far better than government school and it imparts knowledge to the students.

Thank you.

Shivam Singh said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, PSU should not Private, because it is the Very helpful for the in Critical Situation like Covid -19 age. Government should Strict monitoring on Public sector unit. Like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Shubham said:   2 years ago
In my point of view,

Public sector should not be privatized because we all know that a private company first motive is to want more money. They can't do anything for the welfare of the people. I know they do their best services but their cost is too high. So, the poor and middle class can't afford this. But in another hand, the public sector first motive is to getting service for all class people in the same rate. And we know that if you get a job in the public sector. You got security to your job but in private sector yo get a job there was no security. If you didn't do the work in perfectly manner they will restrict you. But in the public sector, you have security. In the private sector no timing fix for the employee but in PSU you get a no. Of working hour. In the private sector, you don't get any allowance but in PSU you get these facilities. In the private sector, you don't get any pension facilities but in PSU you get these facilities.

Lakshay tomar said:   2 years ago
Hello, everyone.

My name is Lakshay Tomar and I am from Meerut, UP.

Firstly I tell what is privatization so it means selling more than 50% of the PSU stock and givinģ up ownership to private companies.

And according to me, it is an issue which has many merits and demerits.

If I talk about some merits of privatization that.

It increases the quality of service, they completed work in time, improve the economy of our country, and also reduces corruption, disciplined way of work so these are some merits of privatization.

Now if I talk about some demerits of privatization that in the private sector there is no safety of a job, they dismissed at any time, and it is not a great option in a country like India where prices is very important factor private companies may increase the price at any point in time. And the monopoly of private companies is the main demerits of privatization.

So according to me, the conclusion is that partial privatization of the public sector is the need of the hour.

Ganesh said:   3 years ago
Yes, because in India 60% of PSU's employees don't deserve that. Private companies are meant for their service and because of privatisation competition is increases. Higher competition leads to better services at a lower cost.

Prajnan K S said:   3 years ago
I have some points:

1) Privatizing PSU is ok only by Improving strong regulatory body like RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.

2) Proper Labor Security should be provided and it should have proper vigilance from labour department.

3) it Is also right that when we have regulatory authorities like RBI, SEBI then we no need the government to do business.

Virat said:   3 years ago
As privatization means, giving decisions makes control to the private player instead of a government body. The country like India the main concern of working people is job safety that is going to be a secondary point for private owners their sole purpose is production at any cost.

Psu's are the profit-making companies so instead of privatization government should focus on improving the working condition as well as providing better resources to work efficiently.

Most of the government companies run their social programme for the welfare of nearby underprivileged society, in case of the private sector they did not care much.

PSU controls some of the important supply of resources like oil, power, steel etc. That should be controlled better by the government keeping in mind the last person of every society.

The government can easily collaborate with foreign technologies and working culture as a gesture of their good relation but in case of the private sector, they had to pay some price which will further be compensated by our middle-class population in terms of price.

During the national crisis time like floods, earthquake etc. PSU come with their helping hand to serve nation.

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