Should the public sector be privatized?

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Sufiyan said:   6 years ago
Yes, you are right, my friends.

The Public sector should not be privatized because private sector main motive is to earn a profit and public sector main aim I to give services. Public sector gives services in the cheap cost this is good for the poor people. And private sector charge high amount as compared to public sector. But the problem is the public sector workers do not work they came late to offices and do not work with great effort. This is the drawback of public sector. For eg if we had gone to any govt hospital we can see that there are too much dirt lying here and there. But if we went to to private sector there hospital are too much clean. Every thing is done in systematic manner. But in public sector places nothing is done in systematic manner. I should suggest that we should not privatized but we can outsourced to the priviate sector and the govt should kept an eye on the private sector. This should be done.

Madhusudhan G said:   5 years ago
Why today Reliance Mukesh Ambani, kingfisher Vijay Mallya, Rajesh Exports etc. Became billionaires in a country where many people lack basic resources and die of hunger daily?

Privatization is a concept of exploiting middle class and poor people of India. They will suck the blood of the innocent like leeches. They are paid minimum wages and will be thrown out if they fail to perform at their later stages of life without providing any compensation.

From outside, people may feel like the private sector making profits. But it is at the cost of exploiting the innocent. Many people prefer to work in private sectors if they fail to get a job in PSU/Govt sector.

How are the working conditions of Reliance Oil Refineries or Jamshedpur Tata Steel plant or any private mining areas when compared to the government sector? No one cares about the worker even if he dies.

Unfortunately, The culture in PSUs is also getting degraded day by day. Public sectors reduced the recruitment of permanent workers. They also started exploiting the contract workers by giving fewer wages without any increments.

In a democratic country like India, people should realize that natural resources like oil, steel, coal etc are the assets of every individual in this nation. Ideally, the profits accrued by private PSU's should be distributed to the public in the form of dividends.

I would request the government not to privatize any PSU further. Rather try to adopt techniques to improve the working conditions which makes the employee more efficient. Govt should bring transparency and accountability in the systems. Every citizen should feel proud to be a part of a PSU employee.

Shubham said:   3 years ago
In my point of view,

Public sector should not be privatized because we all know that a private company first motive is to want more money. They can't do anything for the welfare of the people. I know they do their best services but their cost is too high. So, the poor and middle class can't afford this. But in another hand, the public sector first motive is to getting service for all class people in the same rate. And we know that if you get a job in the public sector. You got security to your job but in private sector yo get a job there was no security. If you didn't do the work in perfectly manner they will restrict you. But in the public sector, you have security. In the private sector no timing fix for the employee but in PSU you get a no. Of working hour. In the private sector, you don't get any allowance but in PSU you get these facilities. In the private sector, you don't get any pension facilities but in PSU you get these facilities.

Rajni Ravinder Kumar Bala said:   10 years ago
Yes its true that privatisation is a need of hour. But the question is full or partial, according to my point of view partial. As our economy is a mixed economy, only privates and only public can't do well. As private banks were introduced to bring competetion in banking sector. In the same way it can be done with other sectors, keep it under Goverment's control upto a limit and further leave it on market forces, let them compete and exist. It will increase productivity, efficiency, cut costs, increase profits and provide better service.

Toshi Singh said:   5 years ago
Partial privatization of the public sector is the need of the hour.

With the increasing corruption and vanishing transparency, the private sector needs to be brought back to pious working. The entire focus of the private sectors is concentrated at profit. Because of this orientations, it is known to overlook the needs of its employees thus exploiting them. There is lack of insurance of health and assurity of increment. There is a constant fear of being wiped out during downsizing in this sector. Thus making it unfavorable to completely privatize the public sector.

There is no denial in the presence of flaws in the public sector as well but their idea of caring for those it is comprised of is what makes it the choice of the majority. It only needs to be disciplined which can be done by partial privatization as it is known the private sector is best at monitoring its working efficiently without any compromise.

Veer singh Pathni said:   5 years ago
Well the straight answer would be a big NO.

Public sectors are known for selflessly serving society with no intention of profit generation, whereas it\'s just opposite in private sector.

Most of the public sector companies are loaded by the government for carrying out its social service schemes which eventually becomes the main cause of loss for company, but no problem being a PSU company this is your necessity to do social services, second thing is PSU's gives a sense of job security to their employees which no private organisations could ever give. Most of the private sector companies are fighting neck to neck to grab business as much as he can, with no proper time schedule of their employees. You can't expect job security in the private sector, once you reached your maturity age, you will be thrown out from your position to be replaced by someone younger energetic individual. Instead of Privatization government should look out for increasing efficiency of PSU's, only then we can expect a good future for this nation.

Virat said:   4 years ago
As privatization means, giving decisions makes control to the private player instead of a government body. The country like India the main concern of working people is job safety that is going to be a secondary point for private owners their sole purpose is production at any cost.

Psu's are the profit-making companies so instead of privatization government should focus on improving the working condition as well as providing better resources to work efficiently.

Most of the government companies run their social programme for the welfare of nearby underprivileged society, in case of the private sector they did not care much.

PSU controls some of the important supply of resources like oil, power, steel etc. That should be controlled better by the government keeping in mind the last person of every society.

The government can easily collaborate with foreign technologies and working culture as a gesture of their good relation but in case of the private sector, they had to pay some price which will further be compensated by our middle-class population in terms of price.

During the national crisis time like floods, earthquake etc. PSU come with their helping hand to serve nation.

Suman said:   9 years ago
Hey all,

I think its easy to say that changes should be made and all but ground reality is worse. Have you considered reason why the public sector was introduced?

The object was to maintain economic equality and equal distribution and providing opportunities to all. The purpose we elect our government is because of these reasons right? so now, if our government does not work well for us what we do, we throw them out and elect a new government but the basic process of election, the system and the functions remain same.

We expect the new government to do better for us and fulfill those reasons for which we have elected them, with their improved plans, policies and budgets. So, basically we improve when there is a problem. We cannot say that all the governments we elected have failed or are not capable so lets not have a government.

Similarly, privatization is not a solution, because the aim remains the same. I admit that private sector is active and provides best of facilities but think who all can afford those expensive facilities. We may be in good financial conditions, so we can afford but what about those who cannot imagine sending their kids to private institutions for studies in private institutes. Things will become so expensive for people who survive on the subsidies by government. There are many disadvantages.

What I suggest is government should inculcate the best features of private sector. (for which they are considered better) and implement them in public sector. It is difficult to start off with but it is not impossible.

Rahul Rai said:   8 years ago
Hello friend.

If any government company is not functioning well then privatization is not the solution, government need to overhaul the government body. Overhauling include selling half share of the company in private hand, end corruption, choose best talent for the company, tighten guideline for the company, use latest technology, improve service.

I support public private partnership model. It deliver good service to the customer at a reasonable cost. The example of public private partnership model are banking sector, coal mine sector, oil companies etc.

In these companies government have more than a half of a share and rest shares are handle by the private body. These company functioning well as compare to those companies in which government have a 100% share.

Amelia said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends,

Our topic of discussion is public sectors be privatized. In my opinion it should not be done. I don't believe that there is no corruption in private sectors and 'Private means more quality'. As we all know both has +ves and -ves. What should be done is try to implement the positives of private sector in public.

In private sector employment is given on basis of talent and salary is paid on the work done. That policy should be acquired in public sector too. Employees of public sector may be talented, but once they gain a job in public sector, they have a feel that they are safe, and will be employed till 58/60 years regardless of their work. That attitude should be changed by implementing an organisation to keenly monitor their activities and action should be taken against such employees. This will solve the issue of delay and less quality in public sectors.

Reason am saying privatization should not be done is, more than 50% of Indian population is still living below poverty line. Privatization will make life uneasy for them, as there is chance for increase in cost of goods n services. Also its a false belief that corruption doesn't prevail in private sectors. Though it prevails in public sec too, at least we have the right to question it. But in Private sec, we will be given no choice, other than keep mum.

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