Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Shivam gupta said:   9 years ago
Increase in IITs and IIMs means, once again government is going to spend money on manufacturing a new one rather than renovating the old IITs and IIMs. Instead of this they should spend money on improving the quality faculty members and providing better instruments and jobs for practical. As we know IITs are not only known for their name and fame but also for their work, better quality should be maintained not the increase in quantity.

Peterparker said:   10 years ago
Yes, the government aid for IIT and IIM must be said, if, people are using this subsidized education for their own selfish growth. After all, IIT/IIM were set up by the government to make Indian government and public institutions function better, which in turn would have made Indian society strong.

But at present, the mere interest of IIT/IIM are to increase the rates in marriage market and enjoy the life of luxury by clearing exam, that too, getting trained at the public expense. This is nothing, but creation of a class who are exploiting the resources of the state. This is not how democracy functions.

Jaydev singh said:   10 years ago
I think Primary and Secondary education should be provided more because it is the basic need for country it will also increase the literacy rate of country. Instead of it IIT and IIM need some classification which is given by primary and secondary education. Also IIT and IIM cost a lot of money.

Nikhil Kumar said:   10 years ago
No, the government should not open more IITs. Even the old IITs are still not well-established, they don't have proper facilities then how can be think of more IITs?

Opening IIT cost government Around 200 crore if this money is used in improving the quality of old IITs or in primary and secondary education much more can be achieved.

Also opening of new IITs by the govt. Instead of not much success by old IITs opening is just a way to increase their vote bank.

APS said:   10 years ago
According to my opinion today India needs a boost in its primary education rather than opening new IITs and IIMs.

Without watering the roots, you can't expect a good fruit. So only concentrating on the higher education will lead to the development and advancement of certain age group and that to for a certain period. But if we enhance our Primary education system we would be able to build up a strong educated foundation for Indian youths.

Ayan said:   10 years ago
According to my view, India needs so many primary schools to develop the primary level education. There are so many children, (almost 40%) are out of this ground level system. Government should first think about how to develop the primary educational system and how to increase its quality, so that 100% children will get the proper education.

Radhakrishna said:   10 years ago
The government should have taken this initiative in the 90's, when the population of India was increasing, I mean, the population of young work force. Now it does not hold any significance. The reason for increasing the IIT/IIM in numbers is that general category people are not satisfied with the limited options of the seats with the current numbers. But people have forgotten that the number of applicants have risen and thereby, the competition has increased. This is the real problem. If anything, the basic education must be made better. It is better to teach kids skills, so that they can plan to earn by the time they are 15 years old.

Nikhil said:   10 years ago
Hi friends, this is Nikhil. I think opening new iits and iims is very stupid idea. The government in most cases, opens new iits and iims to increase their credibility among students fraternity. The fact tells us that nearly half of the students studying in iits are joining mainstream core engineering. So, here iits is just a means for them, to secure their future. Many are not happy with their streams.

So, instead of opening new iits and iims, government should increase the standard of old iits and iims. We stand nowhere in terms of quality education in the world.

Sonu said:   10 years ago
NO. There should not be any more IIT, IIMS AND AIIMS. The quality in existing institutions are deteriorating. Institution fees are nearly doubled. Most of students getting admitted are from middle class family so it becomes pricey for them. Similarly jobs generated are also less. There is no need to bring so many students in engineering, management and medical field. All other areas will remain vacant.

Talking about IITs, if more IITS are opened then value off NITS will reduce. Average or below average students will study. Then there is no need for IIT at all. Now a days a student from newly IIT can be compared to a state government engineering student, then what is a need of such nit. Instead increase a few seats in old institute. Renovate it. Similarly increase seats in nit's and state government Engineering college. State government Engineering college are in very bad shape. Lack of fund from state. Center should capitalize fund also to state government College also, as they are taking income taxes and other taxes from us also.

Few best IITS with better nit's and average state level engineering college also are better for country rather than top level inefficient institution. Do not please waste our resources on making this premier institutes. There values are decreasing. Do not make their values to zero at all. And what is the value of making this institutions if 6o percent of students passed out goes to abroad. Are we making good candidates or better work force for developed countries. India is such a country where the best goes to foreign as there is no scope here.

Is there is no analysis what our students passed from these premier institute will do after they have graduated. We study so hard in these institutions but no jobs in India. Hundred good students has to compete for one post. Improvement in quality of education in diploma sector, pharmacy and bachelor in business administration is also required, they will do the fieldwork. Their education level is poor. The infrastructure for them are in bad shape.

Sir. Mam. Please forward my message that IITS, IIMS are needed but first develop the basic education level at higher secondary level. Otherwise a day might come, when a Person securing zero will be admitted in these institutes in order to fill up seats. Or a passed out students will be jobless as there is shortage of jobs.

Shiv Kumar said:   10 years ago
We all know the pathetic conditions of many children who are struggling with their life and finally are left illiterate. There are lakhs of students who don't get proper education, in many parts of the country there is no sign of educational institute. A tree will stand firmly if its branches are strong enough, so government should first make ensure that every child in this country is getting his primary education. They should first invest money on development of schools in many areas, IITs and IIMs can later be cumulated but before that we should invest more money in the educational purpose of all children who are forbidden from schools.

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