Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Ram Singh said:   10 years ago
Everyone has their own way of thinking, so please excuse me if something I said is objectionable, If any.

Need is to highlight every profession available in our society. Today few professions are in highlight like engineer, doctor or a management. These are highly paid professions in India which lure a huge population of youth whether it's in their interest/talent or not. Where as professions related to other areas, arts, music, literature, even I can't recall them all, but I think there should be more. We only hear only few professions, engineer, doctor since our childhood, during school, during college and even now we are hearing these few professions. Is there no other profession in India, very limited professions? I doubt whether opening of new IITs and IIMs will improve the situation of employability of growing population of youth. I think this will double the confusion among the youth and will manyfold increase the uninterested (Students with different skill talent or interest) to these areas. Again only few among the lacks will be given chance to get admission in IIT and IIMs.

I raise question whether only these few hand full of graduates/post graduate students will participate in the growth activity of economy. What about a large portion of youth who will not be selected in IIT's and IIM's. They will be like burden to the economy and will keep on increasing year after year. Don't we have other institutes in India? only IIT and IIM. Yes, We have lot of education institutions. Even govt don't trust on these institutions in terms of generating skill equipped youth, that's why need is felt to open new IITs and IIMs. Why don't we improve the existing one rather than opening new. As earlier, friends said our basic education is poor, why don't we look at root level, why don't be improve our primary and secondary education. By opening IITs and IIMs we are reducing the importance of other institutions as well at the same time, a sheer wastage of what efforts been made so far. How every youth who has graduated whether from arts, science, civics, social science, economics, management etc be made participative in the economic growth of our country rather than involving few participants (IITians or IIMs) who eschew the role of other and also the employment and give very less to country if to look in terms of quantity. What to those students who pass from IIT or IIM, sometime they leave country to serve other country or change their professions later in life. Only minimal of these actually contribute to the nation. What is role of these institutions in serving nation then, just to create another creed of IITians IIMians to sell outside? Need is to think differently and by taking each group in mind.

Need is to provide clear vision to the youth by highlighting each profession suiting their interest/talent rather than luring them by shiny few institutions catering to few interest/talent holder. I myself find in a situation that I am not able to think what to do next. The shine or brightness of these few professions are so much that my own true interest got blurred and I don't know where can I go to pursue my interest, other professions got blurred or get tiny with less or no earning prospect in future.

Need is to get the students aware of what profession they can choose in future if they pursue particular subject of their interest (whether arts, science, philosophy, management, economics etc). It will provide confidence of doing what they are doing instead of confusion, whether this course or subject will help me to earn my living in future. I believe students don't posses all the information regarding the future professions or availability of jobs. For that there should be separate department in every school to guide them properly(whether Govt or private schools) or institution equipped with all information about the professions available in our society and the degree of securability. Govt has to come forward for the securability of each profession. Need is to bring confidence among youth that whatever they do will help secure their living in future rather uncertainty in future.

I will repeat again, stop creating these selling brands like IIM(management) or IIT(technology) just to lure the population or catering to few areas. Encouraging two three areas will encroach upon other areas which will result in huge wastage.

Sonu said:   10 years ago
NO. There should not be any more IIT, IIMS AND AIIMS. The quality in existing institutions are deteriorating. Institution fees are nearly doubled. Most of students getting admitted are from middle class family so it becomes pricey for them. Similarly jobs generated are also less. There is no need to bring so many students in engineering, management and medical field. All other areas will remain vacant.

Talking about IITs, if more IITS are opened then value off NITS will reduce. Average or below average students will study. Then there is no need for IIT at all. Now a days a student from newly IIT can be compared to a state government engineering student, then what is a need of such nit. Instead increase a few seats in old institute. Renovate it. Similarly increase seats in nit's and state government Engineering college. State government Engineering college are in very bad shape. Lack of fund from state. Center should capitalize fund also to state government College also, as they are taking income taxes and other taxes from us also.

Few best IITS with better nit's and average state level engineering college also are better for country rather than top level inefficient institution. Do not please waste our resources on making this premier institutes. There values are decreasing. Do not make their values to zero at all. And what is the value of making this institutions if 6o percent of students passed out goes to abroad. Are we making good candidates or better work force for developed countries. India is such a country where the best goes to foreign as there is no scope here.

Is there is no analysis what our students passed from these premier institute will do after they have graduated. We study so hard in these institutions but no jobs in India. Hundred good students has to compete for one post. Improvement in quality of education in diploma sector, pharmacy and bachelor in business administration is also required, they will do the fieldwork. Their education level is poor. The infrastructure for them are in bad shape.

Sir. Mam. Please forward my message that IITS, IIMS are needed but first develop the basic education level at higher secondary level. Otherwise a day might come, when a Person securing zero will be admitted in these institutes in order to fill up seats. Or a passed out students will be jobless as there is shortage of jobs.

Shankey Kumar said:   10 years ago
Hello friends, according to my point of view, it is good to open new IIT, IIM, primary and secondary schools, but more important is government hold a full control on currently running school, colleges and universities whether they are able to provide all facilities to student or not because if the currently running school, colleges and universities are not run properly, then what's the need or fun of new IIT, IIM and schools and colleges. As we see in the government schools and colleges where no one is Serious and teacher not doing their duty properly.

Teachers/sirs come their Mood and if they come in the school, then they are not willing to study. That's the biggest reason why today in our country, the students who are study in the government school and colleges are not able to compete with the private school students. I think only 1-2 teacher out of 100 who is doing their duty properly. Also the same is also true in the government colleges.

Also there is need that government should take full control on giving the permission for the opening of new colleges because as we seen in the last 3-4 years, a large number of new engineering colleges are open as a result of which the value of good engineering colleges are goes down. So government should hold a full control on the universities which give permission to open new colleges and check whether the new college which is going to open is able to provide all the facilities the student or not.

SO I think government should open new school college, IIT, IIM etc but after taking survey whether there is a need of that or not. And also take a strict action against the school and colleges who are not run school and colleges properly.

Ku2s said:   1 decade ago
The government had started allocating a part of the budget for funding the iim's and iit's which started 50 years back. The moot agenda is whether it is applicable now. When a large section of the country is suffering from unemployment and lack of the growth of the manufacturing sector, the government should think twice before spending the tax payers money on these institutions. Most of the iim grads settle abroad without contributing much to the development of the country. So whats the point in wasting the tax payers money on those. If the point of improving the structure, faculty and facility of the iims and iits surface the government should look upon to the alumni. I mean when will be the such great alumni associations of the iits and iims come to any use. It should be also kept in mind that other top b schools like Symbiosis University, Narsee monjee, Vinod gupta school of management and several other privately funded or trustee funded institutions are at per excellence with the iim's. These schools are churning out excellence each year and with out any government funding.

It is a matter of utilizing the tax payers hard earned money into something that would benefit the the tax payer in return. There are a whole lot of issues in India which needs tremendous funding, rather than the iit's and iim's. I think the government should realize this more than anything else.

Nitin Agarwal said:   1 decade ago
I have a moderate opinion in respect of this topic, so I would say that we can not compare IIT/IIM with primary education. This is because the scope of primary education is very vast while IIT/IIM are concerned with a small group of people in India. So I would say that the ultimate concern of government is to develop India and these both are necessary for the growth of India, so govt. Should work for development of both the fields of education.

I would not directly say that govt should stop financing to IIT/IIM but would say that most of the people going for these institutes are self capable, so govt. Should make them self financed. Why primary education is to be developed is also man imp. Question because a child does not join IIT/IIM from his birth. He first gets primary edu. & then on the basis of his capability he reaches to IIT/IIM, so unless the quality of primary education is developed there is no meaning of IIT/IIM.

The other thing why IIT/IIM is needed is also need to be understood. Our India is still a developing country plus we have the largest democracy system in the world so to run them we need smart policy makers and brains which can be provided only by quality education of IIT/IIM.

So I conclude the concern of govt. Should be balanced development of both the fields of education.

Kahkashan Resham said:   6 years ago
As per my views, the government should take a step forward to invest in quality primary and secondary education, rather than more IITs/IIMs.

In India, the majority of the population is still living in rural areas where children don't even know the meaning of good education since they don't have access to schools. If these children have an exposure of good primary/secondary education, it will definitely build a strong intellectual base for their learning, which might not land all of them in IITs or IIMs but of course, secure their dwindling future. Setting up of really good government schools will help the parents of the children staying even in urban areas, lower down the burden of expenses incurred in private schools as it's not easy to bear the cost of private education even for middle-class people in big cities these days. Moreover, if we look into government's prime purpose, it is to create as much employment in the country as possible and major concern is the lack of a strong educational background in the youth which is aggravating the problem ever more. This issue can only be resolved with preparing the student's mindset right from the basics, not only for cracking IITs or IIMs but for earning their livelihood, sustainability of families and becoming learned citizens of India.

Vishal said:   5 years ago
Good morning everyone.

Today's topic is Should the Government Set up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education. I think the government give more preference to primary and secondary school because if a person faces a problem on the basis of an educational institution like as not providing a proper educating system, unqualified teacher, lack of experience. But the government also focus on the growth of IIT and IIM. Because when the people have done the higher education then they will bi joining the IITs and IIMS.

The growth in the education sector will also improve the economic growth of the economy and reducing the number of people which is going outside to the country for their further education.

As per to me the government should take few initiatives to improve the quality of primary and secondary education and also improving enhancing the skills of the people. The IITs and IIMS are helpful to develop a higher knowledge of the country people. So, I think the government should many to step to improve primary school and secondary school and also developing the old IITs &IIMS.

Aditya said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, I am Aditya.

In my point of view with the amount of engineers produced in India, its quite hard for us to really say whether it's wrong or right.

It all depends on how we see, if we go by the number adding IITs would be helpful, But if we want a quality engineer to be produced rather than Introducing a new IIT, Its more acceptable that they should invest in Primary education and secondary education. The syllabus should be updated regularly and the pay scale of the school teachers should be increased. For teachers also their should be a proper test to calibre of teaching.

Now since we are moving towards a digital India, net accessibility in schools should be improved and courses like NPTEL should be started at school level so that the student can interact and learn more.

Other than this online courses for Others should also me made available with that and more and more courses should be introduced. It will be a boon for a student who couldn't make it into IIT but still feels privileged to be taught be them through online courses.

Murali naik said:   1 decade ago
I feel there should be a fewmore IIT, S AND IIMS in the country as well Govt should spend more money on Primary and secondary education. If we see the statistics the growing population'demand for the primary and secondary education is not met by the Govt. It reflects our country's literacy rate of 64% still there are people who are in need of primary education. Any nations development is mainly depending on the quality of the population. There should be more primary and secondary schools at the convenience of the people on the basis of the population of the area.

Govt should spend more money and should come forward regulations to stop the school dropouts, and the child labour shall be curbed completely in the nation. The other side quality of education as per the international standards is being cultivated in the students by the IITs and IIMs, we see in many of the students of these institute are taken away by the MNC's. Hence, there should be proper allocation of funds by the govt towards primary education and the premier institutes.

Rishabh b said:   1 decade ago
Hii friends.

If we really want to get better India then first we should concentrate on quality not on quantity (no.of schools, colleges). In our country we have sufficient number of school at every place. We should concentrates on this school and college. First government should invest for improve the facility like sports, cultural, technical in the existing schools and colleges.

I think new IITS or IIMS which have been open before 2-3 years is also not required we can easily increase the strength of students in existing IITS because every iits have sufficient area to develop the hostels, academics for new seat admissions.

After thinking on it we should develop both primary & secondary education schools or higher studies colleges equally because both are related to each other. Proper development is not possible if we miss one between both.

So in my views first we should concentrate on existing schools & colleges then think about both primary & secondary education, higher studies equally.

Thank you.

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