Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Prem Lad said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

My opinion on the above topic is that government should spend more money on it and iims. Creating more premier institutes will only increase more number of seats however jobs will still remain unaffected to greater extent. Besides not everyone grows up dreaming about iit and iims, there are other fields which hold equally importance as them. If we take a closer look on the Nations education system it is quite clear that the it is outdated. The main focus of the government should be on creating new educational reform/policy which could focus on the development of circular and co circular activities for students right from the primary stage. They should put large investment in this policy ensuring that students are more exposed to practical knowledge from early stages. This could shape students brain and approach towards life to greater extent and hence making them an ideal citizen.

As it is popularly preached "well begin is half done". Let's just hope for the best.

Khushboo Jain said:   5 years ago
See, the base of a student starts from the primary education only and if the primary education is good, then the pupils themselves become aware of good secondary and even higher education.

If we compare a student from a middle-class school or even lower than that, and a student from a reputed school, there stands lots of difference.

And moreover, Building more IITs and IIMs will cost the government more with respect to money as these big institutions can't be built in small areas and without much investment as college needs to have more facilities than schools like hostels, a no. Of canteens etc.

But building a school with good faculty and infrastructure etc. Though in small area will definitely make good impact on society!

Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, firstly, the government sector should develop the primary education and secondary education sector by spending more money on it.

I think by increasing the IITs and IIMs institutions would help for the people who are studying on interest in higher studies.

It will also helpful for the poor and middle-class people.

Firstly, the government should have to maintain the proper faculty and strict rules to run these institutions.

So, I conclude that the government should have to maintain the proper amount of money in these education sectors.

Vishal said:   5 years ago
Good morning everyone.

Today's topic is Should the Government Set up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education. I think the government give more preference to primary and secondary school because if a person faces a problem on the basis of an educational institution like as not providing a proper educating system, unqualified teacher, lack of experience. But the government also focus on the growth of IIT and IIM. Because when the people have done the higher education then they will bi joining the IITs and IIMS.

The growth in the education sector will also improve the economic growth of the economy and reducing the number of people which is going outside to the country for their further education.

As per to me the government should take few initiatives to improve the quality of primary and secondary education and also improving enhancing the skills of the people. The IITs and IIMS are helpful to develop a higher knowledge of the country people. So, I think the government should many to step to improve primary school and secondary school and also developing the old IITs &IIMS.

Prathmesh Patil said:   5 years ago
Hi friends. I am Prathmesh.

According to my point of view, instead of developing IIT'S/IIM'S in not important nowadays. We are thinking to be developed nation so we have to do our base strong and by developing primary and secondary education our base will become strong and on the basis of this strong base one can shine in IIT OR IIMS or else one can be grow up be a good businessman or anything else. I think government Spend money to standarderisation of govt schools insted of developing IIT'S and IIM'S. We the people of India think for a strong base in our house building then why shoudnt we think a strong base for nation building.

Thank you.

Kahkashan Resham said:   5 years ago
As per my views, the government should take a step forward to invest in quality primary and secondary education, rather than more IITs/IIMs.

In India, the majority of the population is still living in rural areas where children don't even know the meaning of good education since they don't have access to schools. If these children have an exposure of good primary/secondary education, it will definitely build a strong intellectual base for their learning, which might not land all of them in IITs or IIMs but of course, secure their dwindling future. Setting up of really good government schools will help the parents of the children staying even in urban areas, lower down the burden of expenses incurred in private schools as it's not easy to bear the cost of private education even for middle-class people in big cities these days. Moreover, if we look into government's prime purpose, it is to create as much employment in the country as possible and major concern is the lack of a strong educational background in the youth which is aggravating the problem ever more. This issue can only be resolved with preparing the student's mindset right from the basics, not only for cracking IITs or IIMs but for earning their livelihood, sustainability of families and becoming learned citizens of India.

Payal said:   6 years ago
There are enough of IIMs and IITs in the country. Many people who are willing to take admission there are unable to do so. Some because of not having the required cutoff and some because of very high fees structure. Seats are limited in these institutions but nowadays there are many private institutions coming up and many government institutions are also there. Government should invest more in primary and secondary education. Good number of students couldn't enroll themselves in schools because of fee structure. Some schools have affordable fee structure but the quality of education is not at par. Some schools have under qualified teachers and the teachers to students ratio is also poor. Education at primary and secondary level forms the basis for a person's career. With the help of it, one can make oneself employable. If education is not good at this level, pursuing higher education will not help much.

Kavya said:   6 years ago
I think the govt needs to set up more IIT's and IIM's because in the primary and secondary education, there will be a limit for the syllabus and no practical applications are required that are meant to reach the countries growth. But this is not the case in IIT's. It is the place where India's talented people come out and they will be recruited if they have skills. So improving IIT's will be much beneficial. Other than spending money for primary and secondary education which has just basics. Everything depends on the student's interest. It's their choice which makes them strong even at their basics.

Shubh said:   7 years ago
There's no mean of setup more IITS or IIMS teachings facility should be an advance in many IITS teacher are not enough in my point of View, old NIT, should turn in to IITS their ranking is much higher than some IITS and educational system should improve the practical knowledge should more preferable than theoretical knowledge.

Sathvik said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, if we want to construct a New building. The foundation of building should be strong. Like wise in our lives primary education is more important to us. It is useful to improve the higher education. Primary education is losing it's importance in the Time of growing IIT'S and IIM'S. Can a student go to IIT'S and IIM'S without proper primary education. It is very important to students but at the same time IIT'S and IIM'S are necessary to students because the growth of young talent in India requires better education. By these institutes, students perform their talent on the international front. And also foreign students are coming to IIT'S and IIM'S thus generating income to India.

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