Should the Government Set-up More IITs and IIMs, OR should it be use the Money for Primary & Secondary Education?

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Neha said:   8 years ago
In my opinion, the government should first concentrate on improving the quality of primary and secondary education. Very few government schools provide quality education. This in why parents always think twice before sending their children to government schools. The plight of government schools has to improve. The education in primary level has to be more knowledge oriented. Of course, the IITs and IIMS have to be increased because a quality education in graduate level does matter a lot. But first priority has to be given to primary education because we hardly see government school children getting into IITs and IIMS. The reputation that IITs and IIMS have should also be earned by government schools.

Thank You.

Monika said:   8 years ago
I think that govt should invest in IIT's and IIM's instead of investing in primary education. Already govt has set up primary schools in almost every village of our country, but the problem is there are no properly qualified teachers to teach them. In some primary schools absence of teachers in classes has become a major problem. It's better to increase the teaching standards of existing primary schools. But many of the talented youth are unable to pursue further studies because of a limited number of IIT's and IIM's in the country. Not everyone could afford to study abroad. In such a case the talented students with low financial background are forced to stop their education in the middle. Therefore, I strongly feel that govt should make efforts in setting up new and better IIT's and IIM's in our country.

Thank you.

K Madhan said:   8 years ago
Hai everyone my name is Madhan.

I think instead of increasing IIT'S and IIM'S it need to increase primary and secondary education because everyone need minimum awareness to read and write to lead successful life in society that we get from primary and secondary education only.

Dejalin sahu said:   8 years ago
I think IIT and IIM Should not be increase. We have to invest more money in primary education, so that very good quality student is studied in IIT and IIM. Primary education is the backbone of education.

Tavleen Sudan said:   8 years ago
Hello friends, I am Tavleen ans my view:

I believe that primary and secondary education is far more important than IIT's and IIM's because they are the foundation of the education system. If the mortar used for the foundation of the building is not firm the building will one day or the other will definitely collapse. So first we need to make that foundation of our education system firm and strong. Then only the engineers and doctors will be formed and then we can have tremendous amount of IIT's and IIM's.

Ansh said:   9 years ago
All of them who has said in favour of primary education, in my opinion are duffers, I m sorry to say that but if any child has lost his primary education by any reason, he should have a second pinion to join a institute like IIT. I think our government should work on IIT. I m not saying that no work on primary education but first for IIT.

Aditya said:   9 years ago
Hello friends, I am Aditya.

In my point of view with the amount of engineers produced in India, its quite hard for us to really say whether it's wrong or right.

It all depends on how we see, if we go by the number adding IITs would be helpful, But if we want a quality engineer to be produced rather than Introducing a new IIT, Its more acceptable that they should invest in Primary education and secondary education. The syllabus should be updated regularly and the pay scale of the school teachers should be increased. For teachers also their should be a proper test to calibre of teaching.

Now since we are moving towards a digital India, net accessibility in schools should be improved and courses like NPTEL should be started at school level so that the student can interact and learn more.

Other than this online courses for Others should also me made available with that and more and more courses should be introduced. It will be a boon for a student who couldn't make it into IIT but still feels privileged to be taught be them through online courses.

Samir kumar singh said:   9 years ago
No. I think improving primary and secondary education would be better. IITS and IIMS are premier institutes and I feel maybe increasing a few seats in the present institutions would be better rather than setting up altogether new institutions. The money could be spent to improve schooling of children to make them equipped to get a seat into these institutions. I feel we should consider removing reservations from IITS so that only the best can get there.

Arka said:   9 years ago
Hi all.

According to me, there is no need of increasing IITs and IIMs. People are saying the quality of these institutes is reducing so it is better to maintain the quality of IITs and provide more research facilities and stipends etc.

IITs have to attract good students to do research in IIT and it is recommended to remove reservations at least in IITs. The surveys are showing that the un qualified students are facing problems in IITs due to lack of standards.

So, it is better to take efforts improving primary/school education. Now the primary education is becoming a business because of some private institutions. So it should be taken seriously to improve the school education especially in villages then automatically the quality of IIT.

Students won't reduced. If they wants increase IIts better to increase new institutes like NITs with other name and try to provide facilities and quality of education good.

Pallavi said:   9 years ago
I don't think that increase in IITs and all should be encouraged, just think once that each year we have suppose 10 lakh student coming as freshers but IITs and IIMs have seats less than 60000 only, so what about all other its not that they are not talented or intelligent, but they can be many circumstances also as there is reservation fr backward people so just think about general quota people they know more but still can fail sometime.

Rather govt should uplift other colleges and make it efficient, also first if you don't know A,B,C I mean basics then how will you know engineering so huge it is, lets build the pillars or the basic support and later think about the building. Govt should try to renovate old colleges rather than building new. Also students have various scope in many fields for shaping their carrier.

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