Should Sting Operations be Carried Out?

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Divya Kukreti said:   1 decade ago
String operation provides us with the evidence that can be used against a particular person or organisation to prove them guilty in the court. Since our law system works only on the basis of evidences and in most of the cases due to lack of evidences, the suspect is not punished. This gives them the confidence to continue with their evil doings.

It is due to these operations that the people came to know about the huge black money makers and about the corrupt politicians who are eating our country. It was not easy to punish them but due to the footage captured by these operations it became possible to punish them. The truth of mid-day meal, free/cheap books and medicines for economically backward people etc became a burning issue due to these operations.

These operations are just like the mirror that provides us with the true image of a person or an organisation. We, the people of India do have the right to know what exactly is going on with the taxes that we pay. Where exactly is the money going. Though beneficial, care should be taken that someone's personal life is not hampered. This should be used to help law to take its decisions. Hence these should definately be carried out.

Sunny said:   1 decade ago
From my point of view, 'STING OPERATION' is something which brings out the reality of something or a person which in general can't be seen means suppose a very good and reputed politician takes money for providing a job. This illegal work will remain hidden if a sting operation is not done. If the sting operation done becomes successful then it sets an example for other corrupt politicians that they may have to face the same thing. It seems very good from this point of view but the other way of viewing says it has detrimental effect when the sting operation is done relating to a person's personal life. It means it has both good as well as bad effect. Therefore it should have some restrictions also.

Jatin Bhatia said:   1 decade ago
According to me Sting Operations are undertook with a view to look into the working of the government or to see whether the acts of any individual is against the public order. On the basis of the purpose Sting Operations can be classified as positive and negative. Positive Sting Operation is one which results in the interest of the society, which pierces the veils of the working of the government. It is carried out in the public interest. Due to positive sting operation society is benefited because it makes government responsible and accountable. It leads to the transparency in the government. On the other hand negative sting operations do not benefit the society, but they do harm the society and its individuals. It unnecessarily violates the privacy of the individual without any beneficial results to the society. These types of Sting operations if allowed then it will hamper the freedom of the individuals and restricts their rights. Here are some examples which we can distinguish as positive and negative sting operations.

Steven said:   10 years ago
Hey guys sting opp is deemed to be legal by Delhi high court. Its legal under Article 51A(b) of the Indian constitution!

But sting operations are only legal if you do it for the betterment of society and public good. In any other reason apart from this, it will be considered invasion of privacy and hence, illegal!

Raghu said:   1 decade ago
Yes sting operations MUST be carried out, but only to expose a suspected corrupt person NOT to prove an immatured, inexperienced, frustated youngster as a corrupt man, simply to earn some unethical advantage out of it. If such is the case. We must come down to such sting operators very harshly.

Chandrani Saha said:   1 decade ago
Hi everyone, today's topic is whether sting operations should be carried out or not.

In my opinion, this discussion can be analyzed w.r.t the points mentioned below:

1. What is a sting operation and why is it carried out?

2. What are the effects w.r.t Social, political and legal aspects?

Sometimes it is required to take disguise to unveil some other persons under cover. You have to become one of them or pretend that you are doing the same crime what they are doing. Then only they will mingle with you with their actual form.

So, sting operations are deceptions that are carried out by law enforcement officers with the help of public to catch the suspect or gather evidence against him.

The situations where it is not possible to capture the criminal by straightforward methods then these methods are incorporated.

Politically, sting operations create a lot of buzz when a person with high political status and power is caught red handed.

Legally, the suspects may seek exemptions under entrapment.

Socially it has some adverse effects as sometimes unmasking near and dear ones create trouble within a family or a society.

Ravi Vedwan said:   1 decade ago
Sting operation is something that somebody is trying to get the honey without the permission of bees and when he tasted some sweet honey, a bee come and stings him so that the other will be aware of the consequences of cheating.

Sting operation creates fear in the hearts of the brave corrupted person. These should be carried out but to a certain limit so that it can not interfere in the personal life of a person.

Shiv said:   8 years ago
Hello everyone, sting operation is a technique of recording a person without his knowledge. In my opinion sting operations should be carried out. I know it's not good to record someone like this but if person is doing something wrong then this is a very good way to expose him. There are many cases of sting operation which have exposed people taking bribes. Thus this could help to reduce the corruption and we have proof against the person who did any crime.

So I think it is helpful if used correctly.

Thank you.

Narayan khanna said:   8 years ago
Hello flock,

I am Narayan Khanna, any operation that is done secretly without knowing to anybody with an intention to protect the sovereignty of country is termed as sting operation. One of the best sting operation carried out by India is the case of Ravindra Khaushik- a person called as "black tiger" of India by "Indira Gandhi". This Black Tiger secretly joined Pakistan armed forces and give all necessary information that helps to foil all the threats to India.

Definitely, Sting operation if done in a calculative way gives an advantage. But agencies and operators keep in mind they don't have to breach the Law at any point in time.

Nic said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion sting operation is a fantastic tool not for the media but for a common too for catching anybody red handed. It can be used for throwing light on the topics likes corruption, bribe and frauds. So, I am in favor of sting operation.

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