Should Sting Operations be Carried Out?

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Rakesh said: (Feb 26, 2021)  
Good afternoon to all.

According to my view, a sting operation is must be applied in India but along with some rule and regulations because sting operation is an opportunity to provide that person to convince their crime but some time it's too harmful towards its dignity and reputation because if that person committed a crime that's fine for this operation but by mistake if that person is innocent one then there will be a huge loss for this because a person can bear any losses if it's dignity is lost then everything is lost so this type of truth revealed operation must for a mostly corrupted politician and modern fake holy person etc.

Thank you all.

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K.Anushka said: (Dec 15, 2017)  
It is true that sting operations indeed reveal the true 'corrupt' side of political leaders and famous personalities.

However, the corrupt side can only be revealed if there 'is' one. Therefore, sting operations must be carried out on the basis of one exact proof against the person in order to find more, and not just on the basis of suspicion.

Furthermore, supporting the judgement of the press council of India and Article 19 (1) of the constitution, sting operations must be of public interest and should be done and presented with great care in order to not hurt or offend the public, by the reporter himself, under the authority of the editor.

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Indra Dev Yadav said: (Oct 9, 2017)  
We must support sting operations. They Will prevent the people from doing wrong. People tend to indulge in wrongful acts if there is no Chance of being caught. In most of the cases, the evidence is tampered with. But a sting operation right these wrongs.

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Mohit Aneja said: (Jul 1, 2017)  
According to me, Sting operations should be carried out. There should be certain limits (regulations by law) related to the sting operations. If the sting operation reveals a personal life secret, it should immediately be suppressed. But if it reveals an act of corruption, it should be published for the masses to witness, given that no exaggeration of the facts is done while revealing it to the people (as is done in most of the cases). This way, the masses will come to know only the true facts about their leaders.

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Eklovya Sharma said: (May 11, 2017)  
Yes, Sting operations should be carried out but only when there is a proper doubt in mind of officials.

If a person is engaged in some criminal activities and his social neighbours know very well about it but are not able to get evidence then sting operation is the only way to make criminal accept the truth himself and before hidden camera so that everyone can know about it.

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Vimal Singh said: (Mar 17, 2017)  
I have mixed thought in this regard. In my opinion, sting operations are fine until it violates someone's privacy. Sometimes stings are proved to be very effective in dealing with the corrupt persons. But stings which violate someone's privacy or some private affairs that have nothing to do with the public interest are really not required at all. Such stings should be criticized and not given any attention. But unfortunately, this type of sting gains much momentum which is very unfortunate.

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Narayan Khanna said: (Nov 10, 2016)  
Hello flock,

I am Narayan Khanna, any operation that is done secretly without knowing to anybody with an intention to protect the sovereignty of country is termed as sting operation. One of the best sting operation carried out by India is the case of Ravindra Khaushik- a person called as "black tiger" of India by "Indira Gandhi". This Black Tiger secretly joined Pakistan armed forces and give all necessary information that helps to foil all the threats to India.

Definitely, Sting operation if done in a calculative way gives an advantage. But agencies and operators keep in mind they don't have to breach the Law at any point in time.

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Shiv said: (Jul 26, 2016)  
Hello everyone, sting operation is a technique of recording a person without his knowledge. In my opinion sting operations should be carried out. I know it's not good to record someone like this but if person is doing something wrong then this is a very good way to expose him. There are many cases of sting operation which have exposed people taking bribes. Thus this could help to reduce the corruption and we have proof against the person who did any crime.

So I think it is helpful if used correctly.

Thank you.

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Prudhvi Challa said: (Jul 15, 2016)  
Yes, in my opinion, sting operations should definitely be done this will enable the people working in the govt as well as the private organization's to work according to the norms and standards.

This could definitely de done when sting operation are done to bring out the loopholes rather than doing it for TRP (target rating point).

Out of many of them, few can be remembered for a long time when they have done to make something good for the society rather than for personal benefit.

Out of which the 1st sting operation is done by Tehelka Channel in which an actor called Shakti Kapoor was found as a sex scandal.

And also there are many of them which are done for TRP and personal benefits.

I completely support conducting sting operation when they are done as per norms keeping in view or personal life and bringing out the accused person involved in bribes, scams, sex scandals and various mall practices.

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Shrikant Pandey said: (Jan 30, 2016)  
It is India nothing is immune to corruption. String operator is Human too they also want to huge make money. You find string operator lures person to commit crime assuring full secrecy and cooperation and secretly records committing crime.

The person may not have committed crime he was not given enticement. You people just look one example. You don't know how so are corrupt they are. It shouldn't be carry out. It does not work in India.

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Neha said: (Sep 10, 2015)  
Yes sting operation should be carried out. In India there lots of corruption stays. It is necessary to catch such corrupt people to have sting operation. It give evidence of their corruptness. There are huge of people who are facing problems due to this corruption as they don't have such money to fulfill the requirements of corrupt people. Even some times the common man got frustrated due to these corruptions and even commit suicide. We have to stop such incidences so sting operations are must.

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Chetankumar B said: (Jul 24, 2015)  
Yes I agree with the sting operation should be carried out in INDIA, but with some rules, regulations and evidence for the issue with permission from corresponding authority. Since sting operations may be used for personal revenge or for owns improvement by degrading the persons reputation. Yes obviously sting operation will bring illegal things out like corruption, bride and etc. But it will definitely harm the dignity of the person involved in this if they are innocent.

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Biswajit said: (May 29, 2015)  

Sting operation is the most important key of unlock corruption behind the scene. It is a way to aware general public about the truth. The string operation was depend on that person because it needs proper information & involvement.

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Jayati M. Sharma said: (May 23, 2015)  
Undoubtedly sting operations are legitimate weapon for an investigative journalists. Sting, anyways is not a new practice. Its been into practice since ages. We all have have heard a lot of Dadi-Nani stories about kings who would dress up like a labour and would roam around to learn what the people have to say about them or their kingdom. Wasn't that sting- hiding the identity using false identity to attain first hand information.

Contemporary sting operations may be termed as technical advancements of this ages old practice of truth finding Sting operations catch a person live on camera committing crime or talking about it; the tapes tell the story. Till here all is fine. The questions arise after this. How many of those who were caught on camera could be punished in the court of law? Does court accept these sting operations as a major evidence in the case?

How a journalist can prove that he did not plot the sting operation? Is it acceptable to violate certain legal/social norms in order to attain some video footage? No personal or professional interests/enmity exists behind the operation; and the most important- How will the "public interest" clause will be justified?

Probably, it is the last question of the previous paragraph which leads to most of the debates. For me proven public interest and effective end results are most important. Sting must lead to a legal action and punishments. If it fails to achieve this; it remains simply as a TRP booster for a few weeks nothing beyond it.

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Steven said: (Nov 8, 2014)  
Hey guys sting opp is deemed to be legal by Delhi high court. Its legal under Article 51A(b) of the Indian constitution!

But sting operations are only legal if you do it for the betterment of society and public good. In any other reason apart from this, it will be considered invasion of privacy and hence, illegal!

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Terry Wagar said: (Aug 17, 2014)  
ALL sting operations are about organized people in law enforcement and their civilian operatives which usually consists of people that are either buddy's to law enforcement and relatives of people in law enforcement and girlfriends of people in law enforcement and the purpose of all sting operations is the organized targeting of individuals for the purpose of framing/entrapping. Murdering of their targets!

Sting operations have been done by authority's and their civilian operatives for many decades, with no oversight into their practices, and their is no limit to the amount of civilians police can recruit in sting operations, which is WHY they tend to recruit anyone they are buddy's to or people they are related to or even people they have sexual relations with!

Common tactics of sting operations consist of but not limited to taking over the surrounding area surrounding their target where their target lives, an example would be if a target lives in an apartment, then sting operatives would take over around 4 to 8 apartments surrounding the target in order to have full control over the area!

Sting operatives tend to stage in a street theater fashion crimes using operatives whether they are undercover cops or civilian operatives, and do so with intent of framing/blaming the target!

Police rely on surrounding their target with civilian operatives so that police can use them as witnesses in a trial and to testify against the target and give blame to the target and to back up the lies of authority's in the prosecution of the target!

Another common tactic of sting operatives is to use doubles and photogenic photo's to frame their targets and use such photogenic photo's to vilify in the eyes of other people so people will view the target as a bad guy without even bothering with a trial, and police use those staged photogenic photo's to vilify their target on TV news stations and on news websites all the time!

ALL sting operatives are paid, trained, liars and are immune to prosecution because government allows and permits police to keep their sting operations covert and therefore they are not required in courts to admit to such operations and because of this any and all complaints on sting operations tend to get ignored and suppressed and stonewalled and victims of sting operations have no recourse at law for remedy should they become victim of a sting operation!

Many victims of sting operations get poisoned by the operatives that are surrounding them, victims become ill, and police use their power of influence at hospitals to cover up the poisonings and because of police influence with doctors at hospitals the hospital will not take a toxicology test and will pretend on their paperwork to not know what is wrong with the patient!

The way average people would hook up a water filtration system to their sink to purify their tap water just so happens to be sting operatives favorite way of slowly poisoning to death their targets, sting operatives will hook up a water filtration system to their targets water tap line and will heal it with concentrate poison, thus the target each and every time he/she makes a meal or makes a pot of coffee is getting slowly poisoned to death!

Dirty trick of sting operatives is that most all apartment managers/landlords tend to be people that are either related to people in law enforcement or are buddy's to people in law enforcement or are or were past girlfriends to people in law enforcement, in other words their sting operatives!

Most people working in the news media tend to be either people that are buddy's to people in law enforcement, or related to people in law enforcement, or are or were past girlfriends to people in law enforcement, in short they are also sting operatives!

Because of this organized corruption running rampant within our system most people know little or nothing about sting operations, and that is by design because the system does not WANT people to know or understand in detail what a sting operation is or what they do or what they are about!

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Bhawani Singh said: (Jul 7, 2014)  
Hello friends;.

Its bhawani ; our today's GD topic as we all know is whether sting operations should carried out or not?

In my personal opinion it should be go through. ; because if you are innocent and not indulged in any crime; corruption ; discrimination or biased work than you can't afraid of anything or if you are a person who are indulged in such type of crimes what are not good for society or against the rules and regulation which you should have to follow being a good government servant; politician; leader; businessman; police man or whoever you are.

But in some cases a innocent person is victimised by so called media personalities for their own TRP so this type of sting operation which are done for" just like that" should be stop or ban.

Govt should make a policy that if a sting operation is being done there any innocent shouldn't' be victimised.

This will help our system. To cure and heal this; from corruption another social disease.

So it should be done but with humanity.

Thank you.

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Chandrani Saha said: (Apr 20, 2014)  
Hi everyone, today's topic is whether sting operations should be carried out or not.

In my opinion, this discussion can be analyzed w.r.t the points mentioned below:

1. What is a sting operation and why is it carried out?

2. What are the effects w.r.t Social, political and legal aspects?

Sometimes it is required to take disguise to unveil some other persons under cover. You have to become one of them or pretend that you are doing the same crime what they are doing. Then only they will mingle with you with their actual form.

So, sting operations are deceptions that are carried out by law enforcement officers with the help of public to catch the suspect or gather evidence against him.

The situations where it is not possible to capture the criminal by straightforward methods then these methods are incorporated.

Politically, sting operations create a lot of buzz when a person with high political status and power is caught red handed.

Legally, the suspects may seek exemptions under entrapment.

Socially it has some adverse effects as sometimes unmasking near and dear ones create trouble within a family or a society.

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Balwan Singh said: (Jan 6, 2014)  
Hello everyone. Sting operations help people to aware about the corrupt system. It is a transparency between politician and public. Sting operations should be there so the bad face of system may be taken to in front of public.

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Divya Kukreti said: (Oct 5, 2013)  
String operation provides us with the evidence that can be used against a particular person or organisation to prove them guilty in the court. Since our law system works only on the basis of evidences and in most of the cases due to lack of evidences, the suspect is not punished. This gives them the confidence to continue with their evil doings.

It is due to these operations that the people came to know about the huge black money makers and about the corrupt politicians who are eating our country. It was not easy to punish them but due to the footage captured by these operations it became possible to punish them. The truth of mid-day meal, free/cheap books and medicines for economically backward people etc became a burning issue due to these operations.

These operations are just like the mirror that provides us with the true image of a person or an organisation. We, the people of India do have the right to know what exactly is going on with the taxes that we pay. Where exactly is the money going. Though beneficial, care should be taken that someone's personal life is not hampered. This should be used to help law to take its decisions. Hence these should definately be carried out.

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Meracomputerslowhai said: (Oct 4, 2013)  
I'm agree with Jatin Bhatia, but my views is that, when any journalist conducts stings operation, sometimes they reacts in such a way, or you can say, they set the game plan to trap innocent people also. I have came through with various such kind of operations where, Traps has been set under several catch to make innocents guilty. So, while talking about such operations, we need to reveal the steps are action taken by the personnel, please do allow me your opinions regarding the same.

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Swapnil Anand said: (Jul 20, 2013)  
Hello friends,

As per as I am concerned with sting operation should not be carried out because most of the time it gives the result in favor of wrongdoing people and in that case innocent people come in the category of corruption and unethical things.

When law enforcement try to catch a thief by luring him but it entices most of the time that person who have not done anything wrong in his whole life.

At-last the main point is to catch a thief is good thing but without catching a decent person.

Thank you.

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Sting Journo said: (Jun 28, 2013)  
HI everyone. I am a journalist in a private channel. I saw your discussions and most of them were supporting the sting operations. I am happy for it and I want to know about my sting operation plans and need to ask whether they are ethical or not. I am not mentioning my name or place because it might invite trouble ;).

1. ) Approaching a Thaluka office and applying for a fake community certificate where an VAO gets bribe for doing so.

2. ) Giving pollution free certificate by state pollution control board for an old vehicle which emits pollution by getting bribe and RTO.

Its my pleasure if you can also provide some ideas for some issues.

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Nic said: (Feb 4, 2013)  
In my opinion sting operation is a fantastic tool not for the media but for a common too for catching anybody red handed. It can be used for throwing light on the topics likes corruption, bribe and frauds. So, I am in favor of sting operation.

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Priyanka said: (Feb 4, 2013)  
I would like to share my views on sting operation. Sting operation is the operation which carried to reveal the truth. It is one of the correct methods to prove his/her innocence. Now a days, there are many cases like scam, bribe, crime so string operation is the one through which we can prove these cases legally. Therefore, from my point of view Sting Operation is essential.

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Rishu Kasliwal said: (Dec 10, 2012)  
As per my view, sting operation is a legal action, we are only talks about our constitutional rights but we can not ignore our fundamental duties. The Constitution [Part-IVA] lays down certain fundamental duties for the citizens of this country and Article 51A (b) provides that it is the duty of every citizen of India to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national struggle for freedom. One of the noble ideals of our national struggle for freedom was to have an independent and corruption free India. The other duties assigned to the citizen by the Constitution is to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India and I consider that sovereignty, unity and integrity of this country cannot be protected and safeguarded if the corruption is not removed from this country. So that why we can say that if sting operations necessary tool.

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Amit Kumar Rai said: (Aug 28, 2012)  
There is nothing wrong in carrying a string operations if it follows the journalistic ethics all the time.Also not all type of matters demand a string operation.There is no need to carry a string operation only to privy in the private life of a superstar to improve the TRP of your channel.The string operation should have a target of greater public and national interest to pursue.Then only it can be justified.

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Jatin Bhatia said: (Jul 13, 2012)  
According to me Sting Operations are undertook with a view to look into the working of the government or to see whether the acts of any individual is against the public order. On the basis of the purpose Sting Operations can be classified as positive and negative. Positive Sting Operation is one which results in the interest of the society, which pierces the veils of the working of the government. It is carried out in the public interest. Due to positive sting operation society is benefited because it makes government responsible and accountable. It leads to the transparency in the government. On the other hand negative sting operations do not benefit the society, but they do harm the society and its individuals. It unnecessarily violates the privacy of the individual without any beneficial results to the society. These types of Sting operations if allowed then it will hamper the freedom of the individuals and restricts their rights. Here are some examples which we can distinguish as positive and negative sting operations.

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Raghu said: (Jul 3, 2012)  
Yes sting operations MUST be carried out, but only to expose a suspected corrupt person NOT to prove an immatured, inexperienced, frustated youngster as a corrupt man, simply to earn some unethical advantage out of it. If such is the case. We must come down to such sting operators very harshly.

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Keshav Jha said: (May 29, 2012)  
Hi Friends,

As per my perception, Sting Operation is one of the best formula to rein the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats or the corrupt organisation and etc. The said operation is so sophisticated if used carefully and religiously.

But country like India, there is lot of anomalies, discrepancies, bias are there in wiping the corrupts one.

In Most cases who have been caught in such operation, who has not given some percentage/share to the operationer or they have no support of a big hand.

It is good if used religiously for the prog of nation.

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Ravi Vedwan said: (Apr 22, 2012)  
Sting operation is something that somebody is trying to get the honey without the permission of bees and when he tasted some sweet honey, a bee come and stings him so that the other will be aware of the consequences of cheating.

Sting operation creates fear in the hearts of the brave corrupted person. These should be carried out but to a certain limit so that it can not interfere in the personal life of a person.

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Akhiltyagi said: (Mar 24, 2012)  
As I have concerned that sting operation is a better way to check out the corrupted people who are making our system corrupt. They can be evaluated and the main reason behind corruption can be found.

I am agree with sting operation on the people who are suspected for some wrong reasons.

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Sunny said: (Aug 6, 2011)  
From my point of view, 'STING OPERATION' is something which brings out the reality of something or a person which in general can't be seen means suppose a very good and reputed politician takes money for providing a job. This illegal work will remain hidden if a sting operation is not done. If the sting operation done becomes successful then it sets an example for other corrupt politicians that they may have to face the same thing. It seems very good from this point of view but the other way of viewing says it has detrimental effect when the sting operation is done relating to a person's personal life. It means it has both good as well as bad effect. Therefore it should have some restrictions also.

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Abhijeet Bodhale said: (May 12, 2011)  
Yes sting operations should be carried out but there should be some parameters for it. Sting operation should not be only for TRP or entertainment but it should helpful for eradication of bad and harmful things from society, and it should be present in actual condition not with adding spice on it. It should be really important and well deserve. And most important thing is that what happens after sting operation? some action should be take on who found guilty. They should be continuously in touch with what is happening with who found guilty in it. They should not leave it once TRP comes down. The result or actual punishment should be there then only we can say sting operations are helpful for us.

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Shashank said: (Feb 26, 2011)  
String operations should be carried out.These are very much helpful in bringing out the evil side of any organisation.Corruption can be decreased by doing string operations because it can develop a sense of fear among the corrupt officials.

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Karthik said: (Feb 25, 2011)  
Yes sting operations should be carried out to expose the dark side of the govt or any organizations, they are more helpful to wipe out the corrupt activities happening in our country, but to increase the TRP ratings media is responsible to mislead the actual aim of sting operations. So govt must issue strict restrictions to the media so that not to mislead sting operations.

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Nitian said: (Feb 22, 2011)  
So the conclusion is sting operations should be allowed but we should know the limits. Sting operations which expose the dark side of the system should be allowed but the operations that news channels show to grab eyeballs & increase TRPs should not be.

The privacy of an individual must be respected.

Sting operations specially related to corruption are really needed to stop the corruption level in the system. And if you are not doing anything wrong you should not be afraid of the consequences.

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Madmag said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
Well I think that sting ops can not be the only way of restricting corruption in our nation rather these sting opps just create a lot of hue and cry rather than doing some meaningful work but ofcource there was an exception in tahalka case but that was just it. The others have been just for TRPs and nothing meaningful for the society so I strongly feel that sting opps are not wrigth for the society.

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Keshav said: (Feb 20, 2011)  
Yes sting operation should be carried out because it gives a better attention to peoples. If anyone wants to go for doing any corrupt, bribe etc. Activities then they think once and the rate of increasing corruption and other illegal activities decreases.

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Mr.Hot said: (Feb 19, 2011)  
Yes I am agree with amit as in many government offices you can't get what you want without bribes. And we don't have that much time to fight with them. Many people even don't dare to ask them what they are paying for? is it necessary?

As amount to be paid as bribe is so small and people are earning more so they neglect it. I think everybody must be wake up and start opposing such things then only it's possible to stop corruption otherwise ?

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Amit said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
Yes I am agree about the sting operation used in many of the places in order to shows the reality among other. These sting operations involved when the person involved in it is very tense about the actual situation of society, he/she has to put a action against this so he/she be staring sting operation. I thank to most of our news editor who were involved in it. And put the reality among the world.

Also keep in mind that when we make a string operation it should be reasonable and about the critical situation.

Let us take one example of mine once a postman in chandigarh, is taking bribe each time when there is a mail (post) for me. When I refuse to pay it he will told to me that he will not give me the mail, thats why one day I make his sting operation using my mobile and then, shown the video next time my latter is there, form that day that person change its behavior and my sting operation is success.

A sting operation is right but, not in case of blackmailing other for this.

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Pavan said: (Feb 15, 2011)  
Primarily, sting operations are carried out due to the lack of trust on either the government or an institution or an individual. So if there is no place for trust, obviously these sting operations would pop up. If asked whether or not it should be carried out!. I would say yes!they should be but with substantial information!rather then making it a marketing agenda!

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Shrilu said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Yes I agree that sting operation should have to be carried out. Because for a developing nation like India the corruption is really becoming an obstacle. Even we can know that a lot of black money is being saved in the swiss bank with which now India can be one of the rich country. Still the govt. Is not able 2 solve this matter. Sting operation will really help us in this matter so that the poorer people who really work but did n't get their success result can be avoided from their curse.

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Benu said: (Feb 3, 2011)  
I am in favor of the topic because corruption is increasing day by day from lower rank person to higher rank. Every department is full of corruption. Corruption is not only means by money,it also relates with character,emotional factors like Jessica's murder case..these kind of operations help in find ing the wrong one and make us aware that what is going wrong around us... I am highly inspired by the reality shows like Emotional atyachar though it is not wholly true..

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Tushar said: (Jan 26, 2011)  
I would like to add a point on this note. Sting operation carried by the media professionals or others, apart from revealing names of corrupted people also in a way exposes illegal gains and also their under the table connections with the anti-social elements. On the contrary, sting operations maintains the interest of common people

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Saurabh said: (Jan 21, 2011)  
Yes,I am in favor of the sting operations. In a country like India where corruption is at its peak and law is going ineffective against it, perhaps ways like sting are the only means who can help it. However sting operations should function in a decorum and should not play with one's personal life. And the channels should use them only for increasing their TRP. Hence, sting operations preserving human values is a need.

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Rahul said: (Jan 18, 2011)  
Sting operations are actually an eye opener to most of our societal problems. However, one should know when to draw the line. I would support the cause of a sting operation to reveal a corrupt politician who embezzles crores of rupees. But I definitely wouldn't support a sting operation conducted by a wife who want's to catch a cheating husband.
It's all about the magnitude of the cause, and knowing when and where to draw the line.

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Aditya said: (Jan 15, 2011)  
The person who is carrying out the sting operation must be well informed,neutral with his work he should not carry out operation for money or under pressure.Now adyas it is done basically by the news channel to raise there TRPs,now their main aim is to serve Vulgarity.Hence gov. should take strict action against such channels such that if in future any string operation has be carried out it must b related to public welfare.

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Swarnabh said: (Jan 11, 2011)  
In my opinion sting ooperations have a become a integal part of the Indian society. It is these sting operations which have reavealed many hidden stories of the Indian society. Not to forget the cases of our ministers & many top officials ranging from business to sports. The government is of the people, by the people, for the people, and it is the right of every Indian citizen to know what is happening right aaround him. I suppose the time has come to reveal those lurked speices in our society and to eliminate them.

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Namrata said: (Jan 7, 2011)  
I believe sting operations should be carried out. It may be called as a step towards restricting corruption.
It is the right of every citizen to be informed about his surroundings and stop oneself from falling into one of the many scams that go around.
People will not stop until their hidden faces are exposed and it is absolutely essential for the well-being of the nation.

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Deepika said: (Jan 7, 2011)  
According to my concern,sting operations should be carried out because as we know india stands on first place in terms of corruption and we need to know about our elected ministers are doing their duty or these ministers are involving in scams,we can know about their scams through sting operation.Even though the face of these so called ministers are wiped out any how these ministers or the persons who are responsible for the scams wouldn't be punished due to their powers.

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M Suraj said: (Jan 3, 2011)  
Sting operation is a very critical act which hampers someone's privacy. So for using such thing one should have evidences to do so. Although it is very good to make such corrupt guys ashame of themselves in front of people. But with specific reason and for the welfare of society. It should not be used by one individual for his interest.

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Loknath Sahu said: (Dec 24, 2010)  
As per my view, sting operation should not be carried out further. The story of sting operation in India started from Tahalka channel in which the case of Shakti kapoor, a film acter, was on news for the sex scandel. As we know each coin has two sides. In same way, Sting operation has pros and cons. But sting operation has 80% disadvantage and only 20% advantage. First of all I talk about some good aspects of sting operation like LIC scam which is known as loan for bribe. This is really good aspects where we need to stop this kind of corruption. But we think other side, there are many loopholes in sting operation. It is found that in India mostly sting operation is desinged by the media with fully planning how to execute it. Till now there were many sting operation have been, but overall profit is taken by the media while making breaking news.

Now days it has been the source of breaking news. The latest example of Uma Khurana, a principal of delhi school, was on news that she is involved in the sex scandel of school girl and exciting girls for the prostitution. But the most surprised thing is that there are no consolidated evidences.

So I conclude that through the sting operation only innocent people get in trouble and they need to pay huge amount in terms of image as well as money also.

Thank you.

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Deepak Negi said: (Dec 23, 2010)  
In a country like India where corruption is on high node acts like sting operations helps the pople to know what's the reality or the real face of peoples more importantly if opertions are done in people intrest. It reavels what the real story behind what peoples are unaware of. But now a days what we see news channels they do fake sting operations only to raise their trp which I think is completely wrong and shound not be brodcasted. So, what's d real story sting operations should be carried but not for rainsing news channels publicity but taking benifit of society in consideration.

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Preethiga said: (Dec 23, 2010)  
Ya even though sting operations reveal the act of corruption, the people involved in that particular fradulant act are not punished. They should be punished such that those people will never do it again. Hence sting operations should be carried out.

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Mahesh said: (Dec 22, 2010)  
May be the string operatiion are to find out the corrupted faces of the society but the action to punish or penalize them is not taken by the government. Its just for the name sake but in reality nothing happens to the corrupted ones but the life of the person who carries out entire operation suffers due these corrupted people.

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Siva said: (Dec 19, 2010)  
Sting Operations are undertook with a view to look into the working of the govt. or to see whether the acts of any individual is against the public order. On the basis of the purpose Sting Operations can be classified as positive and negative. Positive Sting Operation is one which results in the interest of the society, which pierces the veils of the working of the government. It is carried out in the public interest. Due to positive sting operation society is benefited because it makes government responsible and accountable. It leads to the transparency in the government. On the other hand negative sting operations do not benefit the society, but they do harm the society and its individuals. It unnecessarily violates the privacy of the individual without any beneficial results to the society. These types of Sting operations if allowed then it will hamper the freedom of the individuals and restricts their rights

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Vikas said: (Oct 14, 2010)  
Yes, I agree with you. As sting operations are carried out to reveal the true face of a person or community. String operations are the only means by which we are able to know the corrupt face behind the noble face of a person.

But the persons performing the string operations must have proper information about the involvement of a particular person in any illegal act. So that the person should not get hurt and his public image won't get down.

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Praveen Chauhan said: (Jul 1, 2010)  
As per as I am concerned with sting operation should be carried out because we come to know that how much corruption does spread there? If we talk about telangan sting operation, that guy is genius, he stole more money and it is not possible if sting operation does not carry.

Not for government today corruption is also spreading in private sector also. If we want that hidden (Corruption, Bribe, Fraud) part should be highlighted that thing can also possible with the help of sting operation.

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Should Sting Operations be Carried Out?

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