Should national anthem be played in cinema halls?

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Netizen said:   2 months ago
Reading through these comments I see that the main point raised by people who think the national anthem should be played is a " show of patriotism", let me ask if playing the national anthem inculcate patriotism why don't we just play it everywhere from hotels to hospitals.

Well my point is I think things that symbolize our nation should be respected let it be our national flag anthem emblem or anything but introducing them into places like a movie hall is unnecessary and will only rip it of its value because where should the national anthem be played? at events of national importance and at some institutions where it holds rarity and value.

There are better ways to contribute to your nation and patriotism is not a show off it should be feeling from within we have days to reminisce about the men/women who died protecting our country just like we have days for all those from varied professions who contributed in its cause before and after independence [so see we don't need boosts of the national anthem for that] and yes for those who said it's just 52 seconds compared to a 2-3 hour movie the point is not the time here but what the anthem holds in a movie hall where I watched romcom movie yesterday.

Viruthagirieswar said:   2 months ago
1) Yes, obviously the national anthem should play in cinema halls before screening because it is one of the ways to show our patriotism.

2) If somebody says no the national anthem will not play in cinema halls because the cinema hall is only for enjoyment means "The stadiums are also only for enjoyment why is the national anthem played before the match?".

3) According to the supreme court of India in 2016 under the bench Justices Honourable Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy, declare that every cinema halls were to play the national anthem before the screening.

4) So, there are no any problems and issues created while playing the national anthem in cinema halls and it's our duty to pay respect to our nation and our soldiers.

Sharmila Gour said:   4 months ago
Hello, this is Sharmila and I want to say about whether the National anthem should be played in cinema halls or not yes National anthem should not be played in cinema halls because in cinema halls we all go for enjoyment and so many types of people come there they do not respect our National anthem and they do not stand that time (they disrespect) and National anthem is National anthem. This is not an entertainment song and people come thereafter duty and so the National anthem should not be played in cinema halls.

A Proud Indian said:   5 months ago
In My Opinion, National Anthem must be played in Cinema Hall, it's a symbol of our love towards our nation. We Play National Anthem in our Schools if that's ok then what's the problem with playing it in cinema halls, it just only takes 52 seconds, we went there for spending 2 or 3 hours so I think there is no problem with playing National Anthem. We Should Stand Up and proudly hear National Anthem by raising our heads and Singing it loudly and Proudly.

Nishyavika said:   8 months ago
Hi everyone, I support that National Anthem should be played in theatres because;

1. We should show a little respect for our country just for 52seconds.

2. Why can't we play?

3. We have temples for devotion, but we don't have a place to show patriotism. No one found that so, it is being played where different community exists.

4. We should remember soldiers are sacrificing their lives.

5. It's not just a song, but it's a feeling.

6. It's not about the place, it's about the feeling and respect. Whether it is entertainment places or stadiums.

7. If you say that we are disrespecting in other ways like - flags are dumped somewhere, we should not spoil it, etc, its the problem of an individual the court should keep rules or punishments or fines for dumping flags, ignoring national anthem, etc,

8. The court gave an order regarding nobody stood during the national anthem being played and disrespecting, the court has made it mandatory to play the national anthem before starting any movie.

9. People who are sitting felt shame by watching the standing people.

10. We should not move during jana gana mana.

11. Children follow adults, so, if adults stand and respect then children will imitate them.

12. When you cannot stand for yourself, then how can soldiers or navy stand for you.

13. There is no rule to do not play the national anthem when the people are showing patriotism.

Sam said:   1 year ago
There are certain rules and regulations to when and where the National anthem should be played.

Exactly the way there are rules in when and where the National Flag should be hoisted. Playing it whenever and wherever we want is not allowed. Even the prime minister of the country is not greeted with the national anthem before or after his speech, this honour is only for the president and the Governor only. The National anthem can be played when receiving a national flag as honour (by a martyred soldier's kin or parents or wife). People don't know the value of these things. You see National Flag being sold on roadsides. Flags are hoisted on road corners where it is drenched in dust and rain. Many of us don't know that National Flag should not be hoisted after 6 pm. If it rains we need to remove the flag to protect it from getting spoilt.

I strongly oppose National Anthem being played in Cinema halls and after a certain time.

Some people say it is respect for Nation. But by finding these we are actually disrespecting the nation itself.

Karan said:   1 year ago
Yes, the national anthem should be played. I came in front to some viewpoints saying the national anthem should not be played in cinema halls because it's a place of entertainment, well then there should be a particular area for a person to get respected and some places not. What I am trying to say is if we want to respect everywhere we go why can't we give respect to our country, to our flag, to our nation, to our soldiers which is providing us with the freedom and opportunity to enjoy everything and that's also just for 52 seconds whereas we are going to enjoy for the next 2 to 3 hours.

Kirti said:   1 year ago
Yes, it should be played in cinema halls because it's a little step that we are taking for our nation.

Nishant Mishra said:   1 year ago
No from my point of view, the National anthem is our nation. It has to play in the open sky. And depend on the movie also if the movie is released of the Indian armies such as Shershah LOC Kargil or Surya the soldier. These movies are part of the Indian army. With respect of the Indian army, we can play the national anthem. But in other movies, we don't need to play.

Kamlendra said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I think that national anthem should not be played on cinema halls. As we know that people with different types of nature come to these cinema halls, some of them are renowned, intelligent and they know the value of national anthem. On the other hand some of them are irrational, arrogant and feel their disrespect on standing while national anthem is being played. Now these second category's people, neither they stand up for national anthem nor they sung it, even they make joke of the people of first category i.e. renowned intelligent and patriotic people.

Sometimes this causes quarrel in cinema halls, and many times fight also between these two category people.

I am not in opposition of national anthem but I am in opposition of disrespect of national anthem.

If national anthem is to be played on cinema halls, there should be proper management, guards to stop quarrels and to make everyone stand up while national anthem is being played.

Thank you.

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