Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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Chinmoy Nagarkar said:   1 decade ago
Hello Everyone,

Ever since independence Pakistan has been under political radar of India for various wrong reasons. Historically, Indo-Pak relations have been hostile primarily because of the three major wars fought after independence & act of terrorism perpetuated by them. Pakistan is of strategic importance to India. Thus against this backdrop we must take into cognizance that, it is in the best interest of India that Pakistan stays stable and peaceful.

Ironically, not only India but also Pakistan faces serious threat of violence & unrest due to extremism. Extremism is not unique to Pakistan but the problem originates with active involvement of these extremist & fundamentalist groups in politics over the past decade or so. Not only politically but also socially they have been successful in spreading their branches across many parts of country & also their infamous intelligence agency that are known to be hand in gloves with such extremist. This has paralyzed and hijacked the democracy of country.

Since many decades India has been trying to resolve various issues with Pakistan through diplomatic channels but unfortunately Pakistan has not been co-operative as one would expect it to be. Pakistan reciprocated not even to single demand put forth by India on charges of terrorism against their extremist, in spite of many documentary evidences. All this is because of the political turmoil that the country is facing. This renders all the dialogues and negotiations useless. Diplomacy doesn't work with such unyielding participation.

I would like to raise the question to those proponents of diplomatic ties with Pakistan, notwithstanding the generosity & resilience that this great country India has shown over the years, what have we received in return? Innumerable ceasefire violations, border infiltration, decapitation & mutilation of our soldiers, events like 26/11, extra-judicial killing of Indian prisoners in their jails with complete disregard to human rights regulations & many more. For those dubious about China gaining an upper hand over Pakistan because of India's split, things are not better off with diplomatic ties as well; China continues to have an upper over Pakistan regardless of India's policy with Pakistan because of its vested interest in Kashmir which is of strategic importance to China as well.

Now we must realize that peace talks & diplomacy are total sham & too much of water has flown under the bridge. India isn't a banana republic anyone can come and do whatever it feels like. Before we face serious repercussions because of our ignorance, we must exert some pressure on Pakistan. This can be done by enforcing an embargo on Pakistan, next by revoking a major Indo-Pak treaty such as Indus Water Treaty that may potentially create situation of drought and famine in some parts of Pakistan. Also aiding the rebellions of their disputed territory of Balochistan may prove effective in counteracting the extremist of Pakistan. Lastly, by rejecting their demand for electricity from India. These steps may sound aggressive and harsh to many but may prove effective in long run, these policies create crisis by stealth and may prove handy to dictate terms. After all these suggested remedies are just mild dose of their own medicine.

Pratyush Raj said:   10 years ago
This is a hot topic and can have people getting emotional and speaking in favour of the idea right from the start. However there are a lot of points that one can put forward against the idea of scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan and these points can actually help a candidate get some good brownie points for thinking practically and not emotionally.

First the obvious reasons for scrapping diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Pakistan has fought four wars with India and has been consistently sponsoring terrorist organisations to spread hatred between communities through terrorist activities in India.

Since the time of independence Pakistan has back stabbed India on numerous counts " funding terrorist activities, violating ceasefire norms. The recent beheading of Indian soldiers is one such example, countless others can be given for this point.

Pakistan has also held for over 60 years what is rightfully Indian territory " Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India has been a sizeable amount of defence funds every year to safeguard its territory and prevent any further intrusion by Pakistan.

Pakistan has taken India for granted and inspite of all efforts to maintain cordial diplomatic ties Pakistan has been the initiator of aggression.

Pakistan is a fragmented state and its governance and administration is in tatters. It does not make sense for India to make efforts for diplomatic ties with Pakistan when it might not gain anything out of it.

Pakistan has always opposed India in international forums and has always made sure to keep the lip service going.

Scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan also has a lot of disadvantages.

Trade and Commerce: Pakistan is a major trade partner for India and imports a lot of Indian manufactured goods. Scrapping of diplomatic ties would hence mean loss of trade for India (no matter how small).

This would also mean that the situation between India and Pakistan would become increasingly tense in the future. This means that any situation can potentially spark of aggression from either side and India would always have to be on the guard and spruce up its defences.

Regional stability: Pakistan is a strong neighbour of India and maintaining cordial ties with Pakistan is very important for India to preserve regional peace. Any kind of aggression, conflict, battle can lead to disturbance in the region of Southeast Asia affecting investment and trade and commerce in both the countries.

Since Pakistan is a fragmented state now, it is quite a possibility that certain forces in Pakistan might be trying to sabotage the peace process and derailment of the peace process with only serve the vested interest is these forces.

Hence it is important to keep the peace process for various reasons. At the same time it can very well be argued that India should take a strong stand and let go of its image of being a soft state.

Priya said:   10 years ago
According to me diplomatic ties should not be broken with Pakistan.

I do have strong points to say this,

First of all we have to understand, Pakistan is one of our neighboring countries to break.

Of ties means to give birth to another kargil war, though India have major economy than Pakistan. War is something which is not entertained by any countries, common people doesn't want war, as whenever their is war it is the jawans, soldiers, common.

People who have to give their life, and it doesn't bring to any solution, rather it becomes a root cause to another war, and we will lose our economy also,

Then we have to then give more importance to the defense and not to the developing and manufacturing sector, so its well clear that War is not the ultimate solution.

Pakistan is a country which is controlled by the militants and armies and we are making ties to the political parties,

So therefore we can see no such solution coming up, and we find we are betrayed each and every time. We have no other way, its better to make friends than to Make enemies. Terrorism in Pakistan can be reduced to an extent, as we have to understand Pakistan supports terrorism as they get money by supporting that,

Now if we strengthen our economic ties if we support them more economically.

If Pakistan gets financially sound by our help they will not go in wrong path.

India being a country followers of mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, we are the followers of non-violence, and in that way we can strengthen our power over country Like Pakistan. Its time for our nation to become a developed nation by giving a helping hands to our neighboring countries, not to Get into some conflicts.

Dhruv said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, We shouldn't be friend with Pakistan because of the following reasons:-

1. Our Financial capital Mumbai was terrorized by the terrorist who killed 200 people on July 11, 2006. Investigations told that they were backed by the ISI but Pakistan as always refused and even after they were given proofs no actions have been taken till now.

2. Who can forget the 26/11. 10 terrorist killed 173 people and wounded 310 in Mumbai. Whenever we ask Mr. Shariff where the case stands no comments is the answer.

3. ISI offered $15, 000-30, 000 dollars to Taliban to kill all the Indian contractors in Jalalabad, Kabul, Herat, Kandahar& Mazar-E-Shariff in Afghanistan. This Info was given to us by the US intelligence.

4. They think that they have got a friendly support of China so they can do anything to us they are living in dreams which we will love to break. As one of us said if we can create them then we also have the power to destroy them.

5. Pakistan Supported Don Dawood Ibhrahim even when they knew how important this man to INDIA but they didn't told that he was living there for past 6 months.

6. 195 violations of ceasefire on LoC in 2013, 93 in 2012 and 45 in 2011.

I think these reasons are enough to make one understand the Pakistan can never be friends with India even if we try to have peace talks with them. So no talks are necessary.

Vivek kumar tiwari said:   7 years ago
Good evening Friends,

Friends as we know that the relationship between India and Pakistan is very burning issue not only for India & Pakistan but also for whole world. Friends as we know both countries were the part of an individual country. Friends we are talking about what's should do with Pak?

According to my point of view, we should not break diplomatic ties with Pak because as we know after partition Pak attacked India three times but it defeated again & again. Gentleman, we want that we will be super power in future & our economic growth is very fast in the whole world, we are knowing in whole world for our peaceful culture, we are facing lot of internal problem in country like poverty, child labour, unemployment etc. So if we are going for a war then we will be 10 years back. Friends second thing is that diplomatic ties is only one thing which is playing a very important roll between India and Pakistan after partition till now. I want to tell you every agreement which follows by both nation this is only due to diplomatic ties. So l think it plays a very crucial role between both nation in present time & in future. L want to add one thing that is Pak should improve their military system because every country oof world knows that there is know a meaning of democracy and that is totally based on their army rule.

Thanks, guys!

Nidhi Singh Thakur said:   7 years ago
No, actually if we have a deep look towards the issue we will find that even ppl living in Pakistan is not in favour of such brutality they just have to support it because of social pressure and shortage of money no one wants a barrier on their freedom and in Pakistan we can see that stern barriers have been laid and one who tries to cross it have to face the severe punishment. But I am not saying that what Pakistan is doing is right? or to show any mercy on ppl living there? trust me ppl there don't require any mercy they just want support so that they can raise their voice against all the evil practices going there. They are also sufferers, victims and one who are doing this is hiding out and save with all the Facilities with them. The basic problem of this country is terrorism which bothers all it is said that hit the metal when it is hot to break it, same is here India just need to convenience other nation to desist terrorism and to take stern steps. This problem can only be deal with solidarity, and in this time of adversity, we need to become the confidant of China and America. Side by side it is important to enrich Indian army in terms of weapons, training and attitude.

Akshay said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends.

I think we should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan as we can see the growing discontent among Kashmiris sponsored by Pakistan.

Pakistan opposes India in every forum even if there is peace talk going on.

As we all know their country is ruled by collaboration of ISI and army, prime minister being a nominal head and also all the policies and diplomatic relation are handled by army which since its inception is bigotry towards INDIA.

Also, Pakistan is underdeveloped country and they don't have any resources or technology (which becomes the root of diplomatic relation).

Pakistan being a hub of terrorism trains and nurtures terrorist shamelessly (accepted by retired generals and defense ministers) For them they are good terrorist because they kill people of rest of world except Pakistan.

Pakistan being a nation of unconscionable ministers give threat of using nuclear weapon to INDIA or other countries now and then; maybe they don't know the destruction of nuclear weapon fired in retaliation.

So we should break economic ties with Pakistan until there is a government which is powerful, stable and fully determined for friendship merely not being nominal.

Kunal Aryan said:   8 years ago
Hello, Everyone Very Good Evening to all of you.

According to my point of view, its a very important topic for our country. Nowadays our country is suffering from this kind of problem. When we get up in the morning and open the newspaper. We get the heading of the newspaper "Once again terrorist attacked by Pakistan" Or "Pakistan has been now violated the ceasefire along INDIA's border". India has always tried to develop the best relationship with Pakistan. But we get a negative message from Pakistan side Like "Uri Attack", "Pathankot Attack", Or "Bahadur ali". Bahadur ali is a living proof of Pakistan's role cross-border terror.

Pakistani actor works in India. And whenever we lost our INDIAN SOLDIER during terror attack by Pakistan then these Pakistani Actors don't share his/her emotional feeling for INDIAN SOLDIER. I have remembered that when terror attack happened in Pakistan army school then ALL INDIAN had shared his/her feelings for that. I think these Pakistani actors must be banned in INDIA.

Conclusion :- At the last, I would like to say Indian government Should break Diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

That's all. Thank you very much :).

Vishal pandey said:   7 years ago
I think India should never break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan and I have got three solid reasons for that. The first one is that turning tables over diplomatic relations with Pakistan means India will be indirectly indicating that India is now in a state of war with Pakistan, and as we all know still India is counted in list of developing country so it can not afford any war because it may take India some time to sink into its system again.

The second reason is India has always been a peace loving country and several times India has shown its maturity by simply avoiding the situations of clash with china or Pakistan it is so not because India fears of war, not because India hasn't got enough machinery to win a for but it is so because India has always been the supporter of peace.

The third reason is that once Pakistan was a part of India so there is always a soft corner for Pakistan. The relation between India and Pakistan somewhere resembles with the relation of a stubborn child with a mature father. So India should never break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan who knows someday we are going to need Pakistan as it's our neighbor.

Navin said:   1 decade ago
Many of my friends have made very good points. I would say that war causes destruction which is not a solution to any problem. And disputes between any two country is going to sow the seed for World war 3. So it may be the end of whole world as more or less every country is owing the Nuclear bomb which is capable of destroying the whole country at once.

But it is also true that India is tolerating a lot. We can't go on tolerating and Pakistan will be doing nonsense on various issues like boarder's issue, or terrorism. Recently it was in news that how our two great soldiers were brutally killed by them and then their reaction has been seen by the whole world.

They have always lied white. I do not want that any war happen but at least we should be strict enough on these issues with Pakistan. The whole world saw how America entered the Pakistan and killed Laden. Today the whole world including the Pakistan is in tension on the issue of Terrorism so this is the time to make a unity and clean the whole Talibani group. Otherwise these people are very soon going to capture Pakistan and it would become more difficult to suppress them.

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