Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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Akshay Surve said: (May 28, 2022)  
Hello everyone, I am Akshay.

I think India should not break ties with Pakistan because doing so will lead to Pakistan which will be more dependent on China. And we all know that china first catches the country in a debt trap and then sends their armies to that nation and that will lead to the threat to our nation and that's the biggest problem.

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Kapil said: (Dec 14, 2021)  
Hello everyone. my name is Kapil rai, I am a BTech graduate.

In my opinion, breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan wouldn't be good is. As India is a democracy our image all around is much better as compared to china. Although we know that Pakistan always tries to hurt India on Kashmir by direct attack or by indirect (terrorism). So instead of breaking diplomatic ties, we need diplomatic talks between the two nations to solve the issue. Already Pakistan is at the verge of collapse. By improving relations, both countries can grow better and the life of citizens will also improve.

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Anomi said: (Mar 14, 2019)  
We should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan. If we do we are indirectly declaring war on Pakistan. There are so many innocent people in Pakistan. We are angry with the Pakistan government and the terrorists so by cutting ties a war will begin which will lead to the death of so many innocent people in Pakistan and India. So, it is better to maintain diplomatic ties so as to avoid mass death and destruction.

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Sachin Mk said: (Feb 14, 2019)  
1. I think we should Start a process for declaring Pakistan as a terrorist nation through the UN.

2. We should break all diplomatic and cultural relations with Pakistan.

3. We should do root cause analysis of attacks and make our self so strong that no one can cross the border and do any threats to India.

4. We should send our diplomatic delegates to every nation and prove them about how Pakistan is supporting terrorism.

5. Try to grab support from maximum countries for isolating Pakistan at international level.

6. War is the last option.

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Vibhav Kumar said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
As we all know both India and Pakistan have their disputes on Kashmir and also we know that both sides diplomats can't short out among themselves on Kashmir. Whatever facts we all know that Maharaja of Princely State of Kashmir decided to merge with India when Pakistan supported pakthun invaded on Kashmir then at that time our brave shoulder save Kashmir and save lives of Kashmiri. Now Kashmir is our part by default. Then I don't think any diplomacy will needed. Play on frontfut and solve your issue.

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Satish Kumar said: (Jun 27, 2018)  
In my view, India should break all diplomatic relationship with Pakistan, because Kashmir is our legal part, why should we talk to Pakistan. Pakistan breaks the size fire 20 times in last 30 days. Our three CRPF and 01 Army soldier martyr in Jammu POK border due to Terrorist. Pakistan ISI plans the terrorist attack in India. Pakistan, not a democratic country. Here is govt run by Military. All script of Pakistan leader should be written by ISI. They are allowing chines to build illegal construction in POK. This is very harmful to our country. In my view, Indian Govt should take a strong decision. After independence, Our Govt 10 times talk on the same topic, There is no result till on date, If we talk again and again to Pakistan, it means we Insulting our Army and our Nation. If we Say Israel. They stop all diplomatic ties with their enemy and gives free hand to army and Israel is a super power.

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Palve said: (Jun 4, 2018)  
Good morning gentlemen myself Maruthi according to my point of view, it's in Indias favour when we break the diplomatic relations with Pak both the nation face crisis because as an India is developing nation now days growth rate highest in the world we have less trade with Pak but all neighbour countries are important to develop us when our able to isolated Pak and pressure on them in international forum as terrorist export country we will able to convince world nations Pak terrorist state then automatically inflow of FDI fall in Pak able to make pressure on Pak to eradicate their self terror factory from Pak when we directly break the diplomatic relations we are also facing crisis with neighbour hood because China wants this one already Maldives govt favour in China so Pak also have nuclear state conclusion when we account as a developed nation then we break all type of relation with pakistan.

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Bharat Kr said: (May 15, 2018)  
Hello friends, do you know about " tit for that ", therefore it should obviously break ties with Pakistan. As they always consus to go badly with tourists so that India will have to choose a step to face them.

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Ankush Katal said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
In my opinion, Indian should let Pakistan know who we are. Diplomatic relations is not the solution. India is far good from paks in every field. The Govt should do more strikes and attacks than defence. For how long we Indian have to suffer. It's is the time to make plays realise that enough is enough and defects them in every way.

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Rahul said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
I think India should break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan because of Pakistan consistently doing such things that we are not tolerated. As a part of the country, they should behave as human beings.

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Atul Kumar said: (Nov 29, 2017)  
With my personal opinion I would like to begin with stating a simple fact, When we are in a state of war, it's better to know the enemy. The diplomatic ties can be used as a leverage in the coming difficult times, Now, this might sound crazy, but with Pakistan's collapsing economy, Pakistan is dependent on other countries including us, So breaking ties with them would result into total cutoff with their foreign affairs, and this would lead us vulnerable in few aspects which is obviously now very good form to be in. I am trying to frame a different and a rather bigger aspect of concern here. So for me breaking ties with Pak isn't really the best thing India should do to address the religious and cultural indifference or maybe other problems.

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Neerav Singh Nirbhay said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

In my opinion, we should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan because there is not any resemblance in our thoughts to theirs. There is a point to think why all the most wanted terrorist groups are nurtured in Pakistan? why can they not eradicate their roots? can a small terrorist group rule the government? The answer is that there is a mindset in Pakistanis that Indians are their enemies. Their children are taught Indians never supports them. That's why their mentality push them in terrorism and rest who are governing bodies nurture them. Armymen are also from the society so they are also having same thinking but can not do anything due to international bondings. So there is no chance to make any diplomatic ties with them. If they change their thinking, eradicate terrorism and become eager to make gd relation with India then we should think for diplomatic ties and helping strategies.

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Vivek Mandal said: (Jul 29, 2017)  
I don't think so that India attacks Pakistan because let the Pakistan besides talking about India. India is developing country our pm doing lots of hard work for that. If we attack Pakistan at a mean time then somewhere we are affected from that and I think it is not good for us. Because in one war we lost so many money and man's life also and the present time both is harmful to us.

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Nidhi Singh Thakur said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
No, actually if we have a deep look towards the issue we will find that even ppl living in Pakistan is not in favour of such brutality they just have to support it because of social pressure and shortage of money no one wants a barrier on their freedom and in Pakistan we can see that stern barriers have been laid and one who tries to cross it have to face the severe punishment. But I am not saying that what Pakistan is doing is right? or to show any mercy on ppl living there? trust me ppl there don't require any mercy they just want support so that they can raise their voice against all the evil practices going there. They are also sufferers, victims and one who are doing this is hiding out and save with all the Facilities with them. The basic problem of this country is terrorism which bothers all it is said that hit the metal when it is hot to break it, same is here India just need to convenience other nation to desist terrorism and to take stern steps. This problem can only be deal with solidarity, and in this time of adversity, we need to become the confidant of China and America. Side by side it is important to enrich Indian army in terms of weapons, training and attitude.

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Akshay said: (Mar 4, 2017)  
Hello, friends.

I think we should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan as we can see the growing discontent among Kashmiris sponsored by Pakistan.

Pakistan opposes India in every forum even if there is peace talk going on.

As we all know their country is ruled by collaboration of ISI and army, prime minister being a nominal head and also all the policies and diplomatic relation are handled by army which since its inception is bigotry towards INDIA.

Also, Pakistan is underdeveloped country and they don't have any resources or technology (which becomes the root of diplomatic relation).

Pakistan being a hub of terrorism trains and nurtures terrorist shamelessly (accepted by retired generals and defense ministers) For them they are good terrorist because they kill people of rest of world except Pakistan.

Pakistan being a nation of unconscionable ministers give threat of using nuclear weapon to INDIA or other countries now and then; maybe they don't know the destruction of nuclear weapon fired in retaliation.

So we should break economic ties with Pakistan until there is a government which is powerful, stable and fully determined for friendship merely not being nominal.

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Bharti said: (Feb 21, 2017)  
Hello, Myself Bharti.

Regarding in this topic my opinion is that yes we Indian should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Pakistan is the neighbouring country of our India. Pakistan is a underdeveloped country. Isn't it? But in manufacturing of attacking tools no one can't overcome pakistan. There are lots and lots of nunisence arises due to India and due to pakistan. If we both of our country will become rise our hands for friendship there will be no nonviolence occur. Because of wars, attacks both of our country Survive financial crisis.


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Vivek Kumar Tiwari said: (Jan 21, 2017)  
Good evening Friends,

Friends as we know that the relationship between India and Pakistan is very burning issue not only for India & Pakistan but also for whole world. Friends as we know both countries were the part of an individual country. Friends we are talking about what's should do with Pak?

According to my point of view, we should not break diplomatic ties with Pak because as we know after partition Pak attacked India three times but it defeated again & again. Gentleman, we want that we will be super power in future & our economic growth is very fast in the whole world, we are knowing in whole world for our peaceful culture, we are facing lot of internal problem in country like poverty, child labour, unemployment etc. So if we are going for a war then we will be 10 years back. Friends second thing is that diplomatic ties is only one thing which is playing a very important roll between India and Pakistan after partition till now. I want to tell you every agreement which follows by both nation this is only due to diplomatic ties. So l think it plays a very crucial role between both nation in present time & in future. L want to add one thing that is Pak should improve their military system because every country oof world knows that there is know a meaning of democracy and that is totally based on their army rule.

Thanks, guys!

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Vishal Pandey said: (Jan 19, 2017)  
I think India should never break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan and I have got three solid reasons for that. The first one is that turning tables over diplomatic relations with Pakistan means India will be indirectly indicating that India is now in a state of war with Pakistan, and as we all know still India is counted in list of developing country so it can not afford any war because it may take India some time to sink into its system again.

The second reason is India has always been a peace loving country and several times India has shown its maturity by simply avoiding the situations of clash with china or Pakistan it is so not because India fears of war, not because India hasn't got enough machinery to win a for but it is so because India has always been the supporter of peace.

The third reason is that once Pakistan was a part of India so there is always a soft corner for Pakistan. The relation between India and Pakistan somewhere resembles with the relation of a stubborn child with a mature father. So India should never break its diplomatic ties with Pakistan who knows someday we are going to need Pakistan as it's our neighbor.

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Styler said: (Jan 17, 2017)  
Look guys. Most of the population of both countries want to live peacefully but there is a percentage of people who just want to spread fire. Some of the international community is putting up ruse that Pakistan is a terrorist supporting country. This is just some false propaganda by the enemies of humanity. Harmony and understanding can be created between India and Pakistan if we are cool minded in the foreign matters. Peace to you all.

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Sajid said: (Dec 12, 2016)  
No, not at all and I strongly disagree with the fact of these allegations because terrorist has no religion so please stop spreading false propaganda and putting blame on the entire humanity whether its Pakistani or Indian. Yes, we need to target only those bloody slaughter, heartless fellow and finish them off rather than targeting an individual country.

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Rex Tamer said: (Nov 26, 2016)  
In my point of view, India should snap all the diplomatic ties with Pakistan, as this would send them a strong message that we are not going to take any more, by boycotting them at international level and persuading other countries to do so it would further weaken their stand and would eventually force them to change their present system. Peace and backstabbing can not go hand in hand, we cannot expect peace talks when on hand border killings are going on. Its time India should pressurize Pakistan by all means.

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Ibbudon said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
Hello, guys, my point of view along the cross-border terror attack is that our Indian soldier and innocents are getting killed by mindless terrorism, the soldiers are performing their duties but what about us? our duty as the citizen of India is that we should have a peaceful but a powerful protest so as to give them a lesson, banning them is not spreading hatred but showing that we care more for our soldier than the love for Artists.

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Mudassir Sandila said: (Nov 12, 2016)  
Hello everyone,

I am a Pakistani studying in Univeristy Putra Malaysia (UPM). I really appreciate your kind thoughts. I am very wonder that you are all thinking pessimistically. According to my perspective, we should be live with friendly relations for the reason that we are twin brothers in the entire world. We should keep maintaining our relations such as political, economic, sharing the culture and as well as diplomatically. Then we will elevate our cooperation, also swell our relations. I would like humbly request to you all Indians and Pakistani Please think to be optimistic, then we would increase our relations with the respect of cooperation.

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Arjun said: (Nov 8, 2016)  
Yes. India should kill all Pakistanis and allow people of Balochistan to live.

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Kunal Aryan said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Hello, Everyone Very Good Evening to all of you.

According to my point of view, its a very important topic for our country. Nowadays our country is suffering from this kind of problem. When we get up in the morning and open the newspaper. We get the heading of the newspaper "Once again terrorist attacked by Pakistan" Or "Pakistan has been now violated the ceasefire along INDIA's border". India has always tried to develop the best relationship with Pakistan. But we get a negative message from Pakistan side Like "Uri Attack", "Pathankot Attack", Or "Bahadur ali". Bahadur ali is a living proof of Pakistan's role cross-border terror.

Pakistani actor works in India. And whenever we lost our INDIAN SOLDIER during terror attack by Pakistan then these Pakistani Actors don't share his/her emotional feeling for INDIAN SOLDIER. I have remembered that when terror attack happened in Pakistan army school then ALL INDIAN had shared his/her feelings for that. I think these Pakistani actors must be banned in INDIA.

Conclusion :- At the last, I would like to say Indian government Should break Diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

That's all. Thank you very much :).

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Ayush Kaptiyal said: (Nov 6, 2016)  
Yes, India should break the relationship with Pakistan. Pakistan is a terrorist country we should ban Pakistani people to visit in India because most of the people who came in India work for ISI and therefore we should ban them. India should defeat Pakistan by diplomatic pressure not by war because war damage the lives of the innocent people. India also should increase his defense budget so not only Pakistan any country of the world cannot contact eye to India. But if Pakistan do not understand these things we should war with Pakistan and break down Pakistan into small pieces so Pakistani's do not dare to attack India.


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Vicky said: (Nov 5, 2016)  
No, we should not break all ties with Pakistan. Our adversary is China too still we have good relation in business sector. Relation depends on give and take if Pak wants bilateral relation we are ready for that if Pak wants war we are ready for war if Pak wants India to eradicate home terrorist, India also supports being neighbor. We should never forget the saying of former PM Atal Bihari vajpayee that "dost basal ja ta hai lakin padosi nahi badalte.

We all know allergy does not have any cure but precaution is the best medicine for allergy. We are discussing because our heroes are dying. I pay homage to all our sepoy heroes but we can do to avoid above allergy. First is constructing wall like Israel made against Palestine, recently our government has taken this step second I request to defense ministry that instead of huge investment on air force we can invest on purchasing bullet proof jacket and helmet that help our heroes. We are raising this question because of current tension on border and martyrdom.

Thank you and Jayhind.

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Rishikesh Raj said: (Nov 4, 2016)  
Yes, in my view, India must break all tie with Pakistan until they realize that terrorism is an enemy of humanity. We cannot keep the relationship with the national who use its soil to break India by giving shelters to terrorists.

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Bharat Chavn said: (Oct 24, 2016)  
In my opinion, we must be banned on the Pakistan artists & we should break all the relationship with Pakistan. Our Indian army is always ready to do a lot of surgical strikes and killed all the Pakistan Terrorist.

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Safa Perween said: (Oct 23, 2016)  
Yes! INDIA must break. Not only India but the whole world. It is the urgent need of an hour to declare a NON-COOPERATION MOVEMENT against Pakistan! I am in favor of Banning Pak artists, this will teach them a lesson. Banned Pak artists should form a union to abolish military power from their country. Indeed war is not the solution ! it will only cause loss of life and properties. It is the only Pak citizens who can hep themselves, not we!

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Karan said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
Yes, India must break all ties with Pakistan until the day Pakistan stops it's cross-border terrorism completely.

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Vibhu Agarwal said: (Oct 21, 2016)  
No, India should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan. As for we take an example of Indus river treaty that, Indus river is a cause of living of many peoples in Pakistan. Many lives of farmers depend on Indus river, it is also a source of drinking water in Pakistan. For a humanity, we should say that treaty between India & Pakistan should not be broken. Three things can never be hide out Sun, moon, & truth. We know the truth of Pakistan that they are employing terrorism in India so Truth will take his position among the whole world & Pakistan will be left alone by other nations the Indirect medium to punish Pakistan.

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Aisha said: (Oct 20, 2016)  
No. We really don't want to keep the relations with a terrorist country and should break all the diplomatic ties with PAK. But on the other hand, if we won't think of the war that will be destroying many lives, we will only be suffered by it. We should solve it without any having war.

The thing that I wanted to convey is THAT the war is not only the option to teach Pakistan a lesson.

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Ankita Singh said: (Oct 18, 2016)  
Yes, India should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan but war shouldn't be taking place. Because economically has grown stronger as compared to pok. India is a democratic country with large labor force and sustainable capital market. Pakistan is still at that place where it was left before. My point is the loss will be suffered more by India than pok because we have so much to loose. Economy doesn't grow in a day it takes time. Isolate Pakistan, don't keep any relation with them, declare them as a terrorist country but war is not an option.

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Raghu said: (Oct 17, 2016)  
Yes, India should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan and also isolate from international stage. Because in Pakistan power is not in one hand. There are four bodies which are military, parliament, terrorist organization and Muslim scholars and they are separated from each other. So diplomatic ties with Pakistan no matter.

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Rishabh Sharma said: (Oct 14, 2016)  
I think that, as the Pakistan behavior is becoming worse day-by-day, it should be punished damn badly.

According to my point of view, we should conduct a war against Pakistan, we should also break all ties n relationships with Pakistan n declare it a terrorist nation.

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Namrata said: (Oct 12, 2016)  
There is one famous Hindi quotation. Not be paanv paalne mein hi Nazar aa jaate hain. We have seen the "talents" of Pakistan. Not once hundreds of times. Come on Indian soldiers it's time to give a prize to Pakistan's so called talent.

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Ramesh Dhawale said: (Oct 10, 2016)  
1. I think we should Start a process for declaring Pakistan as a terrirost nation through UN.

2. We should break all diplomatic and cultural relations with Pakistan.

3. We should do root cause analysis of attacks and make our self so strong that no one can cross the border and do any threats to India.

4. We should send our diplomatic delegates to every nation and prove them about how Pakistan is supporting to terrerisom.

5. Try to grab support from maximum countries for isolating Pakistan at international level.

6. War is the last option.

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Reyyi Sai said: (Oct 8, 2016)  
Off course yes. Because India knows what gift the Pakistan give us 50 years of diplomatic relationship. Surgical strike truly gave a counter-gift by the Indian army to Pak.

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Rakesh Kumar said: (Oct 7, 2016)  
I think we have to vanish the terrorist from Pakistan by a surgical strike again because Pakistani terrorist is the root cause for the worse relationship between India and Pakistan.

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Siddhant said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Friends according to my point of view.

The motto of Indian Army is "Service Before Self" and if someone is trying to go against this as what Pakistan is doing they should not be treated diplomatically. Also, it's not for the first time since long back History is a proof of their behaviour. Yes, India should break diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

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Anonymous said: (Sep 30, 2016)  
Pakistani's have recently killed our 10 soldiers without any reason just in a fit of anger. So, Still you think that there should be no war and we should still remain quite. I think no.

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Tarish Kaushik said: (Sep 29, 2016)  
Break ties, Break water (Sindhu water treaty), Break back of Islamic jehadists, Break Pakistan into smaller states, Break Pakistan export/import capacity (naval blockade in international waters off Karachi & Gwadar). Do all this and THE WORLD WILL COOPERATE AND BE GLAD FOR ETERNITY.

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Chetan said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Hi friends, I feel if no action is taken then this will only encourage them further to stage more attacks. The banned outfits attacking India continue to enjoy patronage and support of Pakistani state and its people. Our soldiers live matter. War is never an easy option but consider this the attacks have not stopped and each time they turn deadlier. Even after 26/11 we did not recall our ambassador and break all diplomatic ties with Pakistan. We need a sound military strategy coupled with economic sanctions to deal with Pakistan. Being perceived as a soft state will not do us any good.

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Danis said: (Sep 27, 2016)  
Hello friends,

In my view, it's already for us, we should have broken all the ties with Pakistan after Kargil war. We should teach them a lesson once and for all. If we maintain a relationship with Pakistan some day they will ditch us. The Pakistan government is for namesake, The power is fully in the hand of Military, the worst military who don't even think of children, women, girls, old men. You can see the case of Bangladesh and Balochistan where girls are raped by military soldiers of Pakistan. So cruel are they. Why should this country be spared?

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Sachin Palwe said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Some of my friends are saying that we should talk on this topic practically and not emotionally but can you say this same thing to the families to whom these soldiers belong. You can't take away the emotional aspect from this topic.

India has taken ample efforts to improve the relationship between the two nations but we still catch terrorists who themselves tell to have come from Pakistan and when asked to Pakistan about this they deny the truth. Thus by not cooperating with us they are proving that they are nurturing terrorism in their nation.

Another thing which I would like to mention is that we should not have war with Pakistan because Pakistan has got nothing to loose whereas India is on the verge of development.

So on a whole, I feel breaking ties with Pakistan is the only option as Pakistan is not a developed country to affect our country's economy or market by any means. We should also continue their isolation on an international level.

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Harish said: (Sep 24, 2016)  
I think the answer is very simple: Pakistan is a terrorist country and to keep any relation with it means supporting terrorism. Do we want to support terrorism?

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Tarish Kaushik said: (Sep 24, 2016)  

That means: If the bamboo is no more there won't be any flute on which to blow.

Pakistan disbanded, denuclearised, defanged, disarmed. That is what the world needs to get done. India is the catalyst to do this.

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Vijay Jeyakumar said: (Sep 23, 2016)  
Hai friends.

In my point of view, India should break ties with Pakistan. Because everyone knows that Pakistan is a terrorist country. Although India is trying to maintain peace with Pakistan they still try to stab as in back. India had already lost many soldiers. So India army should destroy all the terrorist camp by intruding into Pakistan. Also, India should not support Pakistan in any way including financial support.

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Tarish Kaushik said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
Pakistan to be dismantled into small disarmed states. No more Islamic terror factories backed by army and ISI. Only eclectic modern education. No more madarassa - based sewage studies to impressionable young minds.

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Vikas K said: (Sep 21, 2016)  
Suspension of Cultural, Social, Political and Economic Relations with Pakistan is perhaps only possible way to bring this notorious country to its heels. I would like to bring some points before the group.

1. To begin with, India should declare Pakistan a Terrorist Country.

2. Call the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan followed by the immediate shutdown of Pakistan's Embassy in India.

3. All trade relations including cross-border trade should immediately be suspended.

4. All Artists of Pakistani origin be sent back to their country. Movies including Pakistani Film Stars should be boycotted nationally.

5. We can stop playing cricket too along with any other games with the Pakistani Teams.

6. The International Border between the two countries should be sealed permanently.

7. Strategic Isolation of Pakistan at International Level by presenting various proofs available that show that Pakistan is a Terrorist Nation.

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Vnsu said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Good afternoon all of you.

In my opinion, India always takes a efforts to shake hand with Pakistan but Pakistan not serious about this.

It always shakes hand towards India but after he cheats India by doing these type of attack again and again every time.

India will destroy these terrorist but Indian not want to do war because India is a country where good persons are live and want to live with happiness and support another country BT terrorist doest think so. And India gives a finger to Pakistan but it wants to hand it is not possible.

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Vnsu said: (Sep 19, 2016)  
Without attacking against Pakistan. Pakistan will never stop this type of bull shit.

It is very important to attack against Pakistan because terrorist had attack on Indian strategic base camp.

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Satyam said: (Sep 18, 2016)  
1. Isolate Pakistan in every forum internationally.

2. Saam Daam Danda Bhed tactics against the Pakistan army ISI top officers and their relatives in every country.

3. Break down Pakistan into bit states without army and weapons to defend themselves.

4. Defang denuclearise Pakistan with help of ALL nations which matter by deal making quid pro quo.

Pm NaMo & the BJP is quite capable of leading Bharat by making our nation the world's most hi-tech manufacturing nation with help of our scientists & defence forces & industrialists.

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Kajal said: (Aug 28, 2016)  
Hello, friends, From my point of view we should not break a tie with Pakistan. Because terminating relation doesn't solve the problem even it increases it. It gives them a chance to do whatever they want to do. There is quote if we want to destroy the enemy, you need to first make friendship.

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Deepak Pandey said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
Breaking diplomatic ties will achieve what?

What is the objective?

I believe that we would like to get back POK! Also, have an issue free Kashmir valley.

Breaking off diplomatic ties could reach our doors of war, generally, the main objective of war is to achieve a forced peace.

So suppose we go to a conventional war, Pakistan would be annihilated. Suppose if it becomes a nuclear catastrophe, India will survive but will become 30 years behind. However, we still will have a disgruntled group in Kashmir. So is any war achieving us the objective? I guess no.

We can take Pakistan out of the equation but does the problem go? No, it does not vanish.

So the question is how do we get peace in Kashmir?

Eliminating Terrorism is the solution, if that happens, we can call back the army to barracks, this will end the collateral damage. Then over a time as peace prevails, the disgruntled shall no longer have any support. The matter would be solved.

For this, we need talks, diplomatic maneuvers. Not breaking diplomatic ties.

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S.K.Sharma said: (Aug 3, 2016)  
Breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan is not the solution. We should make the world around us about the terrorist activities. Even their friendly Muslim nations should be made against them and align Pakistan at world level. If any national aggression is done by Pakistan in future, we should give proper reply even military aggression.

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Jyotirmay Panda said: (Aug 1, 2016)  
No. India should open the door for Pak and vice versa, Pak people should about their development not to think about only revenge of Bangladesh and destroy its future. Pak is running from the USA to China for revenge from India by taking Kashmir out. But reversely is true.

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Fdr said: (Jul 28, 2016)  
I don't think India should break Diplomatic ties with Pakistan. We already know that both the nations have some serious problems between them. So by having diplomatic ties we could improve the relationship between the two countries.

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Subhi Tomar said: (Sep 29, 2015)  
Hello everyone.

According to my point of view we should break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan they always cheat us. Whenever we put the friendship hand towards the Pakistan they always provide the irrespective to our country. In 1999 we offers the friendship & piece for Pakistan at that time, what they gave us? Nothing only cheat.

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M G Singhal said: (Aug 17, 2015)  
The experience of India in the last 67 years with Pakistan has amply made it very clear to every one that any effort by India to build good neighborly relations, is not going to work. We have been doing it since beginning and the result is known to all of us. The basic reason behind this is that the ruling elite in Pakistan including primarily its military, has a very deep rooted hatred for India and any thing Indian, for historical reasons. Their polices with respect to India are based on this.

They would never stop their games even if, Kashmir issue is settled in their favor, since the basic cause that is, their hatred for India and its success story will still remain. In spite of all the terror they have unleashed on India in the last more than 20 years and four wars, breaking diplomatic relations with them is not the answer. We need to have a presence in Islamabad to continue to know what all new games they are planning against us and what all is happening in that country.

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Rhythm Singla said: (Jul 19, 2015)  
Truly speaking, not only India but the world even cannot believe Pakistani rulers. Public may not be that much bad. But looking at the past and browsing history regarding Pakistani rulers, they have always been treacherous and deceivers. While dealing with Pakistan, India must analyse the history of Bharat since the rule of invader devil Babur.

In Bharat, the Mughals have never been humans and Pakistani being their offspring and fellow beings can not in any matter or front be believed or relied. There are many things negative and devilish in Pakistan coincided in the above facts, but cannot be narrated here. Once one will analyse the above facts, he will get the answer of the question being raised.

Pakistan has fought four wars with India and has been consistently sponsoring terrorist organisations to spread hatred between communities through terrorist activities in India. Pakistan has always opposed India in international forums and has always made sure to keep the lip service going.

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Eaton Mapedze said: (May 7, 2015)  
Diplomacy in the modern era is the only way to go forward. War at this time not a far game. Even though there is a strong feeling that one party is benefiting than the other. If you are not supporting peaceful resolutions what can be the alternative.

What would be its implications to the majority of the people. Taking example of what is happening in Israel - Palestinian war thousands of people if not millions are displaced.

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Prakash said: (Nov 26, 2014)  
Truly speaking, not only India but the world even cannot believe Pakistani rulers. Public may not be that much bad. But looking at the past and browsing history regarding Pakistani rulers, they have always been treacherous and deceivers. While dealing with Pakistan, India must analyse the history of Bharat since the rule of invader devil Babur.

In Bharat, the Mughals have never been humans and Pakistani being their offspring and fellow beings can not in any matter or front be believed or relied. There are many things negative and devilish in Pakistan coincided in the above facts, but cannot be narrated here. Once one will analyse the above facts, he will get the answer of the question being raised.

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Pratyush Raj said: (Nov 11, 2014)  
This is a hot topic and can have people getting emotional and speaking in favour of the idea right from the start. However there are a lot of points that one can put forward against the idea of scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan and these points can actually help a candidate get some good brownie points for thinking practically and not emotionally.

First the obvious reasons for scrapping diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Pakistan has fought four wars with India and has been consistently sponsoring terrorist organisations to spread hatred between communities through terrorist activities in India.

Since the time of independence Pakistan has back stabbed India on numerous counts " funding terrorist activities, violating ceasefire norms. The recent beheading of Indian soldiers is one such example, countless others can be given for this point.

Pakistan has also held for over 60 years what is rightfully Indian territory " Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India has been a sizeable amount of defence funds every year to safeguard its territory and prevent any further intrusion by Pakistan.

Pakistan has taken India for granted and inspite of all efforts to maintain cordial diplomatic ties Pakistan has been the initiator of aggression.

Pakistan is a fragmented state and its governance and administration is in tatters. It does not make sense for India to make efforts for diplomatic ties with Pakistan when it might not gain anything out of it.

Pakistan has always opposed India in international forums and has always made sure to keep the lip service going.

Scrapping all diplomatic ties with Pakistan also has a lot of disadvantages.

Trade and Commerce: Pakistan is a major trade partner for India and imports a lot of Indian manufactured goods. Scrapping of diplomatic ties would hence mean loss of trade for India (no matter how small).

This would also mean that the situation between India and Pakistan would become increasingly tense in the future. This means that any situation can potentially spark of aggression from either side and India would always have to be on the guard and spruce up its defences.

Regional stability: Pakistan is a strong neighbour of India and maintaining cordial ties with Pakistan is very important for India to preserve regional peace. Any kind of aggression, conflict, battle can lead to disturbance in the region of Southeast Asia affecting investment and trade and commerce in both the countries.

Since Pakistan is a fragmented state now, it is quite a possibility that certain forces in Pakistan might be trying to sabotage the peace process and derailment of the peace process with only serve the vested interest is these forces.

Hence it is important to keep the peace process for various reasons. At the same time it can very well be argued that India should take a strong stand and let go of its image of being a soft state.

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Rohit Sharma said: (Aug 26, 2014)  
Definitely. There is no harm breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan. It's much better to have no relationship with such country than a disguised one. The people of India should understand the gravity of situation that's Gandhian attitude isn't going to win the Pakistani's heart especially when the life of our innocent soldiers are not stake.

Sometime it becomes necessary to take rigorous action. India should make inroads in its border issue and invade Pakistan before it gets too late. It's better to go for a big fight rather than these skirmishes and ceasefire violations intermittently by Pakistani army and not to mention civilian casualty claimed in this process too. The time has come for India to take bold decision and change its policies toward Pakistan.

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Priya said: (Jul 29, 2014)  
According to me diplomatic ties should not be broken with Pakistan.

I do have strong points to say this,

First of all we have to understand, Pakistan is one of our neighboring countries to break.

Of ties means to give birth to another kargil war, though India have major economy than Pakistan. War is something which is not entertained by any countries, common people doesn't want war, as whenever their is war it is the jawans, soldiers, common.

People who have to give their life, and it doesn't bring to any solution, rather it becomes a root cause to another war, and we will lose our economy also,

Then we have to then give more importance to the defense and not to the developing and manufacturing sector, so its well clear that War is not the ultimate solution.

Pakistan is a country which is controlled by the militants and armies and we are making ties to the political parties,

So therefore we can see no such solution coming up, and we find we are betrayed each and every time. We have no other way, its better to make friends than to Make enemies. Terrorism in Pakistan can be reduced to an extent, as we have to understand Pakistan supports terrorism as they get money by supporting that,

Now if we strengthen our economic ties if we support them more economically.

If Pakistan gets financially sound by our help they will not go in wrong path.

India being a country followers of mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, we are the followers of non-violence, and in that way we can strengthen our power over country Like Pakistan. Its time for our nation to become a developed nation by giving a helping hands to our neighboring countries, not to Get into some conflicts.

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Harsha Subbaiah said: (Apr 7, 2014)  
Hi all,

About the Friendship part of it, all that I wanna comment is that they are our neighbors now, and its close to impossible to wish away your neighbor.

Pakistan has been a pain for us and strangely for its on inhabitants. Yes, we have suffered losses uncountable times, but severing ties won't do no good. This is not a fight or a confrontation between two individuals, but between two of the world's most populous countries with varied mind sets. So if one peace process or one shake hand gets slapped back or ignored I don't think either of us should take the road of derailment.

Personally we are intertwined through culture and mannerisms, its just a bad incident rather more have caused us to throw bricks at each other. I mean if we keep doing this forever, we reaching no where.

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Nikhil Goyal said: (Mar 31, 2014)  
According to me India should break diplomatic ties with pak. Because every time when India put the friendship hand towards the pakistan India had paid for this. Pak always betrayed India. Last year at the border we see that Indian army had killed by pakistan soldiers. And our government do thing and again after 2 days 4 Indian army had killed again and then Indian government remain quiet. And there are many example like pak. Do terrorist attack on Indian innocent people. But India always forget this all thing and make a friendship hand toward them, . But acc. To me its the time to show India. India shows its power not to do fight but just have cut off all the relation with pak so that they get to know what is India. Fight is not the solution because we know that if fight is to be started in both countries India definately win. But the Indian soldiers and the people will die in that fight also a lot of money is wasted in this. And it is not the time to lose the money. So I think India have to break the diplomatic ties with the pakistan but without any fight.

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Ravi Saharanpur said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
Don't know why Indian government and its policies are so flexible for Pakistan. Are we not strong enough to take away four heads if they took two? And why we always go to UN for complaining anything related Indo Pak. I am at confusion that either our Government do not understand or do not want to understand that UN also wants the same thing that Pak army do. So not only to teach a lesson to Pakistan but also to prove strong and self dependent in front of UN like organisation, it is very necessary to break all diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

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Naman Nischal said: (Jan 25, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I think that something which comes into world due to hatred, can't be good for anyone.

Pakistan has taken birth by a futile violence and riots. It is the enemy of India from our very first Independence day. And in 67 years of our independence, Pakistan has given innumerable proofs that it doesn't deserve the friendship of India. So Indian government should also just discard Pakistan. And I think that, it may sounds ironical, but it can also avoid wars with Pakistan because a war only happens if there is some sort of conflict, some sort of strife is present in between the nation. And conflict arises if you communicate with them. But if India just part its way from Pakistan and breaks all the relationship, whether it is good or bad, both nation I think will be in peace because the best way to resolve enmity is to just discard all the relationship with your foe.

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Dhruv said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
Hello Friends,

In my opinion, We shouldn't be friend with Pakistan because of the following reasons:-

1. Our Financial capital Mumbai was terrorized by the terrorist who killed 200 people on July 11, 2006. Investigations told that they were backed by the ISI but Pakistan as always refused and even after they were given proofs no actions have been taken till now.

2. Who can forget the 26/11. 10 terrorist killed 173 people and wounded 310 in Mumbai. Whenever we ask Mr. Shariff where the case stands no comments is the answer.

3. ISI offered $15, 000-30, 000 dollars to Taliban to kill all the Indian contractors in Jalalabad, Kabul, Herat, Kandahar& Mazar-E-Shariff in Afghanistan. This Info was given to us by the US intelligence.

4. They think that they have got a friendly support of China so they can do anything to us they are living in dreams which we will love to break. As one of us said if we can create them then we also have the power to destroy them.

5. Pakistan Supported Don Dawood Ibhrahim even when they knew how important this man to INDIA but they didn't told that he was living there for past 6 months.

6. 195 violations of ceasefire on LoC in 2013, 93 in 2012 and 45 in 2011.

I think these reasons are enough to make one understand the Pakistan can never be friends with India even if we try to have peace talks with them. So no talks are necessary.

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Piyush Sharma said: (Dec 24, 2013)  
We were separated due to a reason. We are trying to due to a reason.

And it is same i.e. war. We should not break our ties with pak as it will only lead to another KARGIL war. Yes there are restrains in the form of terrorist attacks and many more but that doesn't mean we should let our anger control our senses. This is an important thing for both countries.

We should try to make good relationship with others.

If you really think there is something really fishy going on then you just know what to do.

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Sapan Kumar Das said: (Dec 24, 2013)  
India shouldn't break it's diplomatic ties. In My opinion India and pak should get united and become one country so that no more territory problems. This may lead to a birth of a more stable and strong country in all aspects. Further more bangladesh should also get united with (India and pak). In my view this is the proper solution to all kind of disputes.

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Kishore said: (Dec 15, 2013)  
Yes, India should break all its diplomatic ties with Pakistan but with peaceful negotiations. And many of our friends suggest that India should declare war with Pakistan and should clear all ties but if we do that it may lead to another attacks like 26/11,mecca masjid attack. So we need to handle this carefully.

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Rajat Dubey said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
I do understand that we are always at the risk of a nuclear war with our unstable neighbour. However our all talks with them have failed. Now its the time to do what needs to be done. End up all relations with them because good & healthy relations cannot be established on pile of dead bodies of the innocent.

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Neha said: (Dec 4, 2013)  
Hi friends.

Let us take a practical example related to our life. In our village if our neighbor is irritating us and always planning conspiracy (Shadyantra) for us, so in replay, if we are mature then we have to do war or to give the answer by utilizing our mind? hope you got the answer, a matured person never do war, because in war he can loss of him also, so he can use his mind, discuss with his family and bring a successful conclusion which not harm to his family.

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Ashish Sharma said: (Nov 29, 2013)  
I strongly feel that India should FINISH all the relationships and its sources with Pakistan. HOWEVER Pakistan itself has ended all the communications with India but we Indians still proceed to give respect to those prevaricators. All the terrorists come from Pakistan and reside in India and eat, drink and devise the terror attack in India for India at last I say that its waste of time and money with them Also Pakistan is our closed neighbour, and a good relation with its neighbour will lead to build a great nation, so we can't do this so we change our terminology.

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Nancy said: (Nov 9, 2013)  
Hi! everyone.

In my opinion, India is a great country in the Asia. I think India relationship with Pakistan is good reason. Because Pakistan have many problem in the their country, if Pakistan has friend with other country it good to share problem than Pakistan will get new idea and maybe Pakistan will stop their problem.

Thank you everyone.

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Nirshu said: (Nov 7, 2013)  
Hello friends.

Its a very serious topic, and as we know India is known for its democratic & friendly behavior wit others throughout the globe.

But so far as Pakistan is concerned, the way they had attacked on our soldiers, J&K ceasefire violations, and many such kind of activities which had effected our society & culture. So seeing all these things I think Indian government should break his tie and give them a strong punch. So that they could understand that if we can create them, we have the power to destroy them too.

Thank you.

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Anshul Goyal said: (Nov 6, 2013)  
Hi friends, in my opinion we should not forget that how pakistan had given us pain by killing our brothers and sisters. And I don't think that after not taking any action they will think that we are weaker. We have to take some actions against them.

Rate this: +17 -2

Tanmoy said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
I don't think India should finish all his relations with Pakistan. War with Pakistan make the situation more complex. India and Pakistan both are developing countries. good relation between two countries helps to develop both countries. Greater trade with Pakistan would open possibilities of transit trade and market access beyond Pakistan into Central Asia. same case happen to Pakistan. Further, a proposed Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project would allow Turkmenistan to supply 33 billion cubic meters of gas to India and Pakistan for a 30-year period. So we can say a stable good India-Pakistan relation benefit both India and Pakistan.

Now, India and Pakistan both have some common problems like poverty, corruption, unstable economy etc. I think a stable and friendly region would help both countries to solve their problems.

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Liberator said: (Oct 22, 2013)  
Hi friends, I was a person who believed in days of peace between India & pak. But our tolerance has a limit. Even when we have ability to retaliate, we remain silent. This is not due to our fear of pak, but due to pain of seeing millions loosing their lives. Pak rangers have violated ceasefire along LOC a thousand times over the past few months. They even mutilated our brave soldiers.

Instead of going to war we should weaken pak. Place ban on their arms purchases, freeze their overseas investments. Above all India should strengthen and place a virtual control over pak government as it can establish peace with India.

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Rahul said: (Oct 6, 2013)  
The problem is more with the politicians than the terrorists. Regarding the present scenario India should focus mainly on making stern measures, strengthening its law, its spy agencies. And above all punish those politicians who are reportedly found in being attached to scams. A solid stern measure can obviously make a "no war" message to the pakistan government.

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Abhishek Soni said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Hi friends. War is not a solution of any problem. War between two nuclear country is foolishness. There is no doubt that India is more stronger than Pakistan and more developed than pak. THis is also true If war takes place India will win. But what we will get with wars. Already three wars have happened. And nothing was achieved.

Wars always results in violence and killing of innocent people and a lot of soldier not in destruction of real reason of war. End of one war sows the seed of next war. Our problem is not with pak army. Our problem is terrorist groups in pak. I am in favor of war If these terrorist group will participate in war from front. Then the war will be useful. Also now a day Indian economy is at decliment. War will cause a lot of wastage of money. But I am also not in the favor of talk and peaceful meeting, having delicious lunch with pakistan leader. India Instead of this should take some strict decision. Mere cancel of cricket tour will not work. They should not give any fundamental help to Pak like water and light etc until they show some improvement.

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Jyotsun said: (Sep 23, 2013)  
Hello! Friends in my point of view India should not be break their relations with pakistan because war is not the ultimate solution to stop the terrorism. We all know that every time pakistan cheats India and pakistan did not do anything regards this terrorism. So I think our government should think about this and take some wise steps.

If we attack the pakistan then many innocent people will be killed, we can say that for killing the mosquito's of our house we did not burn our house. We cannot forget all the terrorist attacks that pakistan did because of these attacks many people suffers they lost their houses and their family members What is the fault of those people.

At last I want to say that Attack that individual or group collect enough evidence to show Pakistan like america done in case of laden. Our govt politicians even remark like this that people join army to die. If we underestimate and show sincerity to Pakistan after our soldiers killed brutally one day will must come when no one will join Indian army.

Rate this: +15 -6

Ritu Pandey said: (Sep 17, 2013)  
Hi friends,

I think its all over now. Pak has shown its real face. Now its our turn. Whatever happened in last few months is just enough to judge what pakistan want to do. We are tolerating pak since 1947, now how much we will tolerate all the ill deeds?Each and everything has its limit and now pakistan has crossed its limit and now we have to answer the brick by rock. In my point of view we should break all the diplomatic ties and deals with pakistan and teach a strong lesson so that it never think of it again.

Thank you.

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Akhil Prathap said: (Sep 9, 2013)  
Just think about a situation where India and Pakistan agreed to join for both the countries sake and then we can imagine a situation where the most brilliant and amazing armed forces and thus we can avoid the terror of the terrorists.

Also the developmental activities in Pakistan and under developed Kashmir can be put under progress. Also we can diminish the rate of population in India by the friendly migration of indians to pakistan. You all know that India is now the second largest country in population. And the govt is saying after studies that we are going to beat china within 50 years. Also when we attempt to rejoin with pakistan many other countries will also show the tendency like us thus we can provide a multipolar world and can avoid situations like wars and all.

Rate this: +8 -12

Intikhab said: (Aug 25, 2013)  
Friends, War is not the solution to resolve the issue between India and Pakistan. An eye for eye will make the whole world blind. We had fought three major wars and one proxy war with our arch rival Pakistan. What we gain? Whether we able to establish peace with them? Answer is 'No'. The differences increased a lot and as a resultant Terrorism is byproduct of our rivalry. Peace can only be sought if both countries starts bilateral talks with positive and truthful gesture. India is making a big leap forward in terms of development and this is not the time to engage our self in war or revolts, we must improve our relations with our neighbours.

Rate this: +52 -9

Moin said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
In my opinion just breaking the relation or tie up is not the solution. Every country is surrounded by society, which comprise of good people, gentlemen's, senior citizen. As whole it consists of many families. About "Terrorism", every home consists of cockroaches, just to kill them you can't burn the house. Same way breaking the relation is not an option. Pakistan is bit occupied by taliban who's playing all this strategies. The role of a human should be towards humanity. We can put a step forward at least by letting Pak players play in IPL, Cricketers are just Cricketers they are not terrorists. Once we (Indians) lend our hands of friendship then the later steps will come up automatically.

Rate this: +26 -18

Sanjeev Seth said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
All the works of sardar vallabhai patel is going in vain. He united India and today it is getting bifurcated into a number of states. Regionalism, in near future is going to harm our country manifold.

Rate this: +9 -18

Pavan said: (Aug 21, 2013)  
I don't think breaking relation is the solution to any problem. The best way to solve any problem is to sit together and talk, breaking relationship will only lead to anger and loss of economy. In Pakistan the military is the supreme power greater than the supreme court and government Breaking relationship will only hurt the business and common people, common people are struggling to earn their livelihood they haven't done any wrong so why break the diplomatic relationship. The main problem is the negative thinking of the govt and some official peoples of the pak military. There corruption is very high and people for the sake of votes provoke the people of pak against India and fill their vote banks. Hence, I don't think breaking diplomatic relation is the answer.

Rate this: +10 -11

Pritam said: (Aug 18, 2013)  
According to my point of view we should not break the relation with pakistan because both countries facing same problems of terrorism. Not only pakistan, India also have terrorist groups like simi, one group in kerala etc so we should try to eradicate the terrorism from both countries by help the to eradicate the terrorism. All pakistan's people are not terrorist some people are trying to spoil the relation b/w two countries for their selfishness. If we break relation with pakistan then it is encouragement for those people. We should concentrate on development, education, new technology, new infrastructure that help us to increase our economy. War is just waste of time and money that is retrospect move.

Rate this: +32 -6

Sushree Kanti Panigrahi said: (Aug 17, 2013)  
To my mind, India should keep friendly relation with pak in the current situation.

We can't change our geography. We have to accept pak as our neighbour. Wars and fights will only lead to loss of lives and property of many innocent people. So we should engage pak in dialogues and as a big brother of pak we should be friendly with them.

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Dibya Sahoo said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
the partition of indian subcontinent is 66 years old.14th of august,1947 was the starting phase of india pakistan division.Till today the conflict hasn't decreased and peace is also not established.Today also the roaring of the rifles can be heard at the border.Last week 5 brave soldiers of indian army were ended to life by some pak soldiers.It is a matter of great concern that pakistan is breaking the no weapon treaty.India should take necessary steps to stop this

Rate this: +11 -7

Tahir Shah said: (Aug 15, 2013)  
Well speaking as a Kashmir from Baramulla, I have not read such naivety. India and Pakistan have never had any sort of diplomatic relations to speak off except through the gun barrel. Why do you assume that either sides army is innocent of violations. There are no innocents when armies have their interests to worry about. Neither are looking for peace as attrition is in their self interest. Its jobs for the boys so what if a few are sacrificed on the way. Without a free Kashmir with friendly and open borders with India and Pakistan we will not have peace.

Rate this: +8 -48

Sonali said: (Aug 14, 2013)  
If diplomatic ties are broken it will lead us to war which will result in loss of blood of innocents but there is limit of tolerance of everything. Everytime we trust Pakistan result comes as simple betray. They are trying word puzzle with us because there govt says they want peace but their army and extremist kill our brave soldiers everyday.

I think our country should never sit quiet requesting Pakistan every time for peace. Time to find out who is causing this and why. Attack that individual or group collect enough evidence to show Pakistan like america done in case of laden. Our govt politicians even remark like this that people join army to die. If we underestimate and show sincerity to Pakistan after our soldiers killed brutally one day will must come when no one will join Indian army.

Rate this: +35 -9

Rajat said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
Cultural interaction should never stop. We ought to understand each other which helps in removing the illusion which pakistani leaders have created at the ground level among common masses. But our security agencies have to fight the terrorists activities executed by pakistan army as well as the extremists at the same time. We should understand that the pakistan comes in two pieces (common people who wants peace and harmony in the region and other, the culprits are the social evils consists of politicians, extremists etc. ) India should always be ready to fight the war against anyone who create unrest in the region. We have to win this fight against terrorist by using terrorism against social evils and by social interaction at every level possible.

Rate this: +6 -9

Rahul said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
I totally agree with all our previous speakers that.

Breaking diplomatic ties will led to war,

India is a strategic partner of Pakistan,

Pakistan is also facing similar crunch of terrorism as india,

But my question from all is until when?

Every time we give chance to pakistan and it always not live up to our expectations.

How could we forget "kargil war" were thousands of our soldiers were killed. As long as "Kashmir" issue will be there Pakistan will not stop doing such things.

We should ask from them whose mother, sister, brother, father, son, daughter died in 26/11 terrorist attack. What was there fault? Answer will be Surely nothing. Recently 2 of our Indian soldiers were beheaded and 5 our army men were shot dead by them. Enough is enough, we should teach a lesson to pakistan and break diplomatic ties with them.

Rate this: +80 -14

Sam said: (Aug 12, 2013)  
Guys, have you thought of how pakistani and indians become best friends while living in west? You know why, because politics is not involved there. We people to people love each other and it should be maintain while we are living in out countries as well.

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Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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