Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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Akshay surve said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone, I am Akshay.

I think India should not break ties with Pakistan because doing so will lead to Pakistan which will be more dependent on China. And we all know that china first catches the country in a debt trap and then sends their armies to that nation and that will lead to the threat to our nation and that's the biggest problem.

Kapil said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone. my name is Kapil rai, I am a BTech graduate.

In my opinion, breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan wouldn't be good is. As India is a democracy our image all around is much better as compared to china. Although we know that Pakistan always tries to hurt India on Kashmir by direct attack or by indirect (terrorism). So instead of breaking diplomatic ties, we need diplomatic talks between the two nations to solve the issue. Already Pakistan is at the verge of collapse. By improving relations, both countries can grow better and the life of citizens will also improve.

Anomi said:   5 years ago
We should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan. If we do we are indirectly declaring war on Pakistan. There are so many innocent people in Pakistan. We are angry with the Pakistan government and the terrorists so by cutting ties a war will begin which will lead to the death of so many innocent people in Pakistan and India. So, it is better to maintain diplomatic ties so as to avoid mass death and destruction.

Sachin mk said:   5 years ago
1. I think we should Start a process for declaring Pakistan as a terrorist nation through the UN.

2. We should break all diplomatic and cultural relations with Pakistan.

3. We should do root cause analysis of attacks and make our self so strong that no one can cross the border and do any threats to India.

4. We should send our diplomatic delegates to every nation and prove them about how Pakistan is supporting terrorism.

5. Try to grab support from maximum countries for isolating Pakistan at international level.

6. War is the last option.

Vibhav kumar said:   5 years ago
As we all know both India and Pakistan have their disputes on Kashmir and also we know that both sides diplomats can't short out among themselves on Kashmir. Whatever facts we all know that Maharaja of Princely State of Kashmir decided to merge with India when Pakistan supported pakthun invaded on Kashmir then at that time our brave shoulder save Kashmir and save lives of Kashmiri. Now Kashmir is our part by default. Then I don't think any diplomacy will needed. Play on frontfut and solve your issue.

Satish Kumar said:   5 years ago
In my view, India should break all diplomatic relationship with Pakistan, because Kashmir is our legal part, why should we talk to Pakistan. Pakistan breaks the size fire 20 times in last 30 days. Our three CRPF and 01 Army soldier martyr in Jammu POK border due to Terrorist. Pakistan ISI plans the terrorist attack in India. Pakistan, not a democratic country. Here is govt run by Military. All script of Pakistan leader should be written by ISI. They are allowing chines to build illegal construction in POK. This is very harmful to our country. In my view, Indian Govt should take a strong decision. After independence, Our Govt 10 times talk on the same topic, There is no result till on date, If we talk again and again to Pakistan, it means we Insulting our Army and our Nation. If we Say Israel. They stop all diplomatic ties with their enemy and gives free hand to army and Israel is a super power.

Palve said:   5 years ago
Good morning gentlemen myself Maruthi according to my point of view, it's in Indias favour when we break the diplomatic relations with Pak both the nation face crisis because as an India is developing nation now days growth rate highest in the world we have less trade with Pak but all neighbour countries are important to develop us when our able to isolated Pak and pressure on them in international forum as terrorist export country we will able to convince world nations Pak terrorist state then automatically inflow of FDI fall in Pak able to make pressure on Pak to eradicate their self terror factory from Pak when we directly break the diplomatic relations we are also facing crisis with neighbour hood because China wants this one already Maldives govt favour in China so Pak also have nuclear state conclusion when we account as a developed nation then we break all type of relation with pakistan.

Bharat Kr said:   5 years ago
Hello friends, do you know about " tit for that ", therefore it should obviously break ties with Pakistan. As they always consus to go badly with tourists so that India will have to choose a step to face them.

Ankush katal said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, Indian should let Pakistan know who we are. Diplomatic relations is not the solution. India is far good from paks in every field. The Govt should do more strikes and attacks than defence. For how long we Indian have to suffer. It's is the time to make plays realise that enough is enough and defects them in every way.

Rahul said:   6 years ago
I think India should break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan because of Pakistan consistently doing such things that we are not tolerated. As a part of the country, they should behave as human beings.

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