Should India break Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan?

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Harsh said:   1 decade ago
I Think that we should not break the diplomatic ties with Pakistan, because both the countries have nearly equal strength. If we look in past america attacked on Germany, 2 huge blasts destroyed everything i.e. atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So we have to keep pressure on Pakistan by other ways like economical, trading, in sports etc.

Thank you.

Akshay bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago
I strongly feel that India should not break diplomatic ties with Pakistan because both are a developing country are equally capable of surviving a war which will harm lot of lives, but we have to maintain peace and think of removing terrorism because it is terrorism which is main reason for contentions between both countries.

So, my verdict is to maintain relation with Pakistan and work peacefully.

Pratiksha said:   1 decade ago
Hello everyone.

Well I think breaking relationship with Pakistan is not a wise decision at all. There is no point in making them our enmity once again and continue our differences which we are following since independence as we follow beliefs and values. This in turn will provoke terrorists to take more lives. War between two countries is a giant disaster which will conditions even more worse.

So in my opinion we should handle it with peace and harmony. We should maintain good relations with our neighboring countries in order to become a good nation.

Thank you!

RASHID said:   1 decade ago
Pakistan in itself is a sort of bifurcated nation. It is still struggling to have consistent and uniform command over the implementation of its planned agenda and strategies. Unlike India, Pakistani democratic government don't have enough ruling over its military and its intelligence ambition, leading to independent functioning of both the units. Now here it is mindful that Pakistan has almost lost the democratic touch over the use of its arms. The hostile action on the part of Pakistan against India can't be directly linked to its civilian elected government Rather it is to be credited to the army and its secret alliance to terrorist. We Indians should consider this unstable situation of Pakistan and even perform aggressive research while employing our intelligence to figure out the genuine condition of the country which I believe is tracing the trajectory of Afghanistan. THE LACK OF DIPLOMATIC APPROACH BETWEEN TWO WILL EXACERBATE THE ARMS RACE, AND WILL GIVE CHINA A UPPER HAND.

Sreevarshini said:   1 decade ago
We should maintain diplomatic relation with Pakistan. It is our neighboring country. Dialogues are the only way to have friendship with Pakistan. So we should not avoid Pakistan at any time. It is the evil ideas of many other countries.

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