Should Hindi be the official language of India?

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Govind said:   3 weeks ago
Hi all.

As we all know India is a sovereign socialist democratic country. India is a diverse country, people of different castes, creed, and regions live under the same roof different people from different areas speak different languages. South Indians speaks Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, and Kannada while North Indians mainly speak in Hindi. Some North East states have different languages so in my perspective, everyone has their own right to speak and express themselves in their own language.

Bennet singh said:   10 months ago
It's purely politics, But from the bottom of my heart, I would tell one should love his mother tongue, now comes the official language policy. I would tell that has further made us distant in terms of feeling superior or inferior. I fail to understand the mix of blended languages used by a foreign language is Hindi. Does it belong to Any state in my Mother INDIA? then why this? Never you can impose anybody on language, let the need arise, let individuals decide, what is the literacy rate in India as of now?

First, let us make India 100% literacy. , but surely imposing a language in a different state will cause an unhealthy environment, So Hindi should not be made compulsory.

Avinash Srivastava said:   11 months ago
For a human being, a language is a tool of effective communication. All over the world, human beings are biologically the same but still have thousands of languages. It is very hard to find how so many languages evolved but the point is we have a lot of languages. Hindi is one of the thousand languages. It is totally nonsense to declare one language as the official language of India because India is a very diverse country. Local language should be respected and recognised as the official language for that region. The concept of a National official language is not possible in India.

Kinjal jaisankar said:   11 months ago
In my opinion, Hindi is the official language of India because Hindi is a very important language. In every part of the language, Hindi is involved And learners can use it to learn through Hindi.

Adrija said:   1 year ago
People are saying that South Indian languages are different from North India. Hindi is dominant in North India. But most people seem like have forgotten that there are 4 cardinal directions. So taking into the matter of cardinal direction languages spoken in east-west and northeast is not Hindi. Coming to national language India is a country with more than one language. So giving importance only to 1 language is not at all acceptable, irrespective of the majority.

Jyotsana yadav said:   1 year ago
Hindi should not be the official language of India because India is a diverse country where people follow different religions and cultures. If we notice closely every region has their own language and that's the beauty of India. People from different religions, castes, and creeds live together. But, if we try to make Hindi our official language it somehow makes other languages inferior and as a diverse country, we should not do it as. Every language is important for their native people.

Anomie said:   1 year ago
Hindi should not be the official language of India because India has many diverse countries. India has a different culture and different languages. Generally, Southside Indians do not know Hindi to much even in northeast India they also do not know Hindi. If you speak only Hindi language and you have to work in south side India so you will face many problems. You will not communicate with other people.

In my opinion, English should be the official language of India. Because in today's India every youth knows a little bit of English even they can speak English of the short form. Yeah, I know, my opinion will hurt many peoples. But English will be our future. English is required in every field such as job, sport, school, travel, etc.

English also has negative points.

Older people can't understand English and it is difficult to understand for older women.

It is also difficult for village people.

Divya said:   1 year ago
Hindi is already an official language along with 22 other languages and it is the official language along with English for the functioning of the Union Government. Now the question is should we make it the only official language for the whole country?

My first point in opposition to this is that there are crores of people in different states who can read their mother tongue but not Hindi or English, and making Hindi the only official language of government will affect them.

The second point is that if Hindi is the mother tongue for the Hindi speaking region, then their profit will be huge but people of other states will be at a loss in their own country. The language can be learnt, yet where the Hindi speaker will study only mathematics and science, the non-Hindi speaker will have to study mathematics and science as well as the language being used in it. Today, even if an exam is conducted in English, all are equal, both Hindi speaking and non-Hindi speaking. And everyone is free to read in their own language too.

No one's gain, no one's loss!

It is a matter of fact that in a government job, everyone has to work in different states, so it is not a problem. Whenever one has to go for a job in the state, training for the language is always given.

The third point is in opposition to it that while English has already challenged our linguistic diversity, why should we eliminate this diversity? Why don't we read English in such a way that it is a language which will keep us connected to the world, else we should love our mother tongue and read and talk in it. Also reading Hindi and Dravidian languages 'in the same way, that it will keep us connected with each other.

MD SAMIRUL said:   1 year ago
Hello, everyone.

This is Md Samirul from Mechanical stream, Jamia Millia Islamia.

I would like to take the initiative to initiate this GD.

In India, around 44% of people can speak and understand Hindi. But we have to need to know also how many languages we lost to make this much of a percentage.

What happens with the Bhojpuri, what happens with the Maithili, Marwari, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Surjapuri and many more languages and many more dialects of the language we lost to achieve this figure of Hindi. We should not forget one thing"Lost of language is lost of culture". India is a diverse country wherein every part and corner is a different culture and different language besides.

In India, there are 107M Bengali speakers, 99M Marathi, 94M Telugu, 77M Tamil, 60M Gujrati, 62M Urdu, 52M Kannada, 42M odia, 35M Malayalam, 36M Punjabi, 23M Assamese what about this person? Apart from this, we have seven sisters (North East) who have their language and culture and where many tribes lives. So we need to think about all of them.

But in these, all one thing in common you know what is that?

That is 'English '. India 🇮🇳 is already the world's 2nd largest English speaking nation and still, this number is increasing day by day that day is not far away when we will be on TOP. If you will go to any part of India then you can easily communicate if know English and apart from this our academic curriculum follows in English, even government release any notice/guidelines or something is in English, his/her tweets are in English even as releases in English, the Indian judiciary system follow English.

There are many points/reasons on which we can easily say that English will National language. And this will opens the door to many more opportunities for us. Every person around the world 🌎 can work with us and we can work with them easily without any language barriers.

Like this, there is no valid point with Hindi.

Even those 40% of Hindi speakers don't speak pure Hindi, in their sentences 50% of words are from Urdu and other languages.

Then how can we consider Hindi an official language or a National Language?

Sonchidi said:   1 year ago
Hindi should be treated as an official language, not to degrade or disrespect any other language. It's just that if we belong to Hindustan and we visit any other state of the same motherland why speak in English as a medium of conversation and is definitely not possible to learn every local language but Hindi should become a means to connect every heart of all brothers and sisters of a Nation, of a mother of INDIA.

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